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hello pol

They say sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Also I got banned from t_d for posting Macron won :D

Where the fuck do you think you are? Why do you even care about the outcome? Both choices were terrible and that's why so many abstained.

no shit, I would've abstained too, it's still funny to laugh at Holla Forums when their candidates crash and burn


this thread is just about laughing at Holla Forums you autist

That's completely correct, but still you should go to 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ to see and enjoy the butthurt of retards who believed in an impossible outcome

The hyperbole on there is fucking ridiculous.
Why does it always have to be some emotive all-caps bullshit?
What would MLP actually have achieved in power?


Holla Forums checking digits is one of the most pathetic things and a sign of how far down the shitter it's all gone. People will reply something like 'KEK, BASED!' with a single image that everyone's already seen a thousand times.

Get back to laughing niggers

the EU is still fucked but at least he get polack tears now

this 2bh

anuddah shoah is real.

tbh I'd rather the wheels came flying off the EU from going too fast than it be methodically dissembled, leaving room for its reemergence exactly the same later on.

Sargon calls himself a centerist yet he sides with the Far Right.

Hes really a selfhateing faggot.

Image losing 200 bucks for autism.

Because some dumbass on Holla Forums claims he bet 80k on Le Pen winnng

they honestly believed Brexit and Trump would be repeated in France

so cute

Sargon-I'm totally not alt-right even though I agree with them 99% of the time and my entire fan base consists of them-of Akkad.


Hey frogs, how's the revolutionary potential looking?

Yank spotted


Yeah, I was looking at his dumb ass twitter account because I saw people talking about his tweet where he mistakenly calls ISIS antifa because Rojavans were holding an antifa flag in front of an ISIS flag in a town they liberated from ISIS.

He is posting about how Stormfront only exists to make white nationalists look bad. lmao


I kinda wished le pen would win so she'd disappoint them like trump did. I guess Trump on his own will suffice tho.

I wish I had more pic of laughing whores

has the one dollar man gone insane?

for a second i thought that was supposed to be a parody account but
molymeme is about to pull a Sam Hyde

is this from today?
has he finally stepped out of the WN closet?

You gotta learn to make the best of each situation, if Le Pen had won, we would laugh at libs.

That comment section is cancer.

Pottery, it's like right-wingers can think of absolutely no other reason for losing other than the wimminz and negroids.


they say while cheering for a woman to win the election


I would have been happy if Clinton won because then I could rub it in Holla Forumss faces, not because I think a Clinton presidency would have been inherently something to be happy about.


You are like a little baby, watch this.

post screenshots fam and save the rest of us from giving that fucker clicks

Here's the mp4.

I got no laughing Proudhon pictures so have this


Fuck, he's crying this is hilarious.




what a daffy faggot

Is this contrapoints?

hahahahahahhahahaha, this guy is worst each passing day





Soros will profit regardless of the outcome.

Hmm really making me think here.


This is my new favorite meme ideology

You fucking daft bastard. Goddamnit pol. That's so dumb. I can't even laugh at this stupidity.




gob bless you

the fuck? is this yet another conspiracy theory or something?

Also that's not even mentioning what European whites were doing to the slavs in eastern Europe prior to the Russian revolution.

there's no way it happened

Yeah the free market and shit

probably made money betting on trump, or regretted not doing so.
I mean, I sure regret not betting on trump.



They died for Uncle Joe, so they were literally
==CUCKED== by social cultural


Is that ContraPoints? The cross-dressing liberal YouTuber? Is there something else you wanna tell us, user? Hmmm?

Is also ignoring the mass killing and enslavement of amerindians. probably the biggest unambiguous genocide ever

D-Day was a rushed mess.
They wanted to reach Berlin before the Soviets did and the Italy campaign wasn't advancing satisfactorily. The sad thing is, if they took a little bit more time, they could've actually secure the landing with fewer losses, but they had to make a mad dash at Berlin.

But in the end, we know how it ended. Soviets got first, and all the sacrifices were for nothing.
To add insult to injury the guys behind it are still praised as one of the greatest generals ever and the civilians and foot soldiers are eating that shit up. Hollywood of course helping out.

Almost makes me want to say Macron was a good candidate just for giving us this


I can't believe I found this dumbass on my own all these years ago.

And these retards still defend private property. lol