>Millennials actually thought these faggots were cool and so desperately wanted to be them

>Millennials actually thought these faggots were cool and so desperately wanted to be them

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>zoomers actually jack off to this and desperately want to donate their short life savings to "her"

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>>164637019Only Doug, and maybe spoony

>>164637019Yeah I would hate to have two dozen friends I could go on vacation with and film funny things together. Max cringe.

>>164637019>not wanting to make money with your friends by ranting about movies you enjoyStill do. Maybe not them now, but to be there at the peak, that must have been something. Too bad they were all too mentally deranged to properly capitalize or enjoy it. At this point, I don't want to be any of them, but I would've liked to have been in that set up.

Doug Walker is intimidating

>>164637138People are shit talking Doug with all the hindsight and all the thing we know nowadays but I'll die on that hill, back then it was kinda refreshing to see do-it-yourself amateur movies like this, that was part of the charm of the late 2000s Internet aesthetic

Kickassia is so fucking retarded it's actually entertaining now

>>164637142>Still do. Maybe not them now, but to be there at the peak, that must have been something. Too bad they were all too mentally deranged to properly capitalize or enjoy it. At this point, I don't want to be any of them, but I would've liked to have been in that set up.So what, you can become a washed-up faggot on Twitter who constantly monitors Doug nowadays, hoping he does a slight slip up so you can make le clever passive-aggressive quip?

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>>164637264This. It's called morbid cringe obsession aka what push retard to constantly bring up Chris Chan, Tom Preston, that Loss cartoonist or whoever participated in GamerGate way after they fall into irrelevance

>>164637264you missed the part where I said 'not them now.'It was like the 3rd word in. Gotta do some reading before going deranged, dude.Anyway, being in that group at the peak a decade and a half ago might have been fun. Making money doing crossover videos with your buddies? Doesn't sound like a bad way to ride out the late 2000's.

>>164637345"Not them now"Doesn't work that way, "dude". If you became something from the past you'll inevitably become the future product of that desired past.

>>164637407You need to take your pills, 'now.'

>>164637113>>164637019Brad, mostly.

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I never wanted to be them, but I did want to have their job.

>>164637520Brad turned into an SJW faggot and looks like a cancer patient.

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>>164637019good i miss they days were people weren't worried about doing something ''cringe'' and just enjoyed being their true, honest autistic selves. Zoomies are so worried about how the internet perceives them they end up making boring, dull content.

>>164638277Now there's an entire commentary community waiting to make fun of you

>>164638411Sometimes you have to make 50min video on why Doge's 40min video of a 90minute movie is bad, just to center those other dozens of 10 minute "Doug is bad" videos around something.

>>1646382774chan started it,. Remember Encyclopedia Dramatica and the Cwcki. "No shit is too minor", every worthless Internet dramas needed and still need to be documented for some reasons as if we would have loose some crucial part of history by ignoring Ray Jones drawing shitty Rescue Rangers pornography. The seed of morbid cringe culture were already sowed in 2007,scratch that, make it 2002 with Something Awful

>>164638248>my old content is so bad that I'm putting them behind a pay wallhypocritical bitch

>>164638758i think before it used to be niche enough that most people that weren't looking for it didn't care. It all went downhill with commentary channels making 50-minute videos about that artist that draws weird porn or that child that sang a pokemon rap. It's basically impossible to find a zoomie youtuber that you can feel is passionate about what he's talking about, only one that comes to my mind is Scott and he's going to be 25 this year.

>>164637019Your pic related is exactly when I realized how retarded they all were and stopped watching for the most part. Doug and his brother can still be fine on their own, but those other morons are too cringy to bear.

>>164637019Still better than wishing to be a nigger you fucking zoomer faggot.

>>164637019Kickassia was cringe kino but the rest were shit


>>164637019They only time Doug Walker and Channel Awsome is funny is when someone else is making fun of them.

>>164637019no, no one actually thought they were coolentertaining maybe but not cool

yeah but i was like fucking middleschooler

I sent audition tape to TGWTG in 2009 and they sent me a standard rejection email

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>>164637019As cringy as this shit was I can't hate it because it still has that early internet charm before the web became the soulless corporate husk that it is now.

>>164637069Surely she's not the 10/10 goddess zoomers worship, but she just looks like a cute girl in that pic? Is it supposed to be unflattering based on virgin porn standards?

>>164640445At least you tried

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>>164637250I agree. To Boldly Flee is impossible to sit through without restraints though.

>>164640975The only slightest chance a person has to sit through To Boldly Flee is to watch it with Spoony's Commentary so he can share his mental anguish and psychological torment in between praising the un-praisable film.

>>164638248Is Lindsay hands down just the worst of them who isn't an actual criminal? Like seriously, I don't think anyone in that group has become as insufferable as her except the bitch that mindbroke spoony(peace and blessings upon her)

>>164637069>b-b-but zoomerswhy are millennials so insecure?

>>164641068She gets over rated in the shit department because she gets the most publicity. She has actually made good informative videos (like the LotR/Hobbit reviews) which is more than some of the dregs of channel awesome can claim.Overall shes mid to low tier at worst. If you disagree you are likely letting bad politics live rent free in your head.

>>164637019They were actually doing something with the various media. I give them props for that.However the list of complaints that chez apocalypse compiled years later was by far funnier than kickassia

>>164637019It's amazing how these guys basically stepped into a totally uncompetitive open market where the expectations of quality were so low putting in just the minimum amount of effort garnered millions of loyal fans and they wound up doing absolutely nothing with it. Jesus Christ these guys are the biggest losers on the planet.

>>164638217No he hasn’t. Brad will rail on woke shit that by his own words are “pureflix for leftists”

>>164641193It's not even her politics as much as it is her smug faggotry. Like bro, she's a commie, I expect dumb political takes from her, but when it comes to everything I've seen her post outside of content/politics she's actually just a dumb bitch.

>>164640975Only the scenes with Phelous are really that bad. I can’t understand how anyone can stand to listen to that nasally voice

>>164637019Pretty sure most of us thought they were nerd faggots with massive followings of other nerd faggots back then, and still do.

>>164641374You need to remember that you are comparing her to people like Film Brain and Diamanda Hagna, and probably a bunch of other people who you cant even remember they were so bad.Like I can;t remember a single thing Jewwario did apart from... well you know what.I can remember some good videos from Lindsey

>>164638248>my content is so bad>but you can pay to watch it teehee

>>164641442It's ironic because ultimately she was chasing the cultural climate of the time so whatever insight she could deliver on was muddled by her need to cling to the political fad of the time - inevitably why she ended up self-cancelling because that cultural climate came back to rob her of the praise she wanted.

occasionally check up on some of these people to see what they're up to and while some have just vanished altogether (assume they just moved on) but several others are just doing reviews as their actual irl job despite posting maybe one video a week and barely getting at most like 1-2k views can you even actually make any sort of 'living' off that?

>>164637200that is a good point

>>164641068Lupa is the worst. Hands down.>>164641394I always thought that was the biggest waste. Phelous had good scripts, but he is insufferable. If he had been able to work with someone, his reviews could have been great.

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>>164641880Imagine being balls deep in Lupa, while Phelous sits in the corner with a chastity. Then when you busts a huge nut inside of her, he comes over and cleans up the mess

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>>164637520can i get the full name on that milk truck lads?

>>164642117No thank you. Prime Lupa was cute, but while I would still fuck current year Lupa, it would not be worth Creepy McCuck staring at you. Cuckoldry fetishes are a curse.

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>>164642356Mrs. Jones to you.

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>>164641073criticism and responsibilities are like kryptonite to them

I still fondly remember the thread where Linkara's nasty cock slut porn account first got exposed. That was the funniest shit

>>164642449cheers boss. had a look and she cute, she could have done a lot better (like me for example). why did she shack up with a dude who looks like a child molester?

>>164638248>Makes over $20,000 a month doing literally nothing as her simps continue to pay her rentSeriously why the fuck are people still donating to this shit?

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>>164637019I thought Spoony was cool and I am not happy with what has happened to him. Spoony was charismatic, not bad looking first his few years of doing videos, very likeable and funny.Back when only the most beta losers were into shit like DnD and video games he was like the guy who was too cool to be into it.Also though Brad was cool, though now I see that he is a coping manlet who uses whatever power he has to get laid and compensates for being a little man by putting on a deep voice and making his wife oink for him as a powerplay. Weird dude.


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>>164642714Simps are a sub-species of nu-male, a soon-to-be extinct genetic end.

>>164642615Generally because you think you are better than him, but are not. Either she was a big fan of 80s Dan or very impressed by the skit of him showing his cock in a video. He is slightly too young to trigger her daddy issues.

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>>164642718>too cool to be into itI can't imagine how fuckin hideous and weird you people are if you find him cool

>>164642811christ gen x'ers are pathetic

>>164637069I'm 32 and I jerk off to deepfakes of herI have never seen her streamI just wish there were better deepfakes

>>164642811>He is slightly too young to trigger her daddy issues.He just has to resemble her dad in some way to trigger latent daddy issues.


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>>164643593she is really bad at looking good

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>>164644006Every girl I've fucked has been ugly. I don't care. I think she's cute