>conservatives want LIVE BABIES so they can be raised to be DEAD SOLDIERSWow

>conservatives want LIVE BABIES so they can be raised to be DEAD SOLDIERSWow...

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>>164638853>>conservatives want LIVE BABIES so they can be raised to be DEAD SOLDIERSYes and Based

this can't be refuted

>>164638853So what do liberals want DEAD BABIES to be?

>>164638853Cuckservatives are pathetic, he was right about that. He hit liberals sometimes, too.

>>164638877daily reminder that if you don't support abortion, you're depriving the minorities you love so much of an easy-to-access birth control method.

Shut up boomer

I like that bit where he talks about smoking Keith Richards

>>164638853>60 year old man with teenager's political opinions

>>164639039it was a different time.

>>164639039That describes everyone in California that age.

>>164639039refute any of his arguments.you cant.

>>164638877Stem cell research. But fighting for Israel can be your thing!

>>164639039Talk to any 40/50-something in any city in North America or Europe and listen to their very very edgy opinions about religion, race, gender, guns, etc., you name it - opinions that just happen to line up precisely with what any politician would say. But unlike politicians, when they say it, they're authentic, because they swear a lot.

>>164638877dead babies fuel satanic rituals. once abortions were made legal the world started to rot

>>164639323for every 100 girls born there are 105 boys. sending 5 of those to die in war is common sense.

>>164639421thanks putin

>>164639421>sending 5 of those to die in war is common sense.no it isn't

>>164639323>you WILL refute this strawman some stand up comedian came up with for a jokeno thanks

>liberals think it's better to kill babies instead of letting them grow up to maybe join the army and maybe die in combatWhy do liberals hate life so much?

>>164639591why do rightoids virtue signal for babies that were never born?

>>164638933my radical opinion is that killing children is unideal even if they're niggers.

>>164639622that's not what virtue signal means you troglodyte mong

>>164639622it's bad manners to answer a question with another question.

>>164639622A mix of religious nut jobs (virtue signaling) and punishing women for enjoying sex (also virtue signaling but in incel)Once the baby is born the rightoids stop caring about it

>kill the babies kill the babies kill the babies kill the babies kill the babies

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>>164639682It's not like you will ever make one in your pathetic existence

>>164639622Why do women think they have the right to commit murder?

>>164639622>>164639678>samefagging this hard

>>164639751Back to r*ddit, schizo tranny

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>>164639788>liberal samefagging shitposter posts from both his pc and his phone wow lol

>>164639821Based paranoid trumptranny

>>164639859calm down

War is good now though.

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>>164639510why not?

>>164639323there isn't even unanimous agreement on abortion among conservatives, and that[s before the absurd suggestion that all conservatives want every child to grow up to be in the army, let alone die in wars.

Conservatives pretend to care about babies when they're in the womb but the second they come outside of a vagina conservatives turn and go FUCK YOUR KID, FUCK YOU, BACK TO WORK YOU LAZY FUCK, KIDS DON'T DESERVE A FREE LUNCH AT SCHOOL OR AFFORDABLE MEDICAL CARE, WHAT ARE YOU, POOR? WELL TOO BAD, NOT MY PROBLEM!!It's kinda amazing how quickly they go from "every life is sacred" to "I don't give a fuck, you deserve to suffer"

>questionably genius comedian>rips apart society in a hundred ways>cynical retards pick the single worst thing he said and judge his entire career based off that one thingevery time, go fuck yourself

>>164640076kids don't deserve a free lunch because no lunch is free, one way or the other the parents are providing their lunch for them. you're retarded, go fuck yourself.

>>164638853And you want dead babies because you are evil fucking people.

>>164640078Wish he was still alive. His content on current neocons like the trumpster and Ted Cruz would be gold>>164640106If we have enough money to throw niggers in jail for a plant we have enough money to feed kids shitty school lunches

>>164640138>shitty non-sound logicevery time. go fuck yourself

>>164639400The world started to rot when bankers took it over and subverted entire nations after the Napoleonic Wars, not after the 1980s, that is probably just when you became self aware and started to rot.

>>164639421That is only true because of honor killing because women are horrible in comparison and civilizations that are majority women die at greater rates than those that are majority men.

>>164640106>because no lunch is freeIn civilized countries the government pays got that lunch because they know feeding kids is important, especially if they're meant to have the energy to learn.>one way or the other the parents are providing their lunch for themThis isn't true at all. In many places in the US where you're from a low income household that free government-subsidized school lunch can be the only decent meal they get in the day. What you selfish pricks do with that kind of rhetoric is wish kids to suffer malnutrition and hunger. You don't give a damn about other people's lived yet you feel entitled to dictate everything for them

>>164640172It's okay. I live in the first world part of the country. We will forever have free school food for kids, abortions for anyone that wants them, and a solid safety net. Your opinions don't matter here. Your opinions only damage already shitty red states and I couldn't care less what happens there

>>164639737What makes you think they don't have the right to do the thing they constantly get away with doing?

>>164640078>NOOOOOO ONLY >>I

>>164640243my country does just fine without them. maybe America is just shit?

>>164638874well, liberals are the warhawks now. they kill babies and adults

>>164638853>this made libtard boomers piss and shit their pants with laughter

>>164640431Only cause rightoids are busy sucking putins cock, making up fake news, betraying their country, and finding the next lying conman sheister to be their messiah


>>164640513epic ownage

>>164640224When you factor in things like infanticide, honour killing, selective abortions, or even just parents stopping having kids after they have a son, you get rates at like 130+ boys per 100 girls.All of those mass majority male countries are "shithole countries" btw.

>>164638853>the resident George Carlin schizo poster is back again

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>>164639400Unironically this./thread

I want to be pro-abortion so the black population will go down, but even if they're probably destined to be anti-white criminals, they're still babies who haven't actually wronged anyone yet, so I feel bad about supporting them being killed.

>>164640076People deserve the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They don't deserve the right to free lunches.

>>164638853>conservatives want more Black BABIES so they can be raised to be DEAD SOLDIERS.black women are just dollar store kaminoans.

>>164642026No it doesn't, how would that stuff not already factor into it if that is all happening, if that is the real number why did you give a fake number before?

>>164642166>People deserve the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happinessas long as they aren't gay, black or trans

>>164638853what shit argument when you can claim in the same style that democrats want to kill babies/are killing babies

>>164642230but what about muh babies?!??!... what a faggot take

>>164640076the whole "they dont care about living people" "argument" loses its luster when it comes from people that kill babies and dont want them to live in the first place...

>>164642251>omg you dont care about life>also kill babiesyou dont care

>>164642316hey if you love babies so much why don't you make some

>>164638853Does every waking moment of your life have to be about Conservatives and Progressives? This is tv & film.

>>164639715nice projection geek

Birthing sapient beings into this hell world is cruel and evil

>>164639548>stan up comedians>jokesYou think he's joking, oh user anon user

>>164639368You mean that politicians would espouse the opinions of their voter base? I think you've stumbled upon a serious conspiracy here.

>>164638853He's unironically right in this case, though. Imagine dying in wars fought to advance Jewish geopolitical ambitions.

>>164638853They stopped letting him go to the orgies and he didn't take it very well

>>164642928Effin this. It's better to get aborted because your would-be mom can't be bothered to use contraception.

>>164638853Does Carlin have any bits that are actually funny? Whenever people talk about him being funny I see them talk about his "stuff" bit, but if that's as funny as he gets then I'm not impressed.

>>164642230They want to kill poor babies so their government of gibs doesn't collapse on itself.

>>164643247Probably because all your stuff is shit.

>>164638853Conservatives do wants that. Watch this kino: imdb.com/title/tt0096969/

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Because liberals really hate war lmfao

How much more proof do you need that Comedians are the greatest Leaders?

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>>164638853I used to idolize this guy for being edgy when I was in my teens. How wrong I was

>>164643530Is he conservative?

>>164638853>conservatives want LIVE BABIES so they can CONTRIBUTE and DEFEND the society they live inWhaaa...?

>>164643612He's Jewish

>>164639510Yes it is. That is the traditional way young men acquired wealth and status to attract a mate

>>164640076>your kid isn't my problemYes...?

>>164640416>maybe America is just shit?We've established that. We're now providing exemplars for why it's so shit.

>>164640138His content on the crypto-Nazi woke amd the corporate politicians trying to control them would be interesting

>>164638877Reptilian food

>>164640243>parents are so dumb they can't slap a pb&j together for their kidNo no I'm sure more taxes will fix this issue

>>164640513>betraying their countryYour political faction wants to scream the Constitution because it's annoying

>>164640513Die for Ukraine

"All young men long to [prove themselves in battle], if they are honest with themselves. Whether it's right or wrong or even sane is a debate that's been going on since we left the caves." - John Milius

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>>164638853>WW1>WW2>Korea>VietnamGee, those peace-loving Democrats sure don't want to turn live babies into dead soldiers...

>>conservatives want LIVE BABIES so they can be raised to be DEAD SOLDIERS

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>>164638874>>164639323It can be by simply comparing the numbers of war dead in Democrat-started wars vs. the numbers of war dead in Republican-started wars.

>>164638877Skin cream and stem cells. A black immigrant can take its place in society.

>Carlin actually implies that pro-abortion liberals care more about life (and are by extension more moral) than anti-abortion conservativeshow does that work?