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Kissable Romulan

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Reminder SPIC2 is geezer approved because of the correct memberberries

Picard S02 opener "The Star Gazer" hits it out of the park. Another triumph for New Trek!

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>>164643491fuck off Judy

>>164643458That was gross. Does his dick even still work?

"Ahhh -- save me Riker!"

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>Patrick Stewart wants the captain to get laid again

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>>164643459>because of the correct memberberriesHow is that a wrong thing? Why would the writers be allowed to make mistakes with established lore. Isn't that what the Kelvin timeline is for?

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"sHE's ASSimiLateD 75% oF tHe SHiP"God these writers are so retarded.

>>164643545His robo dick is like a year old

>>164643602because shows should move onrecycling old shit in non parodyis pure pandering and you are being manipulated as a little bitch and yelling "SINCERE"

Verdict:Lore gets betterWriting is still shit

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>>164643416If Q was out of touch with Picard since TNG couldn't he have worn the Starfleet uniform and then changed to a black suit?

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>>164643693>Lore gets betterGeezers are give in like little bitchesfinally

>>164643669Picard is a labour of love. Just like Lower Decks. If you hate Picard you hate Lower Decks.

>>164643725ge-ezers already in damage control

>>164643693What PS2 game is this?

>>164643459> Do new things> We hate that!> Do old things> We hate that too!!!

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>>164643693Not an Obena, even though it would have made sense for one to show up.No Parliament-class either, even though it’s just a newer, sleeker Nebula.The Dauntless-class also should have been there.

>>164643750no sincerity

Just stated Picard season 2. The first scene is so fucking unpleasant to watch. I don't know what's wrong with having a stable camera and normal audio for shit. The new intro animation is good though. I feel like the song changed, though, and not in a good way from S1.

>>164643775I told you to kys alread ship fag/tv/ is not the place to discuss 3d models

God I hate Picard's nigger dogs

>>164643750>Do new thingsAs long as it fit with when we last saw Picard in Nemesis then it's okay.>Do old thingsSame as above. It's a juggling act that new writers struggle to deal with.

And yes you'll all be getting my live thoughts on PicardI am not sorry

>>164643693"strange Nebula-class" = Sutherland Class"STO Galaxy variant" = Ross Class

>>164643786Ge-e-zers being filtered by 60fpstoo much motion to their shitty eyes

>>164643806Touch grass, Judy. You camp here 15 hours a day.

>L'chaimIs Picard a Joo now?

>>164643828dick shapped class = inside ggeezer rectum yes

How did the Romulan bitch's husband die again?

>>164643850still better than ship fagswhat an useless hobby

Has everyone forgotten and just ignored that Picard is dead and he's a robot now? Why are people acting like this is Picard rather than an android with human memories?Besides, shouldn't he be shut down by Starfleet? Aren't robots still illegal?

>>164643885Shipfags are based.

>>164643885Just fuck off, Judy.

So 90 year old robot Picard wants to kiss his dead friend's young wife?

>>164643899dont think too much geeeezeerhave funtouch grass>>164643913fag shipfag cocksucker>>164643917make me, you are my bitch

>>164643899>Why are people acting like this is Picard rather than an android with human memories?You don't need to be human to be a human.

>>164643928Get a life.

>>164643923android malfunctionoh no

>>164643669It's the New Sincerity.

>>164643949>Get a life.said a tranny that compare star ships online and get excited by it>it is not obenaweeeeeee

>>164643960It's what Star Trek is rooted in, and is finally returning to.

>>164643943If I took your memories from you, I wouldn't be you.

>>164643960>>164643973it is the farthest from itbut at least this time they pandered to YOUyou are hypocriteit is the same old doomsday looming arc you hated yesterday

>>164643969>not ObenaThis is a good thing.

>>164643899Someone calls him a robot this episodeAlso the law against Synths was revoked at the end of last seasonSoji is a diplomat now who's spent the last year traveling representing Synths

>>164643973>NuTrek, not perfect, but sincere:

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>>164643923Yet again youtube.com/watch?v=9JsMtqTioOE

>>164643973At what point does the episode start to feel like Star Trek?

>>164644015geezers are giving inthe day has comeproven they are fucking hypocrites cocksuckers

>>164643923Laris wanted him to kiss her, not the other way aroundShe even mentions there's no mourning in Romulan culture, their way is to move on and find a new partner

Why is this show either too loud or too quiet? Is there no in between anymore?

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>>164644024when guinan explains something from 20 years agosqueeeeeeeeeeeeee


>>164643990Your memories are arguably your identity as they are what shape you. Without your memories you aren't really yourself.

>>164644000I've converted from Judyism to Geezlam. Salaam Alaikum and touch grass.

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"Star Trek at it's finest."New Trekkies, we won.

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UWU I TRIED TO FUCK YOU AND NOW IM LEAVING BECAUSE YOU SAID NOFuck you I fucking hate everyone on this showEspecially Elnor, god damn it please die

>>164644073>Your memories are arguably your identity as they are what shape you.that is why guinan and q memberberries feel so good my tranny dick never got so excited

>>164644095more like the STAR GEEZERimarite?

>>164644102Elnor is /trek/'s top lad.

Fuck I hate nu-Seven. They took a genuinely good character and not only raped her but now her actress acts like a fucking C-movie heroine from the 80s.Also why the fuck does Rios's hologram speak a foreign language and why isn't it translated by universal translators?

>>164644148fuck you geeeeeeezzzerrrr

>Ah yes I'm losing a fight let's turn of safety protocolsWhat a fucking dumb bitch One of the best characters became one of the worst

God this all feels like just modern generic science fiction which is pretty much indistinguishable from modern capeshit. How is this any different from Discovery or Another Life or Boba Fett?

>>164644169its fiction bitch, grow up

Ship fags are really losing it with all the ship classes to drool over.

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>>164644189It has Star Trek in the title.

So far this is as painful to watch as Discovery season 3 episode 1. Why can't Lower Decks come back yet?

>>164644148>Also why the fuck does Rios's hologram speak a foreign language and why isn't it translated by universal translators?I just headcanon stuff like that as there being a way to bypass universal translators. Like how there's all of the untranslated Klingon speak in Star Trek.

>>164644189what would you want?episodic boring shit to sell geritol?

I imagine Judy looking exactly like that Consoomer meme.

Why the fuck is every other bit of dialogue in a foreign language? What ever happened to universal translators?Also why is Agnes Jurati still so unpleasant to look at? Tilly is less unnerving.

>>164644222>I just headcanonkys faggotI am raping your gay ass in my headcanon right nowand you are liking

>>164644222>Like how there's all of the untranslated Klingon speak in Star Trek.Klingon shit I can understand since they're aliens. I can watch a million movies where there's people speaking French or whatever the fuck.

>>164644242>Why the fuck is every other bit of dialogue in a foreign language?this little detail is what geEezers are focusing on so much?

>>164644238Judy is a low class Estonian prostitute. She harasses /trek/ to distract herself from her horrible life.

Did they completely alter Soji's personality since last season? She's unrecognizable.Why is Rios back in Starfleet? Wasn't he traumatized for having to gas some robots?

>>164644293correct, still less pathetic than geeEzering

Why'd they abandon Narek (and not even give him an ending)? He was literally the only good character in the last season (save for Riker who is good anywhere). It's like how Discovery abandoned L'Rell, Pike, Sarek, nu-Mudd, and Ash Tyler. What do you have left? Dogshit, dogshiter, and dogshittest.


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>>164644335it is new sincerity for geesers

>>164644335So far the only good part is the music which I could just listen to on jewtube.

>>164644335Continuity is important.

>>164644357for fags

Why the fuck did they let Dickard back into Starfleet? He doesn't deserve to wear that uniform after abandoning his post because he thought robots had the right to kill all humans if they feel like it (a right he fought for to the death in the last season finale).Why the fuck is Raffi back? Didn't she drop out because Picard only kept her around as a diversity hire?

>>164644293His posts are probably some of the most putrid, most asinine incoherent rambling I’ve ever read. It’s like staring into the abyss of stupidity.

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>>164644299It's been over a year and Soji isn't being put through an existential crisis and trauma wringer on a daily basis nowRios' issues are behind him now that the person behind what happened him has been booted out of Starfleet, it was always clear he was a Starfleet liferLikewise Raffi taking a fall because of Picard is ancient history and her Romulan theories were proven true so she's back in the fold

>>164644326He was taken into Federation custody. They filmed the scene, but didn't put it into the Picard finale.

>>164644326>It's like how Discovery abandoned Pike!!!user, he got his own series. Did you miss that news?

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Raffi and Seven didn't even talk last season. Why are they tribbing now? And what's appealing about nu-Seven who is a Netflix tier female hero?And oh fuck please no more Elnor he's straight out of a high school fan film

>>164644335> !!!Now scream because there was a NCC 1701-D.

>>164644412>>164644386>>164644381kys, dont be a retarded

>>164644412Shut up, chud.

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>>164644412They held hands in Picard's season finale, so that means that they now love each other. It's actually quite similar to Lower Decks.


>>164644385I am your deepest thoughts you are wasting time with trek and should end this general

Did the Federation stop being xenophobic isolationists?

Not only was Picard s2e1 good, but look at how much cope it's already providing us from the haters. What a gift.


>>164644432based afberman is geeezer porn trash

>>164644462Never started

>>164644385His endgame is being such a low quality poster so that /trek/ dies. So keep posting in /trek/.

>>164644475Because NuTrek writers, be it Kurtzman or McMahan, are hacks. It’s about making a statement, not telling a good story.

This is the director of PIC S02E03 and S02E04. You had better say something nice about her.

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>>164644491my endgame is lampshade all trek discussion is already useless geezers wanking low quality but you are blind to it by sunk cost nostalgia

I’ve honestly never seen a show as fucking abysmal and insulting as Picard season 1. I will not be watching season 2.

>>164644557but there are lots of correct memberberries so you could get mesmerized like an idiot and squeee

>Help us, Picard, you're our only hopeSo, we now have Burnham and Picard which are inexplicably galactic heroes. At least they explained Sisko.Also OMG GUINAN SAID TEA EARL GREY HOT HAHAHAHHA ITS LIKE HOW THEY SAID TEA EARL GREY COLD EARLIER

>>164644475nu-Trek writers aren't good at building anything up.

>>164644599thiswake up geezerdont give in

>>164644513>>164644475Seven/Raffi is mostly inoffensive, and just there for brownie points. We’re getting Janeway and Chakotay, which I think is a fair trade-off.But what Lower Decks did is absolutely asinine and much more insulting. McMahan pulled a plot out of his ass, even though most of S2 was already written beforehand, so it feels jarring and out-of-place. And honestly feels more like the head writer’s whim than anything else.

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>You'll always be captain to meAww how sweet she doesnt think he deserved his promotion>>164644513What statement is it evenThat they can't write?

>>164644513>>164644631seethe geezerthe show was never for you

Guinan is Big Chungus

>>164644657hahaha Im NL now

>>164644599>Picard which are inexplicably galactic heroes>inexplicablyPicard has saved the Federation multiple times before Picard happens.

>>164644679there was nothing special about himhe was just close to the actionkys

Someone make a new discord for Star Trek lovers and haters


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>>164644630>We’re getting Janeway and Chakotay, which I think is a fair trade-off.That's not even stupid that's straight up gross.

>>164644741very passing

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>>164644698>there was nothing special about himHe was the captain of the flagship of the Federation. Every crew member on that ship is special.

omg ur final frontier is ur hart :X ;-; x.x ._. .-. :3

>>164644770Except for Barclay and Argyle.

>>164644770>muh space heroeshahah grow up out of fiction geezerit is just a gay show

>>164644758Is it now? Their relationship was teased all throughout Voyager and was derailed at the last minute.It’s nice that NuTrek finally will give them a happy ending, and in its best show too.

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gEeezer are likin Rambo piccard from the movies aas well

>>164644599Hmm let me think, why would Picard be important when the fucking Borg show up asking to join the Federation

>>164643693You mislabeled the top middle "Akira", it's the STO Reliant class.

>>164644814it is gross geEZeeer porn

A species that can fuck with space and time and shit trying to join the Federation is a cool plotline I'll admit

>>164644203Am the biggest shipfag there is and this ep basically made me go "Oh that Stargazer is ugly" and "Oh its nice to see STO designs."

>>164644837They’re not that old in Prodigy. Much better than Seven/Raffi or Picard and that Romulan milf.

>>164644822suck my NACELLE shapped DICKyou shipfag scum cocksucker bitch

>there's still people who fear the borgWhat fucking bigoted racistsI bet they just randomly decided to hate the borgThe borg were kicked out of 109 countries for no fault of their own

>>164644725I just did. If enough people are interested I'll open it up.

>>164644814I thought Janeway/Chakotay got spiked by Mulgrew because she thought it was cliche, and that Chakotay/Seven stuff got done in it's place

>>164644787Even Barclay was a genius, he just had self respect and communication problems.

>>164644878does not mattergay taylor hahahahah

>>164644878They also had zero chemistry.

>>164644385They should ban his entire IP range. It’s the only way to be sure.