>gets mad because her coworkers didn't come to see her stapler drawing

>gets mad because her coworkers didn't come to see her stapler drawing

Attached: pamartshow.jpg (1082x610, 62.17K)

>>164633694terrible perspective, Hitler was better than this

>>164633694Except they did go. Oscar and Michael went.

>>164633694I'm actually in a similar position right now>like a girl>been talking for a year now >she has an event for work she expects me to go to, to "be there for her">problem is she has a bf>she's been ghosting the shit out of me last couple months with texting me out of nowhere and then straight up leaving me on read>if I don't go she will be upset with me a great ton even tho she won't admit it>if I go I look like a bitch who will crawl to her all the time

>>164633694It’s important because she’s lives a shallow life, getting paid to answer a phone 4 times a week. Art is something she clings to as the evidence that there’s more to her than what really exists. In essence, it’s a container of her vanity and delusion. But delusion only functions from a distance, being forced to look at it directly she can see the emptiness it is meant to conceal.

>>164634291Only because they are betas who want to fuck pam.

>>164633694The point was to show that Michael is a based ride or die friend

I respected her a lot more when she was contriving a higher paid position than when she was pretending to have an artistic vent.

>>164633694to be fair, none of artists at that showing had people come to see themthat's what it's like being an artistnobody really cares

>>164634302Don't go, you pussy faggot. If she confronts you just go "Huh, yeah. I had other plans"

>>164633694I can't stand this bitch. The reason i didn't finish watching the office.

>>164634315Oscar is gay and Michael was genuinely impressed that she was in an exhibit, being the childlike retard he was

>>164634302is this bait? if not, grow a spine.

>>164634302Think for yourself homie

>>164634302don't go you dumb bitch

>>164634359It's worth finishing if you like the other characters. I know it's a very popular normie show but it's popular for a reason.

Why would anyone POSSIBLY think they could make a decent living as an artist alone?

>>164634302go, then ghost her for a while if she doesn't initiate anything then move on

>>164634302>>problem is she has a bfAre you sincerely this retarded? Don't chase after a woman with a boyfriend. You're just a beta orbiter.

>>164634356>>164634369she's had similar events I did not show up for one and everytime I saw her she would just be stone cold faced and be really passive aggressive with her pouting. Then I showed up to one and she started wanting to hang out again for like a week before things went to shit again.

>>164633694>art student>4 still lifes and 2 simple drawings of buildingsdamn bitch and you paid for that education?>>164634302don't go, and if she asks where you were tell her you went out with a girl and she could only go out that night because she has a busy schedule

It was to establish that in another setting/another life Pam would be Michael's woman.

>>164634315Michael even hangs her picture of the office building in the office. The writers forgot about this during the lake episode.

>>164634302i remember being this retarded with girls

>>164634409I know this but she kept initiating contact with me for a very long time. It's only very recent that she has started to ignore me a ton. I actually like her.

>>164634418>damn bitch and you paid for that education?This was before she went to school. She failed every class her first semester. She's written as a bad artist and I believe she's somewhat self aware, at least after she fails.

>>164634415Yes, and? Youre outing yourself as a literal beta orbiter. Who gives a shit, let her pout

>>164634399Yeah maybe i give it a go. The supporting characters are the funniest imo. And michael.

>>164634470I'm going to assume this is bait for (you)s. Get some self respect if it's not. Last (you) for you.

>>164634415Here's an idea, find a date for that night. That'll really salt the wound if she gets that upset about you not going to those things.

>>164634505Meant for >>164634455

>>164634501Michael gets a well deserved happy ending and the supporting cast only gets better with new inclusions. It gets very sappy and sentimental towards the end but it feels earned given how well you know the characters at that point

>>164633694Maybe pam was just fucking retarded with a severe personality disorder. Or maybe we just give women too much fucking validation in a day and dont tell them how fucking stupid they are enough.

>>164634522I kind of want to win her over tho, won't seeing me with another girl make her lose interest?

>>164634302you're already like 3 steps in too deep, fren>>been talking for a year now and nothing happenednope>has a boyfriendnope>leaving you on read/ghosting younopeall of these should be things that conflict with your set of principles and standards. if they don't, get some.

Attached: 1619753605075.jpg (700x641, 46.42K)

>>164634455are you from RI? sounds like my friend who is a ghastly menace like that

>>164634543>I kind of want to win her over thothis will never happen she messages you because she is bored and wants an ego boost knowing that she is leading you along cut ties now. ive been in a similar situation

>>164634339this comment is the most accurate, bitch i'm not driving downtown to hang out with you and a bunch of your fucking 'friends' that you met at a coffee shop, or any faggoty trust fund baby that happened to show up that nightart is to been seen and not heard, so shut the fuck up

>>164634543She probably doesn't have interest in you. Girls like having "that guy at work" to bring up to their boyfriends to piss them off and you're that guy.

>>164634543Yeah, even if you could "win her over". Eventually someone else will win her over while you're dating her. Do you really want to date someone like that?

>>164634522>find a date for that nightWhy? Trying to make someone jealous is beta shit. Either you care and do something about it or you dont and leave her be while still being courteous whenever you talk

>>164634543ok. it's bait.

>>164634580ah, the 'work husband'classic

>>164634236>another thread>another user hiveminds the fpbpbless

>>164634302>been talking for a year nowI truly hope user got his answer as soon as he typed this out but hit submit just for the hell of it.

>>164634302why would a girl with a bf be worried about staying in constant correspondence with you? just go live your life and if she breaks up, wait a little while and ask if she wants to go out on a date. its not that hard. sitting around waiting for something that might not ever pan out is just stupid brah. youre over thinking all of this

>>164634302Listen to your gut. You don't want to go but you're trying to rationalize it. Don't go.

Attached: 1643331661673.png (545x530, 234.3K)

>>164634543>won't seeing me with another girl make her lose interest?Quite the opposite. Women are too stupid to see quality and thus rely one the esteem of men or the interest of other women to assess mates. I'm not even joking or an incel, this is just facts. Worst case scenario, you're happy with someone else rather than pining after another

>>164634455>I actually like her.and instead of sucking your dicks she's deepthroating her boyfriend's. cut off contact and move on, you fucking loser

>>164634645keep reading user, you must indulge in the purest suffering before you can become a better you

>>164634543God tier bait. You made me fucking angry

>>164634302go but take a .357 magnum with you and shoot her in the head. she is a demon who is fucking with your brain

>>164634302i've been in a similar situation. you need to set boundaries such that you won't get more attached immediately. only you know what those boundaries are, so be honest with yourself. if you stay single while being friends with her, she's going to linger in your mind. go meet other (single) girls

>>164634547>>164634568>>164634668I know she fins me attractive cause we met up with a group of friends one time and her bf was there. I went to target to shop for like snacks that night and she came along with her bf. She ditched her bf in the store and kept fucking flirting with me and wanted to shop together for things as if we were a couple. I even saw her fucking bf seething from far away.>>164634673true

>>164634415show up to this one then see what happens. You didnt like the result when you didnt show, so try something new

>>164634543God you are adorably retarded. Theres a 99% chance that she thinks you are an absolute "eww" But if she actually reacts to you with another girl you actually have a massive chance. Good luck.

>>164634737you're reading into that a little too muchthat's also bad behavior on her part, she will absolutely do that to you if not worse if you somehow, miraculously, became her boyfrienddo not fucking do it, homiecut off all ties, block her, say nothing, give no reasons. you owe her nothing.

>>164634737you are a tool to infuriate her current love interest, nothing moreplease user, i can't take anymore of this cringe, move the fuck on

>>164634627NPCs know the script by heart. Next let's have someone say "niggers" and someone else say "based".

>>164634302Don't go, Ghost her, and hopefully move on to another girl. Some of the biggest mistake of my life stem from being too hung up on girls when I could have moved on to better ones just to lose both in the end. You're a fucking adult, you don't have time to play with THOTS.

>>164634737>I know she fins me attractive cause we met up with a group of friends one time and her bf was there. I went to target to shop for like snacks that night and she came along with her bf. She ditched her bf in the store and kept fucking flirting with me and wanted to shop together for things as if we were a couple. I even saw her fucking bf seething from far away.She has a bf. You're not Jim Halpert, he's a fictional character. The Office is a fictional show. She's a woman, she would fuck you in a heartbeat if she actually found you attractive. Going shopping with you? That's what women do with their friends. You're like her gay best friend. She doesn't even see you as a sexual person. Time to move on

>>164634750>>164634772>>164634778>>164634844you guys have a point, I will admit I'm desperate. She is the first girl in like 7 years that has talked to me and found interest in me.

>>164634780Listen to this based nigger

>>164634920>She is the first girl in like 7 years that has talked to me and found interest in me.Yet you think you're hot enough to make some girl leave her bf for you? Yeah you sound like a chad

You guys remember being as pathetic as the guy in this thread? Some dudes just have to have the lesson burned into their soul. They won't take any advice. I could travel back in time and beat the shit out of my old self and he still would have kept trying with that soul sucking demon.

>>164634920you are the asset fren, move on and find someone who actually cares about how YOU feel, now about you you make them feel

Attached: 1637190329373.jpg (1024x683, 167.61K)

>>164634920You're gonna be the one that gets burned here. All doors lead to you getting lasting psychological damage that leave you incredibly distrustful of women. I'm telling you that this girl won't be good for you even if she ends up leaving her boyfriend for your shrimp dick ass (she won't).If you really REALLY want a chance to fuck her in the near future then you bring a date to her gay event. If she pouts and is upset you did it, then she wants dick.I'm telling you now though that even if you pulled this off, your fragile virgin little heart will get put through the wringer and you won't come out the same.

>>164634302Literally never talk to her again you dumb fucking nigger. What's wrong with you. She's not going to leave her bf for you. You're her fucking teddy bear she cuddles when her bf ignores her. You're honestly a huge loser if you ever talk to her again. 100%

>>164634415>she was a dick if I didn't goliterally never talk to her again outside of a strictly work-related capacity.

>>164634415you're her backup plan. She doesn't respect you at all and she's a shit friend. Women make shit friends in general because they think male friendship is just guys who do everything for her without sex.

>>164634920You know what? Keep at it, man. Don't give up on her I believe in you! You go get her I believe you can

>>164634920Fuck you

>>164634302Hire an escort who does GFE and tell her you need armcandy at a work thing. Go and introduce her as your new gf to this bitch you've been talking to. Then tell her you two have a movie to see and bounce. It should cost about $3-400 but that's just about $1 for every day you've wasted being a pathetic simp, so not much really.

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Attached: 1462510454645.jpg (1334x750, 380.63K)

Attached: The Office (US) (2005) - S08E07 - Pam's Replacement (1080p BluRay x265 Silence).mkv_snapshot_04.52.274.jpg (1920x1080, 269.86K)

>>164633694>Pam throws a huge fit at the bonfire saying no one went to her art show, even though Oscar did>Didn't go to Kevin's battle of the bands, who only got a little salty and moved onDude, fuck this selfish cunt


Attached: cheers.jpg (1140x798, 276.17K)

>>164636928She’s the worst thing about the office. The fucking worst. Entitled annoying cunt. I don’t even know if the writers were aware of how awful she.

>>164634611I know, I'm a little disappointed in everyone here. Even if it wasn't a joke, this character would be far beyond help. I think all these guys are just coping by talking to what they see as a former version of themselves.

>>164634339>that's what it's like being an artist>nobody really caresThis is the truth. The only people who might support you are other artists who think they're scratching your back so you'll scratch theirs. People care more about the money and status surrounding successful artists than they care about art or artists themselves.

>>164636928The sad part is that it isn't even about the characters in the show, it's about the real world and the people who watch it. Jim was successfully presented as the good guy despite being a deplorable piece of shit. Pam was successfully presented as good despite being a narcissistic, horrible cunt. It's not about whether or not the writers thought they were writing good people, or if they were good people within the show's world. Vast majority of people saw nothing wrong with these two people for no reason other than they were pretty.

>>164636746>spend $400 to convince someone who doesnt give a shit about you and just invited you to her thing so at least SOMEONE would show up, that you have a gfcringe

Attached: Jenna and John.webm (1067x600, 2.95M)

>>164638971John Krasinski is a chad but I fucking despise Jim and Pam.

>>164633694Pam was such a raging cunt.

>>164634543>I kind of want to win her over thomaybe spend the time finding a girl who doesn't have a bf and likes you

>>164634302Lol she's probably not answering your text because chad is dicking down that sweet pussy.

>>164638917Ummm, you also get to fuck them user.Rent, don't buy.

>>164634302Jesus, I was like this with girls in high school and I cringe every time I think about it. Holy shit I hope this is a bait post

>>164634302Don't go. Seriously? She doesn't give a shit about you. No pussy, no bother.

>>164634543>won't seeing me with another girl make her lose interest?wow you actually don't understand women at all

>>164638111it's like a minor form of therapy but only for those who make the connection

you're actually better off not understanding women.knowing how they think just rots your soul

office is for little girls

>>164634539>and the supporting cast only gets better with new inclusions

Attached: al-bundy-gif-17.gif (448x336, 1.9M)

>>164633694Wow this show is retarded I'm not watching it

>>164634302>like a girl>problem is she has a bfI have the solutionLike a different girl you cuck

Attached: 1631208326677.png (976x1014, 621K)

I was watching s3 yesterday and lmao’ing


>>164634322>>164634365Michael seems cool

>>164640910character was so good it cursed the rest of carell's career

>>164633694>colleague expects you to do anything out side of workNah bugger off.

>>164633694Drawing staplers is fine but why did she think it was worthy of display in an art show? Did she really think someone would like to buy a painting of a stapler?

>>164640939:^(Maybe he should invest the money and get a normal job

>>164633694>some poor production assistant had to actually paint these turds

>>164634920If you can’t love yourself you won’t find anyone to love you. She knows you’re a shit human being and is exploiting you. Now man up so you have options and aren’t simping over one whore.

>>164641001They could probably just ask a high schooler to do it for them for some extra credit

>>164634302She's stringing you along to keep you as a backup, retard.

>>164641020>>164641140It's funny you say that cause I know for sure she does not love herself either, she seems to be in a current relationship for the wrong reasons. When I think back to when we first started talking she was most likely 1 month in her relationship with this fag, she seemed pretty happy and full of life. Now she looks dead most days and barely talks

>>164633694M O T E L A R T

>>164634710/thread>>164634302kill her op don’t be a fag

Attached: C3BF124E-1DF1-4E3D-9889-49C0356D6C95.jpg (577x559, 107.81K)

>>164641160Please no more of thisIt has to stopI know you think it's fun to troll but there are real people behind the screenYou have to learn that your actions have consequences

>Go out with friends>End up in a club>One of the girls from my friend group is really friendly with me>She starts making out with me and touching my bumI don't understand what she means by this

>>164636859jenna bros...

Attached: Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 5.22.20 pm.png (718x408, 512.52K)

>>164641311Kill her

>>164634418>>164634543>won't seeing me with another girl make her lose interest?I also remember being 17 and clueless

>>164633694>A stapler>A mugBravo pam


Attached: embarrassing.png (600x706, 472.79K)

>>164634339they care. they just hate you for doing it.

It was actually for your parents during the bush era and they enjoyed it very much and then forgot about it. The millennials are the ones who thought that's what work life looked like and ruined the office work environment forever.

>>164634322In 2022 the boss would likely be fired for creepy stocking The news quotes >he just like showed up out of nowhere >he kept walking up to me and saying stuff about the art while I was with other people. >next work day he used it as an excuse to talk to me again, I don’t feel safe at work anymore.

Attached: 317A361B-5895-4966-984E-1655FA624932.jpg (340x211, 51.54K)

>>164634339That’s because your art is terrible college freshmen second semester tier, and you don’t realize it.

>>164641322Some reason I have a visceral dislike of that type of water bottle.

>>164634569My coffee shop friends: cooler than your friends.

Attached: 51A444CC-1879-401D-A6A3-695D720314DA.jpg (1080x1230, 528.97K)

>>164634339Fine Arts is the worst decision anyone can make for college. If anyone is highschool aged and has friends who are interested in a Fine Arts degree suit then sheen for an intervention and unless they have a very clear and specific plan for their future career in the arts and you know they're both extremely talented, driven to learn, and are the kind of outgoing person who will use the time in college to make connections then try and stop them if you care for them. And even then they can get the same results without the degree so it still might not be worth it if they can't get scholarships or their parents aren't paying for it

>>164641723> unless ....they have a very clear and specific plan for their future career in the arts and you know they're both extremely talented, driven to learn, and are the kind of outgoing person who will use the time in college to make connections then try and stop them if you care for them~>unless ... they have rich parents to support them for 20 years till they make it or die at the dead end of the junky roadFixed that for you.

Attached: 30102A28-D902-4AC8-B262-07BFEC3BEE52.jpg (403x598, 77.47K)

>>164641793Also true, but do you know any people like that who you care enough to sit down and have a conversation about their college ambitions with

>>164634339It’s really because we don’t want to lie about your average tier art and anything less than praise will be insulting from a friend.

>>164641902High school kids don’t know anything to tell other highschool kids and adults sound like the peanuts cartoons trying to tell highschool kids not to draw for a living

>>164641457Go to bed Gervais

>>164634415Kill her.

>>164640963This.>>164636928It’s not like any of them are friends.Trying to invite non friends to your cope hobby shit to fill seats is cringe and needy as fuck.

Attached: 2542BDA0-13CD-4A5C-8301-ACF914E0CBCC.gif (339x438, 121.78K)

>>164634737You're literally a more pathetic Jim. AKA a piece of shit.

>>164634302relationships and friendships are give and take, if all someone does is take - then they're not your friend, don't be an emotional tampon.Although, the event is a good opportunity and excuse to show up, say hi, then mingle and possible meet an actual available gf or friends. I'm an old man, but if the girl isn't a rotten cunt, sometimes getting knocked into the friendzone is OK if the girl puts some work in to help you meet other roasties instead of a holding pattern of "Break glass in case of need for attention when I'm between other boyfriends"Had an old female friend call me during Christmas week at 2am looking for an emotional tampon. Just hung up on her and turned off my phone. Texted her the next day, "please don't call unless emergency that late, that was rude and I didn't appreciate it".

Attached: 10258100_1404778933168557_6491481182770287636_n.jpg (640x640, 30.48K)


Attached: Screenshot_20220303-184142~2.png (307x823, 223.3K)

>>164633694Why did she drop out of art school? Did she even last a full semester? That was a weird and not very well developed arc.

Holy shit the YouTube comments for this scene are sappy and cringey as fuck.

Attached: 6D4BEF9C-BCEB-4FEA-9C7B-3C6237ACF3C4.jpg (749x592, 96K)

what is it with women/fags and art school? you don't have to go to school to make art

>>164640965>Drawing staplers is fine but why did she think it was worthy of display in an art show? Did she really think someone would like to buy a painting of a stapler?Sometimes you have a day where you have to draw/paint an object and you either forgot to bring something in or you need to challenge yourself with some clean, straight lines and proportion.

>>164642148>>164642148She failed the semester and there was all of this sentimental crap about not wanting to spend more time away from Jim. The writers probably tough it was romantic for her to drop out in order to stay close to Jim, but it just set her up as a failure. At least in the early seasons she was sweet and shy, but as the show goes on she becomes Jim 2.0 with the funny little coments and the smugness

>>164642184there's a reason why womemes have historically been where they've been.And in nearly every single point in history, a direct inverse correlation with women's rights/status and the degradation/ill state of a society.

>>164633694>tfw my first exhibit >mom comes>crush comes>frens come>teachers heaping praise on my workFeels good, man.

>>164634302Your an orbiter she keeps throwing crumbs to so you hang around to boost her sense of self worth. She's got at least 2 other guys she's doing the same thing with plus her BF who she 100% jokes about you and the other obiters too while also hinting to him that she has options. If your lucky if they break up you might have a shot before she ends up back with him or another non orbiter dude

>>164642253Kinda makes it seem like Roy was vindicated about not supporting Pam pursuing her art dreams. Not sure they were going for that message.

>>164634315This.>>164634365Gays are just failures that cope by embracing their rejection and making it their identity.Michael wants to fuck Pam, he tries to make a move on her all the time.

>>164634415then why do you like that bitch

>>164634415She is playing with you. Charming and deceiveing you. Women tend to do that shit... Your choice if you want to play along.

>>164634415the only advice you should take from 4chan is to not take advice from 4chanalso just trust your guts

>>164642346>Your an orbiter she keeps throwing crumbs to so you hang around to boost her sense of self worth. She's got at least 2 other guys she's doing the same thing with plus her BF who she 100% jokes about you and the other obiters too while also hinting to him that she has options. If your lucky if they break up you might have a shot before she ends up back with him or another non orbiter dudethere was a cool girl back in community college who kept doing shit like this to me and another guy, we ended up just becoming bros and her plan backfired. She ended up getting fucked over by some Aussie grifter leech a couple years later and me and that dude couldn't stop laughing about it on Faceberg.The #1 goal is to actually recognize female games and then to act appropriately while keeping your dignity. I know, easier said than done when you're a walking hard-on, but it will save you so many cringe moments later on in life if you treat yourself with respect and overcome your horny needy levels

Attached: embarassing laughing.jpg (615x409, 41.15K)

>>164634405Passive aggressive like a woman

>>164634302You’re probably her favourite orbiter because her bf does not give a fuck about her mundane whining about trivial everyday shit so you’re a useful tool when she needs that additional validation.

>>164633694Every middle aged white man on Tinder references this and Parks and Rec. I even had one send a paragraph long message where he mentioned both shows in the first message.

>>164642228Yeah but you don't bring your practice drawings to sell at an art show. Also that stapler has no clean lines and shitty proportion.

>>164634302>if I go I look like a bitch who will crawl to her all the timewell you already look like that

>>164642933OK,you've never been to a college or high school art show.It's a joke that all the art is for sale, sometimes old art students stop by, or lonely old men, who actually do buy the art - and the money either goes to the program or the student, and it's supposed to be for art supplies.At all of our first art shows we write ridiculous prices next to our pieces, but would be happy to get $5 for a stranger to simply be able to say, "I'm an artist now, I sold my own art".It's part fun, part serious.I actually did an ink drawing of my gf's old bank, and she had it as a screen saver. The president (small bank) saw it and she told him I drew it. He paid me $300 for it and it's framed in the lobby of their new bank location.To be honest, Pam's gallery looks like something that people with two year art degrees hang up when they've done a refresher course at the senior center 10 years later to flex their art muscles or stop drinking. It's pretty basic, but it's better than 85% of the population who doesn't even know how to paint and just make digital drawings of furries to post on deviant art

Attached: a toast with catsup.jpg (720x960, 47.6K)

Image having Pam take all her art home, and you forceable strip her down, you shove the stapler in her mouth.You take her from behind while standing up, grappling her boobs like handles and making her say “this is what I am for! “ The. You smear her vase panting on her ass and have her gag spilt over the cup paintingand your dick Now in doggy, as a train car load of orgasms glide over her with her vagial walls rocking like cars going bump done the tracks, milking the last load out of several into her, she is completely broken and happy, you don’t even have to tell her what to she is expected to do, she willing goes and squats over the last unruined panting, and let’s the mixed sperm and her glatious self lube drip out of her folds onto the office, ruining her art work forever. She’s crying, but it’s a cry of submission. She slumps down on it to really rub the majora over it, making sure it’s truly ruined. Her old feminist dreams will be forgotten, she is just your cock sleeve now.

Attached: CB4180A9-EC6A-4114-BE54-682DFB2B4244.jpg (500x280, 23.88K)


>>164642112I've seen the image hundreds of times and never noticed le joker

>>164638971That was so cute. I think I love toxic women...

>>164634920>>>/r9k/This is pathetic enough for you to fit in.

>>164643255tl;drI'm just going to assume you are wrong about whatever you just said.

>>164634302tell her you were only into her because you thought she was trans

>>164634400Because it actually happens a lot, it’s not nearly as strange as it sounds. it’s incredibly difficult to do unless you get lucky but it’s dishonest to act like living off of art is an impossibility.