Class struggle

At this moment, I realized that capitalism is something more powerful than just an idea. I am starting to believe that people are naturally capitalistic (try to be better than others by money, free time, choices, working class, and look upon them).
The only way to solve the inequality is to have strong dictatorship who will not be afraid to purge people who judge people based on the money and working class.
To purge people who oppose communistic state.

Do you also meet capitalistic liberalists who call themselves socialists?

my ex once exploded at me and was like

YOURE A BUM, I AM THAT TOP 1% cos she goes to MIT or whatever.

Bitch calls herself a socialist. Hilarious

Congrats, you found a liberal.
It's a classical case of base-superstructure though, capitalist ideology is ingrained in everyone, they are not naturally capitalist. Similarly, this idea that 'communism can only happen if everyone is communist or we force them to be' is idiotic aswell. An economic system can function perfectly even if a huge portion of people don't like it.
And communist state is an oxymoron.

in what way does liberals spouting ideology mean we need to kill everyone? people aren't naturally capitalistic, and when the vast majority of the workers and parts of the petitbourgeois decide to overthrow and replace capitalism they will necessarily need to throw aside most of their prejudices, especially class ones, in order to fight alongside eachother. this makes large scale violence against your own populace inherently less necessary.

your friend is a fucking pretentious retard though.

No, we just need to purge vegans.

Pretty much all the fucking anarchists and ancoms who live near me are just edgy vegans. They're a lot more interested in liberating some fucking cows than in liberating their class.
The worst part is that they do actually a lot of community outreach and are looked on fairly positively by the local community. Antifa anarchists are somehow even worse than the edgy vegan anarchists.

So this is the new leftism?
Continuation of class struggle, but ending the animal struggle?

How would you create a communistic state if everyone is ready to destroy it?
how to teach the people to think as a group and not as individuals?

Simple, never engage with bourgs unless they are academics.

You wrote all that shit just to say MUH OOMAN NAYCHUR…

It would be very cathartic, that has to count for something.

People are not naturally capitalistic. People are merely naturally competitive. Communism will find better ways to channel natural competitiveness into more productive ways.

According to Aristotle "people desire knowledge".
In capitalism "competitive" means to destroy your opponents (by death or poverty).
In communism, people have equal rights and possibilities to desire knowledge and implement it without fear of "capitalistic competitiveness"
But still in my opinion, we need a strong communistic state to protect people from death and poverty, and give rights and opportunities to people no matter what working class they are from.


nigga read mutual aid

Calm down tho.

Women`s opinions don`t matter famrade.
Their place was never in the politics.

I think its just a matter of not understanding other classes. People don't understand why working class people, who will have to compete for jobs with immigrants, may be more skeptical of immigrants than middle class people. It's a matter of the capitalist propaganda concealing the true conditions of life of working class people. I'm in the same boat with a lot of my sodden friends. But they're not all bullshit, many of them come to sympathize with working class people and can easily become true communists.

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Real friends eat meat.

I know a "social democrat" who regularly tells me that America would be better off if all poor people were gassed.