Why did the Austin Powers series fail?

Why did the Austin Powers series fail?

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The love guru happened

>>164637834Said everything it needed to say with the first 2 movies. The third movie was pretty shit and just rehashed old gags. And that ending with Dr Evil being Austin's brother just ruined it. What a lousy way to end the "trilogy"

>>164637895it was clear that mike wanted out the of the industry; love guru was him signing off


>>164637895Part 3 is the best one

>you now realise "Austin Powers" of 2022 would be a man frozen in 1992

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>>164637895t. dougie hater

It was wildly successful and still remembered and loved to this day. What the hell are you talking about? Want to know the secret? No niggers

>>164637834Technically it failed with the first movie. A sequel only got greenlit because of VHS sales and rentals. It is one of the few cases where physical media sales caused studios to make another movie.


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>>164637852its amazing how he went from the very top with Shrek and Austin Powers to right off a cliff with cat in the hat and love guru

Mike Meyers di what Jim Carrey should have done and tried to go dark when he knew his run was over. Little Meyers cameos like in Inglorious Basters here and there are nice but his shtick was getting tired.

Shrek's success changed Mike Meyers. His comedic abilities never recovered after that

>>164638016Anon the movie made 4 times its budget back at the box office

>>164637895Fat Bastard farted and it was funny.

>>164637834Why does this always get posted? Austin Powers is one of the most revered parody franchises ever, how did it fail?

I'm sending this thread to Mike (I know his Gmail)What else do you want to tell/ask him?

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>>164638547Tell him to get Universal to bring back Shrek 4-D


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>>164638683Moley moley moley moley moley moley

>>164637947>in 2029 we will be as away from the debut of Austin Powers than Austin Powers was before he got frozen.

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>>164638084Look into it. They weren't going to make another one, but the VHS sales and rentals made them reconsider. That's why the sequel made 300m.

>>164637834he had enough jokes for one movie then just padded out two uninspired, lazy sequels

the first one is obviously the best but I always loved this sceneyoutube.com/watch?v=0Wn8-OMlPhY

It lost it's mojo

>>164638882I've seen it


>i'M gOiNg tO Go aCrOsS ThE sTrEeT aNd gEt YoU SoMe OraNge sHerBeT.

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>>1646378952 is just 1 but with heather graham and mini me, both very good additions (even though heather graham is an atrociously awful comedy actor) but at least 3 was trying to do something different>>164637945mike myers seems to think so, i can see why.

>>164637895third one was also rly fkin good. Michael Caine was a god in it.

>>164638022cat in the hat was a contractual obligation

>36 years old>lost my mojo

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>>164637834It didn't, really. They just stopped making them. They had a good hook for a 4th movie with Seth Green as the villain.


>>164638022the cat takes about 10-20 years to appraciate. he will have his time

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>>164637895beyonce was hot af in it though

>>164640800>>164638022>>164639795I will never not sing the praises of cat in the hat. Great movie pure kino

>>164639804You don't need to have your mojo to be an Earthrocker.



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>>164638547I really like the cat in the hat movie.

>>164642129I dunno that sort of thing ain’t my bag baby

Austin Powers would have easily been 4 movies or more because there is so much material available to be parodied. Three was shit because they decided to parody themselves instead. If they had stuck to what worked who knows how far it might have gone.

>>164637947Jesus, so it would just be... A fucking Pauly Shore type??

>>164638607Yeah, I really want shreks wet farts in my face.

>>164637834Mike Myers just isn't that funny


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I had this action figure as a kid for some reason. Yes, it has realistic chest hair.

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>>164642871>ages 10 and up

>>164642871Where does the lava lamp go

>>164643001In my pee hole

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>>164637834The genre it was parodying wasn't big any more and the jokes were rehashed. It was clear Mike was done with it after 2 but studios probably pushed for it

>>164642871The merch for those movies was wild.

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>>164637834Went from this to a sheboon

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i watched 2 a few months ago and it aged like milk. all those late 90s references...cringe

>>164637895I watched all 3 recently and nothing made me bust a gut like Gold Finger no cap thats the funniest shit I ever did see

>>164637834Take a guess.Nobody wants to watch a try-hard little ugly Leslie Nielsen wannabe unfunny dumb character.


I was watching old parody movies and apparently the Austin Powers ringtone is a reference to the series "In Like Flint." Pretty good, I'd give it a watch. I also would not recommend changing your phone ringtone to the Austin Powers. Still gives me a heart attack when it goes off.

>>164637834British humor just isn't funny.

>>164638048Cable Guy was a great movie if you're talking about that. Eternal Sunshine too. He didn't really hit a slump until The Number 23 - though I admit my timeline might be off, I forget which movie came out when.


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>>164638022Adam Sandler can have as many bad movies as he wants and still get work, but Mike Myers makes one wrong movie and he's out of work forever. Figure that shit out.

>>164642244I would watch that. Too bad there aren't any actors that could pull it off working right now. I guarantee you they'd get some hipster fag like Fred Armisen if they tried that.

>>164644296something something jewish

>>164642244>>164644320Just get Pauly Shore himself. He's still alive. Somewhere.

>>164638022Cat in the Hat was so good though.

Someday people will realize this is one of the greatest comedic masterpieces that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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