Well, let's discuss France

We lost on the economic side

But we won the social side :3 this is a half-win

France is saved from Le Pen fascism

Waiting for that French civil war tbh

No France delayed fascism.

I will watch as France picks a fight with Britain, Poland and Hungary.

Yes we did since the left is fully aligned with the social policies of the neoliberal banker aristocracy.

hi Holla Forums!

welcome to Holla Forums, instead of trying to pass as one of us, lurk more, we have no horses in the game of liberal democracy

paris commune 2.0 when comrades?

Why Poland?

I was planning on fighting in a Nazi masturbation fantasy in Europe but the French sealed their fate, I guess I'll just stay in Arizona and marry my mestiza gf instead.

Kill yourself Holla Forums

Yes i'm Holla Forums larping as Leftypol for no reason. Not even for trolling, it kinda make sense, eh?

Statement from Tony Blair (the proto-Macron) on Macron’s (the neo-Blair) victory in the French Presidential election: “I congratulate Emmanuel Macron on a superlative victory which is great news for France and Europe. His campaign and the substantial majority he achieved, shows that the centre ground is alive and kicking and the place where elections can still be fought and won by Progressive politics. Well done Emmanuel!”

We win gradually, a half-win is still a win

Keep in the cyclinical thread.

that blair pepe is creepy as fuck

we fucking lost anyway mate


If election results are the metric, we always do.

Not sure what this is even supposed to mean.

Le Pen is not a Fascist.

guess whos back, back again, Tony's back, tell a friend….FUCK OFF TONY!

Macron intends to place sanctions on Poland and Hungary over their insistence that they are sovereign nations with borders and shit. He intends to use migrants to invade Britain though so that should be fun.

Oh yes you do have a reason.
And that's the only good thing coming of that 2nd round.

the west-east divide thing in the EU is gonna be a big EU issue in the next year or so, along with Brexit…and the migrant crisis…and Greece again..and the euro crisis.

You are retarded if you think the economic side doesn't almost completely influence the social side. Let me guess, you were rooting for Hillary because "AT LEAST SHE STARTED LIKING GAYS 2 MONTHS AGO"

Both of them are ass.

dear god why can't we just live in fully automated luxury gay space communism and put this pitiful era of centrist piss behind us

What, did they forget a voice actor for that guy? Must be related to Otis.
No idea who that is, but I guess it doesn't matter now. It seems harsh to leave Isabella behind but for whatever reason she doesn't want to come and you can't make her, so all that's left to do is to head on up to the helipad. By the way, you have to talk to Isabella after 10am to get the ture ending, something which the game never tells you, so if you saved the game right next to the helipad and just before the chopper arrives like I did without talking to her like I did the first time I played as a kid, you'll have to replay the whole game. Remind me why I like this game so much again?
As you can see, the mall is eerily quiet and has become a charnel house, with the upbeat music providing a nice juxtaposition. A lot of people have said that abandoned malls are creepy places, and it's certainly strange to see this temple of consumerism still operating without its usual flock of worshippers. You have two hours, which is just enough time to take a last wander through and pick out what outfit you want to end the game in. Now all that's left to do it wait.
Well, that was a surprisingly bleak ending… I'm not sure I appreciate that kind of cliffhanger, and doesn't it make the whole game up to now kind of pointless? If you don't complete all of the story you'll get a regular ending graded on the number of survivors you rescued where the helicopter lands and Frank gets away just fine, but why is the ture ending so dark? Okay okay, of course that's not really the end of the game, but it is the end of 72 hour mode. Ending A earns you access to Overtime mode, where the ture end of the game can be found. I was thinking of making this the end of the fourth part, but I'll be merciful and spare you the cliffhanger. There isn't too much to analyse in the next cutscenes, but if you've come this far I assume you're interested in the story, so I'll leave them in.
"He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster". Overtime mode will take us through to the ture ending, and Frank's imminent zombification is our new deadline so you only have 24 hours to collect what Isabella needs. In case you thought it would be easy, the Special Forces have returned to occupy the mall.
Interesting of the game to predict our dystopian future where we have to hide in the shadows to avoid the eyes of military killdrones. Their guns aren't up to much but if you get spotted, all the nearby Spec Ops will make a beeline for you, and without any zombies to distract them they're even more irritating. The stealth mechanic is pretty half-baked so it's better to just shoot the drones and run for it if there are too many jarheads to handle.
The next few hours are just a trek through the mall to collect various items for Isabella while surviving the military, and by now you should have no trouble making your way around to find eveything.

Since I'm running out of outfits to wear, this seems like a perfect time to mention something I forgot until now, the game's crossdressing options. Yes, as if Frank isn't being punished enough, there are 7 dresses and skirts in the game, which is actually more than there are suits, and our hero looks terrible in all of them. Then again, Dead Rising is all about freedom, so it's up to you if you want to play as a raging drag queen and massacre the army with your handbag. I hesitate to call this an early example of transgender issues in games since these are clearly here for the joke just like the children's clothes, but hey, Frank doesn't seem to mind wearing them that much, so what do I know. I think if it were me I would at least shave my legs though. Sadly, there aren't any women's shoes, so I guess Capcom decided that fighting zombies while wearing high heels would just be too silly. It shouldn't take too long to get everything together, and it's soon time to return to the hideout.
It does seem quite ironic that the US is simultaneously the country that destroyed Santa Cabeza and the one that took in the Santa Cabeza orphans, but it is pehaps emblematic of the real world confusion of American foreign policy. Liberals raise hell about the treatment of Muslim refugees but ignore the American atrocities that caused their homes to be destabilised in the first place. Since I already talked about Carlito's motivations though, we'll move on.
Before Isabella can do anything, we have to go to the clock tower to get a spare generator, but once we get to the park we see the zombies have returned, and find a crashed helicopter has opened up a hole in the tower.
I suppose it's a good thing too, because otherwise we wouldn't have anywhere to get the Queens that Isabella needs from. As the zombies spread out again, it takes a few hours to find the ten Queens that we need and return them to Isabella.
And so, with that stirring pep talk, we're off, and unfortunately the horde isn't our biggest enemy, but the seriously wonky holding hands mechanic, which means you constantly get detatched from Isabella and the zombie repellent. Holding hands has been incredibly awkward for any of the survivors we've had to do it with until now and it's no different here, and if anything it's worse with the uneven ground. Nonetheless, it's a neat little section and definitely makes you feel like you're entering the belly of the beast.
Thank god the pheramone is starting to wear off, because carrying Isabella works a lot better. It's just a short run up to the lever, and while setting the zombies on the army seems a bit cold blooded, there's not much choice other than to do it and make a run for the humvee and safety. But of course, nothing's ever quite that easy.
Or to put it another way, this battle is seriously easy, and I'll do it here without losing any health, but it's just a really lame turrent segment against one slow moving target that takes ages. I'll play it sped up for the sake of your sanity but include a timer. The bambambambambambam of the machine gun really drives you crazy after a while.

With no more mission markers, it's a bit confusing what you should do in the next 13 hours, but I'll be following the steps to get the ture ending. Errr, that is, I mean the true ending, but in the Xbox 360 achievements that's how CAPCOM spelled it. It's sort of a shame they fixed it for the PC version, but it's a worthy price to pay for a far more egregious bug that also got fixed that I'll talk about later. Anyway, since Jessie has some good news, we should go see her, but before we even get out of North Plaza…

Why again do they do this? I never understood it.

So completely business as usual, basically?

the centre is truly the punk rock of our era!

More business than usual.

I agree, there's nothing left to do on this eternally gay centrist earth but to play vidya. Too bad all vidya is the same shit over and over again, just like Hollywood movies.