Any films about female incels?

any films about female incels?

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I'm just here before the female psychological experts, who all earned their degrees from their basements on, tell you that it's impossible for women to be lonely and have a hard time with intimate relationships. Their evidence? Numerous social media posts from sorority girls and other normal women.


>>164631215brazil is a place not a movie

Those do not exist at all

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>weebs think women can be lonely

>>164631550>sea creaturekek

>>164631014>women>intimate relationships

>>164630932I’ve got the perfect movie for you

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The match factory girl

This was comfy.

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>>164631636didn't she lose weight

>>164631636Remember when they tried to make this industry plant a star?

As a 20-something virgin who has an otherwise normie-tier life, ie /fit/, decent job, friends, etc, and knows a handful of other guys my age who are virgins, I can tell you that I have never met a woman my age who was anywhere close to an "involuntary" virgin, I have never met one who had any trouble finding potential mates. Maybe this is true of women who are extremely obese or literally deformed, but no average-looking girl is an incel. Posts like this >>164631014 are made by the exact people who they claim to deride. If you went to college, go to events, work halfway prestigious corporate jobs, you know that no average looking girl who also does any of this is a forever alone salty bitter incel virgin or whatever.

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>>164631780shamein my opinion woman needs some mass on her

>>164631550this but unironically

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>>164630932all women have tons of friends and sex female incels dont exist except maybe in asia

The chubbuck movie with rebecca hall and dexter.

>>164630932jajaja lmao wtf are you guys even doing in the so called first world, I don't even doubt about woman being incels as well, you all went completely social retarded and isolated yourselves so much with video games, movies, animes etc

>>164630932>being able to walk around a busy city at night and not have to worry about niggersHow do they get away with it?


I only know of one and it still amazes me. Shes like a 6/10 in the face with a 8/10 body. She lives with her parents and works at there store. I tried to make conversation with her a couple times but she has extreme social anxiety I guess and maybe even autism. She stays in her room all day according to her parents. Probably browsing this website and shoving huge dildos up her Vagene

>>164631550>human beings have objective attraction preferences and judge people accordinglyHOLD THE FUCKING PHONE

>>164631014they are chad's cum dump. they're never lonely and don't have a hard time getting dick.

>>164630932Female incels literally just become those butch dykes with neon dyed hair colors, become hardcore radical feminists that constantly try to change society standards of beauty and shove homo shit into media.anything other then that isn't real femcel stuff.

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>>164631014Women cannot be lonely because ugly fat guys would fuck them, however, incels will not fuck ugly fat women..Interesting.

>>164630932Just go to Crystal Cafe>>164631014Jesus Christ you are obnoxious,

>>164632254By not importing niggers to do menial farm work 200 years back


>>164632688Kill yourself newfag.

>>164632775>Kill yourself newfag.Not the response I was expecting. I've been here for 15 years, you have been here for 2 weeks.

>>164632688I wanna hatefuck a Crystal cafe femoid so bad

>>164632478how can i get one of those except without the dildo thing haha

>>164632688you are literally homosexual

>>164633069no you

>>164633069I want to see female incels angry about not getting dicked down and that makes me gay? Explain yourself.

japanese males are too busy obsessing over idols and/or fictional characters

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>>164633181That idol guy sure is going hard at that Japanese comedic overacting thing.

>>164633181he's a pretty popular actor over there and marries a popular actress

>>164633181>student film acting>feature film productionjapan is bizarre

>>164630932Is this what japanese television is like?

>>164633501well that clip is from a japanese television show so...

barring an extremely violent mental illness (and perhaps not even then), women cannot be incels

>>164633501Seems like no one on 4chin watches anything but those semi-cute weather girls, so I doubt anyone knows


>>164631767>breaks up so she can fuck some guys>boyfriend refuses to et back togetherthe only good part of that movie

>>164631550The nastiest, grossest bitches I ever worked with always got the most consistent dick.

>>164632658I like how the incels never ever respond to this fact that destroys their whole argument. Gee... I wonder why.

>>164631767>>164633689>Alice dumps her boyfriend to ride the cock carousel>tries to get back with boyfriend>he's seeing somebody else and ends up engaged to her>Alice ends up alonebased

>>164632658incels wont fuck ugly fat women, but normal men will

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>>164630932No such thing80% of men compete for top 20% of womenThe ugliest girl you can envision still has more choice from the remaining 20%Maybe there's a fringe case of a girl being buttfuck ugly and thoroughly unpleasant to be around at the same time

>>164633928Its so weak there is no need to reply to it. I'll fuck anything human, female and of age. I'm not an incel though so I guess my opinion is irrelevant.

my autistic chink

>>164633970Fat chicks is where I personally draw the lineGod bless Ugly Sluts though, put a bag over their heads and the sex is good

>>164634009>>164633638This is the last time I'm going to do this, you go to that site and tell me with 100% honesty that you still believe female incels don't exist. You can't.

>>164634133Sorry I don't confuse internet with realityIt is a second, separate reality

>>164634154So male incels don't exist either then. If we aren't counting the vocal minority on the internet.

>>164630932What movie?

>>164634191it's a tv show

>>164634133send these femcels over to me then, i bet they think theyre too good for mehence not femCEL

>>164634181Yes, they spend too much time on the internet instead of trying to get laidBelieve you me it doesn't take a lot of trying

>>164631550why is his spellcheck multiple colors?

>>164634009Incels argue that women cannot be lonely because there is always a man, whether they find him attractive or not, that would fuck them.These same incels will reject any women that is not a 10/10 subservient virgin who loves to talk about WW2 and claim that they cannot get laid,

>>164634238Go try to court them yourself tiger. I wish you nothing but luck. No matter how hard they try there isn't a cock detector that will rat you out as not being a women. >>164634245I agree with you, so I'm not going to debate with you anymore. between you and me incel is a fake slur that only exists to hurt people's feelings

>>164634090> I'm not an incel though so I guess my opinion is irrelevant.Exactly.It's not weak, it just doesn't apply to you.

>>164634310>These same incels will reject any women that is not a 10/10 subservient virgin who loves to talk about WW2 and claim that they cannot get laid,This isn't true and you are one of these three things a seething roastie, a tranny or a troll.


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>>164634331idk WHAT the fuck you just said, but i think youre saying that if i went over there, theyd tell me to fuck off that i dont actually want them

>>164634238>i bet they think theyre too goodThis is exactly what the incels do.They have impossible standards.

this was good

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>>164634363It is a fact.

>>164634100I can save her

>>164630932No such thing.

>>164634445>They have impossible standards.just>be a virgin>no tattoos>no stds>no kids >not obeseand you're 10/10

>>164634546I don't care about 4 of those. The STDs thing is a no go for sex, but not for a relationship.

>>164631550Humans are petty it's like 4chan complaint about ugly people like look in a mirror

Welcome to the Dollhouse

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>>164634445I have zero standards for a woman, just not a single mom and no STDs. I wouldn't even mind someone somewhat overweight.

>>164634604>relationship without sexCan you try to make it less obvious you're a porn addicted virgin?>inb4 i dont care about sex that muchGet your T levels checked then, 50 bucks the doctor comes back with bad news

>>164630932Anyone know what film this is?

>>164634445Any incel would fall in love with any 3/10 that would do something simple as talk to then because lonely men are simple as that. I even know of little a group being torn apart because an edgy ugly bitch got into it and all the "IHATEWOMEN" crew started worshipping her rofl.

>>164635220>porn addicted virginYeah, I'll admit it, but do you really think someone can't have a relationship without sex? If so you have much more serious problems then I do.

>>164631550the fuck is she asking to be toasted at burger king? is this not a subway thing? also fuck off with the toasted crusty shit. if i wanted my bread dried out and chipping my teeth i would ask you, wagie faggot

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>>164635073Have you considered developing enough self-respect to not base your self-worth on the opinions of whores?

>>164635275Why bother wasting time and money on a woman if she cant at least let you fuck her wet hole?

>>164635368Thats the thing, I don't hate women user. I treat women like men in most instances.


>>164631014Ain't no such thing as a femcel.Go on female dating strategy on you know which site. Women can very easily get sex. It's the RELATIONSHIPS they can't hold on to.Incels can't get either.

>ugly woman>just becomes a slut and feels empowered when fucking multiple menI hate women.

>>164631014Is this supposed to be like when eminem gets out all of his shortcomings before his final opponent in the movie 8 mile?


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>>164631014You are correct. Females can not be lonely since life on easy mode. And it is even more impossible for a female to be an incel. Well done roast beef, well done.


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>>164631550Why does the one on the left have grey hair? Is she supposed to be elderly?Also>sea creatureFucking kek, gonna start using that

>>164630932>Incel>She easily has sex, even in the very gif you postedWhat did you mean by this?Also is this about female Japanese Pro Wrestlers?Why is it called "Joshi"?


>>164637249joushi means women in japanese user


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>>164631014FPBP as always

>>164637358This is obviously just some angry lesbo who is mad that all her girl friends are being pounded by men lmao

>>164633776because they were eager to get any kind of dick and give up their nasty pussy at willugly bitches are great

>>164631767any picture of a woman holding alcohol is infuriating because they always have a retarded face to go with it

>>164637358This is some incel tier speech right there, starting to believe that femcels actually exist after this kek, but is actually great stuff, incels should actually take this advice and stop being so pathetic

>>164630932Sex is so overated, don't understand why you guys keep letting porn and american pie ideas of life destroy you, just pay for it a few times and you will understand how stupid it would be to trade your freedom, mental health and all free time to give time to support some bitch so she may give you a glorified masturbation with her hole for a few minutes after which you won't want to stand around her, fuck this shit jerk it off and go back to gaming and eating doritos


Was Christine actually any good?

>>164630932The Loved Ones

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>>164631550Based and redpilled.You guys have no idea how much better it is to be an ugly man than an ugly woman.

>>164639331Thats just an outright lie.


>>164639331Wrong. The factual ranking is:attractive female > average female > attractive guy > unattractive female=average guy > uglymorbidlyobesewomanwith2kidsfromdifferentfathers > unattractive guy

>sister is a spincel>she watches kpop videos on youtube all day>years of intense twitter addiction have left her hyperjudgemental so when she has a chance with a guy, she rejects him

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>>164630932How is she an incel when she had a relationship and did all the things incels dream of? Stupid whores can't even tell what's what.

>>164639594hey don't call me a whore

>>164639331Agreed. As a man, you can improve your "number" by improving yourself or your situation. Women's primary value is their body, if you were born ugly there's not much you can do. The men disagreeing with this are just too lazy to improve themselves.

>>164631014nah i work for a living. i've met a number of incel women over the years.

>>164630932what tv show is this?


Woman cant be Incel even an ugly fat orc can get Simps wanted to fuck them Woman dont know what true pain is

>>164631550This is just a woman projecting her thoughts onto a hypothetical scenario because she thinks that guys are like her.

how can femcels exist when i exist? op btfo

It's not that women can't feel loneliness it's just that their comprehension of it is completely different from a man due to being given attention all their life.

Christine with Rebecca Haul. Several scenes of her being an autist.

>>164630932I liked this one

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>>164639331This. Ugly women get absolutely no fucking respect. If you're an ugly dude it's just "wow he's a creep" at worst. If you're an ugly woman it's basically over because people will make up any number of fucked up personality traits for you until you end up fitting one thanks to neuroticism.


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>>164631014>>164633928i knew maybe one girl that was lonely (and i had a crush on but missed my chance because of covid) with pretty much intense social anxiety.. met her in the closed psychiatry then covid happened and we all got send home never saw her again.. so its definitely a thing... still on average women have it easier to get a mate i dont think anyone will dispute that.

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>>164630932No, because a female incel isn't a thing. Even a male incel is barely a thing because most incels are just really unnattractive volcels who won't fuck uggos or prostitutes.>>164631014It's absolutely possible for a woman to have a hard time finding LOVE. There are plenty of movies about this, and that's quite realistic. A woman who has a hard time finding SEX is not, however. Maybe she could have a hard time finding good sex, but that's leaning stronly volcel again and not incel.

>>164640744>missed my chanceno you missed a bullet, thank god for watching over you.

>>164630932Ex Machina

>>164640785i mean i was basically in for the same reasons alcohol/drug abuse social anxiety etc maybe thats why i crushed on her so hard.. she "knows" and was the same lol

>>164640810no that's about a mechanical woman learning about her nature

>>164630932>female incels?No such thing, any movie about this would be regarded as fantasy genre

>>164640425Tokyo girl

>>164640490Fuck this guy's good

This is just a stealth r9k thread

>>164639331Absolutely agreed, you'd have to be naive or delusional to disagree. Being unattractive as a man or woman is a rough deal, but physical appearance contributes much more to your value as a woman than a man.

>>164631636>>164631767Wtf I thought Chris Farley died like 25 years ago ??


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>>164640744Women don't want bottom of the barrel men, user.

>>164631014You dont suffer like we do, whore. And you know it, unless you are autistic. Your just lording it over us. Then you wonder why men kill people.

>>164631728That movie made me more depressed than Norm Macdonald

>>164641598Women just have to lower their standards. Men just have to pay for it.

>>164639331I was thinking earlier about how Gary V proves this. He looks like a fucking garden gnome and has to be a manlet yet has loudly talked his way to success and has shitloads of wealthy and influential people trusting him and letting him scam them. Elizabeth Holmes would've been BTFO way sooner if she'd been ugly instead of average with blonde hair. Ugly chicks might get pumped by some dick looking for a warm hole, but that's all they're getting.

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>>164641630Are you trying to make a point? The argument was that its easier to be ugly for a man than it is for women.... but the actual stats disagree.. (they even disagree for average looks)

>>164631552>women can't be lonely because disingenuous fake smiles from men are meant to count as companyWhy is it SO important for you people to undermine anyone else's difficulties in life?

>>164639217Dexter guy actually gives an amazing performance. He somehow captured the essence of a completely shallow and self-absorbed retard who strives to only mean well towards and uplift others. Way more interesting than if he was just a straightforward jerk

>>164634310What a strawman, lol. You are not a victim.

>>164641683picking out exceptions is when the average is the opposite doesnt make it suddenly true on average/for most people

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>>164634480Opinion =/= fact

>>164635443>I treat women like men in most instances.Your lying to yourself

>>164632658This is like saying you cannot be lonely because some fat 90 IQ autistic guy will happily talk to you about Sonic for 12 hours a day.Even when you're surrounded by friends and relations, you can still feel lonely, because those relationships aren't satisfying you on some crucial level. Married men with families have this happen to them too. If your wife stops loving you and becomes cold and callous after years of marriage, you're going to feel incredibly alone and isolated, even while on the surface, things seem warm.

>>164630932what's the title of the thing? tokyo women's guide? tokyo daydream girls?

>>164641692Even simple logic disagrees, the laws of nature disagrees, do these people think deer and most mammals have artificial gender norms too? or is it coincidence we have same basic nature?

>>164637358She's not wrong.

>>164641758Physical attractiveness isn't the top priority for women that it is for men. You keep reposting this diagram like we don't know that women will overlook physical shortcomings if a man makes up for it in other ways. Selection would've pushed for the average woman to be more physically attractive (at least to men) than the average man to women because they'd have a better choice of male mate. Men should be (and are) more robust in other aspects than attractiveness. There's a reason Forbes' list isn't only full of and our countries aren't ruled by 10/10 Chads. Women only need to be hot enough to carry on the seed. Men need to be able to provide for the seed which having a chiseled jawline isn't necessary for.

>>164641699>Why is it SO important for you people to undermine anyone else's difficulties in life?We wonder why women do that everyday, whore.

>>164641814And that's the problem, you're equating a man of equal intelligence as someone that's a fucking autist and generally unpleasant alongside not sharing a hobby. The fact that you have to blow the comparison so far out of the water is why no one in this thread believes you. It's absolutely possible for women to be lonely, but the shit you're saying just further reinforces that belief these people have because you're making it seem like to an average woman, your average guy is a subhuman. Seriously, are you a false flag or something?

>>164630932here's your femcel bro

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>>164632658more accuratly its actually ugly women still get ugly guys (and even average guys)while ugly guys dont get anything they dont pay for

>>164641870>You dont have to be HOT, just attractive, wealthy, well educated and have multiple hobbies.You don't even see what you are saying.

>>164631014Close; female incels hardly exist (they're usually INCREDIBLY obese AND some form of hideous etc), but most women have no trouble getting laid. The issue most women DO have is lasting relationships, because they don't think about long term anything lmao

>>164641881Its just a woman trying to play victim. Its very common.

>>164631014You don't belong here

>>164641895If ugly women get ugly guys that means that ugly guys get ugly women.


>>164641870it literally is on every dating stat there is... if you are a millionaire women will put up with that but this isnt exclusive to women, lots attractive man that go for old rich women.

>>164641914practice your reading comprehension bro, I was agreeing with you

Lexx starts like this for the first season and like half of the second, but then they fucked it up by having her lose it getting fucked by four dudes at once and she ceases being attractive as a result.It's a shame because before that the running gag was that every time she met a guy she wanted to fuck he'd always have some reason they couldn't fuck just yet and get killed before they could.

>>164641881>you're making it seem like to an average woman, your average guy is a subhuman.It's always funny to see them slip up and unintentionally reveal their actual beliefs

>>164641914very embarrassing to delete a post instead of apologizing user.

>>164641881You started talking about fat ugly men having purely physical relations with women you pig. Your false moral outrage here is completely unjustified, all I've done is take your thinking one step further. And it doesn't matter if the guy is average or not. You can feel lonely around some 10/10 woman if she doesn't give you what you need.

>>164639277Definitely doesn't count, her dad was clearly fucking her. She just gets bored with the boys after she has them and gives them the basement zombie treatment.

>>164634859Oh shit I completely forgot about this movieGood fllick

>>164642019That's not me you stupid fuck, and the fact that your entire argument hinges on personal attacks from another person should tell you to stop posting. Jesus fuck you're autistic.

>>164641975>So I look back over my life and think, What did my looks do for me? They got me a few jobs, and a lot of boyfriends … but what else? I didn’t get married until I was 35 because I didn’t want the merry-go-round to end.

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>>164641870>Physical attractiveness isn't the top priority for women that it is for men. You keep reposting this diagram like we don't know that women will overlook physical shortcomings if a man makes up for it in other waysi posted statistics that prove that women have way more unrealistic standards than demands than men do.. so i dont get how you even think >either be unrealistically hot in the 1% of men as per statistics or be rich is in any way a "defense"

>>164642019>you pigThis is why women are hateable - you are consistently cunty to anyone you disagree with, always. Its the primary reason for gender issues. You are insufferable holes. Your only kind to men you want to suck off.

its our time bros

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>>164631550See this is bullshit because I've been flirted with by ugly girls. In fact it happens way more often than with pretty ones and I'm always polite with them and feel flattered by it.

>>164642079>in the last year

>>164641911Are you implying that every married man is attractive, wealthy, well educated, and has multiple hobbies? You do not need all of those things. Having more resources than them is more than enough for most women. You won't get 10/10 Stacies with your 50k, but you will get a female mate that rates about average. I'm tempted to dox a few hundred and mutual friends I've got on Facebook as a sample size to prove that average-looking men do get okay, if not pretty female mates when they're gainfully employed. I know that's outrageous here in NEETville.

>>164642079Incels are evolving into trannies and fucking each other

>>164642054My argument hinges on the stupid standard put out, about the illegitimacy of feeling lonely because someone completely unsuitable for you will give you something that won't alleviate your loneliness. I rewrote the point to show that it can also be used to argue that men can't feel lonely either. I'm not calling average men 90 IQ retards more than the person I was responding to was calling them fat and ugly (who you didn't respond to, how interesting)>>164642075Why wouldn't I be 'cunty' to someone delegitimizing feelings of loneliness? If your mom died and some dick told you that you can't feel sad because of some stupid criteria like all your limbs being functional, you'd find it frustrating and ridiculous too.

Hold on, I have a folder of girls I swiped left on tinder. It also has trannies and fags who marked themselves as girls, but those aren't femcels.

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>>164642079I live in a young, outdoorsy urban area close to beaches and social stuff like that and I see next to no women with boyfriends these days. its weird. most are by themselves, or, at best, walking around with like one or two other girlfriends. same with guys too. like wtf happened to couples? they literally do not exist anymore.

>>164641814>This is like saying you cannot be lonely because some fat 90 IQ autistic guy will happily talk to you about Sonic for 12 hours a day.Not to be an asshole but most women are at about this level of interesting and then aren't even nice like some low confidence autist might be. The average woman is more boring than a dog's ass and it's biology that deludes us into believing otherwise. It is what it is.

>>164642118on average women have way more unrealistic standards than men when dating this is a statistical fact (and makes natural sense)

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>>164642141Your argument hinges on the person you're arguing with being an entitled little shit. You wouldn't be shiftung the goalposts without this. He made a completely different point to what you presented because it showed your double standard in arguing for ugly dudes to just go for ugly bitches instead of having high standards but then screeching like an ape when the opposite was applied. I merely gave you an observation that by comparing an average dude(which is what I consider most people called "ugly" to be unless literally deformed) to someone that's 90 fucking IQ and autistic while not addressing this double standard, you're merely reinforcing everyone's beliefs, which you are and continue to be. You're not going to reshape the argument with gaslighting, this is a fucking image board, people can read the conversation again and again.

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>>164630932Brazilian show, Confessions of an Invisible GirlPros:-Cute nerdy lead girl (don't worry actor is 21, even though her character is younger)-Literally a cast whiter than any current show in America, in Brazil of all fucking places>She is obsessed with Chad blonde hair white guy throughout the entire movie>Chad white guy leaves her and ends up with a hotter Brazilian white girl>No favela, ghetto, drug, violent bullshit, makes Brazil actually look quite nice and wholesome>All the girls are hot on some levelCons:>Annoying Brazilian gay guy supporting character>At the very end of the movie, she hooks up with like the only black person (it's Netflix) because the Chad white guy went back to his hotter ex-girlfriend anyways

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>>164642180she's actually cute in picture on the left.

>>164642141>Why wouldn't I be 'cunty' to someone delegitimizing feelings of loneliness?Thats why your lonely, you're a cunt. Grow up.>>164642118No? You implied they were necessary for a man to be attractive. Are you stupid?

>>164642180holy shit is this real

>>164642150Everywhere I go I see couples..

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>>164642217>Oh Okay Cuz I Thought An "All Lives Matter" Ass Bitch Said Something

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>>164642349She just looks like Spiderman.

>>164642221No he didn't. The point he made is very obvious. That women cannot feel lonely because they can have sex. >arguing for ugly dudes to just go for ugly bitchesI never argued for this you idiot. The only thing I ever argued was that you can still feel lonely even if you have sex. >comparing an average dude(which is what I consider most people called "ugly" to be unless literally deformed) to someone that's 90 fucking IQ and autisticTwo thirds of that post are talking about normal non-autistic people in very ordinary life circumstances. The point is to start with an exaggerated example which highlights the problem in the other person's standard and to then connect that to ordinary life, because it makes the point clearer. >You're not going to reshape the argument with gaslightingYou're forcing arguments into my mouth that I never made. I never equated normal guys to 90 IQ autists and it's on you for purposefully reading that amount of maliciousness into a post the majority of which is preoccupied with the plight of NORMAL guys.

>>164642142>>164642180>>164642192>>164642217>>164642236>>164642298This is just sad. I can't even bring myself to make fun of, get angry at or shitpost about them on the internet. These people are already at their absolute lowest, all I can do is just shake my head. Truly a lost generation.

>>164633928Because it is no argument?

>>164642349Or iron man.

was she an incel?also wahts up with all the schizos in this thread

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>>164642270Yes because I would definitely not be lonely with someone who undermines my subjectivity.

>>164642141everyone can be lonely that is true

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>>164634133I go there and some other sites. I lurk there, I sometimes post there. Females can not be incels. All the females on CC either have a bf, fuck someone, are married or are ignoring guys left and right. Females can not be incels, can not be lonely, can not be unwanted.

>>164641598Female attractiveness is definitely not that perfectly distributed so the only possible conclusion I can take from this pic is the men are either lying, delusional or bad at perceiving how women use angles and lighting to looksmax for photos

>>164642371That's literally exactly what he did you dumb fuck. His post is right up there, if you want to keep being a dishonest liar:>>164632658>Women cannot be lonely because ugly fat guys would fuck them, however, incels will not fuck ugly fat women..>Interesting.This is literally calling you out on your double standard. No amount of coping will change that. >I never argued for this you idiot.Then why did you even reply you dumb fuck? That was his original argument, made presumably because faggots like you who are "shitposting" say that all the fucking time about men. You wouldn't have a reason to reply if you didn't disagree with that argument, and go on to make exactly that in the post I replied to. >Two thirds of that postWhy the fuck does that matter? If your main premise is already fucked then it doesn't matter what the fuck else you argued about you ape. >You're forcing arguments into my mouth that I never made.No, they're right up there. You're the one forcing arguments into others mouths because you're too fucking dumb or purposefully malicious to see what people are telling you.

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>>164642430>incel, lonely, unwantedlonely doesnt fit in there.. everyone can be lonely

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>>164642395She had sex though you fag

>>164642474Everyone, except females.

>>164631550>You'll love it!No, thanks.(Lmao I'll be the one deciding, what I love, bitch.I know, you are forced by upper management to push unpopular and new shit to clients, but I don't give a fuck.If I want you recommendations, I'll ask for it.)

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>>164642409You dont understand - shift the attitude and find men who are fun. I am man, and I hate cunty women. We all share that trait, except for simps. You clearly hate simps. You also clearly think you suffer like we do. You are incorrect. So, re asses, and find the kindness in yourself. Whe you are presented with male anger, try to diffuse with REAL kindness. You are a woman and to find a good man you will have to be kind to shitty ones first. Much like how lonely men MUSt put yhemselves out there and face rejection.

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>>164642553>i have no idea why im here

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>>164642454>This is literally calling you out on your double standardWhat fucking double standard? My first post is in response to the one you linked, saying you can feel lonely despite having sex.>Then why did you even reply you dumb fuck?Because he said women can't be lonely because men will fuck them? Which is a stupid statement which misunderstands what loneliness is for BOTH genders.>"shitposting" say that all the fucking time about men.I've never said that about men. People shouldn't pursue relationships that aren't right for them regardless of their gender. Everything I've said has been orbiting this fucking point. You can feel lonely even when getting fucked, even when someone smiles at you and kisses you. >Why the fuck does that matter? Because the main premise is the conclusion from the hyperbolic hypothetical which elucidates the point I'm trying to make, not the hypothetical itself. If someone asked you to imagine humanity without societies to elucidate what human nature is, do you fly into a false moral outrage about the false equivalence of pre-civilization humanity to modernity? I mean what the fuck. This is such a basic bitch way of making a point, I refuse to believe you would be THIS mad unless there's some genuine misunderstanding.>to see what people are telling youWhat you're telling me is some implied subtext which isn't my intention or my genuine belief.

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>>164642508yeah but she was an incel at heart

>>164642349>The donut box, you opened it, we came.

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>>164642553>>164642571She could probably be fixed with a good dicking

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>>164642617I'd let her suck my pudd.

>>164634310I dont have to reject anyone since girls dont ever approach me do I. But yes I have standards either way. No tattoos, no kids, low bodycount, no neon hair, no piercings, no fat, etcNot my fault 90% of women fail such easy tests

>>164642559If someone was speaking bad about you behind your back to your wife, wouldn't you want her to get cunty and come to your defence? Don't you think there are times where being angry and frustrated, even if not the best result, are at the very least justified? >You clearly hate simps.But I don't, what the fuck. I don't think I've said, at any point ITT, that I've hated anyone. You people really believe the worst about me

>>164642622I don't know man, she's so into meth at 18 she made it one of her screen names and she already looks like she's in her forties.

>>164631014Pic related has had boyfriends.

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>>164642680you are probably getting baited

>>164642682Trust me dude, there's nothing a good dicking can't fix with women.Mental episodes, bouts of depression, drug use, etc. can all be fixed by fucking her silly. It's literally that easy.


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>>164642142>>164642180>>164642192>>164642217>>164642236>>164642298>>164642420>>164642463>>164642499>>164642553I would

REEE WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO MEN BIGOT>All men aged 16-60 are forbidden from leaving the country for forced conscription, enjoy facing professional soldiers as an untrained civilian Uhhh, which way to the Polish border? tee hee. Hey if you give me a ride I'll blow you :)

>>164642622>>164642787She did make a new profile with the same -and additional- pictures of herself in it later, but stripped of all the cringy political shit.Dick don't fix crazy though. Or ugly for that matter.


>>164632127>The chubbuck movie with rebecca hallChristine. Came here to post it


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>>164642810I would most BUT the political/"""nonmonogamous"""" ones.

>>164630932Female incels don't exist. Don't kid yourself

>>164642900>nonmonogamousOh I got some of those, but they're the opposite of femcels. I can't count the number of "open marriages" I see on there. I always wonder how many of them are really just the guy by himself who you have to "talk to first" then eventually the girl disappears once he feels you've confirmed at least a willingness to have sex with him in the room.

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>>164642968You sir have clearly never seen my 600lb life

>>164642900>>164642810I notice both of you skipped the deformed one in the wheelchair.

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>>164637358this is the only convincing femcel rant I've ever read, and that's how I know it was written by a man. this woman doesn't exist. women don't have this level of insight.

>>164642994How is this a counter argument? I have seen tons of woman on My 600lb Life have husbands or boyfriends. Tammy from 1000lb Sisters has a boyfriend and that bitch is like 800lbs.

>>164642833Some popular feminist instagram page addressed this. Their point was "women can get raped during a war".Idk, I'd rather dodge some dicks than a hail of bullets or missiles.Someone in the comments got a lot of likes for calling the idea that women are physically weaker a "stereotype".


>>164630932Of course women can get lonely, but only if they're extremely neet or over 30.

>>164642994>>164643104He has a point, every single episode I've seen of those shows the chick has some brow-beaten husband or boyfriend enabling her.

>>164642137laughing at this for like 4 minutes now.just imagining no-chin incels evolving like pokemon into disgusting troons and having disgusting puss-filled sex with each other is so fucking hilarious.this is seriously the funniest post ive seen on 4channel all year.

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>>164642968>>164642968>>164642968I don't know. Depends how you define incel. Do you have to be willing to sleep with literally anybody that's at least somewhat interested in you or otherwise you're not really an incel?I'm an incel, I guess (well, definitely a khh permavirgin), but I suppose I could score a 2/10 or a 60 year old woman (I''m in my late 20s) if I put in some effort.

>>164642420>gorditakek. understatement of the fucking century.

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>>164642994Don't the people on those shows always have enablers supporting their fucked up lifestyle?

>>164642499dios mio, la chupacabra

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>>164643251It is funny but I think a more likely explanation is that unfuckable freaks who become trannies started responding to those kind of surveys as female, driving up the 'female' incel numbers.


>>164641598This graph makes zero sense as an argument to my statement

>>164633181Where is this from?


>>164642994And you, sir, have never heard of BBW or SSBBW. Yes, even unrecognisable blobs of fat have guys after them. Females. Can. Not. Be. Unwanted. Get it in your head.

>>164631014I know some lonely girls doesn't mean that your tumblreddiscord bullshit is welcome here

>>164630932the piano teacher

>>164631014t. womoid

>>164643251There's this post I see get posted every once in a while that haunts me to this day because it reminds me of one of my exes, and I just fucking know it's the situation she's in now. Because she was a hot as fuck tomboy, looked like Sophia Lillis but taller, and she was into all that shit bought whatever tumblr, twitter or tiktok told her and repeatedly tried to get me interested in taking her to "non-judgmental" orgies.The copypasta is about this guy who dated a girl who was ftm but still looked like a girl, she just cut her hair short and didn't wear make up and how she broke up with him because he wouldn't accept her gender identity, so she joins some forum of trannies and they agree to do a meetup and have an orgy, but she was the sole ftm there. Every single other one was a dude in a dress, so she gets there and like eight of the ugliest dudes she'd ever seen fuck her in dresses and she begs her cuck ex to go pick her up.I really hope we reach a point where marxists are publicly executed en masse using their internet posting history as evidence.

think of the ugliest most disgusting cunt you know. she has several orbiters at every moment she could have sex if she wanted in less than an hour

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>>164644354I know exactly which screencap you're talking about. Truly horrifying.I unironically want a new American Hitler to cleanse the earth of these people by any means necessary.

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>>164630932No such thing

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