>played Batman and barely bulked up

>played Batman and barely bulked up

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>>164640488He looks fine you idiotsYou realize 95% of the population is obese or skinnyfat?You really expected him to look like a mr Olympia champion?

that’s a 5 year old photo

>>164640488I mean, he doesn't have the right body type for Batman anyways. He has lean muscles, even if he would have bulked up he still would have looked smoll compared to Batfleck, who is an absolute unite of a man.Tldr: RP was a miscast.

>>164640557Super heroes are modern time equivalent to the gods and heroes from the past. You don't see statues of Zeus with a beer belly do you? They are supposed to have peak aesthetics.

>>164640576He's taller and heavier than most other guys that played Batman except for Affleck. He has a lean body, but he does not look weak or frail in the movie at all. The suit weighed like 60 pounds and you really get a feel for how heavy it is in the fight scenes etc. Some roid monster type of Batman like all the Marvel heroes wouldn't have fit the tone of the movie at all. It was focused on a serial killer case.

>>164640488>I spent 6 years bodybuilding and girls won't fuck me, but this guy does basic dumbells for 6 months and fucks tons of women??? AHHHHHH I'm going INSAAAANE!!!!it's almost like muscles don't matter unless you have the height, frame and face in the first place. kek

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That shirtless scene was entirely unnecessary and shot in such bad angles. First they show him hunched over with his belly fat hanging over the pants and then they show him from a frog perspective which made it look like he has boobs. He looks better in this beach pic than he does in the movie.

>>164640872He looks like a hairy child

>>164640872>What the FUCK did you just say about my funko pop collection, kid?what do?

I envy Pattinson so much bros. This dude's life just seems to constantly work out for him.

>>164640872This image has been around for God knows how long, almost 10 years, and people really don't see how shooped it is.

>>164640488>Mom I want a Bruce Wayne>We already have a Bruce Wayne at home

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>>164640557this sites full of coping fat low iq spics and curries

>>164640872he needs a different haircut/style. maybe lose the glasses

>>164641400its pre obv


>>164640488This is a good, healthy body. Being bloatmaxx is kind of detrimental when you are flying through the air and climbing up buildings. Roiding for a role is also very unhealthy.

>>164640488>fucking up your sex drive and hormones for life for a movie role

>>164640557>this is fine for amerimuttsOH NONONONONO

>>164643663Post body

>>164640488He's keyed. OP, fitness influencers and actors gave you wrong expectations.

>>164641767>still from a movie vs. red carpet reach harder. Affleck looked like The Wrestler version of Bruce Wayne. Bloated, acoholic roided mess.

>>164641373Even the part where his high profile girlfriend got caught blowing a director in his car?

>>164640765retard where do you see a beer belly in OP's pic? he looks fit and strong just not massive. also you out yourself as a fag if you complain about this so well done on being a fag i guess.

>>164643791She is an american. They are always obsessed with cucking and bbcs.

Contrary to popular belief Pattinson is actually not a manlet and looked taller than everyone else in the movie. Dano is taller in real life but we never saw them standing side by side.

>>164643891Check the recent theory video. dano is taller.

>>164640488Who cares he ended up playing Batman in some gay woke version that’s about how bad White people are. Fuck this movie and the faggots who see it.

>>164643882>bbcsRupert Sanders is too white for the second b and two jewish for the first b and the c.

What do you think he is doing to her, bros? Sucking her tits or sucking his dick?

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>>164640488BasedActors shouldn't need to start juicing just so they can look like living action figures for capeshit

>>164640488Based and Keaton pilled

>>164643948Eminem is ready to suck your dick, user

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Actually i approve this, it's more realistic and he was being honest that he didn't want to roid like everyone else in the industry. That's a good role model too instead of roiders who pretend to be natty

>>164640872He has homosex body hair type.

He knows he's the hottest batman and has the best jawline. No need to ruin your body and peepee with roids.

>>16464055790% of the population isn't trying to play fucking Batman, you goddamned idiot.

>>164640872O....k....Aren't you the people always telling us to take our meds?

>>164643756He looks amazing for a normal man. He does not look amazing for the fucking Batman.I don't know how all of you can be this fucking stupid.

>>164643791Even then, her career died and his is doing just fine.

>>164644091The problem is that he doesn't belong as batman at all. It's fine for him to take that stance, but he should have turned down a role he wasn't right for.

>>164640488It's sad that male fitness standards are so unrealistically high that this is considered an unacceptable body for a leading man in 2022. Look at Daniel Day Lewis' body in The Last of the Mohicans. He looked kinda like this. Girls loved him. So why are we listening to faggots and why do we care about their opinions? Whaddya think bros?

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>>164644408He has to do capeshit to have a job, his career is not doing fine, it is circling the toilet.

>played Batman and barely bulked upWhat you're actually saying is he played batman and didn't take steroids to "bulk up" with just a few fucking months of trainingHe's based for saying fuck off I'm not juicing

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>>164644408She's literally nominated for an Oscar right now, retard.

>>164640488Unironically based, fuck juicers

>>164640488And Catwoman? body with no muscles and no physical presence, how can anyone believe those sausage arms can climb buildings and fight Batman?

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>>164644517>muh oscars Are you a time traveler from the past?

>>164644523She looks like one of those crack addict hookers from the movie American Gangster

>>164644523>fight Batman?She can't fight Batman. He handles her almost effortlessly.

>>164640488>>played Batman and barely bulked upScott Atkins has the right body of work, look and martial arts skills but they always prefer to cast actors who hate to be in shape and look pathetic in costume besides doing embarrassing fight scenes >I will not pay to see this

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>>164644613They prefer to cast actual actors not stunt men who act badly

>>164644613They prefer to cast actors that can actually act.

>>164640488>>164644523The entire DCEU is founded in miscast

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>>164644659>>164644670Ok Pattison, please don't cry

but thats batmans whole gig. hes not actually a superhero, or special in any way, hes just rich. thats it. you dont have to be literally anything, just throw money at it.

>>164643791it was his own car? that's fucked up


Looks fine to me