his acting was fucking terrible, holy shit. People were laughing a lot during his interrogation scene. The fuck Dano? What did they do to you, pal? Was he trying to copy Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor?

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>>164627222This can't be right

>his superpower is uh… riddles… yeah DC is so embarrassing lmao

>>164627457This. Thanos literally took out half the universe with a snap of his fingers. What does this guy do? Make Batman concentrate for a minute?

>>164627222How is the interrogation scene?

>>164627503Pretty kino. It starts off with Riddler talking about Bruce Wayne in such a way that you think he's figured out that Batman is Bruce. Then eventually he says he hates Wayne because him and the other orphans at the orphanage he stayed at were forgotten as the orphanage burned down the same day that the Waynes were killed. Then Riddler confides in Batman, talking about how he was inspired him and that he knows Batman's mask is the real person, and he has felt that same way ever since he started wearing a mask. How he feels no shame about who he is and that he can be someone else when he's wearing a mask. Then he mentions how happy he is that Batman came to see him (because he thinks Batman figured out the final clue that Bruce isn't even aware of), and is glad that they'll be able to both hole up in Arkham and watch the plan in safety and celebrate. Riddler thinking that Batman would break him out after everything was over. When Batman rebuffs him he gets incredibly mad and then realizes that Batman didn't figure out/find the final riddle. That's when Bruce starts punching the glass asking "WHAT DID YOU DO?" And Riddler teases him as not being as smart as he thought before starting to sing Ave Maria until Batman storms off knowing that he's got to find the final riddle and solve it since the Riddler's plan seems to be time sensitive.

Why did he make so much weird sounds? WOOO EEEHH HEEEE the fuck dude?

>>164627222I miss Heat Legend bros

>>164627743>source: just trust me dude

>>164627889I watched the movie last night, nigger.

>>164627743>kino>lots of dumb screaming and window bashing>fucker starts singing ave mariaSo bad

>>164627889t.damage control shill

>>164627889It's real

>>164627222>get overpaid to act in some schlock capeshit>put in the minimum to finish your trade job>walk away after they cut the checkHe did everything right

>>164627911>>164627983>>164628024>UH YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME BECAUSE BECAUSE BECAUSE… BECAUSE YOU JUST DO!!!!!!!!! kek, no. nice larps tho.


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In that leaked scene with Koeghan they both sound 14

>>164628295anyone could make that in MS paint 2004. my little sister could make that and she’s a retard.

>>164628370it came out today in some theatres retard

>>164628370>>164628566I saw it yesterday.

Attached: PXL_20220302_001204502.jpg (4032x3024, 1.17M)

>>164627222He is literally me

>>164627889I've watched it too. I can confirm.

>>164628621>>164628566I could show you pictures of Chuck Norris riding a velociraptor. That doesn’t mean it’s real.

>>164628621Fuck, you waited for a countdown for THAT SHIT?

>>164628722Since it was a fan preview they didn't have any trailers.

>>164627222What's with the fetish gimp mask?

I loved the movie but I just wasn't feeling this guy. He wasn't good. Paul Dano is great but he would have been great as what the riddler is, which is an intelectual narcissist. Instead they decided the riddler should be a retard.

>>164628855It's a climate mask from the US army. He uses it so that doppelgangers can easily pretend to be him later as they will be able to acquire the same outfit. This is explicitly explained in the money and not just conjecture.

>>164628855unplanned, apparently Dano just showed up to the readthrough wearing it and continued wearing it whenever he showed up on the set. he claimed it was for a breathing problem but no one really believes him.

>>164627222>he went to the cinema and paid money to watch capeshit

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>>164629023I had a great time with my gf.

>>164628899But it could have been anything **like a Mike Myers mask**

>>164627495Right? Like, how do you compete with wiping out half the universe? Smaller stakes, with a serial killer? Fucking lame. Purple man is literally the greatest antagonist of all time, and, yes, this IS a hill I will die on

>>164627495DC had Darkseid and a chad Batman, but we needed another reboot for some reason. Now we have 17 Batmans

>>164629091Ben Affleck is a drunkard that is being killed off in the Flash movie.

>>164627222Don't be so hard on yourself Paul, I'm sure you did great


>>164627743Fokken hell it was kino.

>>164629121>>164628953KEK why is dano-posting so kino

>>164627222Part of the interrogation scene here. I think he does

>>164629047lots of people have had a great time with your girlfriend, that does not make it a good movie.

>>164629113I know, and it's a shame.

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>>164629271OH NO NO NO

>>164629312didn't realize so many of the batmen were such fat pieces of shit

>>164629312>HE'S BIG......SO....HE'S LE GOOD!fuck offAffleck sucked shit, at least Pattinson can act and he looks the part


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>>164629077>bigger stakesNigga what u need is a bigger dick instead of that vagina u currently got

>>164629230every leak just looks dull as fuck. pass

>>164629047Nice LARP zoomie. Kill yourself.

>>164627222Is this The Machine from 8mm? Did it get a sequel?

>>164630213>he doesn’t know I envy you

>>164629271OH NO NO NO herboyfriendbros, we got too cocky...

>>164629271Oh fuck!


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I'm worried is his performance actually mediocre?

>>164629271I liked the movie but holy fuck

>>164627457The fun of Riddler is that he's as intelligent if not more than Batman but his ego is so huge that it's always his downfall. Problem is hollywood writers are retarded and don't know how to write smart characters, let alone villains.

>>164627743This is accurate, but it's delivery was a mess. It's tries to pull a fast one on the audience by making them believe he knows Batman's identity, but ends up just being confusing and while you're trying to process and make sense of what The Riddler was saying, he starts singing and Batman starts punching the glass. It was weird. How can you intimidate someone behind prison glass? Lol.

>>164629312>LEGO Batman includedlol

>>164630771He acts ok, but you can tell they leave the characterization to himself, like if he is a super method actor, and the result is stupid.

>>164627457>>164627495>>164629077documentation of capeshitters not getting why batkino works. this isn’t that kind of cape flick so what you’re asking for here is ridiculous.

>>164627222Zoe Kravitz acting was much worse. Did not care about her character at all. There is a scene where she comes home to her apartment and the door is busted and everything is turned upside down and her roommate is missing and what does she do?Starts.... drinking... milk... dafuq?

>>164627495Don’t care. Batman has the greatest rogues gallery. Get out of my thread, nigger.

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Wait so Riddler didn't know who Batman was?

>>164631083>it works because uh… riddles…

>>164631166I guess not...? The reveal and twist of the "does he know?" was so pretentious that it wasn't clever and instead was confusing.

>booked ticket for first screening>get an evacuation order due to expected floods>change ticket for next week>floods never comeI could have been watching kino instead of stressing about moving all my shit to high ground

>>164631245I thought Batman was sweating cos it cut to the camera and its like "oh shit is the person watching the camera going to know I'm Bruce Wayne?"

>>164627457Riddler's entire gimmick is that he's a genius level intellect who turned to crime because he thinks he's smarter than everyone else and uses riddles to taunt the police and Batman, due to a Freudian excuse: his dad was super physically abusive and beat him every time he "lied" to his dad about ANYTHING, causing Riddler to develop the psychological tic where instead of lying, he uses riddles to avoid having to tell the truth.

>>164631271The irony

>>164628855The director is a hack with a hard-on for "super serious" Batman. Riddler can't just be a guy in a green suit, bowler hat, and glasses; he has to dress up like the fucking Zodiac killer because then hipster shitstains can watch Batman and not feel like nerds due to the bad guy looking "hyper realistic"; even though Riddler's trademark look IS the very first example of people making super villain costumes normie friendly and how Gotham pretty much showed how to fucking make Riddler normal friendly already.

>>164631299Pretty gay backstory honestly

>>164631299you’re an idiot, he uses riddles so he can make redpilled tweets that don’t get immediately removed by twitter

>>164631098that whole subplot was assplus why do they have to sneak in cats into every shot of herWE GET IT SHE'S CATWOMAN

>>164631295Ot would've been better if he did know and the person behind the camera was the cop that hated Batman in act 1 and then was teaming up with him in Act 3. That cop hated Batman and loved Bruce Wayne. Growing to like The Batman and already loving Bruce would be compelled him to keep the secret.Also, what are the chances that the only cop or detective involved in the case that knows about carpet tools happens to stumble upon Batman when he is examining said tool?

>>164631576The first act was Batman jumping from clue to clue and was absolutely kino. Then they shared dialogue and the entire formula changed. Batman should've gotten the information he needed from her and then told her to fuck off.BTW, was it ever made clear how exactly she knew where the Mayor's safe was and how to access it and that it would for sure have the passport? There are a TON of convenient things that happen to move the story along

>>164629271oh SNAP

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>>164631686she served an important role in showing how fucking weird and detached from humanity Batman is. like all the "romance" scenes seem like she's trying to fuck elliot rodgers. unfortunately she was executed poorly


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>>164631413A 'gritty' version of Mr. Freeze is to have some guy in a advanced (for chemical-sub zero shit) but beat up brownish-hazmat suit with the sort of blue-ish face and red google eyes visible but still obscured by the ice mist from within the suit that's keeping him insulated, but I doubt Reeves would go even that far. He's just a normie bald guy who doesn't like the heat cause of a condition :,)

>>164629271oh man can’t wait to put this on r/4chan

>>164627222Is this movie related to joaquin phoenix joker?

>>164632017yeah, it dies early in the gutter like his brother.

>>164631686>BTW, was it ever made clear how exactly she knew where the Mayor's safe was and how to access it and that it would for sure have the passport?My assumption is that the prostitute knew where he put it, but she obviously couldn't get to it.

>>164631974This sort of shit, basically. Except when it comes to the face window, it's mostly ice mist and you can sort of make out the outline of the face, see cheekbones and features depending on angle, lighting, mist placement, etc. but mainly you see the two round red circles starting out at you which are your goggles. There's MUH GRITTY Mr. Freeze that doesn't place him in a futuristic suit of armor that also doesn't go so far in the MUH REALISTIC direction that it may as well not be Mr. Freeze at all.

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>>164631974I saw in a thread talking about potentially having Freeze as the next villain and someone mentioned having Jared Harris as Freeze. I considered just how kino that might be if he started off as a sort of Legasov type character from Chernobyl and going from meek doctor to a guy who is forced by circumstance to get shit done just like Freeze in Heart of Ice was.

Attached: MV5BODgyOTdjZjAtYmI2MS00ZjdhLTk0NzMtNGRhYjI4NTE3MjBhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTkxNjUyNQ@@._V1_.jpg (3000x2999, 1.42M)

>>164627743I’m not reading that shit niga

>>164632017There's suggestions in the tie in novel which may just only hint that they thought about doing it early on before abandoning the idea. The biggest discrepancy is that The Batman takes place in the 2010's (if not taking place now in the early 2020's) and Bruce is 30-ish at maximum, yet if it shares the continuity with Joker (which took place in 1981), it would mean Pattinson's Bruce was born in the fucking 70's and is actually some 40 something old fuck.

>>164632209ooooo this is based af


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>>164631223>wanting your ip to be exposed this badly keep it up.


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>>164632209Have it end like he dies in Batman Beyond and it'd be terminal kinographie. >"Believe me, you are the only one who cares."

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>>164632141How though? Was the prostitute in the Mayor's family home? Did he go out of his way to show her his secret safe?I know when I bring prostitutes over to the place where my children sleep, the first thing I do is show them all my secrets.

>>164631299>his dad was super physically abusive and beat him every time he "lied" to his dad about ANYTHINGWhen did that become a thing? In the past, it was that his dad was an abusive blue collar worker who refused to believe that Eddie was capable of winning a school puzzle contest, beating him while claiming he must've cheated, giving him a compulsion to prove how smart he was. He later begin working in carnivals doing puzzle contests of his own, thrilled to outwit passersby and fleece them out of their hard-earned money. Eventually, he became bored with outsmarted the regular rabble and set his sights on outfitting the police and eventually Batman, as The Riddler.

>>164632209This could very much work. A bit of a smaller scale plot and Batman being about as invested in saving Mr. Freeze from himself as he is in stopping his revenge quest. Also, if Two-Face is ever in movies, know what I want? A redemption arc. I get that they can never do that in the comics but in a finite movie/tv thing where they keeping making Harvey a friend of Bruce's or upstanding man before his fall, actually have the guy rehabilitated. Give him one kino arc where he falls from grace and goes on some villainous rampage and when he's stopped the first time around, he gradually has to get cured, not keep breaking out of Arkham to dick around as a mob boss.

>>164632338I presume she was. All things considered, this is a minor plothole compared to how the fuck Bruce solved the final riddle.

I thought his interrogation was cringekino. I loved every second of his weirdness.

>>164627222The acting was actually great. Dano isn't supposed to be Ledger. His Riddler is written as a loser trying to be like Batman. A similarly damaged kid with unrighteous intentions focused on revenge yet lacking the morality that Wayne developed.The interrogation scene comes off so childlike, because Dano's Nashton is brilliant yet behaviorally stunted. That's why he yells when killing Mitchell and the other victims. He can't control himself. It's a brilliant performance. You're just too picky, and expect everything to be, "Le cool badass bad guy!"Grow up faggot. This is acting. It goes beyond your petty pandering and creates a well rounded character arc.

Attached: nashton is riddler.jpg (2220x2755, 966.43K)

>>164632433Was Dano seriously Eisenberg-levels of cringe? Like a total tryhard attempt at coming across as le unhinged genius?

>>164627222He can't act and got all his roles due to nepotism.

>>164632457Him murdering Mitchell was weirdly sexual.

>>164632457based. this user gets it.

>>164632457>Dano isn't supposed to be LedgerNo, he surely isn't- Not even close to Ledger as an actor. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

>>164632332>Nora actuallly recovers herself after Freeze's death.>Movie ends just like Heart of Ice, but now it's Nora in Freeze's place, with her embracing his tombstone while being watched by Batman in the distance, going away after seeing his parents graves.

>>164629230This shit has just got to fucking stop. >the room is dark>eerie ethereal strings & piano sound track>whispery dialogue where absolutely fucking nothing happens but it’s too fucking dark to see anyway>exposition through monologue, because writing is hard>this is supposed to make me feel goosebumpsI’m so sick of seeing this again and again.

>>164632457>begins striking a tied up Batman with girlish slaps>"GET OUT HERE DEEEVIL!!"

>>164631151Arkham Riddler was surprisingly entertaining, even Hawaiian shirt race warrior Riddler

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>>164632468no he was just unironically autistic

>>164629472Neither is true.

Why is he wearing a gimp mask


>>164632258Oh, you are right.I'm kinda dissapointed but at the same time i think that's the best for both movies.

>>164632468Ave MariaGratia plenaMaria, gratia plena>>164632457He should've played Anarky then.

why are jews trying so hard to get people here to like this attack on the site?

>>164632468one could say that and it'd be hard to disagree. however, I do think Paul Dano has much more charisma than Eisenberg and is therefore better.

>>164632468No. He's an emotionally stunted bastard that is trying to get back at those whom he felt betrayed him and are actively destroying Gotham. What he does and how he goes about doing it is clever and purposeful, but you can tell that he's one step away from being a NEET.


>>164632556Gratia plena more like gratuitous performance

Somehow, Jim Carrey's Riddler doesn't seem THAT bad anymore.

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>>164632561>he writes in a thread started to shit on Dano's acting

>>164627222> Batman is hanging Incels from the fucking rafters!

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Attached: KIKE JEW MATT REEVES.jpg (218x280, 15.86K)

>>164632620Eh, I dunno…

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>>164632764The fact that this actually happens is hilarious.

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>>164629312>Lego Batman Why is this a thing?

>>164632825It's amazing he and Two-Face got anything done considering whenever together on screen they constantly take turns getting lost in spouting insane shit whilst the other would chortle uncontrollably.


>>164632483I didn't see that. Try being straight okay user?>>164632499Thanks fellow based user.>>164632513I like performance as much as Ledger's. Both are great adaptations of Batman villains.>>164632547I disagree. He was exactly like a child having a tantrum. He spent his entire childhood in an orphanage, surrounded by death and stunted by harsh conditions, doing drops and puzzles to distance himself from reality. He never grew, and instead fell straight into insanity.>>164632556Nah man, he was a great Riddler.>>164632620Yeah. He's intensely worse. Just because you don't get it doesn't mean it's bad.

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>>164632893Lego BM movies have deep lore BTW

>>164632897>I didn't see that. Try being straight okay user?Watch the scene again when webms or a webdl or whatever comes out. He sighs deeply and clearly in a lot of satisfaction, then he mounts Mitchell around the waist and runs his hands over his back before flipping open his coat to reveal the duct tape hanging right at dick level before starting to peel it. It's kinda.

>>164632825Riddler in Forever>Builds riddles that only exist to troll Batman while also revealing who he really is.>Is obsessed with Bruce Wayne to the point of imitating his clothes and visual style as much as possible>Starts as a new criminal, gets closer to the biggest supercriminal of the city to get his project started, using the promise of discovering Batman's identity as a hookDano's Riddler>Le 4chan man>AVE MARIA>Incel sperg

>>164632946In my theatre, "I want your bussy" was audible.

>>164632946I remember the scene. I get how you'd perceive the mounting thing as weird, but I just didn't see it like that. I just saw it as the easiest way to wrap his head.

>>164632891Ironic how even tho they're complete autists, actually managed to discover Batman's identity, hit Alfred, and destroy the Batcave in less than 10 minutes.

>>164632993That was me, user. I was sitting behind you, whispering in your ear.

>>164632967Ew. Well, when you put it THAT way... yeah. Maybe not as bad.

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>>164632946fuck off fujo scum

>>164632897>Nah man, he was a great Riddler.He was basically Anarky tho. That character would've fitted him much more. As you say, Just because you don't get it doesn't mean it's bad.

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>>164632967Riddler in Forever> Faggot obsessed with Wayne> Leaves boring Riddles for two years old that end up having numbers in them> Immediately becomes rich and goes crazy after Bruce Wayne tells him to speak to his receptionistDano's Riddler> Perpetually a child due to trauma experienced as a child who became obsessed with riddles and enacting revenge on those who wronged him> Uses Batman as an inspiration, mistaking his intentions, and "teams up" with him to enact a complicated plan that will expose the corrupt and wipe out the entire city.> Uses a following online to gather goons and spread his message> All the while, a childish voice and demeanor comes out of the body of a grown manI'd rather watch Dano for the rest of my life, sperg.

>>164633026And then you have Gorshin, BTAS Riddler, Arkhamverse Riddler, even Gotham's Riddler. Looking at it now, Dano's the equivalent of Eisenberg's Luthor. He even has his own DING DING DING DING scene.Which is dissapointing because Dano legit wanted to play a more classic kind of Riddler and was excited as hell for the part. I blame Reeves.

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>>164633002>so amped up on the adderall cocaine that when they take 10 minutes out of their schedule to actually fuck with Batman instead of having a good time, Batman gets BTFOBased drug-addled autistics.

>>164627222>catwoman is a filthy prostitutewhat an insult

>>164633051I've read the Anarky comics. He would not have been a good Anarky. He does not look like Anarky and would have ruined the character. Riddler as a character has always meant to be lame and corny, but Reeves used that reputation to make a realistic threat that has a reason to be somewhat lame. It's great writing.

>>164632513Dano is a way better actor than Ledger, let's not kid ourselves. Even if this performance ends up sucking (which it won't), the only reason people remember Ledger is because he died.

>>164633117>Faggot obsessed with WayneSo is Dano.>Leaves boring RiddlesSo does Dano.>Immediately goes crazy after Bruce Wayne tells him to speak to his recepcionistSo does Dano. I mean, he goes crazy once he realizes Batman isn't his idol, but the point stands.

>>164629023This aint no marvel shit son, this is capekino

>>164633117I felt Riddler's genuine hurt when he realized that Batman didn't want to kick back in Arkham with him to watch the fireworks. Definition of don't meet your idols.

>>164632457Autistically based

>>164633137>classic kind of RiddlerHow does classic Riddler behave? Only really familiar with Carrey and the Arkham games Riddler. One's so absurd you have to roll with it and simply have a good time and the vidya one comes across as a joke villain you laugh AT for being such a pathetic nerd, not a compelling one at all.

>>164633158>He does not look like Anarky and would have ruined the character.Funny you say that, considering Riddler's look in this movie.

>>164633173NTA, I loved this movie, but no. Joker as done by Ledger is far and away the best villain in any comic book movie. If TDK didn't have Ledger playing Joker and instead was just some middling schmuck it would not be nearly so fondly remembered. TDK without that performance drops a few notches.


>>164627889Nigger I just came out of the theater.A fun and entertaining detective movie.

>>164633137It’s strange. I think the franchise is so far up its own ass with JOKER/BATMAN and also HARLEY (because OMG JOKER) and OOOOH DARK SO DARK OMG SO FREAKIN DARK MAN that pretty much any future Batman villain we ever see again will be a dark and ruthless lunatic template with a gimmicky costume or prop of some kind.

>>164633217>How does classic Riddler behave? He doesn't care about politics or becoming Jim Carrey. He's just a narcissistic autist that wants to be known as the smartest of the room. I honestly was expecting that the whole "zodiac killer" persona was him trolling everyone and just trying to get Batman's atention because his life is more empty than Batman's.Of course he isn't a serious character like Bane or Ras Al Ghul tho, not all of Batman's villains need to be serious or a Joker wannabe.

>>164633175> So is Dano. No, he isn't obsessed with Wayne how Carrey was. Carrey was in love with him because of his wealth and influence. Dano wants to murder him in cold blood because of the treatment Bruce received in comparison to him as an orphan. Carrey's is basic level. Dano's is far more complex and better written.> So does Dano.No. His riddles are infinitely more intriguing and complicated that a dumbass match riddle, and they actually tie into the plot and themes> The point standsNo. Carrey goes crazy because Bruce won't accept his deal right on the spot, and goes immediately from loving him to wanting to kill him and become exactly like him. Dano is inspired by Batman and is looking for validation from him, and when he realizes his mistake, he doesn't go insane. He's already crazy. He recalibrates and dismisses Batman as another enemy. Dano comes out on top.

>>164633333Based and blessed comicfag.

>>164627222Probably just try to make 4channers look ridiculous.

>>164629063The actor?

>>164633319>any future Batman villain we ever see again will be a dark and ruthless lunaticThis. I mean, look at how some anons tried to write a more grounded Mr. Freeze in here after Reeves basically said he wants to adapt him in a more grounded and realistic fashion. Like I told to that other user, not every villain needs to be dark, or sick, or a Joker copycat (which is funny because this exact same shit happened back in the 90's with Forever, and now it's happening again, but in the other opposite).

>>164633333>He doesn't care about politics or becoming Jim Carrey. He's just a narcissistic autist that wants to be known as the smartest of the room.This is my favorite kind of riddler. Hes exactly the kind of motherfucker that'd wear a green suit and bowler hat.

>>164633178So did I. Really chilling acting. Loved it.>>164633206Yes. Riddler is autistically based. >>164633218He looks exactly like comics Riddler. And the changed look is explained through the themes of the film. If he didn't have a mask, the character wouldn't have gone through the same arc. Learn about filmmaking before you comment dumbass critiques.

>>164633319I'd have a fun Batman movie for once that's inspired by Big Trouble in Little China. Basically have Batman against Ra's and League of Shadows and he takes them on in their own turf which is some lair underneath part of Gotham. Has an Oriential-Arabic flare and Batman is basically playing the straight man to all the batshit (HEHEH) stuff he's encountering. Also lean into Twin Peaks/Red Room levels of surreal/trippiness when it comes to the Lazarus Pit and resurrection. Not full blow wackiness but more of a fantasy adventure vibe. You must admit it would at least be a bit different to what we've seen since 2005.

It was slow and there's a lot of talking instead of showing, like rpg levels of conversation holy shitThey could've shown Bruce's dad helping falconer, they could've shown what happened to Selena's friend instead of a fucking long ass phone recording twiceThey could've shown Alfred's perspective of Bruce's dad for doing what he didIt's good but it's so long and convoluted for no reason

>>164633343>His riddles are infinitely more intriguing and complicated that a dumbass match riddle, and they actually tie into the plot and themesI really enjoyed that aspect of the movie. The cards with the riddles in them address to Batman were a fun little way for the riddles to not seem so out there. Yes, they were clearly for a mad man, but they also showed that he knew something and could use that knowledge to get what he wanted.

>>164633333It wasn't exactly trolling, but that earnestness in the video that Bruce watched of Riddler talking to his fans-turned-accomplices is pretty, I don't want to say innocent, but spot on with how a guy like that might react to positive feedback.

>>164632345That is his origin from the Arkham games.

>>164633463Absolutely. The pun-part of his riddles appear in the greeting cards, but the riddles themselves are cleverly deranged and planned out.

>>164632522Turning Riddler into Jigsaw was dumb.Turning Riddler into a Mario Kart course designer in the sewers was even dumber.

>>164633343>Dano wants to murder him in cold blood because of the treatment Bruce received in comparison to him as an orphan.But Carrey wanted to kill him for it too. Once Bruce neglected him, he basically started to act like that. He didn't even care for Batman, he just did once he realized Bruce was him. What I'm saying is that he was unstable like Dano, but not in an edgy way. Which is logical considering the movie and who played him.>His riddles are infinitely more intriguing and complicated that a dumbass match riddle, and they actually tie into the plot and themesCarrey's riddles tie into the plot tho. That's how Bruce and Alfred figured out who Riddler really was. Remember that nobody knew who The Riddler was in that movie too.>Dano is inspired by Batman and is looking for validation from him, and when he realizes his mistake, he doesn't go insane. He's already crazy. He recalibrates and dismisses Batman as another enemy.You just descibred Carrey's Riddler without realising it.

>>164633435This movie didn't employ flashbacks in case you didn't notice, completely staying with Batman basically the entire time. Showing all that wouldn't have struck as hard as watching Bruce react to information in the present moment.

Any woke shit?

>>164633588Catwoman talks about white privilege, possibly some pro-socialism stuff, etc.

>>164633418>He looks exactly like comics Riddler.Literally every single user in this thread can proof you wrong.

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>>164633531Arkham Riddler only really works for his personality in the first two games. His actual gameplay stuff is always pretty retarded because trusting gamers to figure out actual riddles is basically like putting a gamebreaking bug in on purpose.

>>164632825like he's wearing nothing at allnothing at allnothing at all

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>>164633588Riddler goes full Holla Forums at the end.

>>164633588There is a black lady mayor who tells Bruce that she's going to make him contribute more to Gotham. Every normie I talked to found this cringey. There is also a scene with Catwoman talking about "white, privileged men" with Bruce but her grievance at least has some ground, unlike the mayor lady who is just there to be annoying.

>>164633524 >>164633531The ciphers and the clues left for Batman served a purpose and allowed the story to progress as more information was uncovered. It also was a great way to show the intelligence of not just Bruce, but Alfred as well.

>>164633579Oh wow thank you captain obvious, it was shitYou go to the movies to watch what happens not to hear 2 persons and a phone recording telling you what happened

>>164633137>Which is dissapointing because Dano legit wanted to play a more classic kind of Riddler and was excited as hell for the part. I blame Reeves.Same for Pattinson. I feel bad for him. He got typecast as a whiney emo bitch.

Attached: boondock saints vs twilight 1296203597013.jpg (640x853, 59.58K)

>>164633666I blame TDK.

>>164633661That scene where Alfred talks about his days in the circus was probably too subtle. Virtually no one outside of the UK knows that the Circus means MI6. Christ, I only know that because I watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

So in all seriousness how good is Dano's performance? Is he at least better than Bane? What about better than Homelander (not a movie but probably the most praised supervillain role outside in recent times)

>>164633395YEAH BABY YEAH!

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>>164633417Who knows, maybe once he returns with Joker he actually does. I can see him convincing Edward to fully embrace his persona and evolve into Full Riddler, which in return will make them enemies because Riddler will not want to share the spotlight with Joker (or viceversa).

>>164633542> Dano's isn't edgy. Carrey's isn't even Dano's Riddler but switched to Bruce. His character is that he wants Bruce to love him. Then he goes against Bruce and wants to kill him. Then he becomes rich and famous and plans to get everyone's brainpower. Then he figures out Bruce is Batman and makes him choose to save either Robin or Chase, with no intention of killing him suddenly. It flip flops and isn't cohesive.> They tie into the plot thoNo. They figure out he's Riddler vaguely because of a riddle, and they don't tie into the plot. They contain numbers that lead to a hideout> No I didn't. I described a complex character. Not a child's performance.

>>164633609I meant unmasked he looks exactly like the comics riddler. Think logically dude.>>164633661Exactly. They were very smart and tied into the plot well.

>>164633764Shit, didn't mean to have that arrow at the beginning and end. Whatever. My argument still stands.

>>164633666So you would've preferred they cut away from Batman conducting an investigation to show a flashback taking place 20 years in the past as well as show Falcone murdering the girl, taking away the surprise of the cop working for him as well? Your idea of a good movie sucks.

>>164633727>Is he at least better than Bane? Yes. He's better than Scarecrow and Ra's. If you really like Ledger as the Joker then he isn't better than that. However, his performance is very subtle. Understanding his personality requires you to pay attention to the information the movie feeds you.>Why does he hate Bruce Wayne? Because the orphanage he resided in burned down the same day the Waynes died and no one cared.>Why does he hate Mitchell, the Police Commissioner, Falcone, etc? Because he's a financial investigator who discovers what's going on with the fund set up by the Waynes.>Why does he act so childlike? Because his development was arrested as a result of the life he lived as a child.>Why does he sing Ave Maria? Because he was in the choir at the orphanage. >Etc.If you don't pay attention his performance won't land.

>>164633764>They contain numbers that lead to a hideoutAt least pretend you actually watched that movie. The numbers are Riddler's way to say "Yeah, it is I, Edward Nygma, the smartest guy you ever knew!". Like, that's legit classic Riddler shit right there. He always builds his riddles so Batman and the police can catch him up, because, at the end, he only wants atention. He could've wrote more convoluted and stylish riddles, but if they are not attached to HIM and only him, what's the point?

>>164628295>black hand

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>>164633864>>Why does he hate Bruce Wayne? Because the orphanage he resided in burned down the same day the Waynes died and no one cared.This didn't happen. He burned his orphanage

>>164627356He is pretty shit in the movie

>>164627222Who else loved the Hush reference?

>>164633876not the guy you're arguing with, but it did lead to the hideout tho

>>164633864I like Ledger just fine but don't mythologize him so hearing that is actually good. Do you think that he'll gain a big following or will he fly under the radar (relatively speaking). As in will there be a fuckload of people cosplaying as him on Halloween or not as much as you'd expect because he doesn't seem as "sexy" as Ledger Joker nor is he as "relatable" as Joacquin Phoenix.

>>164633801>I m-meant unmasked, t-think logically!And he keeps almost all the movie with that mask on, to the point that it's attached to his obsession with Batman. Hiding his face for that long and for that reason is everything but Comic Riddler mate.Of course, if you feel like it, you can point multiple comics where he does cover his whole head because he's inspired by Batman to point me wrong tho.

>>164633876I never said it wasn't a Riddler kind of motive. I said it wasn't complex or written well. Carrey is narcissistic, but it isn't a continuous character point. He flip flops, and that's because of bad writing.

>>164633936I think a lot of people are going to find him weird; which he is. I don't see a ton of people cosplaying him, and I very much doubt he has anywhere near the impact that Ledger or Joaquin's Jokers will have. Ultimately those guys come off as "cool", even Phoenix's despite being a turbo autist mother killer. People override those problems with SOCIETY and dancing on the stairs, and shooting DeNiro in the face. This Riddler doesn't have those things. He's unhinged and maladapted, clever, purposeful, but his outward personality is that of a spazz.

>>164633934Not really. Bruce knew Edward builded Nygmatech in that little island, so once he discovered that The Riddler was him, he just had to apply common sense to the "where is he?" question. I mean, it's more a technicality instead of the whole purpose of those riddles. It wouldn't surprise me if the Peter David novel expanded all this tho.

>>164633981And you didn't think logically. The only way he can be seen is to be unseen. He tells Batman that the mask allowed him to be remembered, and to be who he truly was with no restrictions. It doesn't have to be comic Riddler. But he does look like comic Riddler when unmasked. I don't need to point to comics because that's not what I meant. You can continue to pretend to know what I meant, but you'll only be doing your argument a disservice.

>>164634043Yes! That's why it's so great. We finally won't have a villain that people will want to be like and a villain is purposefully someone who you wouldn't want to praise. It's so well done. I completely adore it.

>>164632620>>164632825>>164633026For all its idiocy I still like Jim’s Riddler mainly because it’s golden age Jim. And also like >>164632967 said

>>164633990>it isn't a continuous character pointIt was tho. Of course Forever isn't as well written as this movie, but his narcissism was still there and got some development the more he kept using The Box. Like, at first you see he lives in a tiny house, and then he later builds Nygmatech, only to reveal later on that the whole place has tons and tons of question marks to embrace himself (he even had a neon jacket, the devilish). I still feel BTAS and Arkhamverse played better the narcissism card tho.

>>164634059man really arguing for a pos flick

>>164634155Beginning of the film> Wants Bruce to love him because of his creation> Hates Bruce and wants to kill him because he said no> Sucks up people's brainpower for the rest of the movie, never really trying to kill Bruce again> Loses all the brainpower because he doesn't even try to kill Bruce

I'm not trying to shit on those who like Batman Forever or Batman & Robin, but I don't see how it's possible. They were specifically made to sell toys. Batman & Robin being the bigger offender of the two, but still, it's offensive to my sensibilities.

>>164632967> 4chan man> AVE MARIA> Incel spergisn't an incel. learn the definition. isn't a sperg, and is simply stuntedsings ave maria because it was a song he sang on the day thomas wayne visited his orphanage, and that day haunts him

>>164634063>He tells Batman that the mask allowed him to be remembered, and to be who he truly was with no restrictions.But that literally goes against his whole persona. Riddler isn't an introverted person. The retard literally dresses like pic related. He has nothing to hide. On the contrary, he should be proud of who he is. He loves himself to the point where he legit thinks he's smarter than Batman. And we are talking, again, about a literal imbecile that dresses like pic related or, at some points, in a green tuxedo. The point still stands tho: he doesn't see himself as a weakling. He doesn't need Batman or other character to inspire himself to become The Riddler, since he himself is the best for it.

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>>164627889Watch the movie dumbass


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>>164634043That's good to hear, and I'm fine with that. Ultimately it's sort of ironic how Phoenix Joker became a hit with incels (not shitting on him I love his portrayal) yet Dano's Riddler is making them mad and actually looks like the stereotypical incel/autist/school shooter (which I actually that interpetration of him). But thanks, can't wait to see it this weekend.>>164634119I guess with making him look like the Zodiac and all that perhaps people were expecting him to be a lot more badass.

>>164628269>>164627889Imagine being so broke that it’s inconceivable for you to think someone has already seen the movie the day it came out Neck yourself

>>164634232> Loses all the brainpower because he doesn't even try to kill BruceThat's not what happens. He exactly tells Two Face to not kill him twice because he doesn't want just that, he wants him humiliated first and once he's at his weakest, crush him. Classic supervillain trope tho, but that's what he tries once he gets the sources and opportunities: he attacks Alfred, destroys his batcave, captures Nicole Kidman and Robin, and then tries to mindrape Bruce by making him chose to be Batman (save Robin) or be Bruce Wayne (save Nicole Kidman). He loses all the brainpower because, as many times, Batman straight up cheats in his game and breaks his brainpower machine before he can do more harm.

>>164632825>I cannot sanction your buffoonery

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>>164633931Man, spoiler ur shit

>>164634767You shouldn't read this thread, lmao.

>>164634767The thread literally starts with spoiled text. You don't really have a right to be mad. "HUSH!" is seen on a TV screen during one of Riddler's videos faggot

>>164631029> ends up just being confusing and while you're trying to process and make sense of what The Riddler was sayingmaybe you are just slow

>>164634767Hush, little baby, don't say a word

>>164634767kek. retard

>>164634884Loved your pretentious dialogue, Matt

>>164634784Lol u right, u right but damn, man. I'll be looking for Hush references all night now and I promise u I'll never find it

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>>164634851Ur so angry lmao

>>164635036Nah, just like to discuss the details of the movie nigger faggot

>>164633748Based user geeting the reference


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>>164633477What I wrote is from the comics I've read. I still haven't played the games.

>>164629312fatfleck is terrible

I liked it

>>164632532Pattinson is a good actor and better at it than Ben Affleck. That is fact.

>>164627222Condsidering that i havent seen the movie, yeah im gonna have to say that you got filtered.

can you solve it Holla Forums?


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People are always prescribing how to do batman movies. Meanwhile we have the perfect batman movies already, the Nolan trilogy and the Zack Snyder stuff. Ok, batman costume and action scenes are dated in Nolan's movies but whatever.

>>164637210Nolan was good but Snyder was absolute dogshit and doesn't count

>>164628621>Like twenty people in the theaterkek

>>164637468It was packed. The only seats left were the three rows at the front.

>>164629312god I fucking love thug Batfleck


>>164627743That’s literally just the dark knight interrogation scene

>>164637634>scene in no way resembles scene from another movie>"it's the same"Pic related is you.

Attached: 1633166407263.jpg (700x612, 107.09K)

>>164627222Is that costume...real? That looks so terrible, why not just make the Riddler look like his comic book counterpart? Why can't DC or Marvel ever make their comic book look identical or near identical to the comic books? Why does it look like a fucking joke half the time?

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 62.29K)

>>164627911link to 4K 120fps clip of said scene now or fake

>>164637878nah he looked cool, genuinely gave deranged serial killer vibes and felt threatening instead of that marvel tier shit you posted

>>164629230This looks godawful. Fuck Matt Reeves. We could have had Batfleck kino, but we got this wannabe edgy Nolan imitation.

>>164629215Apparently Dano keep calling everyone on set Niggers, but said he was channeling evil spirits from his last performance. People think he was only jesting as they caught him snickering to himself constantly.

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>>164638133fuck off snyderfaggot

>>164628370i guess retardation is common amongst the siblings in your bloodline


>>164633173I forgot how stupid this board is. Thanks for reminding me, I guess.

>>164638193I'm not even that big of a fan of his stuff, but it's miles better than this embarrassingly try-hard, "rats chewing on fingers" crap. This movie is obviously comically serious and edgy. Batfleck would have been at least been masculine and bombastic, this is just Hot Topic levels of emo.

>>164627222Halfway through my showing of the film during the scene at the memorial with the bomb, I assume the projector had some sort of error and had the interrogation scene with The Penguin playing at like 50% opacity for like 5 minutes straight over it. The funniest thing was I thought it was real for like a minute due to how awful some of the scenes were in this film.

Attached: TheBatman.jpg (1200x630, 38.56K)

>>164637878>>That looks so terrible, why not just make the Riddler look like his comic book counterpart?Are you stupid

>>164637878>Why can't DC or Marvel ever make their comic book look identical or near identical to the comic books?Half do and half don't. I doubt you will find a more accurate costume than this apart from Christopher Reeves Superman

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>Riddler:"Bro, we did it. I'm so glad you're my friend, I couldn't have done it without you.">Batman:"What the fuck? We're not friends, dude. I was trying to stop you.">Riddler:[AUTISTIC SCREECHING]He's just like me.

>Penguin waddles around like a penguin because his feet are tied togetherthat was cute tho not gonna lie


>>164629312>4 inch difference

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>>164639050when the riddler was uttering bruce wayne. did he not realize he was batman and was just uttering it out of hatred for the guy?


>>164627222Any link?

>>164631299That's retardedJust do riddles for fun and have Batman solve them like the old days

>>164631514based modern re-telling

>>164632457His Bitchute Qtard following was cringe

>>164632921deepest lore

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>>164639862He didn't realize that it was Bruce Wayne under the mask. The scene was meant to make you think he figured it out in the beginning. Bruce clearly also thought that he got figured out, but then it switched into the "riddler thinks they're accomplices" angle.

>>164627222I bet in his contract he gets to keep the costume no questions asked

Is it too much to ask to have a movie where Lord Death Man shows up, chews the scenery, then gets bored and leaves Gotham without being apprehended?

>>164627222not even he can believe it

>>164629077Purple Man is indeed the greatest villain of all time. But Purple Man is a completely different villain from Thanos. David Tennant played Purple Man in season one of Jessica Jones.I like Purple Man because he rapes a lot and rape is cool.

>going to see the ‘white peepo bad’ capeshitYou get what you fucking deserve

Reserving judgement until bootleg is available

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>>164627222Alright Dark Dork, let’s see if you can solve this one:>I’ve ditched what I’d hated, except for the tip!>My chances of living are less than a coin flip!>What am I?

>>164642392OP got wasted trips, just saw it and riddler was kino


>>164637685>Villain explains to Batman how much he likes him before sending him off to foil their plan which is time sensitive

>>164642705>both Batmans mumble something unintelligible angrily

>>164637878He looks stupid in the comics and that pic you posted they did a good job making riddler an actual villain people care about

>>164638505Nice story user shame it never happened


>>164627457wait till you find about about calendar man.

>>164629312Isn't pattinson 6'2? He looks pretty tall to me

>>164627794It's suppose to annoy vengeance

>>164631271Do you live in Gotham or something

>>164629312>>164629312>>164629312>This is how women see 4 inches of height difference.LUL

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>but really though dano sucks, he's just a bad actor, liking him is just a meme

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