Happy valentines day you lonely virgins

happy valentines day you lonely virgins

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I fucked once though.

then u gucci


What is the most impressive, comprehensive, thing you've done, to demontstrate all those months of learnings?

You've gotten offers. What makes you decline them?



Go forth, my disgruntled son!
Head onwards, and seed ALL THE DEMONS

Mommy's so mean even though I'm not a virgin...

Where was he when I needed him.

i wrote a working eliza in prolog

i havent gotten offers, im waiting for the first one i got an interview with to get back to me

You still have 2/3 virginities left

fucking coincidence that I've been playing too

a person who has never had sexual intercourse.
synonyms: chaste woman/man, celibate; More

Actually kill yourself.


no mean ill cry again

fine subvirginities

Best shitpost and vidyadramagame

There's no such thing.

but there's a first time for everything.

I-I'm a virgin though

I've only given like a dozen blowjobs, only had 2 dicks in my ass, only touched a dick with my hands a few dozen times, had my dick in 2 vaginas

b-but nobody's ever cum inside me and I haven't came inside someone else therefor I'm a virgin!


Maybe later, feeling like I need a nap.

hmm cum subvirginity

maybe there is a fourth.

or if you didn't finish maybe you're just really bad and the losing subvirginity doesn't count.

cause you suck

This seriously might just be a dealbreaker, tbh.

I can't handle.

I just Googled what the fuck that was.


You haven't gotten interviews why? Haven't you been looking?

How much have you made for how much work?

oh wait I came in ghosties mouth.. and chijo's brother's mouth... and 2 other girl's mouth's... and scarlet's mouth I think?

m-mouth doesn't count though right?

i started looking 2 weeks ago and immediately found something ideal, so i put priority on trying to get that one. ive had one interview with that company, and am now waiting for them to get back to me.

i have made 0 money because i have had no work

can't handle cum or can't handle to cum?

takes me a fucking long time to cum and I barely feel anything when I'm inside of someone

and I just haven't found a guy I want to fuck me in the ass now besides my friend who wants to but he's extremely busy with school and work and he shares an apartment with like 3 other people

waitin on dick right now and I NEED IT

fish post cum

I'm done.


I have a picture of cum on my face but I look absolutely retarded in it and I was high as fuck

oh shit I forgot about that facial chijo gave me


That's hot. Who the hell are you, again?

You seem very unsure. I hear the tech industry, even in entry level jobs, can earn siginicant amounts of money.

But it sounds like you're stuck in some sort of cycle.

How do I proceed, as someone learning tech, to not fall a cycle similar to you?

are those actually comfortable?

I really really regret starting this.

..done with what?

This stupid sub-virginity bullshit.


I just use it to bully grim anyway

This song though.

I've been slacking off on my avatarfagging lately


I thought all trannies had this problem

it's gotten so bad that now I'm resigned to wanting anal a lot more

but I still only feel romantically attracted to females

guess I need a tranny gf with a working dick

You came in Scarlet's mouth.

OH. That makes sense.

Most MtF trannies don't want a dick at all, let alone a functioning one.

nah. i couldn't do that. I'm pretty phallophobic.

I'm a girl.


whats ur cup size

send pic

depends on things

if you want money and youre in tech, youve 3 options: start your own business, specialise and become extremely fucking proficient to the point where big companies head hunt you, or go into the serious software architect side of things.

Oh sure.

And where are you, and if you're not there, why not again?

im an undergrad, so im nowhere at the moment, because the skill gap between graduates and experienced programmers is extremely fucking large. im not even sure if i want to do this for the rest of my life.

Kinda wanna play Crystal Chronicles.

And restart because I forget where I was.


Seems like a gap that could have been closed.

Not like you lack incentive, given the substantial paychecks.

what, the 20-30k a year?

and no, the shit you do at university is in no way comparable to what you do in industry, you arent getting that competent without actual on the job experience, and youre not getting any experience without at least 2 years at university.

Ravioli ravioli give me the 60% IBM Model F

Ravioli Ravioli give me jealousy as I now use a gamecube controller to play GCN games on my computer.

Unless you want to go into economics or politics or something that's 180 degrees from compooters you shouldn't quit! Plenty of people who once graduated some something sciency and ended up doing lots of very different other shit.

How desu

That is more that enough to support yourself, with free time, some health costs, and a comfortable existence.

And if there was a skill gap, could you not have closed it by now?

Please be candid with me.

Ravioli ravioli hold my hair whilst I throw up in the toiletoli

its comparable wages to a fucking electrician, and i had to sink 50 grand and 4 years to get this wage packet.

no, any company worth its salt does not write code like you do at university, or in community projects, its an entirely different approach, and unless you want to live and breath code for the 4 years youre at university youre not going to be on par with someone whos had a years experience on the job.

Some technobabble jewery if I have I have it set up right.

to be fair, if i had selected the course with a years experience in industry, i could have, but those are highly contested.

ooh I feel like some windwaker now

For some reason, I doubt you need to live and breathe years of code, to contribute.

In university, we learned to be concise and detailed, and comment appropriately.

Community projects have more forgiving standards, as long as you can understand the logic.

How can you not just read the code and papers yourself, assuming the company hiring you isn't incompetant, and the reasoning behind various modules/functions/libraries?



have fun sailing from island to island for 30 years

wuzzat stand for


Windwaker HD


I like how fish doesn't like any of the popular games in a series.

think I could get that on pc?
or is wii u really pissy about that

But no WW was 7.5/10 too much water

Still an amazing game.

I have two of those controllers 🙃

I somehow feel your computer couldnt emulate wiiu anyway.

don't get me wrong I fucking LOVED the first half of wind waker

but after that holy shit the whole god damn game is sailing for like 20 hours to get triforce pieces and other shit

mhm there's mods for it.

I'll try and see

yes you do, programming is a job with many pitfalls and specialist domains of knowledge, and employers have sometimes unreasonably high standards for employees. you arent getting in without industry experience or a degree qualifications, with big firms refusing anyone who graduates with less than a 2:2 honours degree.

so you learned the bare basics that we all did? good, now how are you at meeting deadlines in a scrum project? what domains of knowledge have you specialised in? can you write clear, but free, unit tested code within tight deadlines? your company will want a lot from you, and theres no place in the industry for those who cant keep up.

rate my new rig

you could probably take out the software and just pirate those

Surely a specialization in such things could be achieved in a matter of... months, less than a year.

Industry standard project lifecycles are often debunked as trivial.

Tight deadlines or not.

Be candid. Why do you think yourself so far below the level of being an asset to a company?

I have the Xbox 360 controllers hmpf

til Custom Robo Battle Revolution has the right trigger to bring upn bombs, but the right button to fire them.

I have a 360 Afterglow, so.

It's just weird trying to play GCN with a 360 controller.

That's just ugly!

Have two wireless controllers ^^


i hunger

It is kinda ugly.
I liked the idea of visual rumble, but because my room's usually dark it's just needlessly hard on the eyes.

I maybe wanna Xbone controller



what a dumbass



It works.

But now I need more GCN games to play. :(

Someone suggest a me a GCN game to play besides Custom Robo or Crystal Chronicles.



I get Kuudere on that chart, for the record.


we have so much in common!




my head hurts too much
decapitate me

columbine happened on 4/20
also hitler's birthday
what a fun day to celecrate getting high


Flareon's mix tapes would be straight fire. :^)

Dead thread

Dead community.

this is so cute
I want it

So save it.

Wonder if I could be better at SA2B now that I have a GCN controller instead of a 360 one.

Mario Kart Double Dash
Zelda Wind Waker
Smash Bros
Paper Mario

Cute mp4, saved~

what is the character

Kirby Air Ride's better.
I was thinking it, but I have WWHD so...
I could just play Smash 4.
Have it, eh...


amiibos are so stupid I want them all

SA2B on steam doesn't let me use my GCN controller. :(

or at least all the legend of zelda amiibos

also I've been playing emulated gamecub games for years, all you need is a controller (doesn't have to be a gamecube controller) and an emulator

shit's easy fam

prolly doesn't support directinput lmao shitty programmers

Rin stroke my head until the headache goes away


i bet rin's gonna stroke something

Kind of completely irrelevant to anything I'm talking or complaining about, but thank you.


Headaches don't work like that. :thinking:



I'm supposed to be the needy one!

only one more room

team is all throwaways

not sure if should run

but I have a fever

no battle hell ye



no, i suggest you go read up on agents, then work your way from gofai to neural nets with multilayer perceptrons, decision trees, etc. and this is basic bitch tier stuff for specialization. if you actually want a decent education in it up to batchellors degree level, go read AI: a modern approach, by norvig.


I'm gonna let you in on a secret

I just picked whatever was the most expensive

I don't even know what a UPS does

i need pet

pet your penis rapidly

Emily, I love you.

This is so much better.


its basically a battery for your desktop


I shall find this character and make a folder

the only two reasons I see this as useful at all is surge protection and maybe using it during a power outage?

oh now it makes sense, it probably is primarily used on servers for "muh uptime"

oh it's one episode

nah, its for if youre doing shit where you cant afford to lose your data, if the power source goes on it the bettery should hopefully give you enough time to switch power source or safely save your data to disk

Goddamn stupid amiibo's, give me all of em!

my heart


it looks like a moeblob

you look like a cumblob


Ever notice how Casper, the friendly ghost looks like semen?



post testicles



can I nap on your lap

That's too distracting.

I-I'll be quiet I promise

ill deliver ur package ;)))

3 hours till bed boys.
What do I do?

Having anyone in my lap at all is too much of a distraction.

Safe drop at the back door, plz.

then play with my hair

I would use a hair brush but it's way too short

size matters guys. it REALLY matters

Use a cucumber.

fap to bats

use the banister

Too late, Civ V now whilst listening to dads fight each other.

I don't have one

I have no long cylindrical fruit or vegetables

it a meme
he don't really h8 jack
it just simple teasing.

Just fap normally?


for shame

memes are extremely offensive and should not be taken lightly.

This thread triggers me.
I'm not a virgin.



I am getting desperate to the point where a beer bottle doesn't sound too bad



What's that supposed to mean ?


Wow, I never met anyone who thirsts for dick that bad.


bottle in the ass sounds like a bad idea tbh

my fuckbuddy gave me a taste of what good anal is like but we got interupted just as I was starting to enjoy it

he's been busy as fuck lately and he shares an appartment with like 3 other people so it's been like 2 weeks of me wanting his dick like a fish wants water



I'm totally asexual guys, I just thirst for dick like sci thirsts for children.

I feel terrible..

What's up?

Happy Valentines Day everyone

My imouto made me breakfast this morning

Pretty good day so far


pls give me love today thread family.

my head hurts, my tummy hurts, my back hurts, my throat is sore and I'm overheated


And you aren't in bed resting?


..w-well I was in bed all day already

*weak pet*

you gotta learn to love yourself before you can accept it from others.

*snuggles tightly and squeeze*


You've been ill all day, haven't you?


Today is a good day. No one is home and I can roam about.

I misplaced my S and D keycaps

I'm unable to love in a platonic way. Sorry. I know you'd hate me loving you in another way.

Yay they are good now.

My tuesday is so uneventful


God damnit the windows and fn are also swapped

bai thread

Yeah.. ill go lay in..



put the m and w keys upside down in eachother

Where do I subscribe to your blog?


Gotcha Force crashed dolphin, lmao.

The Warden in For Honor is voiced by Yasuo.


*hugs* happy v-day! ^_^


do pla ton nic!

ree chi gau


You're all really gay get the fuck out of my god damn velociuous threads god dammit.

Smashing that mf like button

Luka, my love is by nature impure and dirty. I don't think I can do otherwise.

H-have a nice V-valentine's day user!

Goed zo meneer.

Quit stuttering

u can!


yes im super free now. im going to celebrate with a bowl of instant noodles.

Stotter zelf niet.

Luka, please, I can't give you a platonic love, not when you're posting sexy avatar pics. That's just plain impossible.

Me on the right.

I love you t-too, user...
Will... will you be my valentine?




w h o

swap them back

Yeah everything is good now.

how do i fix my life

Post the lewdest megumin you got

by fixing your keycaps, duh



I fixed my keycaps!



Swift looks so much better in Battle Rev than she does in Arena.

life is now fixed
Good job

I think I'm getting a big stress burst because I learned that i was supposed to give back to school a crucial thing in November. I hope I can fix this.


megoomin is not for the lewd


Let's go burn the dentist's office to the ground, user.

But I fap to her alot tho



Burning buildings might release carcinogens into the air.



You fap to everything.


but alex jones' father was a dentist

Then again, that might just be because Battle Rev looks better than Arena in general.

They need to make a new Custom Robo game. v-v

I have that game.
Is it worth playing?


Would you date her?

lol ya got me there
I've even masturbated to you too

Come on Rin

Super nice.

Not a surprise.

I don't know, I need to know more about her. But I don't have a middle ground between being pretty indifferent towards a girl and wanting to be her everything. That's why she can't have my "limited love", because such a thing doesn't exist.

This pic cracks me up. Ignorant bitch.

I can't even get mad anymore at this point.

Dragon's dogma is great
Definitely worth playing

please someone post butthole.

Like I mean who wouldn't want to fuck a short qt Asian trap?

I would've been like that doesnt answer my question mom

Why do you worry?

id fap to dat sweet megu limp helpless body

do moar!


two . . . bowls???

I might sodium overload

Ask Miia the !Lamiaqzl/A

She will gladly post butthole for you, though you have to add her on steam or discord if you want nudes since she doesnt post them in thread.

Now that's just cruel.

less sodium

just kindly ask her to spoiler it

Even your standards aren't that low.


He's trolling the other guy.

Now don't ruin my fun for me Christopher

I dont want that shit in my sights





I'm no trap though.


Test can you filter Tsuchi to Choochi?




How does one bribe you?

k fried rice and one bowl

its done it before tho
dont click any of its spoilers

Not with that attitude

Wow I guess its no fun allowed when Tsuchi's here

I would've posted a cuter waifu.

Because this shit is apparently mandatory for the school to accept my end-year paper. So I hope they will still accept it, or else, I'm really fucked.

Why are you posting more sexy avatar pics ? This is torture.

Be careful with such statements, I'm a naive person.

You don't

Add me on steam, though, I have some questions to ask you

u fokn wot m8
hifumi is pretty f cute

Cyber alert

Test is going to ask for dikt pics.


I'm a furry degenerate, my waifus are hairier.
Felicia ftw

Test, can you filter "Rin" to "Cuck"?

Ikt add me on Steam too

I've seen his dried up crusty dick
Its disgusting dude

You should already know to be wary of it

moshi moshi cute trap desu

Good luck!



the one with the shocked cat name thing

I already do in my head.


I sent an invite yesterday.

Ikt add me on LINE too

I... I was just trying to be funny...

might as well kys at this point
descending further would be much more painful

cmon dude i was just getting ready to eat

ikt, add me on Facetube.

I'm laughing.

ikt add me on pornhub

Noice, did not check.

tried the brush again

felt kinda good but I couldn't get anywhere with it

gave up and just jerked off

came and I felt NOTHING

really fucking is valentines day

now my god damn desk is covered in coconut oil god damn

Kinda curious what questions Test wants to ask tbh




Why do Vietnamese people smell sweet when they sweat?

So we can talk and stuff

I was gonna eat too but then I found some muscle relaxants and decided to take a few for the giggles
Check on me in like 40 mins


and some comfy amines too

dont have the capacity of care.
sorry my dude


They all have sugar disease.

Add me i guess


I EXCLUSIVELY post them in thread pretty much

yay anime!

I just spent 10 minutes cleaning up fam

also frozen soda

take pics before next time

frozen ;~;

I know, that's why I'm saying out loud my thoughts so that a kind soul can stop me before I make a huge mistake.

Thanks, I'll need it.

Felicia is love feku. You just don't get it.

You're torturing me Luka. You're asking for love and posting sexy pics but you won't allow me to love you.

I really want to smell one now. I never did.

Daijoubu Hawaii-kun

Sounds like you don't want to
I'll ask again some other time

You don't get the joke

thats quite an understatement


For the love of God, stop encouraging him.

Woouuuh, now I want to know how big of a mistake that would be.

There is no God anymore. We probably made him kill himself.

Him and moogs keep doing that shit

it fucking triggers me

It's never towards teammates that I know and like :3

Ian isn't blameless in that regard either.


I think Mugen just does it because of how gross it is.

its okei
the soda was only a little frozen so i had carbonated ice pieces to suckle on

idk wat dat is

maybe u should catch up on some precious sleep

Well, 2vbots wouldn't be much fun. :3c

valentines day


Ian was considering banging Fish

I had to give him a long talk
Glad to see he's snapped out of it
drunk Ian is just thirsty af

Well, he is a furry

I'm fine
Ive been injecting coffee nonstop

I wonder how many people Luka's already begged for Valentine's gift.

Felicia from Darkstalkers you videogame illiterate.

I hate this day.

is there a dva heart

marijoowanas infused?

idk what video game dat id

I'm not going to put any effort in finding you to add you.

Luka can I paypal you five dollars?

Colbs would've probably be made fun of more for Fish than even his three testicles.

Literally Capcom's second biggest fighting game after Street Fighter.

i didnt even know what the first was until this very moment

New thread.

no hate.