Revleft was full of activity since the Bush years until 2015-17. Why has it fallen?

Revleft was full of activity since the Bush years until 2015-17. Why has it fallen?

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Trans activists killed it.

last I remember of it was a wave of bans after it came out that CotR/Bitch X/Deborah somethingorother had run for local govt in the US on a pro-small business platform, plus a bunch of other he-said-she-said shit I barely remember. this was sometime around 2011. they banned a lot of quality posters, mostly leftcoms but also some Trots, anarchists and the odd tankie, while also letting admins in favour with the ruling clique get away with whatever they wanted, e.g. psycho making rape jokes.

I stopped coming there after that. if anyone was there more recently, do update us, because revleft wasn't worth going to after 2011 for me.

It simply shared the fate of all web 1.0 sites

it's a pleasure to see Web 1.0 dying in agony

Don't know. They banned me in like 2011 or 2012 for being a leftcom and not sucking the admin's clit.

I got her campaign video.

Revleft was pretty cringe worthy

Imagine people who would be US antifa but too autistic to go outside.

The Stalinists triggered every all the left coms on their from time to time

kek, I remember how Ismail triggered everyone
guy had a fucking patience of a Buddha

also if I remember correctly, Cockshott also used to post on revleft


Revleft is a site exclusively for the revolutionary left meaning liberals and reformists get banned. The shitty head admin is the woman in the video running on a liberal small business platform. They went on a campaign banning anyone that mentioned or posted the video some years ago. I actually got banned, without a mention in the ban thread, just for sharing it offsite.

Got any more links on her? Her party/platform/program?

Basically Leftist Stormfront

Reddit aggregates forums. Most people prefer the streamlined experience of having one website where you can have a million forums for all your niche interests instead of scouring the internet to find them. Personally I don't think the lose in quality is worth it.

That's all I have on her campaign now. I also have some ancient leaks from the mod forum on an external hdd somewhere, but they aren't really of interest now that revleft is basically dead.

The number one thing I remember from Revleft was Ismail. I used to post on Revleft years ago, but I only came to Holla Forums recently, and I was really surprised to see Ismail on /marx/. Did he used to post on here? What drove him off?

I think ismail left when the liberals and Holla Forumstards started raiding the board as he said in a few posts on /marx/. I see him in youtube comments sometimes he uses the name ismail everywhere it seems.

Does he make videos on Youtube?

Dunno. Maybe the users up and left for r/FullCommunism. It's kinda lit…


IDpol bullshit and reddit killed them.

Cockshott is pretty fucking based by stalinist standards. He was one of the better posters on the board and it was disappointing as fuck when he stopped posting. I guess he got tired of all the petty bullshit that was typical of revleft.

you're namefagging already, make the move to reddit

Ismail permabanned me for "transphobia" years ago.

I remember Ismail from there. honestly dude was nice but a complete autist.

yeah I think I saved it to my hard drive last time someone posted it but was too lazy to look and remind myself what her name was irl.

I thought cockshott was a demsoc.

kill yourself already, nobody wants reddit faggots here

He's a card carrying member of the CPGB, he's 100% ML master race fam.

You probably deserved it nigga.

Ismail used to post here alot during the early days of the board.
We actually used to have a quite alot of M-L posters.

Unfortunately Anarchists started flooding the board en-masse.
Anarchist shit-posting and derailment/hijacking of M-L threads eventually drove them all off to /marx/.

Quite a shame.
Ismail always used to make really good quality effort-posts here.

Good. Why don't you fucking leave aswell, Howard?

So, the head admin of revleft is an old, fat white woman?

I would not be able to trigger anarcho-kiddies with quite the same efficiency that I do here, friend.

I know that you would all miss me.

Wew, lad… I remember being an edgy teenage liberal stumbling on to RevLeft. Got more than a little shocked.

Yep. She's fucking awful.

I stumbled across RevLeft when it was dying some time in 2013 or 2014 and most of the content around that time was quite bad even for, at the time, a liberal larping as a leftist.
I've seen a few screenshots from RevLeft posted here giving great insight into things but was there anything really good that people remember about the site?

I remember a few really smart people pre-2012 purges, but they all got banned.

I miss RedStar2000 tbh ;_;

I tried looking at that video 6 years ago, but then it was baleeted from YouTube. Thanks!
Mp4 version here.

He was probably the single best thing to come out of that shitty forum.

Thanks. Original video got taken down with a DMCA claim from Deb.

Slowly but surely killed by the head admin, a NOLA shill for the Democrats, that repeatedly first deleted posts by people critical of the moderation's attempts at having us vote Democrat, then went on to ban entire groups of people after it became apparent that nothing else would make them go. My account was terminated in early 2015 after I criticized lesser evilism and put forth an impossibilist position along with a bunch of other left communists, which is roughly when that group moved to an IRC and scattered across leddit and here a little.

Finally salvaged and reposted.

I really enjoyed the posts from the leftcom gang (who were mostly banned around 2011), plus some of the Trots. I've said it before, but I wish I kept in contact with Kleber somehow. dude had an encyclopaedic knowledge of early Soviet history and was pretty funny. if I'd lived on the other side of the country I would've been able to meet the guy when he visited Australia.

there were some good syndicalists and anarchos there plus some MLs, but there were some really cancerous non-aligned folks and MLs (WWP/PSL and American Maoist types mostly), plus the site owner was a fucking Anti Deutsch German Zionist nerd irl.

what was your name on there, out of curiosity?

also, why the fuck was Deborah Allen an admin? I literally never saw her post anything of value on Revleft even once. she'd make snarky two-liners in reply to people, generally full of idpol, occasionally.

If y'all really want to trigger Deb I recommend spreading that video around Revleft. Doesn't really matter now, but I'm still mad about my ban.

how the fuck could this happen to a forum called revleft?

Anybody remember Die Neue Zeit and his theory of Third World Caesarean Socialism? Or his obsession with Putin as the perfect political strongman?

Hard for me to imagine because liberals used to get banned outright when I was active. Then again the head admin has always been a piece of shit.

We are abonymous, friend. If it helps I was in the groups affiliated with Rooster.

Admin partisanship. Left communists were probably targeted the most, but also a large amount of anarchists, who by definition rarely ever participate in or believe in the utility of bourgeois democracy and just about anyone else actively critical of board policy.

The Bukharin of Revleft. He was banned for our sins.

Oh jesus, I'd forgotten about that pretentious tool. From memory a bunch of leftcoms and trots trolled him by naming themselves after Caesars enemies.

LGBT took it over

I think he even tried to get a book deal or something. Obviously it fell through, kek

fair enough comrade. I'm sure I'd remember who Rooster was if you showed me avatars and posts but honestly this is a real reach down memory lane as it is.

how could I forget DNZ? I don't think anyone had any idea wtf his convoluted acronyms meant.

out of it all, I did make a friend from another city whom I've met up with and is still one of my favourite people to discuss anything about politics or history with, so there's that

I've never seen a more reddit post and I'm a tripfag

you're an underage socdem tripfag, you're as reddit as it gets

I thought I was the only one who remembered. Looking at it now, it seems he never really had a problem with idpol. He'd probably change his mind if he could see the consequences of that.

I remember some malthusian third worldist with a weasel avatar who argued how personal cars are the means of production producing km/h and so there is no proletariat in the first world, only capitalists and petty-bourgs



What are you talking about? Bordigist leftcoms and ultra-leftists were at their peak in 2014.

Actually, I am a Leftcom now a days, and reading Dauve and getting into Communization Theory is what did it.

meant for

I think that's a generational thing, he came from a time when those kinds of issues were a real struggle, now a lot of those "culture wars" are won but idpolers are just shadow boxing and cannibalizing themselves, constant callouts and witch hunts as their politics reflect the real world less and less to the point where patriarchy and white supremacy have to be explained in neurotic delusions like mansplaining and cultural appropriation.

Kek, no problem, Leftcom solidarity either way fam!


COINTELPRO, aka feminists.

I somehow doubt that after watching them get purged en masse twice before that.

last purge was back in january-february 2016. spartacist league/ICL(FI) trots were banned en masse after they broke their last straw with a shitty (perceivably apologeticor vulgar) analysis of ISIS.

some non-trots were caught in the crossfire apparently for speaking out against the board administration's counterproductive way of handling many disagreements, e.g. permanently banning tons of people by default every now and then.

the ironic thing is that revleft hardly even seems to be moderated nowadays. you can tell by an occasional shitpost from the ban evading trot and several Holla Forumsyps.

also, rafiq was best poster.

Why National Bolsheviks and Maoists Third Worldists were forbidden by the rules?

It's same in the /r/socialism

Because along with anprims they aren't Leftists. It'd make as much sense to let Nazis and ancaps post.