What is the "middle class" American liberals talk about all the time?

What is the "middle class" American liberals talk about all the time?

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TV dramas

Lower class people that the ruling class has fooled into believing themselves upper class people.

A meme

lol i completely misunderstood your question

This. It is a nebulous group of the working class that elites can look at with pride because they aren't living destitute lives.

Its the fictional group that is seperated from the real "working class" because they aren't blue collar or farmers and make more money than people struggling to get by. Its a leftover from the time where being a highschool teacher actually did mean you had a substantially better income than most of society. Nowadays, most of the first world working class is "middle class", ie they work office jobs and arent unemployed.

You're not far off about TV though. TV sitcoms are pretty indicative of what liberals conceive as the "middle class." Which is one reason I liked Malcolm in the Middle, it depicted a poor family who lead dysfunctional lives mostly because of their socioeconomic status.

an imaginary class that doesn't work in agriculture or production and has enough money to not contemplate suicide every end of the month

there's another thread that explains this

Oh, I didn't notice the other thread, sorry for making this.

Originally the middle class was postwar factory workers who had decent jobs because of strong unions and the new deal still being intact. It's gotten really murky since and porky uses that murkiness to it's benefit to use different classifications of middle class in different places

A group that actually had benefits and worked for a number of years to earn a retirement where they get paid to waste away for a few years when they are old instead of shopping for a gun and putting a sticky label marked retirement on it.

labor aristocracy

This "dude there's no such thing as middle-class" might be the funniest pseudo-Marxism this board has produced recently

There was, at one point, a middle class, but it relied on ded unions and new deal programs that no longer exist and at this point we've got segments of the lower class relying entirely on credit to PRETEND they can afford a middle class lifestyle

basing class on income brackets is pretty shit desu

If the middle class exists, what is your definition?

petite bourgeoisie

Probably the same poor people they scream racist at and demand more of their paychecks to go to the state to fund more cocaine and prostitute parties for bureaucrats.

people who can afford a house which isn't either a slum or a hand-me-down

Rebranded proles, aka "temporally ashamed millionaires". This isn't just for the US, here in the Latin America they use that term too. I feel it's an effort to make people feel they are better than the lower class and are totally different.

Inb4 dipshit up there quotes Marx talking about the bourgeoisie in the French Revolution.

Facebook drama and shitty morning news topics you see on tv before work.

He can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think OP was not talking about the idea that the middle-class is disappearing, but saying that such a thing doesn't exist as a concept because (his understanding of) Marxism does not allow it.

It's insufficient, but necessary for some purposes.

I already dealt with this shit here

Not sure why you all need two threads for the same nonsense either

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It's a very vague term. It means either

1) Anybody not bourgeoisie and not in poverty

2) Anybody with college credentials who uses them in their employment

3) Families with incomes over ~$70,000 a year.

For something more interesting and rigorous, read Coming Apart by Charles Murray.

People who pay more than they receive in taxes. But not rich enough to be "upper class".

what i find hilarious is the extent to which americans will go to not call themselves working class

just say working class reeee

third world is a classist term
please stop being classist

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there is only proletariat, petit-bourgeoisie and bourgeoisie

google.com.br/search?q=site:marxists.org/archive/marx middle class

To the "he means bourgeoisie" you're thinking: no