ITT: Future Oscar winners

ITT: Future Oscar winners

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>>164630373D H Trymp

>>164630373I didn't know they did a Langoliers reboot


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>>164630493She can't act

>>164630493I wish that was my Christmas present

I hope

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>>164630373>and the oscar for the least human looking human who is physically incapable of closing her mouth goes to....

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>>164630655Yes she can.

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>>164631068Is she a mouthbreather?

>>164630373God this bitch is weird looking. It's like someone stretched a face mask over a balloon.

>>164630373I don't care what anyone else thinks. Awkwafina is hot, and I would smash her sideways puss.

>>164631180yes her nose is actually now more an ornament than a working body part

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>>164631068tbf, she could be very hot is she completely changed her face with plastic surgery. people here love to give koreans shit about their faces and surgery but as long as you arent having kids with them, who cares? if we can change ugly people into beautiful, we should embrace it, not shame it

>>164631279her time passed

>>164631389It's just starting

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>>164631462She's not going to win, user.

>>164631628Maybe but she's now going to be known as serious actress Kristen Stewart

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>>164631675Nah, she'll go back to indie movies no one has ever heard of like the last decade after a brief resurfacing for an Oscar bait that failed

>>164630373Looks like she'd be good at deepthroating.

>>164630740I love her!!

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>>164631675She hit the wall and producers don’t want to fuck her anymore.

>>164631279>>164631675I love KStew


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>>164630373She ain't winning anything, because she pissed off the blacks

>>164632023She's dog ugly but damn those are some choice feet.

>>164632055No she didn't

>>164632055That ain’t a hard thing to do user.

>>164630373this chick is absolutely hideous, good God

>>164630373I hope so.

>>164630373for your consideration

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>>164632485She cute

>>164631734>>164630740>>164630447These ones


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>>164633223Can't act

>>164630576The bug won.

>>164630373you just know she's going to shit out white babies

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>>164631795>crushed by award statue

>>164630740>actually good actress>no directors give her any starring film roleswhy?

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>>164632485Cute potato elf, 10/10 would breed

>>164630447hidden booba

>>164633223This.And lgbtq+ faggots won't shut up about it.

>>164633223Whos this mattress actress

>>164632423She's kind of ugly-cute, but that's as far as I'd push it.


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>>164630373I know this is bait, but you're probably correct, which says far more about the state of how compromised nearly every institution is than anything.

>>164633584She was very good in The Farewell

>>164630373When will she do nudes, I have a mighty need

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>>164633726I'll give you $200 young miss, now open wide my cock is going to destroy that mouth of yours.

>>164633645>I have a mighty needto what, jump start a vomit?


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>>164633726>Art career is just a front and is actually a high class escort now>Lets old dudes with tons of dough fuck her and creampie herI need more money

>>164633379She won't suck dick for roles

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>>164630447Just reminds me of an uglier version of a chick I worked with that flirted with me.She had a BF but I didn't know at the time.

>>164634679>reading a Bane thread.webm


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>>164630655franny can do anything she puts her mind to

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>>164635074>trust me it totally happened and she was better than the movie stars

>>164631068>>164631180botched jaw shaving procedure


>>164635739No user, she's just ugly. It happens.

>>164635539Lots of women are prettier than move stars, are you so brainwashed to think that movie stars are the ultimate form of beauty?

>>164633223Can't wait to see him on the stage in his 30's when he's balding.


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>>164630655who cares?

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>>164636157is that supposed to be a "bad" picture

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>>164636269Are you supposed to be a "heterosexual male"?


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>>164636116he already wears wigs a lot

>>164630373She finally achieved what Kathleen Kennedy couldn't; elevate Start Wars to absolute cinema.

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>>164631068Best supporting actress in The Langoliers (2024).

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>>164633223I doubt it. only way she can get one is if she gets to be in some pretentious movie where she plays some sort "I'M ACTING" type of character

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>>164633223That's a man with plastic tits

>>164633322>Asian shitting out white babies

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>>164630373Yuck Probably not until she's old.

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>>164630576Not until she apologizes for visiting Jones. I'm surprised they allowed to come to the SAG awards.

>>164631068>incapable of closing her mouth>>164635739It's funny how one of her front teeth is lined up with the center of her nose. It fucks with my head to look at.

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>>164633223That's a given due to politics.

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>>164633726>be big wig VP at goldman sachs>your daughter does facial abuse>you unironically pay a lot of money to have the video of your daughter scrubbed from the internet>then you change your last name to avoid being associated with it>die of covid>>164634436is she really an escort?


The most beautiful woman in the world has a decent chance at winning an Oscar this month.

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>>164639166>desert rat from the Negev>most plywood acts better than she can

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>>164631541Considering most male oscar winners are manlets it would be pretty fucking hilarious to see her accepting it

>>164639166>>164640862Skag Central

>>164637819Me love you long time


>>164642027>Jared Harris has never even been nominated for an OscarWhat the hell?

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>>164644096His more notable roles were always on TV: Mad Men, The Terror, Chernobyl.He got praise for his role in Lincoln, but he didn't get any noms.