They are making fun of us :(

They are making fun of us :(

Other urls found in this thread: Bookchin-The Next Revolution. Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy-Verso (2015).pdfłsudski's_colonels

And? Ledditors get mad about this board all the time.

To be fair we have people like this

nothing to worry about fam

Is it possible to say "sexual object" unironically and not come across as some kind of weird prude?

They are right about leftypol not being able to talk about much other than idpol though.

I just looked at their post history.
They seem to spend most of their time on subreddits related to "fem boys" and crossdressing. So much for the sexual objectification, right?

They also have lewd albums for you pervs to go look at.

Not gonna lie Alunya is so fucking hot


This is reminding me of some of the tripfags we've had, who have now dedicated their time and blogs to crying about the board.

The secret is OP also made the reddit thread.

Post them

fuck off OP, we're not going to upvote the leddit thread your made. you obviously crave attention, since you're a cross dressing tranny boy, so go find it somewhere else. /r9k/ is where you belong.

genuinely hot to be fair. Shame they're a redditor.

Maybe traps just aren't my thing but my first thought was "that dick is huge" and my second thought was "eh"

Seriously that's an eight incher.

Just seem like butthurt idpol deviationists to me. Bookchin-The Next Revolution. Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy-Verso (2015).pdf

When I insult you I'm called reddit.
When reddit does it you compliment their dick.

its called anti-sectarianism faggot :^)

I'd probably agree with you tbh

Well, show us your dick.

Surely, this cannot backfire.

Proves we're not petty. Also that you might be jealous, see



Is OP playing 4D noughts and crosses and is actually the trap redditor wanting to indirectly post their lewds on Holla Forums?

Fuck no, I would never post on fullcommunism

But that was posted on completeanarchy

That was my first thought actually

Are all of you pro-communists? Seems you're all very quick to be triggered on anything and react in black and white. Do you guys all agree on everything? Simply asking because this board seems to be very similair to reddit. Are there any centrists that still exist? Do all of you think Stalin & Che were great man? How many of you lived in a socialist country or ex USSR country? Curious to know because it seems there's a lot of shitposting on 8ch as a whole and the bastions of free speech suffer on the net these days.

They posted it first to /r/FULLCOMMUNISM. It got more upvotes there, but the comments are mostly all on our side, lol.

Spend 5 minutes on this board.

Most people here are communist, no here agrees on anything, some people like marxist-leninist leaders and we have some eastern euro posters I am one.
Lurk moar.

Centrists as in capitalists?
Stalin was bad.
I haven't lived in those state capitalist countries that were in no way socialist, no.


All the more reason to stuff your cock down their throat and shut them up :^)


Thanks for the info and not ridiculing and/or resorting to kneejerk personal attacks. Been a lurker on Holla Forums for years now. Have a far left friend whom I often debate with. He's made a lot of good points and so have I. Started lurking here more often. I believe that many of you guys are good hearted and want the best for society… But I also see a lot of loons (this is seen on the right as well) but can't help but think that both sides are being played. When I mentioned centrists, I did not mean capitalism per se, rather that we have no pure capitalism anywhere in the world - it's rather crony capitalism. Seen a lot of violence and combat in my life without being an enlisted soldier. Always found things to look great on black and white but fail miserably in reality. That's my point of contention but i'd rather not start a debate and derail this thread. It just seems that no matter who is voted in, left or right, the same people get the same laws/agendas/movements pushed and I was wondering if the left still had people who thought about things from a pragmatic and diplomatic viewpoint that is not based on emotions, etc.

Thank you very much for the answers and the warm welcome.

Thanks user.

Good. More publicity.

Thats a mightly long dong, jesus.

That's just capitalism user.

The left hasn't gotten in power anywhere in decades. The right/liberals have stayed in power for a long time and will continue to push the same shit.

sounds like pure ideology to me but unlike Holla Forums this is strictly a reals>feels board.

whoa, okay. I assumed the dems were with you guys? Didn't you all support mr. no refunds, gore and shillary? If not, this is news to me and i'm genuinely interested. You see, if you had asked me 20 years ago, I would have said i'm a leftist. If you were to ask me today, I would say right. I cannot tell the difference anymore. All i see is conservative values being destroyed in the bid for greed, dilution of culture, society and hedonism being the end game for all. Morality, virtue, honesty and credibility has lost all meaning and I feel I could learn from you if you were to elaborate.

This is a leftist board. People here hate liberals more than they hate fascists.
Some here 'supported' sanders because 'muh overton window' but now everyone dislikes him because he's a zionist shill. No one here supported Shillary, see

Liberalism has dominated the politics of the west for decades and has complete ideological hegemony. The choice offered is between nationalist bankers and globalist bankers, capitalists who hate niggers and capitalists who love niggers.
The destruction of genuine culture, family/social bonds and virtue is the inevitable consequence of capitalism's drive to atomise society into isolated consumers and further alienate workers. Everything has to be commodified and profited from.

We oppose the perpetuation of the cycle of capital accumulation through the elimination of private property (productive capital) ownership and the state. Apart from there are some fifty odd tendencies on here which disagree on how this is to be achieved.

I am totally unashamed of this starter pack.

Oh my soul! I had no idea you guys were this red-pilled. I always just assumed you were tumblrites. Your post has made my day. I wish I could speak to more people like you. If you don't mind… Would you mind explaining the difference between a leftist and a liberal? And the general board.

The way I have always seen it is as this.

This makes complete sense… But are you guys aware of the 🍀🍀🍀elite🍀🍀🍀 or do you protect them? Have you noticed a pattern in which social justice (Sorry for adding a new argument) does more damage to stability and organisation in a country? I only ask because it seems that ideology trumps efficiency in the left's viewpoint - at least from my personal real life experience.. But upon browsing the board, many of you seem to align more with what the "right wing" is saying than most shitposters on Holla Forums which is why i've started lurking more.

How the fuck do you come to this conclusion when you obviously didn't even bother to lurk here for two minutes
It's like Cristoforo Colombo discovering America and his first comment was

People on leftypol hate liberals more than anything else, because they support cosmetic changes to a fundamentally rotten system. Same reason we oppose identity politics, or idpol for short. It's all about the economic and structural ordering of society here. Anything that distracts from that, be it left idpol (what you know as SJW), or right idpol (varieties of racism, other spooks).

As to the current elite, they get the guillotine, few people here would disagree on this. It doesn't matter what religion or ethnicity they are.



Makes sense. Thanks user. Appreciate the feedback. I would hazard a guess and then say that you guys do not relate to what MSM calls "the left".

This is what we refer to as 'commodification of culture'. Nothing is safe from this, it's why you can buy Che t-shirts or ushankas with hammers & sickles on them. Capitalism is an impersonal force that'll degrade anything to make a profit.

That's what we call liberals

Hell yeah we're aware. There's a pretty good chance that SJW shit has been pushed by alphabet soup (FBI, CIA and so on) to distract from actual economic issues. The whole SJW shit flared up around Occupy Wall Street. Someone probably has a few infographs.

We view nazis and liberals as two sides of the same coin, fascism is just what capitalists resort to when the workers' movements become too worrying and have to be brutally suppressed.

We are aware of the Hibernian conspiracy and actively oppose irish plans for world domination.
seriously we don't care about jews, only about capitalists. jewish capitalists get bullets, jewish workers are fine.

Social justice was literally pioneered by COINTELPRO to undermine the worker's movement. We oppose identity politics from liberals and nazis, focusing on economic issues instead.

The right is for more focused on complaining about tranny bathrooms and niggers, while starting foreign wars for israel and selling the country off to corporate interests. We oppose all this.

I (Russian) grew up in Chechnya during the late 80ies early 90ies.
My childhood was not a fun one. I had to reload weapons, while my parents fend off US-backed """""freedom""""" fighters one time.
Also we had no food during the 90ies. Later in Germany my son brought me a school book, where a 12 year old me was waiting in line for bread. Only that the subtitles incorrectly stated that this was during the Soviet Union and due to communist inefficiency. But it was actually 90ies Russia, because when I was 12, there was no Soviet Union.

I always knew you commies are sabotaging our education books

We're closer to this 'alt-left' trope if anything. Most people here would like to see capitalism as a whole go along with the spectacular identity politics. Many people on the 'alt-left' are social democrats just like many people on the alt-right are national conservatives.

Regarding what says, pic related is an infograph.

second pic related

I've always seen Che as a mass murderer and yet he is celebrated by leftists who support a capitalist system by buying those very t-shirts. I don't blame the people selling those t-shirts, but rather those supporting the business.

News to me and thank you for the ramifications.

Had no idea user, thanks for the info. I always thought of you all as antifa moldylocks tier people. Had no idea you guys were this red-pilled. It's actually a tragedy because all of you that are responding represented what Holla Forums used to be back in 2008.

The only problem with socialism is that you dillute the middle class, the rich become richer, the poor get children. The rich pull out of the country and the entire country becomes poorer because those who kept the economy running have disappeared. Rhodesia is a good example of this. (ignore the social justice arguments, Mugabe genocided the Matabeles and that's a fact that no "left" wing media outlet will admit.)

I'd hazard a guess and note that USSR never died, only that the perestroika deception grew bigger and went underground to represent the right. I may be wrong, but why continue to support the enemy of your childhood? I came from a country that saw the entire "revolution". 25 years later and they are still blaming "white capitalism" for their failures.

Islamic terrorists?

Socialism does not mean taxes and big government. There's no such thing as the middle class and we advocate for a worldwide revolution to eliminate the bourgeoisie in its entirety.

What the fuck are you going on about, it's like you don't know about Nazi

I don't know who the enemy of your childhood was, for me, it was Commie Africans. Do not reply if you have not seen what they did to their own people on the ground. I have seen first hand how they raped and murdered their very own people if anyone dared to disagree with them.

Why did you kill Gregor?


Nazis were anti-worker and pro-capitalist.

Don't do this. We are TruLeft


But don't you see how you become the very bourgeoisie by being the literal upper class. You have internet for fuck's sake. Do you not see how the lesser class would and will turn on you despite the fact that you are fighting for them? The entire system looks great on paper, but in reality it never works unless you were a member of the upper class before the said revolution. I have included a video which is not related to your argument but it will help you understand the double standards I have trouble with in understanding your guys' movement. It just seems like there is a huge movement to create a problem when the problem does not require the attention it gets. Instead, it just makes things worth.


The terms "left-wing" and "right-wing" in politics are different from what a lot of people think, in the US most Democrats and Republicans are both right-wing, the R's are just farther right- when the Republicans are in power the big corporations win and the workers lose, and when the Democrats are in power the corporations just win slightly less.
The terms originated from the French revolution, the revolutionaries were the original "left-wing" while the monarchists were "right-wing", in other words the left is about giving control of society to the people while the right is about keeping it in the hands of a small ruling class.

Holla Forums obsesses over things like race and religion the same way SJWs do, we're concerned primarily with economic issues. When some Wall Street fatcat gets rich off of other people's work, it doesn't matter if he's white or black or Jewish or Asian or whatever, and the same goes for all the people who are getting exploited by those fatcats. You could replace all the non-white bankers and wealthy land owners with white ones like Holla Forums wants to do but that wouldn't improve anything for the average worker.

Isn't Africa full of warlords though?
If it was the LRA instead, would you start hating Christians? Because I find it hard to believe.
Also don't reply if you have not seen what Islamic terrorists or Russian mafia do to their own people. Silly attempt to win an argument.

Literally SEETHING


Thyssen, Krupp, Siemens

Don't forget IBM, Volkswagen, Hugo Boss

That makes complete sense and i'll think it over for the next few days. Thank you.

You can go fuck yourself. I have lived it. Have you ever felt a dead body in your hands? Have you touched a dead person? Have you experienced the horrors brought upon a nation? I don't care what you believe or who you vote for. Have you actually fucking experience death at first hand you fucking faggot? You are trying to argue on the internet yet you protrude a manner of inexperience. Have you seen your own friend's face blown off? Have you held somebody as he died in your arms due to the fact that their was a political movement and you were ordered to hold against it? Fuckers like you have no fucking idea what is real and you sit in your armchairs talking shit. I tell you now, as real as things are, they will manifest in Europe and the USA. Those who understand this post will be able to relate instead of LARPING. You will cry like a fucking baby when you see the real truth you fucking wannabe. I don't wish this on my worst enemies. Think twice the next time you post a bunch of shit unless you're a fucking nigger with no soul and no conscious that was happy to burn, kill and destroy all innocence in a bid to move your ideology forward.


The bourgeoisie are the owners of capital whereas the workers are those who own no capital and must sell their labour to survive.
Class is not a matter of income, but a matter of one's relation to the means of production, of ownership.
We intend to exterminate the entire capitalist class and thus eliminate the class distinction all together while giving people ownership of their lives and labour in full.

I drink South Rhodesian tears everyday.

Soviet union was fucked police state, but saying that CCCP, or any other communist/anarchist movement didn't improved living conditions of workers is just ignorant bourgeois propaganda.

And in doing so, remove all class so we can all be the same and give everything to the state?

Nelson Mandela's coffin had holes drilled into it. This was so that the worms could puke. We wuz kangz and shit. Go fuck yourself you worthless fucking nigger. I feel sorry for all the black and proud gentleman who served Rhodesia for God and Country. You are a disgrace to all black people. There are mighty fine Africans who served with the best of the best. You're just another fucking nigger with a gibsmedat attitude and understand nothing about politics based on the flag you fly. You resent hitler, yet praise mugabe. the murdered of all matabeles. A genocide ignored. I love how you like to pick and choose facts. Look up EO stupid.

Yes, and yet you have internet and free speech. Thank you gommies.


isn't that the same question?

unfortunately yes

Have you actually fucking experience death at first hand you fucking faggot?
Edgy, spent my childhood in Chechnya, when the entire Caucasus was up in flames. Do I have to spell it to you? CIVIL WAR

ahahaha man I wish

Actually a friend of mine was kidnapped. She was released with 3 fingers cut off, because her parents couldn't collect 3 Million dollars within a week (which was actually 5 days). One finger for one million.

As a matter of fact, I think you are LARPing. You don't sound shellshocked to me at all, because I actually try to forget that shit, while you not only bring it up so easily for cheap shocking effects, but also cuss like a 13 year old LoL player.





is for you

including those of the black rhodesians? and those slaughtered by mugabe once he took power?

nigga what? It would just mean that everyone own what they produce and lives off their own work. Ownership in the hands of the workers.
We oppose the state. We want to abolish it entirely.


Why do you think I would like about it. Brother I am fucking breaking down. I don't know how to deal. all I see on the internet are niggers and shitposters. I have no shame left. I have so much guilt for the things I have done. I have found so many fakers. If you say what say is true then you can understand the hole in my life. You can understand the emptiness and animism that has overtaken your life. I experienced it and I live in a commie country that pretends to be a fucking democracy. I get angry and I work closely to those who are still currenly involved in OA's. I live 20km from a constant warzone and you mock me. I have levelled the blood and guts, I have measured my actions and tried to remain sane despite my best friend who remained dying from OD's, hijackings, murders and TI's which you would all prefer to ignore.


Please travel.

wew lad

t. brainlet who lives in a capitalist failed state

lurk moar

Bit rude laf



scurry back to Holla Forums, roach.

No, I live in a nigger controlled stare. A Holla Forums utopia. It's always an excuse for you people. Let's blame captalism for scientifc and objectional proof that there is an inability to quantify mass rape, murder and poverty. I would love to know where you are posting from and I would bet you that 99% of the time, people such as yourself are living in a first world country. Have you come across your mother who was dead? Have you dealed with your own sister being raped by two policemen? Have had your family friend's pregnant mother stabbed in the vagina by a broken beer bottle in the name of the revolution? You are a fucking dumbass that hides behind a keyboard or mask not understanding the ramifications of what the left has accomplished in its lifetime. You know comfort and fight for uncomfort for all. I pity you because all the academia you've pursued means nothing in practice.

cops should have raped and killed you for being such a dumb faggot tbh fam

the comments on that thread are the real cringe

Make a coherent argument or stay mad. The choice is yours.


When everyone is laughing at you, the situation is excellent.

edgy as fuck lad. mocking my personal horrors. I cannot respond to your lack of respect or humanity. More proof that you are just as right wing as those I seek to get answers from.

Prove me wrong instead of monitoring the clear evidences. Shall I start posting the gore I have dealt with on a daily basis for years or would you be willing to construct a valid argument in defense of this board? Most people here responded to me in a humane and respectable manner and yet creatures such as yourself think you know what is right. I would prefer those with experiential knowledge to comment instead of answering to weaklings such as yourself.

So the nazis were socialists all along!

Cops should have gone for a total family kill tbh fam, extra points and no big loss.

They did pioneer a lot of socialist concepts.

You live in some capitalist shithole and complain about gore. What the fuck does that have to do with us or leftism?

what is your argument against the board?

is this guy some gay retard descended from white colonists in Africa? nobody feels sorry for you faggot.

The most they did was temporarily remove usury and fuse Fordism and social-democratic economic planning.

Well, for the purposes of having shock images it would be neat if you did start posting somewhere (though not on this board).

Post the gore but spoiler it. There's a serious lack of good shock images floating around imageboards nowadays.

Not at all. Look at the reasons behind it. Why do you always resort to shortman arguments? You wish to know why Holla Forums makes fun of you? it's because you always make limited, shortsighted and subjective arguments. Let's say you have A and B. If A does wrong, it does not make B right. A and B both do wrong. Sometimes B does more wrong than A but it doesn't mean that A or B is better than one or the other because both are wrong. Why side with eirther?

God doesn't sleep. Mock as you wish.

Wait until it happens to you faggot. You are the personification of antifa. Wait until it happens to you. Just you fucking wait. You have no idea about the words and the power of your words. You speak as if you understand. Wait until you are screaming. It's not if, but when. It will most certainly happen to you.

If you followed my conversation, I started it as maturely as possible. I was arguing my personal experiences, knowledge and understandings and asking for advice as I had lost hope for both sides. Instead I was reminded by my past as to things that elated from left wing politics. You see, I have been through a lot of trauma and I believe that Holla Forums is oblivious to it based on lurking here. Some people are extremely disconnected from reality…. I was merely trying to find a balance between Holla Forums and Holla Forums in a sane manner. It has obviously failes.

Stay cucked cockroach 2.0.

You say yes and no in the same sentence? Are you suffering from anything? The ID above me. I cannot wait for him to begin experience the same shit as I do on a daily basis. I have seen enough dead people to last a lifetime. How are you fags going to deal with it when it hits your shores?

Oh no, not le day of le rope!

Hahahaha fagget!
Go kill yourself or suck a black cock.

First they ignore you, then they mock you…

Post a zip file.

Really made me think.

They did come up with socialized car buying. Socialized holidays. Social justice and anti smoking. The government set prices and controlled essential goods like medicine and the state had many of the rights of ownership of the means of production like it would in Communism.

But then some bullies in Poland started to cause trouble and it all went wrong.

You still haven't said how any of this is to do with or derived from leftism. You're not going to shock anyone here so you might as well leave or make an argument.

imagine sucking so much capitalist cock you become this retarded

why… do you continue to mock me when I have explicitly told you that I am not right wing? Why? Are you even being serious? Why do you make light of serious and real trauma many of us have been through? Do you have empathy? Are you 12? I hope my words will stay with you user… You like to joke about these things, about others trauma, experiences and you think it is funny. I feel sorry for you at this stage.


Post gore pics of your dead family please.

Bitch please. Hitler did not make excuses for what he did. You are pathetic and a cuck. At least admit that annihilation of Jews and Lebensraum for the master race is what you want. Call yourself a fascist and yet snivellingly deny your heritage.

Drink a whole bunch of bleach. I've probably read more about fascism than you have

I don't care that you're not right wing, I don't care that you're not left wing. Nobody should care about you. I don't care about you beyond laughing at you now.

This is an anonymous imageboard. If you're looking for sympathy for you struggles, I suggest maybe Reddit or Tumblr. You've also deflected questions and gone "W-WELL PROVE ME WRONG, HAH!", meaning nobody should give a shit even about what you have to say until you can substantiate your claims. Until then, I suggest you go outside. The baton is waiting for you.

Very well. Allow me to post leftygore.

the kaffir. his head is dumb as rock, full of dust. unable to move forward in technology, he relied on the white man to push his propoganda as he posts from a computer designed by a white man. he writes a language, derived from the white man and gets by on an infrastructure built by the white man. He never has any arguments except the pointing of fingers. He has an inability to sculpt a civilisation for himself. He has done literally nothing for the whole of society but yet the entire world laughs and ridicules at the poor nigger that has come from the tribe of ham. fairytales do nothing to curb their violent nature and all they know is cavemen like habits. Name one inventions from africans and you would be considered bill nye despite reality telling you otherwise. The nigger has done literally nothing to improve society. Pastor Anderson is a white man compared to his ilk and it is only have commiserations for the few such as himself and Tommy Sotomayor. feel sorry for Jamal, born into his skin and having the full illumination of his existence come to reality, only to see his own kind destroy anything and eveything that comes into it's way.

Stay mad kaffir. You will always be one. I will die with a black Ndebele before I die with any of you lying scum. You kill your very own tribes, you kill your own people, you kill and destroy everything that comes your way. When people like Mdusame rises up, you destroy them as well. You are worse than cock roaches and I will side with any black african tribe other than yours. Go fuck yourself kaffir.

How in the hell can you be so spooked as to believe alunya is sexualized? Especially when you post porn yourself. I don't object to that or even honestly care, but that's some top-tier projection.

webm related


And I can recite the poem you tell to all your nigger babies as you wave them over the fire. You think all Europeans are stupid because you post on this board. You think wrong. There are lots of old school guys that still lurk this place and know your real intentions. Uhmshini Wami, i'll do you first you dumb kaffir.;

Posting a white man as a reaction, more proof of how pathetic you are. I will shoot more of you. You are the reason so many kaffirs have died. You are pathetic due to arrogance and will cause the death of many more.

If you're so white, how come you post like a dumb nigger?


This is getting esoteric.

why don't you make a fucking argument that doesn't rely on emotion for once you blithering retard. You haven't defined socialism at all, you just make some autistic hand-waving gesture. Secondly, you haven't read any of the literature related to this board, but you feel the need to post your "objectively" correct opinions like the ignorant retard you are.


Holy shit, i've kicked the hornet's nest. I would love vegan number 381 to please explain the glorious success of Africa instead of arguing about emoitions. The mere reason I argue emotions is because the left destroyed critical thinking in the first place and emotions were forced to be used as a retort. I would love to know where you live? I'm sure you're quite well off and live in as 95% white neighbourhood. Slow Clap. You must be proud of yourself. If you actually followed the entire conversation you may have understood. This is why you are all such pathetic failures.

All of these anons seem to be oldfags that can converse in a humane and normal manner.

like, Africans build pyramids n shieet :^)

Also, the Bantus know iron metallurgy since 2500 years, they used to trade with India and China before Europeans and Arabs came in and destroyed their civilisation, their family structure, put entire peoples in slavery, and now that everything is destroyed but some archaeological sites, Holla Forumstards believe the niggers dindu nuffin.

This is so funny I'm going to screencap it for future generations.

hahaha, he thinks the left is controlling his posting and he's not the sole person responsible for being such a fag.


Mock as you wish. May you see the objective Truth within 5 years come to fruition. I estimate 5 years. Screencap this, wait 5 years and let us talk again. I await an apology. The Truth does not fear investigation.

you're doing it wrong faget

Nonsense; Marx himself extensively critiqued classical liberal assumptions and leftists today must face neoliberal ideology, the latter of which you have been misled to believe is leftism. You say that you are not right wing and yet you are spouting the very propaganda which rightists (particularly the faux-contrarian breed which may be reached within a few clicks from this very board) are spouting.

Unironically read a book or the hornets will continue to laugh at you.

cultural marxism destroys all critical thinking.

I'm sorry you either autistic or a schizoid

I thought cultural marxism paid the police to use niggers to kill your family?

You are correct. So why do you kick a dog when it's down? I'm trying to make that very point so that you do not follow the same road.

So the smallpox shitposter wasn't only from reddit but also a literal african negro; really puts things on perspective.

And it was not the police that did so, it was the government that called for it. The police are simply inable to keep the law. They merely allow things to happen.

I'm not a negro. Nor a racist. But laugh while you can. It will never happen in your lifetime, right?


Cultural Marxism doesn't exist, it's literally propaganda by Nazi Germany.

But user, you don't understand! Cultural Marxist infiltrators shot his family with niggers!

It's less than 7" and looks big because of the angle.

Have you lost a person you loved? I was trying to make an argument in a humble and humane manner but yet you mock the trauma I have gone through? Where is your humanity? Can you understand why the right and the conservatives are so much more powerful? People such as yourself push us to that because of your hurtful narratives. I can guarantee you would not have said it, had you been there.

You don't get it, North Korean Jews asked Mugabe to genocide white people. It's as simple as that.

Nevar forged :DDD

You have not made a single argument. You've just aggressively shitposted about niggers murdering people and how traumatised you are. We don't give a fuck about your emotions.
Talk about economic policy or gtfo.

Where do you live? You're watching an e-celeb living in a first world country. Rhodesia is your blueprint user. Watch Smith. Bolsheviks were jews. Stop listening to youtube and read the protocols of the elders of zion. Read the boring document in its entirety and debate me. Sticks and stones, words mean fuck all. Just look at the actions. PLEASE. JUST LOOK AT THE ACTIONS. Why is it so hard for you guys to notice the actual evidence? You're not that fucking stupid. I know you're not!

Rhodesia. There.

What about it you dumb nigger-faggot?

Prove to me how Zimbabwe is a better country. Prove it you fucking commie faggot. Prove to me how the Ndebele's were not genocided in the thousands. Prove to me how the bread basket of Africa is better off now. Prove to me how bad Smith was. My barman is a Zimbwabwean. Book a ticket now and let him tell you the story of the majority. Why don't you go live in North Korea beause according to Mugz, it's better than Zim itself. Go live there if you wish to want that life so badly. You guys have no fucking idea about anything you speak about.

And I even have massive distrust for Zionists and laugh at Jewish spooks.

better than what and why would I do that?

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion has been written by Congolese communists, Mugabe is actually an Ashkenazim Hungarian.

Were you there?

Wrong image; this is the right one.

Even Reddit tankies can argue against this. Search for "Sankara".

Your family is waiting, user. It's time to leave this world to the next.

I love you kikes. No really, you bring so much entertainment. Does the 20,000 = six gorillion joos as well?

A religion of peace. A peace over here, and a peace over there. So much for the tolerant left.

So let me try my best to recap:
>SA, in spite of previously being given an explanation of the difference between liberals and leftists, still thinks we're liberals

Someone please archive this shit

A piece of your sister splattered on that nigger cop dick!

God have mercy on us all.

I came to this board thinking there would be realists. But all I found were ideologists and fanatics. This is why the left will die. Not because they are fanatical or ideological, but rather because they lack empathy

Some centrist. By the way: you're on a board populated by people who, if given the opportunity, would raze Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Some Zionist conspiracy!

Already on it, fam. I'm archiving the thread as it goes, downloading the HTML, and preparing a picture for when it's all over.


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Not here to spoonfeed you. May God have mercy on you.You think you have seen it all. Keep on laughing.


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Know thyself

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True. Nazi Germany invented social justice. Which is the spearhead of social marxism.

At least Mugabe didn't kill your butthurt.

Firstly, that image solely destroys your point about 'Jewish Bolshevism'. Secondly, you're now using neoprogressive-tier logic; your anecdotes are nothing next to actual analysis while personal experience is largely irrelevant and often heavily-biased in favour of certain narratives. Post gore or go back to Holla Forums.

I'm going to sperg out using glorious red text because you're all idiots and I don't want to listen to you

Do you know how much gore some of us have got used to? Do you constantly see your ideology being vainly shat on and reformed by liberals who know nothing about it? We can play the empathy card too.

nice shitpost /liberty/

You got melodramatic and turned into a lolcow, blame yourself

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Gotta admit, this is some quality autistic screeching.

Give me a burner address. I will mail you. We laugh every time a European nation gets attacked by terrorists. We feel sorry for you, but at the same time we look and laugh becuase the majority of you are all traitors to Rhodesia and South Africa. You guys are such a bunch of cucks. You lack real men and you gladly let your women get raped and murdered. When I complain on Holla Forums they mock and laugh becuase that is what they want. When I do so on Holla Forums they work to solve problems or offer condolences. Not that it was ever the intention to seek condolences, it shows the level of humanity left and it proves how depraved the left really is. I cannot understand how you hate Trump and yet revel in the violence and fun occuring around the world. You're a fucking joke. .

It's the same thing in muslim tradition so I'll let you decide.

Nice try, a man of great words. Thanks for the reminder. I don't see how you've added value aside from ridicule and yet nobody has actually answered me. Except for the first few who responded.

As for gore? No, I don't know and I don't want more. And it just seems that the libs want that? I have no bloodlust. I'm sick of living this life full of death. Most of you guys don't know that. But i'm playing open cards and you are not.


Thanks to the anons who previously responded to my questions.

Nigger we're trying to explain to you how Socialism isn't weaponized niggers, yet you still insist that this is the case. I admit that I don't live in Eastern Europe but holy hell from the perspective of someone who supports Capitalism, there's a disturbing number of people in the post Eastern Bloc countries that are advocate for some sort of leftist system. There is also a disturbingly large number of leftists, especially on this board, that are staunch Anti-Zionists. With this I ask: what have you got to say in spite of your claims?

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This fag is fake rhodesiafag. Ignore him.

I'm not arguing with you on that point. I'm reciprocating the hate that I am receiving by those who are mocking the experiences of trauma when you come home to finding your loved ones dead. I never once argued that socialism couldn't work. I simply pointed out how communism has ruined so much and guised itself as socalists. But this was not respected and so the mockery began. I completely see your point.


Apartheid was a mistake.
Colonization was also a mistake.

The user you're replying to is the biggest mistake of all, and we should be thankful that niggers have erased half of the mistake.

But you haven't done this. You've just been having a temper tantrum about mean people on the internet. If you want actually make a coherent argument go right ahead.

Coming from someone who projects our truthfulness onto themselves, this accusation is absurdly funny. Maybe we should just revive wage labour so that we may keep you as a jester for the revolution.

I fucking love Holla Forums

I don't disagree with you. But i'm shocked at how heartless you bastards are. Foday Sanko echoes some of the posters words and as a lurker trying to breach Holla Forums for the first time, it's made me realise that Holla Forums is a lot better suited than fundamentalist who spout propoganda.

My apologies for not being able to reciprocate my experiences in full. My first post started off as an honest question and had nothing to do with what the conversation has lead to.

I have no words for you. I doubt you're a real commie.

Sit on the fence why don't you.

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You think anybody is making anymore Alunya lewds? Shit's rare.

Dude, look, just chill out, take a step back, and try to avoid topics involving race. There's a lot of good threads here that you can learn things from about other more important things. You don't have to be 100% on board to participate and become more leftist. Join the nazbol gang in the meantime.

What's the nazbol gang? Why avoid topics which are relevent. The truth does not hide. I may not be popular in the opinions made but it does not deny what really happened. Thank you for you response regardless but I think i've learnt enough about this board.

this is coldsteel-tier

nazbol gang is a meme. It basically embracing socialist ideas without dropping "we need to genocide niggas and shit". You don't need to love people of other skin colors in order to be "proper" socialist, you just need to realize that people of other skin colors are as shitty as we are.

Thanks user. I can agree to that but all of the above is the reason the far right is growing. I wish you the very best in life and I hope good things come your way. Few people realise the reality and they shitpost from ivory towers. When things get real they either have enough money to escape the terrors or stay and fight for the very people they oppose. I appreciate your kindness nonetheless and thank you for the post.

Because not every topic has equal weight. If you look at the proximate cause for why most people's lives are miserable, even assuming for the sake of argument racial inferiority of some groups, you'll still have to conclude it's the economic ordering of society and human relations.

Once we have all that sorted out, the base of our society, you might find that the race thing really wasn't that big of a deal even if true. Maybe it's a bit of a leap of faith, but it seems worth taking.

Communists are supposed to have empathy now? The whole basis of communism is material rather than empathetic. Your expectations are extremely amusing.

I can give you empathy if I feel like it; you're lucky that I have some that's built up over the last few days.

I mean if we're talking empathy, most communists want to help the poor and needy and want the working class to stop being exploited

pure revisionism

You all need to go to the gas chambers

Get yer hot fresh web archive! Image coming soon.

leftcoms btfo


Its anons, how the fuck are you supposed to connect any particular articulation of an opinion to any other articulation of an opinion.

Any suggestions?

you forgot the part where it says you were banned for ableism.
4 of my alts have been banned for ableism. Nothing else, just fucking ableism.

if you don't understand that the subject/object dichotomy is hardwired into human cognition, that's your problem

To be fair, India looks a lot like Reddit.

I agree.

this thread looks like shit but i just want to say r/COMPLETEANARCHY is the only tolerable left subreddit
(it's only for shitposting)

that's all

nobody is going to read all this shit

Fucking redditors ruining the posting quality.


Hitler doesn't post here, AFAIK.

Good luck doing that without resorting ableism/sexism/etc.

ya dum dums.

Sankara wasn't an ML and most people don't think of him when they think of Communism in Africa. They think of Derg Ethiopia or Zimbabwe.

Could have contained your autism a bit. If someone is this emotionally unstable you could have acted a little bit more comforting instead of "I'm glad niggers killed your family".

I know, that's what I'm saying. I didn't actually reply to him.

the spooks meme is annoying in lebbit as well.
also, op is hawt.



Well duh, it's pixels of a fucking 2D character.

Mugabe was a maoist post-colonial retard and probably the least Marxist leader Africa ever had.
Sankara was very very ML. The Derg wasn't amazing but it was the richest ethiopia had ever been.

People don't usually mention the Republic of Congo (Formely People's Republic) which also has much higher living standards than its neighbors, despite being much less mineral rich. It has a GDP(PPP) per capita very close to Morroco.

This is a new level of retarded.

Post-Derg Ethiopia is also M-L. They just changed the name from "Marxism-Leninism" to "Revolutionary Democracy"

He obviously wasn't a Fascist, since he was essentially saying "I didn't know Holla Forums was so redpilled. wtf I love Holla Forums now" at the beginning. Then he had a breakdown and starting bitching about ML states in Africa and his personal shit. It's possible he was trolling, but I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that a traumatized South African would come on here and sperg out. With that being the case, it'd probably be the best if people didn't act like edgelords in case he was actually being genuine, or if he was just trolling but lurkers thought he was genuine and just saw anons shitposting.

aren't they hoxhaist?

Ethopia is actually doing very well economically atm, it looks like they are trying to copy China's model of development.

Thomas Sankara was a real one. No wonder the French had him killed after he and his bloodless coup ousted their neo-colonialist one man minstrel show who ensured them free gibs me dats in exchange for crumbs for him and his inner circle. He showed Africa that socialism could save the continent from perpetual third world poverty.

It's the same with Ghana, Nigeria and Angola. The only problem is that they're choosing to play chess on the western chessboard of capitalism.

It's literally two guys pushing it; three if you include the one who occasionally posts with the YPG flag. It's almost as bad as the Bordiga pushing, save having SLIGHTLY less unironically cringey OC and actually pushing for a revolutionary program that doesn't amount to being the manifestation of almost every horrible stereotype about the Communist movement pushed over the last 100+ years.

Ethiopia has seen some 10% growth rate consistently for the last ten years, whereas the countries you just listed have fallen to some 3%.

Read a book you spooked retard.łsudski's_colonels

fuck off back to Holla Forums


he's right tho

Hoxhaism is a form of Marxism-Leninism.

they fucking banned a dude for a week because he said he liked Bat'ko. lollll

Does anyone post on /r/ChapoTrapHouse/?

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Really fire up those neurons.

Since when has reddit started using porky? I thought they hated us? What happend?

By its very design, reddit leeches of other places's OC.
They may despise us, but it was either adopting chan memes or coming with some themselves.

I have more empathy than you'll ever know, and the more humanity pisses me off, the more I love humanity and want nothing but the best for it. Not all of us are fatalistic and negative nihilists.

Need I remind you that it is an anonymous imageboard? If someone wants to tell their personal sob story for le internet points, they deserve everything they get.

Apologize for Rosa.


I fucking hate this board

this cancer must be destroyed


there are only a few bad thing about the pic, and those are the thing that don't apply to me (what a coincidence:^)

the bad things are

they even have pepe in this, this is your brain on idpol

Even Holla Forums strawmans us better than this, I seldom see this shit on the front page other than the odd post recommending Bookchin.

You act like he didn't spout Holla Forums tier bullshit like blaming the evil jew cultural marxism.