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you wanted le pen to win?

Holla Forums BTFO


oh a liberal was beat by a liberal nothing changed and the world keeps spinning inevitably towards communism

Holla Forums got btfo. At least we get to drink their tears that their god empress was sent barreling to hell.

Sometimes I don't mind being a spectator


political consciousness here is even lower than outside user


How many people did not vote?

25% voted neither.

Jesus christ.

Almost more than Le Pen.

press 'f' for the death of meme magic


Holla Forums on suicide watch lmfao. Is this a trump effect, much like how Syrizas collosal failure sabotaged Podemos chances in the spanish election?




She'll be back when France continues to stagnate under Marcon.

Hopefully next time the Left will be more united


oh I'm on Holla Forums right now telling them to eat shit. But in reality thats the only reason this is good

Europe is not filled with angry WASPs, fascist have no chance in there, the problem is Macron will further the neoliberalist decay and the left must be prepared.



Fuck the left. It only has more false promises to offer, just like Le Pen. The only force we should be supporting in France are the kids rioting on the streets

t. classcuck

that's gross. delete that shit.

I unironically wanted accelerationism to happen tho.

le right-wing counterculture exists only on Holla Forums

You got it, you're getting more of the hideous status quo that has society on the verge of a breakdown.


the "socialists" are dead in the water, so without them sucking up all the air yeah they probably will be.

National assembly is what's gonna be real interesting.


for polyp tears looky heres


because you're a retard

also you don't know what it means

Both are good in an accelerationist manner, I just wanted macron to win for pol tears

ahaha which one of you copied "meathooks for crooks" Nice work comrade



macron was the accelerations candidate tho

Would Melenchon have gotten more votes vs. Macron?

probably not

probably not but there's no way he would've lost this bad.

There would probably been a smaller gap


how about no


More of fillon's votes would go to macron, but also probably melanchon would've gotten a good chunk of le pen euroskeptics as opposed to le pen literal fascists, so i think macron gains a little, melanchon eats a lot of the votes for nothing

To see if I still feel, I focus on the pain

Oh boy

Bat'ko we need a song and Everyone else we need a collage


How the hell did penis lose so badly?

Don't French polls close at 8pm?

Yes, about 1hour ago

France and Germany are the two countries that benefit the most from the EU. Their citizens are appropriately hostile to any changes that might disrupt it.

Fuck Le Pen.

Yup meanwhile India and Indonesia have more GDP per capita then the UK.

It is ironic that the two countries that created this shit economic model are the ones that lost.

I think something's wrong with your brain



There's not a fucking chance she wins in Paris


UK is a shithole but that certainly is not true

I think he's implying it will make the split even larger Paris is filled with liberals and muzzies.


Shh let the liberal/red liberals have their fun.

What of Le Pen is a bourgeoisie plan to ensure that the capitalist class remains in control?

Oh wait that's​ every election

How the fuck is it possible to be even more retarded than 4/pol/?


Are there actually any europeans here? how much self hatred must you have if thats true



Fucking lol

Maybe he meant salt…


Brexit is closer to home. As unpopular as the EU is in Europe most people know leaving is a retard move.

they're redditors

If a indian wanted his country to be colonized by the brits would he have self hatred?


Jesus Christ, learn to lose with some fucking dignity. Holy shit.

Even if this happens, a lot can happen in 5 years.

Leftists talk about "muh neoliberal brussels" and celebrate it like it was some kind of progressive Lexit victory while the Tories have turned into UKIP and the most progressive Labour movement in decades is getting assraped at the polls.

Britain was never subject to the Eurozone. It was never subject to EU-enforced austerity by the troika. It was never in Schengen. The EU never affected the lives of the UK's proletariat in any real way (probably improved it), and Brexit was nothing other than an expression of bourgeois reactionism.

Full screenshot of r/t_d right now.


nah, this isn't a sick death cult at all

gomedy cold c3bh


how can you enwrap yourself in a torture chamber this much

What's hilarious is how Trump just congratulated Macron.

Does this mark an end to the eurosceptic crypto-nationalism at last?

First these cucks lost in the German elections, got fucked in the ass during dutch elections, lost in the landslide in Finnish muncipilital elections and now lost in France.


If you count spoilt votes, it's more than Le Pen.

Nope. As the EU tightens its grip on member states and the economy continues to deteriorate the anti-EU chorus will only get louder.

Here's how Mélenchon can still win:
the French elections have 4 rounds. The first two rounds gave power to a banker, but the next two rounds (June 11th and June 18th) will be about voting for deputies in the Parliament. WE CAN GET A MAJORITY IN THE PARLIAMENT.

One of these two video is the latest Mélenchon speech:

It's actually 2-3 now.
They won US and UK but lost Austria, Netherlands, and now France. Meme magic was fully spent on Trump, it's been three losses in a row since then.

It's fair enough that Hamon and his voters get flack for not letting Melenchon through into the 2nd round, but why does none of that criticism also go to Arthaud, Poutou, Lasalle etc.? Unlike Hamon, those candidates didn't even have real parties and should have stood down.

Melenchon would have won if Le Pen had been elected. However since she didn't win no one will care enough to vote.


now histomat is in charge

I'm actually surprised that was upboated at all, but it won't stop that photo and headline from appearing there again, tomorrow, like clockwork. Also, what a shitty hedge "what a topsy turvy world we live in guise!" from someone who has pretty cursory knowledge of the Rojava situation

I think is time to admit the nazbol dream is dead. No one is open to fringe ideologies except the rednecks from 'bama.

Social Democrats will take over.

Socdems have been in charge of the European left for decades and have become a fucking joke. There's a reason why Melenchon didn't call himself one.

as someone from the region, not even rednecks are open to it

That was an ironic post you dumb shit.


what is their opinion on them?

whose opinion of whom?

I think this has been posted and debunked at least 3-4 times before. So much for the honest right!!

the rednecks' opinion on on fringe ideologies, quoted wrong post

France showed that they aren't retarded

Beware of the cancer in the comments

Most are just total classcucks, who can't conceive politics outside red vs. blue team.

I was just browsing teh donald and saw this exchange

so many spooks in one picture that the only things i can read from it are just empty words.

Have they figured out how to use cuck as every word in a sentence yet?


All those "proud European" burgers should be sent to Siberia.

Dallas texas has one of the highest muslim immigration rates in the US.


>Holla Forums BTFO
keep dreaming leftypol :'^)
>>>Holla Forums9870486


It's not just Dallas or other big southern cities, there is a big thing now where foreign-educated doctors are becoming primary care physicians in rural areas that American docs won't serve, because the living standard and pay is shit compared to big cities. Chances are these people have (peaceful and laborious) Muslims or Indians in their community actually helping them live and they still hold these shitty views.

That's another thing, these same people likely supported neocon wars and da troops for the last 20 years and demonized anyone who didn't. Fuck 'em.

what the fuck

are always right >>>Holla Forums9870486

There was no winner in this election. It was either the German-austerity candidate or the Racist-austerity candidate.

Whoopdy fucking Doo. Accelerationism marches onward.

The only good vote.


the fuck?

happiest F of my life


Well I had an idea for a song, using "world of pure imagination" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

he's a big guy

So many liberals and conservative clowns in there. Mother of god


Absolutely not

The EU's reckoning is gonna come soon, after Brexit and the US elections I think people got scared back into place a bit, things were happening too fast, but if stuff doesn't get better in Europe (which I don't think it will), we'll see this rise again.

You forgot about Italexit. So it is 3-3.

An Italian, Spanish, or Greek exit won't destroy the EU like a French or German exit would. At it's heart the EU is the Franco-German empire and as long as those two heads are there they can lose the rest of their limbs and be fine.

I hope the whole of 4chan ostrazices Holla Forums, meme magic and kek soon, otherwise the site has even more cancer that I through.

we need to compile a definitive list

Forgot to take out the shitposting flag.

Italexit was when the president of italy wanted to change the constitution or something, right?
I'm pretty sure that doesn't count as a Holla Forums win.

Italy will become a thirworld shithole if they exit the EU.

Electorate - 47.6 million
1. Macron 20.33 million
2. Abstaining and Blank 16.20 million
3. Le Pen 10.95 million

Pretty incredible numbers. Abstainment almost won.

On the plus side they would have to stop encouraging human trafficking on the Mediterranean which would be a good thing.

Never doubt the Fabio's willingness to cut off his nose to spite his face

Oh my fucking god, why are they so retarded? Do they unironically believe in the "humans vs orcs" meme?

Seems like the whole bourg play of holding a gun in the form of fascism to the head of the electorate worked in France. Not sure why it didn't work out in the US. I guess Hillary really just is that hateable.

humans vs orcs?


Fresh blood i see.


good taste



more of this


If he lost we would enjoy liberal tears. When you don't have horse in the race anymore, the good thing is you always have the shadenfreude.

Be glad that the Zionist candidate lost this time Holla Forums

She is. The Democrats could've ran anyone else and they would've won by a landslide.

He means that she will literally down Macron in cheese

It's called ITALEAVE. Get it right.


RIP France all you had to do is submit to Kek and he could have given you unlimited fascism but instead Western civilization is going to burn down to the ground forever because Le Pen literally would have fixed everything just like Donald Trump has.

Gotta say, the Western establishment has been on the ball with keeping neoliberalism safe from rightwing populists. Trump's victory must have scared them straight. From what I'm told, The French press shilled for Macron so hard it was ridiculous.

Anyway, in how many countries has the right been defeated lately? France, Netherlands, Austria (that one seems to have been stolen tbh), Finland… any more? Have they won anywhere but Murka?

I can confirm this is real sentiment among right-wing here. Nevermind that Euros literally flushed their unwanted, poor illiterate turds this way

I legitimately hope Holla Forumsocks kill themselves over this.


Eh, whomever is in power in the UK automatically becomes a centrist neoliberal, to be honest.

I think this guy will.




you mean just like how they predicted Trump to lose by a landslide?

The most disgusting thing in this image is the reddit plushy exchange ad

this doesn't really apply anymore dude


Isn't this image already a year old or something? I remember right-wingers saying exactly the same thing about it a while ago.

You can't always get what you want

your god is dead Holla Forums
just give up and join us


i hate boomers so fucking much

Super profits are one hell of a drug. Once you get a taste you become a shill for capitalism for the rest of your life apparently.


Perhaps the loss should be expected. How could a frog god give his blessing to people who eat frogs. It's so obvious now in hindsight.

What's going to be even funnier is Trump losing his second election, and the insane amount of despair that'll come from Holla Forums.

most of Holla Forums hates Trump nowadays tho

You know nothing of France.


Assuming the figures are the same in France and the US, you need more than just the "anyone but trump" vote (43%), you need to be a new face from outside the establishment (33%) too.

The US's backwards electoral system (which was designed to appease the slave states) ended up backfiring on the bourgeoisie. Pretty ironic.

I bet those old fucks still have more revolutionary spirit than the whole of the USA and UK combined.


Could someone explain to me why Americans are so susceptible to Scientology, Mormonism and a thousand other cults?

To them being "revolutionary" including supporting interracial relationships, secular government, and basic rights for women. It's time for old fucks who grew up under the auspices of post-WWII western imperialism to go away.


French women are insanely slutty but even they would think twice before fucking a smelly deformed Algerian who sells counterfeit purses on the streets of Paris (not that Holla Forums would know anything about fucking anything.) It's interesting how much intersection there is between /r9k/-tier miso-gyny and Holla Forums's reactionary ideology.

Nazism, old or new, is sexual insecurity, all thought and policy serves to ease sexual insecurity.
I would seriously like anyone to prove me wrong.

thanks for confirming you know nothing about france

All imperialist powers are the same. Your special snowflake empire is no different that the UK, except maybe more pathetic since it basically did nothing but fail miserably after WWII. I have little concern for the particular cultures of western europe since they are all ultimately capitalist abominations, fabrications of the first world order that is currently gasping for air under the weight of its own debt.

America underwent several reactionary movements through its history.

"The left" won't do shit.

Europe is literally the only place where fascism has historically succeeded.



As a former Holla Forums tard I can confirm at least 95% are sexually insecure. When you obverse Women aren't paying attention to you and you constantly get friendzoned those thoughts start to multiply in your head.

As you get older even if you get into a relationship you feel extremely insecure because it's your first one and the girl has already slept with plenty of dudes

When I discovered /r9k/ and by extension Holla Forums I was ecstatic to see people saying those things about women I thought but wasn't allowed to say

I actually broke up with my gf because of the chans, I couldn't live with the fact she fucked so many dudes and settled for me.

this is really sad

Tojo wasn't really a fascist and ba'athism is not fascism at all.

Its not sad really because i'm legit human trash. I'm in my late twenties now, only met her when we were both in our mid twenties, she was my first and only relationship

I was happy for some time, really just that someone might genuinely love me. But the chans took all those lingering insecurities I had and blew them up. All the memes about all women her age took miles of chad's dick and that I was just a beta loser she setlled for so that i'd provide for her. That I missed out on all that sweet teenage pussay in high school, that she'd always think of me as someone who was just good enough to setle with but in a heartbeat if chad asked her she'd leave me. That if we'd ever get married she'd start getting fat as fuck and my future kids would be complete losers too or sluts if they were female

It was just too much. I asked her how many sexual partners she had once and she refused to answer but I kept egging her on and she got annoyed and told me. I was a lot. I broke up with her soon after

Nowadays I masturbate to porn and fuck hookers once in a while when I can afford it, and i've given up on relationshiops totally. Sometimes I have this one girl I see regulatly talk to me like she's my gf and i'm really fine with that since its temporary, so theres no baggage. Like a rent-a-gf

Holla Forums on suicide watch

I'm sorry guy


So Kek cucked them? How does this make them look any better?


We must make crowbar the new meme band

Seems kind of obvious to me. Bigotry, fear of sexuality (sexophobia?) and especially of female sexuality are an integral parts of reactionarism.

Dude, they spooked you out of your first girlfriend. She didn't settle for you, she preferred you over the others, for fuck's sake. If she's been around the block as much as you imply, then the fact that she picked you should have boosted your self-steem, not destroyed it. For fuck's sake, you were in your mid-twenties, she's not a spinster and you're not an executive making big bucks, she didn't "settle for you to provide for her". She fucking chose you.

I hate to say it man, but you really blew it, big time.

How many partners was it?

sexual marketplace today encourages promiscuity and you get diminishing returns on women whose behavior precludes monogamy. the woman was unlikely to pair bond successfully anyways.

I hope Trump's betrayal and Le Pen's loss reminds these retarded post-ironic pagans that loopy metaphysics isn't a substitute for legitimate political action. Fucking morons.

What does the even mean? Diminishing returns on what? Being previously promiscuous or serially monogamist doesn't preclude anything, people aren't static.
Complete conjecture based upon the premise that people who have lots of sexual partners are incapable of sticking around and it's not just a preference to sleep around.


No wonder you didn't get dubs, unbeliever.

No, I got a 93 instead.

National Front BTFO so hard they're renaming the party.


quick whats Not Socialist Gamers Party in french?

Pas Socialist Joueurs des Videos?

*des jeu videos

sweet thats what they hould change the name to

She will be back. If Macron goes full EU shill she will most definitely win too.

PSJJV, catchy.

She got 6% more than in the 1st round, with a bunch voting simply to blow shit up. Sure, she'll be back, but it's the left that stands to profit.

Soon to be daily reminder-she came in third in a race with only two candidates.

FN is dead in the water unless there's a massive refugee influx from Trump invading Iran or something.

Beyond the fact that you're still thinking back on those Holla Forums and /r9k/ infographs of dubious veracity that fucked you over (seriously, purge them from your mind, they're pure spookery. Have you ever seen a single user saying those damn collages helped them? I haven't)…

Did you realize just how you have internalized capitalist thinking? "Sexual marketplace"? "Diminishing returns"? Like the pic says, capitalism commodifies even human relationships, even romance and love. It turns us all into products buying products buying products ad infinitum, and those Holla Forums and /r9k/ collages fall for this too.

You are not a product. You are a human being with abilities and weaknesses, traits and and defects. You should seek self-improvement (as should everyone), not because it adds a "Now with karate chop action!" sign to you so you're more likely to be bought, but because it improves your life and makes you a better person. And better persons are more likely to attract better persons. And needless to say, you should consider women the same way. They too feel the pressure to sell themselves, because they're as flawed as as spooked as us.

God knows I'm no Casanova, but this much I guarantee you: stop thinking in those market terms and in selling yourself and shit, and simply treat women like people, and you will have more success. Once you stop focusing on your marketability and focus instead on having a pleasant conversation with the girl instead, you notice when the conversation is petering out and needs to change track, you notice if she enjoys your attitude or a given topic, and so on, because now you can empathize with her.

After relying on the nuclear family for a while, Porky is now trying to destroy that too, in an effort to completely atomize the individual and commodify all interpersonal contact. Don't let him get to you. Don't let him into your head. If he convinces you you have to quite literally sell your soul in order to find love, he wins.

Only anglo-american and russian fascist shills i.e. Holla Forums want to get rid of the EU and the Euro currency for geopolitical reasons. Macron won because he was outspoken pro-EU. Even Lel Pen's father acknowledged that, FN will most likely stop being anti-EU now, or more likely, pretend to do so.
The EU itself is a good idea for Europe and neither responsible for neoliberalism nor capitalism - capitalists, oligarchs and their shills in politics and MSM are. In it's current form the EU obviously leaves a lot to be desired from a social democrat and communist point of view, however it does a good job of making sure that European countries do not go on each other's throats again like we used to do all the time, which is important enough for me to be pro-EU. Remember just one week after Brexit UK officials threatened Spain with war over Gibraltar. The EU is also good for European leftists in general. Basically, if my country goes full retard in September and votes AfD into the Bundestag at full expense of die Linke there are still french, spanish and other leftist factions in the EU parliament left to mitigate that loss of political influence for the working class a bit.

OK so right here you ar basically admitting that the EU isn't leftist which is good since it means that you aren't completely delusional like most EUfags.

It doesn't do this at all though. America does. The EU is a neoliberal project designed to aid European porkies and nothing more. Get over it. You cannot change it.

Has any polling data come out to suggest how many of the 25% that voted neither were Melenchon supporters?

good post user

LOL. The USA wants to destroy the EU and the Euro, all those far right parties who magically popped up or gained power over the last ten years are sponsored by Russia and and US oligarchs if they were not directly created by the CIA. The EU is one of the USA's most potent economic and political rival after China and threatens the USA's desire to achieve "full spectrum dominance" i.e. world hegemony.
Yes. It is in it's current form but WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT. However getting rid of the EU will change absolutely nothing for European workers, infact it will only enable Porky to make European workers hate each other by fueling nationalist sentiment. Moreover, EU neoliberalism is still A LOT less worse than United States of Ancapistan style neoliberalism (which is basically open fascism/nepotism since Trump).
Nice fatalism you have there, you could as well kill yourself now.

Pretty interesting how Le Pen got BTFO the day after the creator of Pepe officially killed him. Could be that meme magic is real after all.

I guess you're probably right user. Still, it's very hard to get rid of those spooks. I don't even know if it's possible. There's a nice girl about my age named Gigi who works with me and I was thinking of asking her out for coffee until she told me that she was a single mother. After I heard that my brain started making up dumbass excuse that I would not normally care abouts like "she's missing a tooth I can't date her"

But I know the real reason is because I didn't want to be a literal cuck that raises another man's children. See how this shit messes you up

No need. Common sense tells you it's all of them.

I don't think user meant that you can't have dating preference. That is kind of implied by what they were talking about with talking to someone as a person, not a product. Your reasoning about being a "cuck that raises another man's children" is stupid, but you can still have a preference of not wanting to date someone who has kids. I'm not interested in dating someone who has children either because I do not like young children and do not have the patience for them.

How is it possible to be this clueless and still so utterly cocksure

why do people like you assume the woman will always DEMAND you hand over money to the kid?

whether you "raise another man's children" is entirely your choice. i see way more stepdads doing that on their own choice to win the kid over than the other way around

Why won't idpolers just admit that no one except the rich is currently experiencing an increase in their social standing?

Dunning-Kruger effect

Why the fuck does everybody immigrate to Texas? Why do people still think Texas is the Mojave?

fucking alt cucks XDDDDDD

Economic reasons. Texas is doing quite good IIRC


Is this turning into an Anglosphere vs Europe thing? Is the West going to fracture between a neoliberal Europe and a right-wing populist Anglosphere? Seems crazy but that would be cool as shit.

How dumb do you have to be to believe this?

Just don't post if you don't have anything meaningful to say you clueless idiot.




Stop being a fucking retard. Modern elections are a spectacle where the "responsible" right takes on the racist right, and even the Left is mostly liberals with the occasional Keynesian who's then portrayed as a dangerous extremist. The right can't help but win regardless of the results. Elections are a joke.


Dunno, some random poll
Here are officials results



I hope everyone that voted for Macron gets their family raped by muslims


But you should like Macaroni :^)


I don't know what these retards were expecting. Trickster gods fucking with everyone including their worshippers is like mythology 101. Ask any sorcerer. You never make deals with chaos gods because they will always, always fuck you in the end. Even if they give you what you want, it's only because it's going to make you miserable when you get it.


how many layers of ideology do you have to be on to be a worker and actually believe the humans vs orcs meme

I cannot even comprehend that at this point

get the joke next time

They're not doing shit, those brownies are economic immigrants waiting to be used by le job creators as cheap workforce that will fuck over those lazy natives and their commie labour unions, not to mention that they might cause the destruction of the social security net some day
Don't tell me you're putting skin colour over the possibility of deregulation and making the government smaller :^)


We are paying for their welfare. How many of them work? FUCK THE GOVERNMENT

Well, that evil bitch le Pen wants to increase welfare benefits while based Macron wants €60bn spending cuts, the choice is yours.

KEK god was a commie accelerationist all along


You know, a larger contingent of people abstained from voting than the one that cast their for her. I'd call that a notable humiliation.

I don't get this attitude
Shouldn't it be

Le Pen wants welfare benefits for people who actually work i.e. not migrants.

There's no huge increase of jobs after the migrant crisis.

So? A proper lolbert should oppose candidates wanting to increase benefits on principle, after all they are financed from taxes and taxation is theft.

I don't know about the other two, but that was my point.

A proper lolbert has no problem if the taxes end up benefiting himself.

Such delusion, Labour will be marred by the stench of backing remain for years to come.







Not only that, the EU is unreformable by design, we would sooner see a planetary alignment before we would get a pan-socialist led EU government without the threat of reactionary or capitalist veto or hand-wringing.

Workers shouldn't need "benefits", such benefits are a subsidy provided from the public purse to private enterprises who should be subjected to higher minimum wages.

Well, asshole, there's nothing bad in workers having benefits. You ain't getting your perfect commie regime in your lifetime, but I can have my benefits.

Workers shouldn't need welfare to begin with, you shouldn't be working if you are in need of welfare.

Businesses themselves need to provide incentives for welfare claimants to work, not the other way around.

There's everything wrong with 'benefits' you fucking dishrag.

Well, if you don't want benefits, let I have mine.

I actually work and deserve these benefits.

Welfare and benefits are bonus for workers.

Those who do not work deserve no welfare.


Unless you're a principled libertarian

In work benefits reduce any incentive for businesses to pay a decent wage, the minimum wage should be high enough that one doesn't need to get the state to subsidise what your employer should be providing to begin with.

Plus the bureaucratic waste is idiotic, in work benefits require an administration (paid for by taxes) to assess claimants and then use further tax money to pay the difference when the employer (the main beneficiary of the labour) should just pay this difference to begin with.

Well in the UK, we had "tax credits" which were in work benefits only available to 25+ or people with children and/or disabilities. So effectively a worker under 25 years of age was subsidising the older worker or the worker with children (who could also claim "child benefit").

This creates an antagonism over crumbs whilst the capitalist is laughing away with most of the spoils, then there's a further antagonism for higher income proles who aren't eligible for these benefits but pay taxes but believe that workers like yourself are leaching off of him (in way superficial sense it is).

Again we should abolish such convoluted reforms and this is within the context of just capitalism, never mind how anti-socialist it is.

Increasing minimum wage does nothing but increasing the job barrier and make the job market SMALLER.

Benefits work in a way because they reward only workers who have worked long time or joined unions. They do not grant to every mother fucking job-jumping POS.


On the contrary, it enlarges the job market as workers have more money to spend providing potential for other businesses to reap the extra disposable income, not only that, it increases the wages of all those workers who aren't already on the minimum wage (except very high income like engineers, doctors etc) as businesses will have to provide incentives for those who work more stressful jobs ie from my own experience I quit my highly stressful job as a data analyst for a large automotive manufacturer to work an unskilled job on an assembly line in a chocolate factory because the pay was 25% more.

The businesses themselves will shoulder the cost as part of their overhead but ultimately the capitalist is the one paying the burden of the wage rise as most min wage hikes never come close to touching the value of actual worker productivity hence why fastfood chains and dollar/pound stores churn out more or less same products for a similar cost as they've always done despite paltry wage increases.

Work is work, the end product doesn't recognise loyalty neither does your employer when he'll automate your obsolete ass.

But seriously job jumping shouldn't be frowned upon, if the employer doesn't want to yield ground on his parasitic relationship then fuck him, he needs a wake up call.

You're retarded. Even calling them 'benefits' is against worker interests because it implies things like healthcare etc are 'bonuses' instead of something everyone should have by right. Kys class cuck.

Those who do not work do not deserve to eat, much less having healthcare.

Work is a means to an end, I agree capitalists deserve to starve but we shouldn't be dreaming of getting everybody working 50 hours a week.

We ought to be moving towards abolishing work altogether and have the machines provide us with all we need.

That aside I don't think you realise unemployment is a desirable symptom of capitalism, not something to be resolved.

No, if you don't move, don't work, don't attempt to fucking live, you don't deserve to live.

It is anti-worker to reward non-worker.

Socdems are the losers in all of this. They lost massively in France, Netherlands and Germany.
Socdems are dead.

Do you know what bourgeoisie means?

The capitalists?

Do you know how they sustain themselves?

I ask because you seem to enjoy bashing the unemployed.

They work?

This is why the left will always lose.

They put their name on machines so everything you make with said machins belong to them.
The capitalist is the own who own. Not the one who work. That's the basic distinction.
Note that you can have people who can play both roles. Someone can be paid to lead an enterprise on behalf of shareholders. Some workers can get supplementary income from capital investment trough the intermediary of banks selling financials product.
You have people still owning their own enterprise of course, but their income comes mostly from their claim on their employees's production rather than from their own output.

Yeah I thought as much, hence why we aren't having a meaningful discussion on unemployment.

And no they don't actually work, they merely own the businesses that people work in and sustains himself on the profits without having to do anything.

Or they're landlords who own land and properties who collect rent which is paid for by the labour of those who dwell in it or other businesses whose workers toil in to sustain that arrangement.

Or even worse intellectual property owners who own patents or trademarks, the vast majority of which are the products of other workers (drug patents owned by pharmaceutical companies but created by scientists for example) that are then licensed to others for their use, extracting capital from the consumer without lifting a finger.


The bourgeois actually work.

They come to the factory, they push the workers, they make the call to get the materials in time for the workers to have things to work on, they are pressured by deadlines from other bourgeois/government.

In comparison with the unemployed who sit at home all days doing jackshit but masturbating themselves to death, they absolutely work.

here you go

Nope, this is not the XIXth centuy anymore, all thoses tasks are delegated when the corporation rech critical size, and that is doomed to happen toall businesses because "grow or die".
Manager's job, not the capitalist.
Accounting department
Shareholders are the ones making the biggest pressures.
The little business owner is not a figure that is relevant in the wider economy.

And if the manager cannot get the job done, he calls the capitalist.
Also the capitalist if the accountant has no money.
Shareholders are capitalists too.

Yes, they are, but the big business owners also work too.

And they all work more than the unemployed.

Even if they were true it wouldn't matter.

You've never worked in a factory, I've worked for BMW, a Swiss chocolate manufacturer and currently a Yum Brands contractor and my mother worked at Pepsi.

The stakeholders never visit the premises, since when did owning the controlling shares in a company necessitate that you'd rub shoulders with the blue collared workers?

Management get paid to do that.

Material planners get paid to that, I would know working in stock management.

Waiting until the end of the financial quarter must be such a horrible time.

They exist to undermine low income workers with the threat of destitution so said low income workers accept low pay as the employer can treat them as expendable knowing they can replace them readily.

are u actually retarded or do you not know what is a bourgeois ?
they OWN, they do not work, that's the whole fucking point

I work in a factory and the boss comes all days, all days to check shit going on, especially when shit goes wrong.
The stakeholders get to pressurize the boss.
And the boss pays them to do that, not to mention, management too needs to be checked by the boss.
Material planners are also pushed by the boss.
Yes, especially when it means your entire company going down. The workers can always find another job, but the boss? Nah. Good chance he's in jail.
So they are scums.

Bourgeois owns the factory, he exploits the worker, da da da, but he also works.

He's a different beast than one who doesn't work.

then he's not the owner, i.e not the capitalist.

Damn, meant for

Yeah, man, the stakeholders are capitalists, they fucking own the boss's share.

They literally are.
Even more so that your boss that at least endorse the role of executive.

44% of young adults voted for Le Pen.

which is pretty remarkable tbh

This is not the environment in which most goods are conceived, are you telling me that everything in pics related have the owners come in on a day to day basis, micromanaging every facet?

Your example is the exception to the norm.

You mean like 3rd pic to name one example of many.

Where do you live? It sounds a lot fairer than England:

Philip Green bought BHS for £200m in 2000, by April 2016 BHS had debts of £1.3bn, including a pensions deficit of £571m. Despite the deficit of £571m, Green and his family collected £586m in dividends, rental payments and interest on loans during their 15-year ownership of the retailer.

BHS ultimately filed for bankruptcy and 11,000 people went out of work (unemployment is currently at 5%). I need not comment any further.

makes ya think

Sir Philip Green. In England you get to be a sir if do shit like that,

Can frogs explain why you'd vote Macron in the first round but then either abstain or vote MLP in the second?


Le Pen had better economic policies tbh. I'm somewhat mad that we elected a neoliberal who is going to shit on worker's rights but I also don't really care because I don't live in France anymore

What's Holla Forums's opinion on Macron?

I expected more people here to be either neutral or for Le Pen, since Macron *should be* the kind of capitalist insider communists hate.

Anyway, not here to troll/hate, I'd just really like to know what your opinion on Macron is.

He's shit. Like, really fucking shit.

Hostile attitudes towards Macron and Le Pen seem to be on similar level, though I see many people are entertained by the insane butthurt caused by his victory

I speak for myself, I'm happy Le Pen lost but I'm unhappy Macron won.

I'm not French but their Presidential Election is a scam, it should have been one round with STV or ranked voting.

The first round was close anyway, the top four candidates were nearly all equal in size ie circa 20%

Macron is the establishment candidate with the media backing him:


France will face more austerity and will go through another repeat of this election next time.


Ha I just noticed that the graphic I took from the Guardian (which backed Macron), tries to hide what I've complained about, note how Melenchon's bar is thin whilst all the other candidates, especially Macron's bar is the thickest. It gives the air that Macron had an overwhelming victory above all the other candidates and that this is a battle between "rational" centrism (neoliberal pro-capitalist austerity with a human face) and fascism, rather than round 2 being the result of a rigged process giving us the opportunity to pick the best of the worst.



It's gaslighting though, even Hammon has a thicker line than Melenchon.

You know how marketing and propaganda works right?

Did anyone go to the anti-Macron rally?

Alright, guess that's only fair.

Ahaha, guess that's how most of us feel.


Thanks, that's a rather well written article, a thing of which there has been a lack of this election.

I thought it was optical illusion from the colors at first, but checking on Paint, Hamon bars is indeed 21 pixels large whereas Mélechon is 20.

I just realized spending time on imageboards in increasing my autism

Is this board Holla Forums or /antipol/? Are we celebrating porkies now?

Yep, it's centrist bankers all the way down from here on.


We're just mining Holla Forumsack salt national blade would be too good for any unironic macron supporters

user I hate to be the one to inform you, but the real world isn't a Paradox game - the technocrats behind the EU (and major institutions in the US) see themselves as joint protectors of a single global order, not as rivals seeking to ensure that the US/EU rules triumphant, while everyone else is cowed into submission

He's a spooked western European nationalist probably.


It actually works very much like that, but it's A LOT more complex.
You're either a shill (likely) or an ignorant cretin.

Both Republicans and Democrats are bourgeois, in any case, the american bourgeoisie always wins at the end.


idk why but it PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF when they write it like that


This is real.

I think you mean meme manipulation.


Absolutely true.

You are dumb as bread. Without the EU it would be far easier for US corporations to play indvidual european nation states out against each other and it would be far easier for the rich to evade taxes.
The EU has higher standards for worker rights and environmental regulations. It would be easier for US corporations to trade individually with isolated EU member lowering those worker protections and environmental protections by exploiting competition between nation states..The whole reason neoliberal parties like UKIP, Gert Wilders etc. want the EU gone is because they work in service of american-british corporations. What they hate and want to destroy is the power of the EU to impose regulations on the market to protect workers and the environment.They are free market fundamentalists, who want to exploit the shit out people, animals and nature for profit.

Damn that's spooky.

People are more and more disenchanted with US electoral politics tbh. They didn't see it so much as a mere choice between two alternatives that has to be made - there has to be some mechanism, they feel, against exactly this sort of thing where right wing democrats coming to power by mere virtue of being "better than fascists." She counted against this and assumed everyone from the berniecrat surge would choose her over their principles, and tried to shaft them and curry favor with the moderate republicans, who were to abandon trump. But it turns out that being a known criminal who's above the law is a major hit to electability among this demographic, so they opted for the reality TV star.
And even so, she still won the popular vote by a wide margin, so the specific result came down more to the fate of the rust belt under her cherished neoliberalism.
Bernie clearly would've won, by any reasonable estimation. Not that that would be a whole lot better, as his goal in the first place is basically to convince workers and young people that government can work for them, not that it's a device of class rule to be overcome.

The bourgeoisie is a more heterogeneous group than that, user. They don't march in lockstep everywhere. The world wars and internal political strife are all about intra-class conflicts. Different sections have different conflicting interests, estimations of those interests, and tactical positions on how class rule is to best be carried out. Clearly the bulk of the bourgeoisie lined up behind Hillary and neoliberalism, but the Trump victory is hardly some anti-bourgeois masterstroke. Trump's brand of cronyism, lack of government experience and influenceability mean he's a liability to those porkies outside his inner circle.
If "never trump" was more important to the bourgeoisie than stable functioning of the overall electoral and exploitative systems, we wouldn't have seen the "peaceful transition of power" we did.

I'm American, so this is based on vague recollection, but one big difference is that Le Pen and FN has a LOT OF political baggage. Not just in the mind of the general public, but much bad blood inside the far right itself (in particular, I recall something about an internal coup against her father). Same goes for most of Europe's "alt-right", which are much more strongly associated with decades of complex petty fringe right politics that occasionally intersected with mainstream success.

By comparison, Trump (and most of the alt-right apparatchiks associated with him) are a very new and nebulous phenomenon on the political scene, with only the most tenuous connections through the Tea Party to the older (though not much older, barely dating back to the 1970s) Libertarian Party, and peripheral to the point of meme-tier influence from neofascists.


thom yorke?

Nothing fills me with disgust like people being too cowardly to say "Go ahead, shoot."
I know for porky it's a "heads i win, tails you lose" scenario but on principle, based on the theatre of the thing, it's better to do the thing you're not supposed to do even if the outcome is worse for everyone. (worse for everyone is my ideal if the alternative is worse for everyone but porky, and i measure this relatively - i.e. i and porky both suffering equally is better than me not suffering and porky getting happire.)

On the other hand this viewpoint has been dented somewhat by the idea that the "fascist" candidates are actually just spectacle as opposed to proper wreckers, monsters who'll never hurt Porky. Even here, though, I must side with Le Pen since I prefer domestic capital to international capital and have little reason to doubt the authenticity of that position.

Social Democracy will fuck you up.