Why aren't you a Maoist?

Why aren't you a Maoist?

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A have a brain

the third world can't beat the first world

the third world can't beat the first world

Because I'm not autistic.

Because I can learn from the past mistakes of others. A better question would be to ask why you are a maoist.

*tweet tweet*

cause it's idpol, not even thinly veiled

dem qts tho


Because I like my pet sparrow

I don't agree with third-worldism


Well imagine my shock

Red Guards where the original Punk Rockers. People often forget Maoism had great aesthetics- Industrial Nazbol with Chinese Characteristics. Mao himself was an insane Philosopher Emperor Demigod, I mean what else could you want? Just look at all those 60s radicals who became maoists out of the sheer aesthetic power of the ideology.

look at these fuckers saying "I am not a third-worldist" for why they aren't a Maoist like that's not even Maoism lol

can we not?

also, what the hell is in that snowglobe he's holding?

The aestheticization of politics is the essence of Fascism.

Like Maoism is in anyway less retarded than it's Third Worldist retarded cousin.

it's a mango, during the cultural revolution, the fruit became object of Worship, because it was associated with Mao.


because I'm not a social democrat.

because i don't have chinese characteristics

Yeah, these 12 year old Chinese girls are going to defeat the first world.





Because I don't support Angolans backed by apartheid South Africa, a Congolese kleptocrat, an opportunistic Chilean general, or a corrupt Filipino who married a sociopathic singer with a shoe fetish & collaborated with the Japanese


the second world has the most revolutionary potential

get this bourgeois scum out of my face

Because I'm a Marxist

Most maoists are MLM, not third wirldist

How do Maoists justify siding with the US and awful regimes like the Khmer Rouge over Soviet backed socialist states?


Khmer Rouge was a socialist state and only one which was even moneyless

USSR was revisionist at the time and so was Vietnam backed by them

Because while MTW thought has some merits, I'm still salty as fuck about him invading my country

gook pls go

I like to eat

being a Maoist doesn't mean that you agree with everything what Mao did

I'm indian.

and I'm martian

I dont live in a semi-feudal society, but a post-industrial first world nation.

you mean deindustrialized?

Does saying that matter when almost all of maoism is shit?

Because I'm not in the third world

because I'm not a hillary clinton supporter


because i detest mass murder for the sake of power.

fuck off with that shit. these retards basically ruined communism for latin americans

Because I'm a dengist

third world is a classist term
please stop being classist

Hatred of the bourgeoisie is classist, stop being classist

class reductionism


Because PPW is not universal.

t. FARC, ELN, Sendero Luminoso

Maoism has become the basis for modern IdPol. We should do all we can to distance ourself from them.

Is this supposed to be an argument?

And look at all the success the 60's brought about.


and thank goodness

I sympathize with Maoists to an extent but it wouldn't be in my best interests as a first worlder.

I wear glasses

why wasn't mao a meist?




I don't pretend to live in the third world.

Godard low key the best filmmaker of all time

because I used to know a Maoist

They're clueless

Everything is NazBol

"No investigation, no right to speak" rings so true for half the cunts in this thread

That's post Maoist China

They tarnished the reputation of the left in my country, forever.


Barefoot doctors are one of the only positives of Mao.

You're thinking of modern day western Maoists which have nothing to do with the ones from the PRC or any third world nations

What exactly do first world western Maoists even do? Or rather I should say, what according to their theory are they supposed to do?

Are they supposed to disseminate tankie propaganda like Unruhe?
Are they supposed to just sit on their hands and wait for the third world to liberate them?

Somebody can explain to me the major difference between MLM and MTW?

The Maoist party in Germany wants to arm the dairy farmers.

Make of that what you will.

Is that true Barosso was a Maotist?

Why does that guy like Mao so much anyway?


Someone of these faggot leftcoms here explain to me how pic related is just IdPol

MTW thinks that only the third world has revolutionary potential, because the workers in the first world are not exploited
MLM is considered to be a higher stage of Marxism-Leninism, and it rejects the three world theory

hi unruhe


Angolan Civil War started in '75, and China established diplomatic relations with Chile soon after Pinochet's coup

Can you give me some points where MLM is the higher stage of ML? Is it the decentralized organisation, the culture war and the people's war? How is that so different from ML?

This is when Mao stopped being a Maoist

Well there's a non-white woman in it for starters, smells liberal to me

Which party is this?


You're clinically retarded

What do people think of the recent red guards movement in USA, mostly austin I think.
Now I'm not from there but they seem like one of the better groups in that country in both theory and activities even though they're young

Here's a summary of their first year

Well, they are a million times better than Antifa. Maoism has potential in the USA.

Because I have a brain youtu.be/9XVCOMctVJQ

Of course but antifa is hardly an organization for the promotion of socialism so that comparison isn't too fitting, million times better than some of trots around them, that article actually goes into he relations between the two.

Red guards also have a good article on antifascism titled something like "toward an antifa of a new kind" and seem to take a good approach to it themselves in action

Whats the difference?

brilliant arguement

Besides the retarded policies of Mao, most young French Maoists from the 60s ended up betraying the working class, like Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Bernard-Henri Lévy, André Glucksmann, Alain Finkielkraut, Gérard Miller, the list can go on and on.
Someone called Guy Hocquenghem even wrote a book about this, Open letter to those who moved from Mao collars to Rotary wheels
Meanwhile, the situationnists never abandoned the communist ideal. The Mao meme was all pose for the bourgie Parisian youth.

capitalist roader REEEEEEEEE

Some people draw a distinction between the Maoism, or Mao sympathetic communists of the 60s-70s and the MLM's which was formulated in the 80's though they still claim some from that time as their own like the Black Panthers.
In my country, colonial first world Australia the Maoists actually weren't like this and actually might be the best leftists in our history, there was a student element who may have gone bougie but the biggest campaigns they were involved in were much more radical than anything else and of a thoroughly working class base, most notably a builders union that became a household name and was shut down by our "left" party

Maoism is a funny thing that's hard to pin down and changes depending where it is, from what I can gather it is some specific tactics on organizing and rebellion that are of some value, more analysis on the different groups within proletariat and revolutionary classes as well as some attempt to address elitist elements of leninism

They say that as Marxism-Leninism is the Marxism of the era of imperialism, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the ML of the present era.
You can find some info about it in chapter 2 in this document: massalijn.nl/theory/marxism-leninism-maoism-basic-course/#chapter2

One of the main points that I think is good, is that the bourgeois will likely try to gain power through the party, hence cultural revolution style, people led purges

lmao, good thing they didn't let that happen in China, right?


I don't think it's appropriate to compare Asian communists of the Maoist tradition to American and French MLMTWGTOXAWFS folks. Sure, you guys read the same books, but they are engaged in protacted revolutionary struggle while you guys are generally divorced from direct action.

Armchair Maoists have far more in common with armchair leftcoms than with Maoist rebels in Asia.

I really like the idea of a three pronged approach tbh, but I consider myself an anarchist more than a Maoist at the present time

What is this?

People's War, cultural movements, and working-class outreach pretty much

I like Maoism a lot more than ML because Maoists assume the role of the vanguard to educate the passive masses into radicalization

Don't MLs do this too?

also, what do you mean by cultural movements?

I genuinely want to ask a Maoist this: Despite all the cultural efforts and prolonged people's war - why the fuck turn modern Chinese out to be the biggest, most shallow commodifying consumerists?

Not autistic

MLs might now, but the traditional mode for MLs is just assuming the role of vanguard with little actual participation from the people until they need fighters. Maoism gets its strength (in theory) from the peasant classes, or, to put it in a more modern context, the rural, flyover populations in the US.
The idea of Cultural revolution is that revolution needs to be happening outside of warfare and outside of political participation, and that revisionism and reactionary behavior will always be an issue unless the dominant culture is continually critiqued. Along those lines. Most leftists are under the assumption that the problems of reactionary thought will disappear once the bourgeois state does but Maoists don't believe this.

Because Deng Xioaping kowtowed to capital my dude.

Do any Maoist groups try to make inroads in such American communities?

I'm almost positive Redneck revolt is a Maoist organization, but they obviously would never publicly admit that

You'd expect decades of people's war would at least eradicate some of the more obnoxious consumerist behaviors.

I don't think sparrows are the debbil

Jokes aside many country made bad ecological decisions in that time due to the lack of knowledge we have today.

Because I actually want to be able to eat food

Apartheid South Africa, USA, and China supported the anti communists in the Angolan civil war.
As for the Filipino, look up Ferdinand Marcos