He's back

He's back

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thank god!

I knew it was Holla Forums brigade reporting.

When will Holla Forums finally find a safe space free from the excellent harassment of the Left?


how do we know it's really him

i can only dream of being this dedicated to dunking on reactionaries

Aw yes

kek, word filter


no wonder white women don't want to fuck him.

Manlet, Nazi, and a woman-puncher! Very attractive!

Who cares?
Haven't you read what our good fellows at wsws think of him?

I forgot this was the dude who clocked that alt-right chick

rats I meant antifa

no and i don't care to




Anyone have his old tweets about him saved?
I want to make a collage when I have time.

That's not far, Nathan is a solid 63 inches.

He just has a bad angle in that photo

Tell me under which angle the jew nose, buck teeth and weak jas disappear.

are you kidding? he's hot af


they raise some legit concerns about US intervention in the Middle East but they're mostly reprinting bullshit about the SDF and revealing how out of touch they are by portraying an ironic memer as an actual genocidal lunatic. then again, it's wooswoos, so saying they're out of touch is like saying the sky is blue, even if I do respect a lot of what they publish.

I'm surprised anyone would call him ugly to be perfectly honest.

Going to fight in Syria just for the ebin trolls? That's some commitment.

I wonder if these people even think before they post.

you guys just dont understand that WSWS has reached the ultimate stage of woke anti imperialism

Reported for ban evasion. :^^^^^^^^^^^^)