“Rich, privileged, white people.” That’s an actual line from this scene

“Rich, privileged, white people.” That’s an actual line from this scene

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god the seethe is soooo goood, i wanted to see the movie crash and burn so bad and it's happening

>>164634731Yeah, someone else already said that. You couldn't even complain first about a line from a movie that made you pitch shit.

whats the context? Is it a passing remark or some kind of lecture?

haha white niggas seething, y'all the minority now

>>164634832The context is state sponsored racial propaganda

>>164634832She's pissed with corrupt politicians in Gotham because they killed her Mom and friend.And then proceeds to kiss Batman.

>>164634731Why is that manlet dressed in shinny leather?

>>164634832Neither. I feel like an old man given the number of times I've explained it in this very thread probably by the same OP. Selina's Slavic friend is abused by the mayor, he then steals her passport so she can't leave the country. The mayor then has Falcone have a dirty cop kill the chick. Selina goes and talks to Batman and she complains that everyone cares about privileged, white men getting an outpouring of attention and sympathy when they die (from the Riddler) but people like her friend are completely ignored. It's important to remember that one of these guys who died beat her friend and kept her as a sex slave. Another would later have her killed.

>>164634832After she steals money from Penguin, Batman confronts her about it and she remarks that he's probably came from money and that she's stealing because it's owed to her because the rich, white, privileged people who have corrupted the city by getting in bed with the mob don't need it.

>>164634944>privileged, white men>Falcone (Italian)

>>164634944the shitskin jealous seethe never ends.

>>164634731Yeah. Of course they wouldn't put that line in the trailer, otherwise it would've derailed all the momentum and left the movie with a bunch of hate baggage. They even know people will respond negatively to it, yet they hide it from marketing and put it in anyways lol

>>164634963>i have daddy issuesall she needs to say next time

>>164634963>woman talkingParley with my government says that I will be taxed to death to sponsor them, but I draw the line at having to listen to them.

To the Batman..They say it's the Whites that have all the mightBut it is actually I, who schemes out of sightDon't dare name me, or I cry and I strikeWho am I? Well of course I am a .......

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>>164634731is she wrong?

>>164634944>she can't leave the country>third world shitter is trying to get out of USAMy suspension of disbelief ends at the billionaire in bat costume fighting crimes.

>>164634731So she's talking about Democrats then.

>>164634731that's okay. I'm sure the black community will make this movie a success.

>>164635309This is how people keep immigrants in perpetual servant and sex slave roles. They take all identifying information from them and then keep them off the grid. How else do you think human trafficking of Russian sluts into America works? Or all those Flips stuck in the UAE because their Muslim bosses took away their passports? abc.net.au/news/2021-02-10/melbourne-couple-allegedly-kept-woman-as-slave-court/13142102

>>164634963This made me diamonds

>>164635286Do rich black people don't exist?

>>164634963She will be miserable to the point of suicidal in 5-10 years. Whoever thought tolerating stuff like this was a good idea is a retard among retards.


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>>164635478How am I coping and how aren't you just posting more proof that this shit got out of hand?

>>164634731kek this really does sound like a piece of shit movie. capecucks will send it over a billion though.

>>164635561Turdworlders and soijaks, sure.

>>164634963>Why do you get nervous when black men are around?Mental heuristics and the threat of stepping out of line and being condemned as "racist."

>>164635712don't respond seriously to jewish agitprop

>>164634900sounds pretty realistic actually

>>164635740Doubt this is a normal Tiktok or something akin. It's most likely some cuck fetish shit.

Is that supposed to be Catwoman? No, right? It can’t be…

>>164635855>i-i-its not real

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>>164636035It's real cuck fetish shit, sure. Do you get off to it or why do you have all those webms around?


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>>164634832The context is Israel

>>164634963White women were a mistake.

>>164634963>>164636035UH OH NIGGERBROS WE GOT TOO COCKY

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>>164636568what year was this taken? 2011?

>>164634963>>164636035This is so obviously staged.

>>164634731Very anti-semitic. Also, built for BWC.

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>>164634963>Virtue credit score went upSo anyway Brad where are we going tonight?

>>164634944That is all just pretext for them to bring up white privilege in the movie simp

>>164636711Sometimes I wonder if these responses to you help get you off on your humiliation cuck fetish.

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>>164634731Cool thanks for saving me 2 hours

>>164636891*3 hours


poor, underprivileged, brown people are good and awesome

>>164637013seethe and dilate

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>>164634963I'm deaf this isn't what she says at all lmao

>>164634731Is there literally nothing you retards won't cry about??

>>164635712You're probably just not fun to be around.

>>164637022however, poor and uneducated white people? Disgusting and should burn in hell

Why they cannot just stop with their racism? You paid to watch something and be insulted with lies and exciting niggers against you. The point is starting a civil war or telling niggers that they are perfect and all of their problems are because of others?Fuck Hollywood, I only watch 2d chink cartoon now.

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>>164637216You have an entire industry promoting racism against whites with an obvious agenda. No we will never stop until you join us fucking cucks.

>>164634900So exactly how these girls act in real life, what's the problem?

Forgot male, tall, handsome, athletic, intelligent. . .and then to just kind of trail off as she gets on her knees and starts sucking his dick.

>>164637377>>164637333oh wow you poor downtrodden white males kek

>>164634731Refunding my ticket as we speak.

>>164634832no amount of context will make that not preachy even if it was said sarcastically

>>164635286Yes, you fucking retard.

>>164634731why does this Batman look so Emo

>>164637845She looks like Elliot Rodger in black leather

>>164637845getting called out for his privilege made him a little upset

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>>164634731I knew this shit would be riddled with critical race praxis the moment I saw the commercial for it

>>164634731Thanks for saving me the trip to the cinema.And thanks YIFY!

>>164638011Is there already a torrent?

>>164637907Would like to hit this dumb cunt in the face with a meat mallet.

>RichBruce is rich as fuck>privilegedBruce is privileged as fuck too, his parents literally gave him a multimillion dollar company, she has no way to know they were killed>white peopleBruce is white peoplewhere is the girl lying exactly?

what.. isn't the whole point of batman that he is a 'rich privileged white person' who takes justice into his own hands...

>>164638662>>164638608wrong context

>>164638608dont expect a reply, the white boys on Holla Forums are super fragile

>>164638608We all know kikes are the ones who are disproportionately rich and privileged. You're a disingenuous reddit faggot though, so why try talking to you?

>>164638608By trying to attribute him being white as the reason he’s rich, there’s no reason to bring up his race especially from a rich black woman irl.I know you’re shitposting but I’m bored


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>>164634731based fuck white people

>>164634900Built for bbc (big bat cock)

>just the word "white people" is enough to cause Holla Forums to cry in a threadyou guys are fucking pathetic. Don't watch any 80s or 90s urban crime movies like 48 Hours or Rush Hour because they might call people "black" or "white" and have jokes or phrases about these races :OOOOOOOOO

I mean that's literally what bruce wayne is op

>>164639014Hang yourself, troon.

>>164637377>A movie points out that the elite in the city is run by rich white guys just like in rl>OMG this is systemic racism against the repressed white race, literal genocide propaganda!It never ceases to amaze me just how pathetic you faggots can get

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>>164639094Shut the fuck up kike.

>>164635286Yes. Having to tolerate non-whites is not a privilege, it's an unnecessary nuisance.

>>164639094kek based

>>164635007What are you doing? Joining the oppression olympics?>he's not white he's italianI thought you hated identity politics? Or did you think you were making a clever point? If your clever point is>white privilege doesn't exist, look this guys not even whitethen you deserve to have them inject this shit into every last one of these types of movie

>>164634731She's right and built for BWC

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>>164639094I assume you'd feel the same if every other Hollywood movie was casually mentioning racial crime statistics and average IQ differences by race

>>164639249If you want to play identity politics, we'll play and win. Get fucked you sickly little heeb tranny.

>>164634900Kek. Sounds like real life women.

>>164634731wow, real thing is said and losers here have a meltdowngo to Ukraine then pussy

>>164634944we just had riots over black druggie overdosing on fentanyl

>>164639342kikes are 2% of the US population and control 1/4 of the wealth you reddit retard.

>>164636873This. The dialogue was written by a leftist thinktank. Trying to find meaning in these propaganda spectacles is retarded.

>>164634731Imagine missing the point of the movie. Let's start with the first person who complains, the up and coming black mayor. She accuses Bruce of not doing enough for the city, but really he is batman. He is effective, but to a degree. Riddler is inspired by him to be the unibomber/zodiac killer, while batman inspires some people to do good (you see this when Catwoman goes to save him and when he saves the mayor and others join in to pull others out of the wreckage or when all the cops take a stand to faloconine) he also inspires a psychopath who in turn inspires a bunch of larping incels. After she delivers this line she kisses him, she does what you fags do, judges someone based on their race, gender and wealth status yet when that's all hidden behind a mask she gets to know the real Bruce, the batman and starts falling for him. The movie has a theme of the dangers of idolization and people judging books by their covers or as she bluntly put it assuming the worst in people.

>>164639302I'm not the one playing identity politics. You're strawmanning.

>>164634731It is worth watching?

>>164635478Holy shit, it's fucking over.

>>164639797In IMAX it kicks ass.

>>164639387>smart people are richWhoooooa, that is shocking, low IQ niggers seething.

>>164639838So it's only okay when kikes do it? You really must be an Amerimutt lol.

>>164635211checked and keked

>>164634944Slavic?I dread the moment slavic refugee women startchildren to get "enriched" in a refugee shelter in Western Europe. This is bound to happen.

>>164638608>where is the girl lying exactly?She is crying about it like a little non-white parasite with zero labor value that she is.

>>164634731How can DCfags continue to cope at this point? The new Batgirl show cast an actual tranny to play a tranny character (they did the same in Doom Patrol, Supergirl, etc).If you think DC is done with it's liberal leftist propaganda, hold onto your butts, cause you ain't seen nothing yet! #WOKE

>>164636874That's a huge cope. Right now a nigger with a huge dick is destroying your future "trad" wife's pussy. The same pussy that will give birth to kids that will be future BBC sluts when they reach their teenager years.

>>164639922>Batgirl showis it a show? honestly couldn't care less then. I thought there was gonna be a batgirl movie planned as part of the new pattinson-batman films

>>164639094>rich white guys just like in rlHurry up and move to Venezuela then comrade, diversity in spades and socialist justice on every corner.Why be oppressed when you can be empowered in just few hours.

>>164639935Take your meds.

>>164639272Who is that tiny brown man?

>>164634731Everything about this movie looks bad. None of it looks authentically Batman.

>>164639935>Right now a nigger with a huge dick is destroying your future "trad" wife's pussy.Right now a nigger with a huge lips is being locked up while you are on your knees, screaming I CAN'T BREATHE in front of your TV.

>>164639987It's just a dude in hockey pads.

>>164639893Dont worry, msm will make sure you'll never hear about it.


>>164640028That's right. And that nigger fucked a lot of cute white bitches that throw up when they look at you but drim nigger's cum like they're the most delicious juice ever.

>>164634731Imagine if Batman made a remark about all of the "black criminals" in Gotham

>Tranny ruining another thread by spamming BBC shitBack to your discord delusions.

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>>164634832It's a modern American production. It has to lecture the audience about American racial dynamics at least once.

>>164634731>Watching capeshit unironicallyIshiggdigg

>>164639094Meanwhile back in leftoid reality

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Do Americans actually pay $ to get Jewish fed guilt politics shoved down their throat? Why?

>Hello i am oppressed.

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>ayo so those wypipo be all privileged and sheeit

>>164634944Slavs don't whine about "white people" retard.

After reading everywhere about the offputting woke factor in this movie, we've decided that DC has fallen to a new low. The Batman is being demoted from>ZERO HYPEto>NEGATIVE HYPEHeard they cast a mexican tranny as Batgirl, the worst ain't over DC friends, time to bend over and take it.

>>164634731being an American is fucking exhaustingnot having a people, not having a culture, not having anything, I will never have a family here, I don't want to, you aren't even guaranteed rights as a father to raise your kids how you want to. I think we all need to call it a day and go back to our ethnic home countries, America is a failed experiment. Imagine being a soldier and giving your life for this horse shit. Every day I have depression, because no matter what I do, how hard I work, what choices I make in life it's 100% certain this country will progressively decline in all aspects. I would genuinely rather be fucking north korean, whenever I don't have anymore family tying me here I'm definitely moving. I just want to be happy, here that's an impossibility for me.

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>>164634731>tfw riddler posts on a chan board and the UI is exactly like a chan with the > and post numbers and (OP) in the main post

>>164642099Sure thing foreigner

>>164642205i literally have a native american ancestor

>>164634731>watching any burgercuck media made after 2005

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>>164634731I dare fragile whitoids to even try and prove that line wrong. It actually applies to life.

>>164640239Not this honky

>>164634944So it's a lecture, got it, you could have just said so from the beginning

This is the result of Batman becoming increasingly political it’s why I prefer stuff more akin to the Arkham games or animated series

>>164634731Thanks for confirming that I’ll never see it.

avoid all mainstream comics (DC & Marvel) since they're all pozzed shit now and deserve their dying fatego old PulpI especially recommend The Shadow since the original stories are really based (anti-communist)

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I'm downloading The.Batman.2022.720p.CAMRip.ENGLISH.x264.1XBET.mkv

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>>164634832It is clunky dialogue which makes sense in context. It should have been rewritten for style but the content is fine and males perfect sense.>>164639094This

>>164642743>Watching a camrip in the year of our lord 2022Anon, I...

Kill all niggers

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>>164642828they will do that themselves after they finish destroying the location and driving out all the white liberals that let them inthen the white liberals that moved to a majority white community will do the same thing all over againwhats interesting is who is shepherding both parties in every instance this happensor rather what their religion is

>>164640028you been memeing and ratio'ing and soiijakkin' under a bridge or some shit? BLACKED is the the porn craze that has been driving the minds and cocks of men all over the world crazy for well... since the first european woman laid eyes on an african, but its most recent wave of adoring partakers and voyeurs happened with the advent of internet pornography. to cut a LONG story short (no pun intended), african american males tend to have much larger penises than white men on average. why? who knows! its the way Science and the universe balances inequality me guesses. now, you probably already know that women (of all types- even transgirls cant resist) get more pleasure from deeper penetration. thats the simple equation that makes BLACKED so damn addictive. length plus girth equals fun. then as the cherry on top of this cream pie (pun 100% intended) black men tend to be more muscular, taller and just plain better in bed. watch any porn and compare how white boys and black bulls fuck. the hulking ebony mastiff simply knows how to move it, yo! the gyration of hips, that reggae ryhtmn, the powerful pneumatic thrust of dem hammering thighs- you can't blame white women for getting wet over the thought and dreaming of a black cock to ride. now, you may expect some of the more insecure whites to get angry about this- and they do. a lot. they really need to chill. but I say, if you cant beat em, join em. BLACKED is more fun and more crazy hot when we all join in- although sorry white guys, no touching the merchandise. but its fun as fuck to watch! give your cock a treat and try out some BLACKED on your evening chicken choke. you may never look back.


>>164635007Italian is a nationality, not a race.

>>164634731Russia might fix this.

>>164635013You cumskins act exactly the same when you're faced with the riches of my jewish bretherens.


>>164635286No she isn't

>>164634731Just watch the chinese version where she's admitted to a mental asylum for being lesbian

>>164635328You will find these people on both sides

So what? You don't believe anything that women say do you? >she goes on to kiss a white clean shaved guy who has money to maintain this equipmentDoesn't matter what women say about world view opinions.

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>>164643118Also stuck up black mayor needs white batmans help at the end

>>164635286Whites are not the only ones to blame, Court of Owls for example

>>164638690Says who?

>>164634731>"I hate White men">proceeds to fuck a White manMany such cases.

What did the thing with wings end up being? I was following, but lost it the 2nd last or last time they mentioned it

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>>164643257>also proceeds to consume white male tax dollars

>>164639094Whites are down bad in the culture war, to the point that they lash out and all anything white genocide, lmao.

>>164634731Your fault for watching it.

how the fuck is capeshit still going so strong?, they have been doing the same formula since the 90's

>>164634963 >>164636035It's actually hilarious there are white men that are paying for this shitlike there are white women that take black dick on camera on regular basis, you don't have to pay anything...and yet they pay white girls to say that kind of shit. and these white girls don't even get naked. like nigga, you turn on cnn and you will get that white extinction fix for free. it's like paying for weed when it literally grows in your backyard. coomers are truly mentally ill.

>>164634731Thanks OP, I almost bought tickets. Funny how they don’t show any of the woke shit in the trailers.

>>164644152They learned their lessons.

>>164639094Holy shit a based post??? In Holla Forums????

>>164635478all these white girls are gonna end up with white husbands (which is still cucked but whatever)they only thing white girls care about is money and status. black men have none of that.

>>164634900>Gotham's in New Jersey>New Jersey>White peopleNice try

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>>164639853Its tone immediately changed lol. huWhites are "privileged" but jews are just "smart," no nepotism or underhandedness at play here.

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>Holy shit a based post??? In Holla Forums????

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>>164639094That image implies their "imagination" is actually materially manifested, which invalidates the criticism.In other words: yikes.


>>164635286If Whites were truly "privileged", then non-Whites wouldn't exist in our countries.

Michelle Pfiffer is the only cat woman. The rest are soi.

>>164639094no one fucking complains that china is run by chinese