Progressives normalize government plundering of 30% of what your family makes


Is that how we are defining the military industrial complex now? I gotta say, it is pretty accurate.

What is "central" about it? Banking has been decentralized for about 180 years.

sounds good OP let's ban public spending




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Leftists are good goys.

Amazing work Holla Forums, you really let out some BIG truths here. Huge blow to leftism

Really makes me think.

The largest tax increase happened under Reagan, who ushered in neoliberalism in the US

Actually most of your taxes go towards the military and subsidies for the oil industry and the agricultural industry.


Yes, upwards redistribution to the 1%. That has been normalized since Reagan, though.

Government bureaucracy exists to maintain the capitalist status quo.

Idpol and other postmodernisms are expressions of the cultural logic of late capitalism; moreover, they are entirely antithetical to Marxism.

The """Federal""" Reserve is privately owned corporation.

Housing insecurity stems directly from the antagonisms of class society.

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I dislike alcoholics and whores, but I've decided to stop being such a spiteful cunt about muh gibmedats. Welfare is unethical and [email protected]/* */ is th3ft but there's no reason to hate people with bad genetics and horrible upbringings. I get absolutely nothing out of hating dumb whores who exploit the welfare system and I get nothing out of hating drug addicts and alcoholic criminals. I'd rather address my anger at people who are doing well in life, who go out of their way to brow-beat others into supporting gibmedats instead of community work or direct charity (where you meet the people who are getting what you bought for them and discuss their plans going forward, instead of throwing money at stupid people like an autistic philanthropist). Faggot Liberal Christians who scream about abortions and birth control and medical care are the ones who deserve scorn and vitriol. Not the losers who take advantage of it, they're just doing what's in their rational self-interest. NEET's, whores and """vagrants""" are not the worst thing in the Kwa.
I still think its hilarious how normies don't understand how central banking works or fiat currency or fractional reserve lending or interest rates or bearer-bonds or taxation. By this I mean, you literally don't understand that our taxes and the name of our Treasury ensures the value of our currency. The very fact that America's military defends and secures its borders, that industry and labor produce what they do and that we spend what we do, all ensures the value of the currency. Gold was just an easily manipulated middleman between the people, the tax base, and the currency which is backed up by bonds which are sold to the Fed and then traded on the open market to the top bidders (which of course affects their price and can have an effect on the value of our currency). People don't understand that only banks can own shares of the Federal Reserve and its always been that way, there are publicly available lists of all the member banks who bought into the Fed, you do have to go out of your way to find them. But, I've found every member bank back during the Income Tax introduction era, the creation of the Fed. I've also found every bank that owns the major Fed Reserve branches. You can look up all Directors names, all the Treasury personal who they answer to. The only part that is not public is the audits that the Fed does to itself, which it sends reports of back to the Treasury. That's the only thing we are not privy to as the public. So calling it a cabal had better refer to the creepy Public-Private revolving door and the manipulation of interest rates and unemployment, which is what the Fed is actually guilty of doing/being partisan to. Outside of this, the Federal Reserve is completely necessary to stabilize an economy of the scale of the US.

As opposed to porky taking about 95% of what your family makes.
Forced to give 95% of what you make to spoiled rich brats and do nothing parasites.
What loss of territory? Open borders are being pushed by porky anyway to drive down the costs of labour and bust up unions.
Kek, are you retarded? Most big companies pay literally no taxes at all. Taxation back in the 50s could be as high as 90%, they have been slashed repeatedly since the 70s.
Again, these have been systematically dismantled since the 70s. You are a retard.
For somebody who complains about too much regulation you sure are okay with telling people how they should look and who they should fuck.
Literally a porky plot to rig the economy and screw regular people.
Because porkies have gutted their wages and driven costs of living up by dismantling the welfare state.
Literally every problem you named either doesn't exist or is caused by porky.

Pic related.


I love choosing between selling 2/3 of my waking life to someone else for a tiny fraction of the value my labor actually produces and starvation!!!!

So voluntary, so free.

Your right we should all just go back to using Gold coins which were never used by a central authority to gain total hegemony over market and then manipulate the value of said currency at will.

What is the Roman empire?

"he capitalists will sell us the rope we will use to hang them."

t. Lenin

If nobody could afford homes, that means the price of homes should go down. Then the workers who make homes would also make more homes. You just demonstrated how you are too dumb to even know what the real problem is and that the biggest monopoly of wealth in human history has something to do with this.

The federal reserve has literally printed trillions and used it on purpose to bump the price of assets. There would be far less wealth inequality even without federal reserve. Wealth inequality is only increasing because the federal reserve keep printing money to bump the economy by throwing it to the finance sector. It's literally 4 trillion bucks thrown in the financial sector for free, warren buffet is a peanut to them; and when the bubbles made by them burst, inequality starts to vanquish.

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Is that why current levels of inequality have been a constant feature of every epoch of American history except that of the New Deal? Look at the gilded age or the 20s. I'm sure the federal reserve (a porky institution) is playing their part too, but the upward distribution of wealth is inexorably linked to the decline in the share of profits received by workers either directly or indirectly, which is the result of the dismantling of public services and the decline of wages. The only reason that the federal reserve can do what it does is because of the integration of the state elite and capitalist class, as well as the tendency towards monopoly.

The choice between wage labour and starvation isn't voluntary. Just because one is less terrible than the other doesn't mean it's a real choice. From the perspective of the worker it's no different than a gun to his head. If I offer you the choice between death by burning alive or death by firing squad which would you pick? If you pick firing squad then that doesn't mean that you want to be shot.

Faggot, you need to work to breathe, you need to work to eat, you need to work to have a nice place to sleep, this is a fact of reality.

Nobody is forcing you to make any decision, nobody is telling you what's the best path to ear na living, nobody is telling you what to do, so how you'll employ yourself and earn your living if perfectly voluntary.

No, you idiot, the "capitalist class" at large doesn't want a massive government bailing out their competitors. Only a small group of bankers get to be the middleman of the federal reserve.

Creating the central bank in most countries took generalizing the voter, and making the average voter stupider. Central banks were only established after the average non-land owner man got the vote and the government got a better capability to manipulate a more emotional population. In most places the female vote preceded the central bank.

True, work is a non-negotiable fact of life, but the conditions and relations under which we work are determined entirely by human agency. If work is involuntary then the relations under which people work ought to provide them with as much freedom and agency as possible, and only socialism does this through workplace democracy. Socialism, unlike capitalism, recognizes the involuntary nature of work, and seeks to mitigate it through democracy, capitalism meanwhile simply peddles the "work is voluntary" myth that you yourself have acknowledged is false.

No it isn't, since your opportunities are firmly determined by the market, as well as your class position, ie they are completely out of your control.

But the people getting bailed out do, and those people are capitalists. The only reason the fed can do what it does is because capitalism gives it that power through entwining government and markets while empowering the super rich. You could axe the fed and another opportunistic, parasitic organization would still take their place, because such organizations and behaviour are the product of capitalism.

Dunno about liberals but I don't get paychecks from no fucking SJW banker

liberalism =/= leftism