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>>164639344the fourth hellraiser movie is already set in space

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>>164639344it was kino

>>164639344I enjoyed it

>>164639344And this is a bad thing because?

>>164639367so's the 4th lebrechaun movie...

>>164640075fucking leprechaun in space was by far the best.

>>164640075and space jam

>>164639344one movie that could actually do with a remake

>>164640075Jason X was also set in space. All these films also came out at roughly the same time.

>>164639344How does it feel to be allergic to kino, OP? Does it feel like AIDS? I wouldn't know, but I know you must.

>>164640135he probably watched the red letter media review and wanted to be like his hero Mike and not like the film because he wanted to be cool.

>>164640122And critters

>>164639344I don't hate this, but I feel like I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it wasn't so overrated. My expectations were way too high because of that, it's actually a really stupid and silly movie. I got more laughs than scares out of it.

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>>164640459it was the 90s you had to be there.

>>164640350>>164640459(me)Just so you know, I was shitting on this movie well before Mike & Jay were.

>>164640491>On release, the film was a commercial and critical failure, grossing $42 million on a $60 million production budget.

Great movie. Ten years later Sunshine ripped it off. Also Hellraiser 7 was in space.

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>>164640356And that's the fourth Critters film as well. Hellraiser, Leprechaun and Critters all have a fourth movie set in space. What's with that? Jason X is the odd one out, unless you want to really make a stretch and say that since VII is called New Blood, X is the fourth movie inclusive of that, if not the franchise as a whole.

>>16464054660 million's a bit high for a horror movie set on a space ship

>>164640546I didn't say it was a hit though did I. I said it was the 90s and that you had to be there.

>>164640846Where we're going we won't need budgets.

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>>164639344DUDE, ANAL SEX!

>>164640969HERE I COME MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>>164640919>takes budget paperwork>folds it in half>sticks pencil through it

>>164641038You want something hot and black inside you? How about some coffee then?

>>164640898What I meant to say with that is that it was shit in the 90's and still is. I've seen plenty of movies from before my time, even from before my parents' time that I loved and enjoyed. This lead mo to believe that if a movie is complete shit now, it probably was never that good to begin with.

>>164641260it was a great film to see in the cinema in the 90s and when they played it on haloween. You had to be there. it was the 90sits got nothing to do with how good the movie was in regards to cinema. it was a 90s movie...for the 90s, when people would sit around and talk to each other like human beings instead of internet machines.

>>164642087>it's fun with friendsFuck off

>>164642212I didn't say I had friends in the 90s. I didn't have friends then and I don't have friends now. geeez you're not too bright kiddo


>>164639344Hellraiser wasn't the only thing Event Horizon took inspiration from.

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>>164639344Nah, Hellraiser is a “My Pet Monster” style horror movie where someone has to kill people in order to keep some monstrous creature alive, with Pinhead only serving as a weird explanation to get the plot rolling.


>>164642378SANITY, IS FOR THE WEAK!!!

>>164639550>>164639562>>164639976The Holla Forums contrarian hive mind out in full force.

Someone explain the ending to a brainlet (me). Did the evil follow them? The hatch closes in the last scene. Will it make it to earth?

>>164642916Yes the ship is still evil and will make them go insane and kill each other even thought the demonic engine is gone

seems like an inauspicious name for a boatif you believe in that kind of thing

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>>164642979But without the drive surely it can't connect back and forth. So everything is gonna be fine, no?


>>164640459All horror movies make me laugh

>>164642212IK that feel. Lowkey bets vibes fr no cap. Kinda sus my dude

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>>164642999Weir went crazy even before the drive was activated so I suppose the entire ship can influence people like that no matter where you are. Maybe they will kill each other before they reach earth or the ship gets taken back and manage to posses someone to rebuild the hell drive

>>164640459It's underrated you retard. Critically panned, audiences liked it a bit, became something of a cult film

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>>164640459>it's actually a really stupid and silly movie.I don't see the problem with this. A lot of good horror embraces a sense of absurdism. Most Paul W.S. Anderson films are quite notable for juxtaposing really serious scenes with kind of silly stuff.

>>164643203It was underrated back in the day, it's cult status nowadays made it overrated.

more like Spaceracer lol

Event Horizon is almost certainly an unlicensed 40k film. Wheras with RE, he wrote the "Undead" screenplay, took it to Constantin, and they had the RE rights and suggested that instead of making a ripoff of RE with the names changed, they should make a film using the RE branding. Paramount didn't own the rights to 40k, so no such deal could exist for this movie.It's a huge shame that Paramount forced Event Horizon to release in a cut down state, and then they lost the footage/surviving copies were damaged. But maybe it's like Donny Darko, where the Director's Cut is pretty good, but the theatrical cut is also really good and the fleshed out material is more "different" than "better". I think maybe Event Horizon benefited from not having the luxury of showing some things.

>>164639344Eric Harris watched this while on a date 2 weeks before the shooting, he was trying to lose his virginity because he didn’t want to die a virgin, the film failed him in that regard

It's more like a horror version of Solaris

>>164643588They couldnt release full on demonic canibal sodomy in the 90is, they could go a long way but the extended scenes from hell would of been bit much, its pretty grousome as it isDont know about the 40k thing, theres a load of 80/90is horror and occult literature they could of drawn on, like contemporary Lhp had a whole thing about 'dimensions' and 'entities in space' nonsense

Anderson's "Soldier" takes place in the Blade Runner universe and was written by Blade Runner's co-writer.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx5J0dW2rh4Anderson is almost 60. I wish he'd make more movies. I wanna see more films from him. Less action, more atmosphere. He's like Zack Snyder without the ego.

>>164644063soldier was unironically great. probably be cause of kurt. he knows exactly how to camp it up and pretend to be serious at the same time.

>>164643660dylanchads keep winning

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>>164644210Soldier is a legit great movie, and he defends the movie to this day. He worked really hard on it, and was proud of it. It was a huge box office flop, unfortunately. No idea why. I think it might have been a movie the studio didn't believe in, because it had major budget cuts.Paul W.S. Anderson is notable for being able to endure low budgets and negotiate with studios. He's "good in a room" with execs. He had to fight tooth and nail to get Soldier finished. He has a director's commentary where he basically rationalizes every scene, talks about what he had to cut, was able to keep.For example, the film was supposed to open with the battle of Tannhäuser Gate, as referenced in Blade Runner. But the budget was cut. And two decades later, Anderson would have his budget cut on Resident Evil: Final Chapter, and he'd have to bend into a pretzel to make that movie work. It's easy to point out flaws in PWSA movies, but when you realize the way they're made, and how Anderson is a soft spoken British gentleman trying his hardest to make interesting films on sometimes skeletal budgets, it puts things in a different light. Is AvP flawed? Sure. Did the studio fuck with the movie? Totally. They even rewrote the screenplay behind Anderson's back, and forced him to use the new version. But Anderson did his best. Was patient. Tried to make a decent movie under those conditions.

>>164644210>>164644486Kurt Russel once told an interview that he did the film for the money, but he was actually being sarcastic because he thought the effort he put into the role was self-evident.

>>164639344Hellraiser is a movie about fucking your flesh uncle, Evrnt Horizon is about going through holes in paper


>>164639344>nothing actually happensshit movie

>>164640114The swapping would make it riduculous, since they would simply have to make somekind of swaps, but all the apropriate boxes are checked except maybe having a strong shemale lead this timeInstead they could do a suspiria thing, and make a remake that just keeps the basic premise but deals with completely other shit, like having part of the original form survive as rapey mutants, or making the whole crew turn into the most demonic version of themselves and eating each others genitalsNah, theyd fuck it all up today, and the hell scenes would probably suck ass

Where's the missing footage?

>>164639344And it was KinoTo bad they lost all the goriest deleted scenes

>>164644486Andersons movies dont fit into 'blockbuster' model, theyre the kind of movie youd see on tv then rent or download cause it was so good youd like to see it again sometimes, but it wouldnt attract audiences, fucking titanic atracted audiences right, its a different shtick, theres just something about andersons movies that lends itself to watching it at home with friends and cold beer