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>>164623412This one.

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>>164623412Thank you, OP. Again.


>>164623412What was happening here? I've seen it before, but never got any context.

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>>164623863No proof that the Vau N’Akat reproduce sexually.

>>164623858Cocksucker in need of safespaceGeezer faggot

>>164623873Spock’s an emotional wreck.

>>164623970Like you geezer faggot raped by 2 uncles

>>164623412Let’s have a comfy /trek/!

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>>164624012NoFuck off bitch Kys


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>>164623858Buy me a drink sometime.

>>164624100On your funeral next week

>>164624050They really are the Trumptards of /trek/.

>>164623412I think about this often.

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>>164624012Wang seems to have aged not that bad.Mcneill on the otherhand, dude shouldn't have hoarded those extra rations.

>>164624045Why are you so angry?

>>164624161Based producerBermas conservative cuck killed gene

>>164624161I do too because I'm in that documentary.

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>>164624192Your mom gave me syphilis

>>164624189Tom Paris went full Two Cakes.

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>>164624221BasedGay Taylors make geezers seethe moreSo I love them

The return of everyone's favorite ex-Tal Shiar housekeeper mommy soon.

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>>164624225Not funny geezerYou must be a fat ass as well

>>164624221Bitch, go floss your teeth with a shoestring.

>>164624259I fucking hate all Star Trek made after 2005 and Voyager.

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>>164624302touch grass judy

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>>164624319Image his penis out of his cloaca inside bashir’s muslim ass


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>>164624347Seethe unfunny geezer close to dyingChrist and Mohammed will hate you

>>164624322As is your god given right. Your opinion is noted.


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>>164624394Hahah coffee hag very funny

>>164624410Touch. Grass.Go outside.

>>164624410>Christ and MohammedFalse prophets.

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Siddig is Sudaneseand Bashir's dad is Indian? Why?

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>>164624485Teehee! So random lolz

>>164624485Your prophet is a fat bald nigger that looks like a melting turd

>>164624394>Voyager and the case of the 6 million Kyrians.

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>>164623970It's not Spock though. It's Leonard Nimoy and Kirstie Alley between takes.

>Judy cucked yet againIt’s fun watching you squirm.

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Who the fuck is Judy?

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>>164624585Still here bitch

>>164624585That is a horrifying caricature, user

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>>164624561Wow you are very smartBetter kys

>>164624641I know, haha. Your impotent screeching is very entertaining.

>>164624697Sooner or later Mods will fed up and kill it all

>>164624657It’s kinda racist too.

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>>164624513Bashir's dad is played by Brian George, who is an Iraqi-Israeli. His mother is played by an Egyptian actress.Furthermore, the neurotic augment think tank identifies Bashir's distant ancestor, Singh el Bashir, which has a Panjabi first name and Arabic last name, which implies Pakistani descent.

>>164624585Cool it with the antisemitism.


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>>164624808Wow I have Wikipedia as wellFuck off trivia cuck You think you are so smart with your books and encyclopedias Sucking dicks

>>164624585Report this post as racism

>>164624161>>164624221Is that the real reason he was mean to Ezri? They play it off as being a symptom of his claustrophobia, but maybe he really sees her as competition.

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>>164624860>Wow I have Wikipedia as wellEnglish language Wikipedia has the most complete articles.

>>164624950YesGay Taylor

>>164624628An attentionwhore like you, but with a lobotomy instead of a drug habit.

What does kanar actually taste like?

>>164624980About geezer faggots like you?

>>164625057How the fuck should we know? It isn't real.

>>164625057Like your mothers milk After she abandoned you for being a homosexual

>>164625057Alcoholic balsamic vinegar. Certain Armenian pomegranate wines come to mind. >>164625073O ye of little faith, false prophet of Judyism.

>>164625083Geezers too attached to make beliefShould kys


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>>164625083>>164625110I just wanted to discuss a trek thing. No need to be mean

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>>164625167You meant to ask what do you think kanar tastes like.And the answer is watered down A1 sauce.

>old trek discussion is exhausted>new trek is too gay and stupid to discuss>thus /trek/ is just a bunch of schizos schizo-ing at each other

>>164625167Alcoholic motor oil with a hint of licorice.

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Post Jansa sexy bubble bath

>>164625167Retarded things should not be discussed

>>164625439retardyou don't even know the namefags you shitpost about

What if we pay for an invite only forum where we could ban Judy ?

>>164625439It's actually low foaming in an HE washer. Tumble dry warm.

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>>164625494Jealous of your fave tranny?

>>164625545At no point did the discussion seriously consider that Garak was bisexual and enjoyed both Ziyal and Julian. I wonder why.


>>164625568Because producer said she was created only to reduce gay rumours

You're not going so hard on the shitposting because Picard season 2 is out in a few hours are you?Cause the last time you went full retard was when Prodigy sealed its status as "good" with its finale.

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>>164625167They had poor Casey gulping down dark Karo syrup. I’m shocked he didn’t become chunky unless they kept it to just a few takes. They should have let him drink Jaegermeister.

>>164625640I was there when the El Dee's had a complete and total meltdown when the Prodigy finale aired lol. Good times.


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>>164625640Nobody cares about geezer faggot Picard

>>164625708Millions of people care about him.

>>164625726All geezersAll faggotsHe is just a gay robot now

/trek/ can't stay in denial forever

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>>164625726Well, thousands probably. Definitely hundreds at least.

>>164625670So you knew the whole time about the taste and was pretender to be retarded?

>>164625824Wh-what? You seem confused.

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>>164625824You asked what Kanar tasted like, not what the prop they used for Kanar in the show was.

>>164625767>He is just a gay robot nowHey, it worked for C3PO.

>>164625874Let’s talk about the weather now geezer


>>164625904I hear it rained on Ferenginar today. Big Nor'easter.

Gotta go Enjoy your geezery night

>>164625057Personally I like to imagine its something like jaegermeister but weaker and drunk at roomtemperature. Fits with the german-nazi angle, the acquired taste and the color.

>>164626014FaggotGrow up


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>>164626130Now let’s discuss how data’s cum would taste


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>>164626209Like a packet of biomemetic gel.

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>>164626322Is Murf… Jennifer pussy juice?

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>>164626510If Judy looked like Orla Brady I'd let her be a disruptive racist all over my face. But she does not, so no worries there.

It was 10/10 how they turned him from a complex morally grey character that had doubts about his time as a tyrant to a Satan worshipping baby sacrificing serial rapist

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Now that the shit post storm has abated, witness my latest acquisition. In addition to its primary use, it can be easily repurposed to serve as the Grand Nagus' staff for cosplay purposes.

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>>164626670He didn't have doubtsHe was trying to convince himself he was a benevolent ruler because he was a narcissist and wanted to believe the Bajorans to love him.The problem was Alamo played the delusion too well and the writers gave him too many jokes and good moments that fans started thinking he wasn't the bad guy.

>>164626846That is a fine acquisition

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>>164626846Um… what’s its primary use?

>>164626846A geezer cane?

>>164627067Fitness shit and I guess melee weapon if civilization collapses. Absolutely hands down the best shoulder workout out there. >>164627092How it feels after each workout, yes.

>>164626209Do Soong type androids have cum? Can the female ones self-lubricate?Data did mention to Q that, while he doesn't need to eat, he does sometimes consume a fluid that lubricates his body. Maybe that's what the cum is made from.

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>>164627221Yes yes yesBut about the taste?

>>164627221lal was a thirsty slut.says a lot about data

>>164626670I saw your post in the "episodes that ruined a show" and I agree with this one. The only good part is Dukat spacetiming Kira to tell her he fucked her mom. The rest is just plain retarded>I'm gonna go back in time to check this out, it's okay muh Prophets will keep me from changing the timeline too bad>the idea that Dukat has such a close connection to the Kira family is contrived as hell>the writers had to fudge the timeline around

>>164627278I'm sure Soong drank a few gallons of cum during the creation process to make sure he got the taste just right

>>164626670>serial rapistGul Dukat was a great man. He sheltered Bajoran females from manual labor while providing for their families. It wasn’t rape. It was a transaction. Bajoran women are whores.

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>>164627401Comparing it to his own?

it was a sad hazard :( rip

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>>164627730Are you me

>when his height starts with 5

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>>164627067Cloaca scraper

>when her weight is 3 digits long

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>>164627689Whatever is handy>RomulanSmartAss.jpeg

>>164627278It tastes like semi-organic nutrient suspension in a silicone based liquid medium.youtube.com/watch?v=86y1Cd_645g>>164627312He set the sensitivity too high on the lubrication system. It was his first time building another android, so there are bound to be a few hiccups.

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> Gzrs literally still doing their "Dukat did nothing wrong" gassing into it's 4th decade.Like being in line at Walgreens on Senior Day.

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Kai Winn did nothing wrong


>>164629253>Kai Winn did nothing wrongIdk about that. When she found out she was schtupping Dukat all along, I'm sure she felt like adami

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>geezer geezer geezer geezer geezer geezer geezer like a fucking broken record.why is this allowed?


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>>164629390How's that supposed to work? It's privately owned intellectual property. What does this person think is going to happen? Sue for fraud in civil court or something?Meanwhile in the real world it just drums up more interest in NuTrek via a version of Streisand Effect.

>>164629390> the petition has received 46 signaturesVs 32.8 million Paramount+ subscribers. Might want to just cope a bit more.

>>164629493>Star Trek fan Anna G createdthe petition on Change.organd declared, “As you are probably aware, we have entered a new era of ‘Star Trek’, if one could call it that. NuTrek, or Star Trek Discovery and Picard (I’m not considering Lower Decks because it’s meant to be a joke), blatantly disregard Gene Roddenberry’s vision for a utopian, moral, and optimistic future. ”Anna G(eezer) is more like it! >>164629418it is allowed because the mods encourage a robust discussion of star trek that allows for an honest exchange of ideas and also spite

>>164629418grow down


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>>164629599>I’m not considering Lower DecksTruly an eLDerly geezer.

>>164629764congratulations for making a joke rather than just being hostile, the effort is appreciated. Have a good evening.

>164629599Oh, well, in that case: You're a fag.Also no (You) for you.Eat a bag of dicks, fag.

>>164630362Nice of >>16463036 to appreciate humor,Mr.Fartyface.

>>164630795Dudes on fire tonight. I saved this one and read it out loud. My day's been made. Cheers you intellectual Nausicaan.

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>>164628360I couldve saved her bros.

>>164629596>Vs 32.8 million Paramount+ subscribers.Is someone really claiming those millions of people all signed up to watch NuTrek?

Is someone really claiming none of those millions of people signed up to watch New Trek?

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>>164631000Its probably one of the few things people watch on there. That being said, that they're doing strange new worlds, picard and lower decks basically at the same time should tell you that they're desperate for something to stick to the wall. I mean this year we're getting s3 LD, s2 picard and s1 snw, that's like 30 episodes of trek and probably more money spent on trek in a single year than has ever been spent on trek ever even when adjusted for inflation.

>>164631447correction, its 40 episodes of new trek since discovery is also on.

Luv Ro

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>>164631447>>164631520That is fewer episodes per year than was being pumped out through most of the 90s, for example. Plus half of the current shows are half-hour shows, so by "hours of trek per year" we are currently far below the peak output. In terms of production cost, even accounting for inflation, of course, it has never been higher. TNG was a pretty expensive show at the time, but the amount of money in TV production today is over 100x what it was back then.

phlox is the best doctor

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>there is sand in my vagina>not so much to be painful>just enough to be uncomfortable>there is sand in my vagina

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>>164624161I genuinely hated that documentary and ALL of their future ideas for a continuation

>>164631869All that money and nutrek just looks soulless and sterile

>>164632327With chiasmus>There is sand in my vagina>Not painful, just uncomfortable.>Just uncomfortable, not painful. >There is sand in my vagina.

>>164632411Because it’s written by soulless and sterile propagandists for soulless and sterile people

>>164632247indisputably true, he's the only doctor to act like a god-damned doctor

>>164632699He's the only one with bedside manner is why.

>>164631520Plus Prodigy

If the Denobulans were an early, high-population Earth ally within pre-warp 5 range, how come we never saw them again in Trek?

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>>164633570He's also a well rounded character. Smokeshow of a wife. Epicure. Knows he's superior technologically to the people he's serving with but still is a bro in that unintentionally condescending but good hearted way. What was Bones other than a moral soundingboard, Crusher other than a horny single milf? Both called the Hippocratic oath and did medical things but weren't acting as a doctor would. Bashir went straight from Scrubs JD to super secret agent smoke show without actually doctoring in between. Voyager EMH acted like an academic but not a primary care provider. They mailed it with Phlox.

>>164633807They're in lower decks as a member berry. Take that for what you will.

>>164633807The same reason we never saw Andorians or Tellurites post TOS.

>>164633807They're too busy partying and fucking to join Starfleet or do anything important.

>>164633868An andorian was literally an option for Lals body type in TNG. And they were in all the TOS movies. Westmore wouldn't get paid to do all that work if they didn't want you to see it.

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>>164633949Grats on referencing the two times in 35 years they appeared before Enterprise.

>>164633949>An andorian was literally an option for Lals body type in TNG.That was a hologram, it doesn't explain the absence of actual andorians in the 24th century.

>>164633995The actual reason was they didn't want to look "cheesy" or waste so much makeup money and effort on background characters.

>>164633949Aside from the brief sight gag with Lal, Andorians were avoided in the TNG era because the producers thought they looked silly with their pulp-sci-fi antennas. They invented the Benzites and Bolians to serve as new blue man groups.

>>164631805Based, I love her too. She was such a stimulating addition to the last couple seasons – it's a shame she wasn't in more episodes.


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>>164634475Fandom are getting more and more zealous.

>>164635124They’re adversarial.

>>164635124Getting? They've always been that way.

>>164635281It must be destroyed.

>>164629008Who cares if he did or didn't. It's fiction. Why the fuck does ds9 need le pure evil character. It's just hamfisted writing, which is the one thing the show truly excels at. Yes TNG was also hamfisted, but it wasn't attempting to be a "more realistic" show about space magic.

>>164631805I would french kiss her pusy

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/Trekaju/ canon is that G Force and The Earth Defense Force joined Star Fleet at the same time the MACOs did. G Force is a specialist anti kaiju unit that the Federation uses in extreme circumstances. The EDF (Earth Defense Force) have specialized ships that they use in extreme circumstances; i.e M.O.G.U.E.R.A. Most of the human friendly warp capable Kaiju are Star Fleet aligned. It is worth noting that the Super X-3 would blast the Enterprise A,B.C or D off the face of the Galaxy in a one on one fight, The Defiant could learn a few lessons:youtube.com/watch?v=4D3YoEYDKLs

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>>164623412"I am in control of my emotions... I am ... in control of my emotions!"—in boomer times we would say this to each other when we got shot down by a chick.

>>164635124It's rich of 4chan who has always been confrontational complaining about people defensive. I apologize for the heavy handed comparaison but this is a Putin tier strategy. Lashing out at everything and playing the victim when people tell you to tone down the vitriol

>>164636650I can believe that. Probably happened a lot too.

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>>164637307You lived with it and kept going young fag. We could joke about it because we knew there were plenty more fish in the sea and not run to our anonymous pen pals club to whine about it. And everyone knew Star Trek memorable lines because we had only had three "content" channels.

>>164637753Oh it did. And we saw this on television. And still talk about it.

>>164637816From far beyond the galaxies I've journeyed to this placeTo study the behavior patterns of the human raceAnd I find them highly illogicalGirl meets boy they fall in loveShe says he's everything she's dreamed ofBut when they get married before he's awareShe changes his habits the way he combs his hairShe changes him to someone he's never beenAnd then complains he's not like other menNow really I find this most illogicalTake the case of your automobilesGreatest invention since man discovered wheelsHydromatic overdrive four-on-the-floorPushbutton windows pushbutton doorsDouble barreled carborators rush you any placeBut you never can find a parking spaceHighly illogicalTake the case of modern manHe works all his life gives it all he canSaves all his money works overtimePinches every penny banks every dimeAll he can think about is money but you knowThat he can't take it with him where he's going to goNow I find that fascinatingly illogicalNow is the time to journey home to tell of what I've learnedMy people I believe have every right to be concernedFor in spite of computers and advanced psychologyBehavior patterns are still a mysteryI predict the future of this earthly human raceIs that having made a mess of EarthThey'll move to outer spaceWell there goes the neighborhoodTotally, completely, absolutely, irrevocably, highly illogical.youtube.com/watch?v=RABLYqnjEIE

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Hey guys, I've just started watching TNG. Why has all the passion for a bright future, captured by earlier Trek series, completely disappeared from new Trek? I feel like now more than ever is the time to make people hopeful for a just and equitable future. How do you think we might get these kinds of ideals back into Trek?

>>164637782>WeAre you an actual geezer?

>>164634123Yes because random buttheaded aliens of the week were so much more diverse in their appearance.

It's time.

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>>164636524you can have her, I'll take t'pol and the jewess.

Attached: star.trek.picard.s02e01.1080p.web.h264-plzproper.mkv_snapshot_42.12_[2022.03.03_19.13.10].jpg (1920x1080, 95.23K)

evil mirror universe midriff

Attached: HD-wallpaper-top-row-l-to-r-linda-park-as-hoshi-sato-and-jolene-blalock-as-sub-commander-t-pol-from-enterprise-mirror-universe-hoshi-sato-enterprise-jolene-blalock.jpg (800x600, 76.8K)

>>164639223>get called out for copy/pasting 1 model>copy paste 4 models>all from the mmo Out played.

>>164639333Uh, no.

Attached: star.trek.picard.s02e01.1080p.web.h264-plzproper.mkv_snapshot_52.26_[2022.03.03_19.22.33].jpg (1920x1080, 79.44K)


Attached: star.trek.picard.s02e01.1080p.web.h264-plzproper.mkv_snapshot_54.19_[2022.03.03_19.26.50].jpg (1920x1080, 109.72K)

>>164639333>copy paste 4 models all from the mmo

Attached: star.trek.picard.s02e01.1080p.web.h264-plzproper.mkv_snapshot_44.33_[2022.03.03_19.16.49].jpg (1920x1080, 102.26K)


Attached: star.trek.picard.s02e01.1080p.web.h264-plzproper.mkv_snapshot_49.43_[2022.03.03_19.21.29].jpg (1920x1080, 176.87K)

>>164639551>That STD shipYikes.

>>164638261Yes son ... I am.

>>164639333Honestly I would prefer if they'd just used STO ships.

Finally, cute ensigns at the conn again.

Attached: 1627273595994.jpg (2560x1053, 178.39K)

LOL at them killing off Laris' husband off screen so they could have Picard-Laris tension instead

Someone's lost their filter with age.

Attached: 1617157966999.jpg (2559x1065, 204.18K)

george taki dead

I grow tired of all this soap opera bullshit in NuTrek.

>>164634475he isnt just an actor he is executive producer too, right?

>>164636885go back

>>164634475But you're not allowed to 'have fun' and make fun of how bad it is though

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>smoking on the bridge

Attached: yikes.jpg (798x644, 57.45K)

>>164640489captains prerogative

>peak-cuck about to toaste>"l'chaim! :^)"and i'm out for this season. not that the boring action sequence with overuse of dutch angles before convinced me otherwise.

>>164639572>a BIIIG bad scary spiky ship destroys a HUUUGE federation fleettiresome.jpg

>>164640095see, if thats true, its on me. i watched prodigy yesterday and the kobayashi episode had all these dead actors with voice recordings in, and i got a little emotional in the end, due to Odo passing somewhat recently and wished for Takei to be dead, since no one will actually miss him.

>nutrek reeeefags already turning themselves in knots looking for reasons to shit on the new Picard

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>>164640694That isn't even what happens.

quirky moon face should go but other than that it's fine.


Gamer bros rise up

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>>164640723Geezers gonna geeze. Meanwhile, it's one New Trek triumph after another.Feels good to keep winning.

Attached: PIC Billboard 01.jpg (1280x960, 671.16K)

>>164640723>>164641148see >>164624050

>>164641086I liked it. Better paced and with more Trek shit than season 1's opener.

Attached: 1624356563000.jpg (874x870, 59.08K)

>>164641148I heard that Paramount didn't even ask for those billboards to be put up. There was just so much fan demand among New Yorkers (the most populated city) the the building put them up to look cool and hip.

>>164641086How the fuck are Borg even still relevant in the galaxy with Endgame and shit.

>>164641256They’re doing a Borg time travel plot again.>>164639551Phoniest shit ever.

>>164641256That question is literally raised in this episode

>>164641256They literally say that they're not relevant any more. These "borg" are different, probably from another timeline or something.I mean this is probably your big twist about this weird borg, rather loudly telegraphed by the self destruct countdown.

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So, someone murdered Picard’s mother which turned him into a tyrant. Got it. These Borgs are from the timeline where Picard is Hitler.

"And the Emmy for Best Actor goes to...."

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>>164641256because they're recognisable IP

Attached: VTFVpm4FxZDwoWzBrRCGRS-1200-80.jpg (1200x802, 136.12K)

So since we already know the series isn't going to end with Picard dying again, that means he's probably going to get to happily retire to live out his years with his Romulan waifu, right?I'm happy for JL. He deserves that.

>>164641377I'm hoping season 3 is just one long catfight between Vash, Beverly and Laris.

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The Picard S02 premier triumph AND a new episode of DISCO, all on the same night. We're living in the true Golden Age of Trek.

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>>164641412Don’t forget Jenice Manheim.

Just watched Star Trek III. Did Saavik really have sex with a kid?

>>164639333the build them like the star trek armada rts in canon now?>>164640694to be fair it probably meant show the difference to plain shaped borg ships of the past

>>164639223Why do they all look so dark?

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>>164641536space is dark

>>164641543I mean the ships you buffoon.

>>164641568That's your answer. It's dark when you're in interstellar space away from stars. Plus image fidelity has improved since the days of analog tv, I bet a ship autist could still recognize all the known classes in this image.

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>>164641725That's probably more to do with my bad setup and jaypegging it

>>164641745No, I watched it on P+. All their CGI shots are really fucking blurry.

>>164641701Most ships have lights on their hulls that make them visible in space. It's the reason why the Enterprise-D is still easily visible in the darkness of space.

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>>164640208Fuck you

>>164641773Maybe it's your thinning corneas? That's an old person thing, you know. Better have that checked.

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>>164641866Cheeky fecker.

>>164641866I’m 27.

Geezers must die

>>164641943Oh, you've got the really bad kind:> Keratoconus occurs in approximately one in 2,000 individuals, typically beginning in puberty and progressing into the mid-30s. Early stages can be treated with glasses, but with progression of the disease intoy adulthood, corneal transplantation may be needed to restore sight.Tough break. Better pick out your seeing eye dog now.

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>>164641324lmao look at this dood

Star Trek Picard... good?!

>>164642272Geezers dead soon?

>>164641497Probably just gave him a handjob or something.

>>164642272Better for sure.

>>164642377Cucked geezer contrarian

>get sick of voyager boldly going nowhere for 6 seasons>skip back to enterprise cuz I watch a bunch of one series then skip to the next if I get bored >it's an episode devoted to tpol putting on lotion and trying to rape phloxWho the actual fuck through it was a good idea? The same guy who decided trip tucker was due for an mpreg episode as like *the third fucking one?*

>>164642471Geezer noticing plots were extinguished the 90s and attempts later are pure rehashes

>>164639792"Replicator. Lipstick. One Tube. Whore's Mouth Red."

>>164642619Replicator Geezer unfunny insult to empowered women

Geezer die Geezer die


Imagine being Trekpu. Life would be so much better

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>>164640723 I predict the oppositeGeezers are mesmerized by their correct memberberry, if you pander to them a little, they suck your cock

>>164642523Not really a geezer I only got into trek last year. Just watching trek culture vids and stuff there was a whole bit about how they sexualized the shit out of tpol and seven, and I only just now kinda noticed because I watch it on the side while I play vidya

>>164642841Imagine Trekpu being sodomized by 3 Klingons


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>>164642851>Not really a geezer I only got into trek last yearokay boomer


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Like in Star TrekI am thinking about hiring a prostituteso she would say "fuck me geezer, you are my only canon"

>>164642921It would be a lieYet good for a minute

That was pretty up and down.Seven fighting rando baddies was stupid. The Stargazer was nice. "SHE'S ASSIMILATED 90% OF THE SHIP" was retarded. The de-aging effect on Q was handled well. The aging affect on Whoopi Goldberg was hilarious. Having a briefing room scene was nice. Implying the wacky Borg Queen is Picard's mom will be retarded. The apology for the copy and paste fleet from last season was alright.All in all, it's going to be shit but at least this episode had some okay stuff.

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>>164642272Second season is better so far. I'll give them that. What bothers me the most is they turned 7 of 9 into Sarah Connor. She even has a Mexican mercenary hologram. Why?

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>>164642995>>164643004Geezers giving in already

>>164643004>he even has a Mexican mercenary hologram. Why?She deleted the other ones because he was the only one that didn't annoy her

>>164643022Dickbrains can't read confirmed.

>>164642995>The aging affect on Whoopi Goldberg was hilariousUm. That's what she looks like in real life.

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>>164643102membeberries for geezes>I wish they explain her problem with Qsqueeeeeeeeee

>>164643096you are pretending to be toughbut you loved because you are an easy manipulated geezer puppet

Is it safe to say that the fans are loving Picard season 2?

Fuck off, Judy.

>>164643153fans and geezersyes!slay geritol

>>164639551>>164639572What's with the "Nebula class" that's not a real Nebula-class? Same with the "Excelsior". Or is that the Lower Decks version?

>>164643188I know right?weeeeeeeeeeee so exciting

>>164643057>he was the only one that didn't annoy herYeah, and? Writers don't know what to do with seven except to make her Sarah Connor.

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>>164643188No, it’s the original Excelsior. The models were ripped directly from Star Trek Online.

Fuck gene.

>>164643219shipfags get the rope

>>164643228>Fuck gene.Finally geezers are being sincere

tfw no spot

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>>164643122What are you talking about? It was all explained in the episode.

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>>164642995The season 2 opener of Star Trek: Pickard had some flaws, but so does each and every episode of Star Trek: Any Goddamn Series.They handwaved Q and Guinan's aging but didn't dwell on it, so it was over with quickly. The Star gazer was a lovely ship. I didn't care for the Borg ship, but the Queen with the cape and mask looked like a well designed capeshit villain. The biggest improvement over season 1 was they didn't dick around for 3 episodes to get Pickard into space. It was not nearly as bad as it could have been.

>>164643284so they really closed a lose end for geezers?that is why they are happy?hahahaha pathetic

>>164643264Trekpu may have spilled spot remover on Data's cat.

>>164643165Another looooong night gatekeeping a tv show general on a sub of a chan, CG?

>>164643287ge-ezers are loving itweeeeeeee finallymy favorites memberberries for me

>>164643188The Nebula-like ship is the Sutherland class from STOThe Excelsior is some all new variant, it's not the Obena class from Lower Decks which is a lot bigger and has different hull shape

>>164643338shipfags are pathetic


>>164643338>Obena classretarded

>>164643380It is.

make new threadsome really divisive

>>164643380It is retarded, but it should have showed up instead of the two-hundred year old Excelsior.

>>164643328>It was not nearly as bad as it could have been.That did not imply I loved it you fucking faggot. Fuck you and your discord tranny bullshit.If you have to paraphrase someones post to mock them, you do not have an argument.