Which Battlestar Galactica is your favorite?

Which Battlestar Galactica is your favorite?

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>>164616277Fuck StarbuckMarry SixKill BoomerTry disputing this



>>164616277Jane Seymour

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>>164616277Tricia Helfer

f/m either of the two on the left, kill the asian ladyboy

these two at the same time

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>ywn feel God's presence.

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>>164616277the titty one

>>164616277Six. Flat-out one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen.

>>164617132>Flatyou got that right


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>>164616277Jesus, did every 00s woman have some sort of square face syndrome?

>>164616341first nigga best nigga

>>164617228>>164617377ah, the zoomer nigglets found the thread.

>>164617132is "she" the ladyboy?

>>164617602ah yes, the classic candyass defensestop being new

>>164616277I have yellow fever but Tricia Helfer was clearly the best of the bunch. And maybe the mulatto girl.

>Half of these girls were in NXIVMHot

>>164616341I really can’t in this instance, even if I found Boomer more physically attractive.

>>164616654IM GONNA COOM

>>164616784based god poster

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>>164616277Fuck Starbuck, Kill Six, Marry Boomer.

>>164617323Annoying bitch

>>164616341Undisputable.>>164617919That was Cally.



>>164616277tricia helfer 100%

>>164616277The one with wide thigh gap.

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Anastasia Dee Dualla is the only correct answer.

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>>164616277Which one was in the sex cult? Does she zhow off her brand?

>>164616496Nice choice. I'm partial to Athena.

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>>164621035Boomer is rumored to been in it but not deep enough & got out before the actual sex & branding, Cally was in so deep she was married to Allison


I like Kat


>>164621307>Cally was in so deep she was married to AllisonCally still defends it all.

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I personally think Grace is 2skinny5me but the scene where that one dude from the pegasus tried to rape here was kinda hot ngl

>>164621629The scene where she beats the shit out of another one of her, stuffs her in a locker, and then mounts the other's boyfriend for an intense sex session was pretty hot, too.

>>164621756uh its been a while since I watched I dont remember that

>>164621307>>164621590How did this creep looking fuck get so many bitches to join his "women's empowerment" group that was clearly actually about how cunts are fucking stupid and need to be owned by men? Is it really that easy?I want to try it. But like not to fuck the bitches myself, just like to beat them and help them find guys to own them.

>>164616341Sackoff is ugly manface with bad skin so I’d swap her and the Asian

it's lieutenant Ro for me

>>164616277Unironically Boomer.>no toaster sexbot gf


>>164616341I’ve never fucked a full blooded Asian, so I’d switch those two.

>>164616277I LITERALLY started watching BSG TODAY. Wtf, is God sending me a message too? Am I Baltar?

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>>164616277Racetrack - cute and human trough and trough

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>>164616277I want to lick the Asian one's tummy

>>164622797She was very underappreciated.

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>>164616277kill starbuckkill starbuckkill starbuck


>>164616277I was a big fan of Katee Sackhoff until I saw her topless, they were.. Neve Campbell quality.

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>>164620867slutfu bestfu

>>164624082post proof

I'd unironically take that Admiral chick over any of these vapid whores, but I had a crush on her since TNG.

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>>164620918dualladindu a cute

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>>164621766Boomer beats Athena, fucks her husband Helo while she watches it, then kidnaps za babyGood scene desu

>>164624551Not gonna get banned for posting Neve Campbell/Terry Hatcher tier teabags.Besides, seeing Katee's droopies once was horrifying enough.

>>164624626the gay one who got her cylon gf gangraped?

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>>164626758can you get banned for posting a link?

>>164616277So I tried to watch the first episode and starts with a recap, etf.

>>164624626kek, that dog is just like me

>>164627052you need to download the miniseries. it's 2 parts

>>164627041Not him, but if you want to see Katie's tits, it was in the mobie Riddick.

>>164627248Thanks bruh.

>>164627041Yes, so google it yourself.Its the dark gloomy stuff that just reeks of her saying "I don't want it being sexual in any way!"And that's when I realized she's not worth worshiping.

>>164627286oh shit yeah. funnily enough I watched that last week. I remember them being perfectly fine.

>>164627336I'll look it up. I forgot they were in Riddick, they aren't super tits but from your post I thought they were going to be bad but from what I recall they are perfectly fine milkers.

>>164616277Grace park was actually really pretty. Much more than the others. Never watched the show but she was perfect

for me it's roslin

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>>164627448heh... she could get my sack off!

face 6midriff boomerbooba, hair, arms starbuck

i like the colonial uniforms

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>>164627286>>164627336>people are too pussy to even post celeb nudes on 4chansince when did this this board start attracting fucking pussy weasels.

>>164616277fuck starbuckmarry starbuckkill starbuck if she ever leaves me

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>>164627537faggot janny already deleted >>164627448 not that people should grovel to the janny but there's only so many IPs the average poster can cycle through before having to endure full bans

>>164627537>UR ALL PUSSIES>N-no I'm not posting it.. eh.. UR PUSSIESYou didn't even dare post it yourself, pussy.

>>164627534best girl

I just checked the archives for the Sack-off pic and can confirm >>164626758is a gay man.

>>164627616>He's no toaster.Oh, Cally. My sweet summer child.

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>>164627704If you like droopy titties like that then you're into man boobs.

just a reminder to the janny that there are cunny posts in other threads that you aren't cleaning up and that jack-off has great tits.

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>>164622795This guy has it right but only if they looked like this >>164627417 and with ass to match. Seriously if BSG were being made today Six and company would look like Kim or Khloe Kardashian, or Nikki Minaj.

>>164628101Titties aren't too bad, but she just looks tired in general these days.

>>164628386beauty in the eye of the beholder etc etc. something about her just makes my balls tingle

For me its Racetrack

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>>164627534cutest ones are always the craziest

>>164627752Have you tried the game?

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>>164628565I don't generally go for women with such dark eyes, but she spools my engines.

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>>164620867Was Caprica worth finishing?

>indian woman see's gaius>they make eye contact>cut to them fucking and her cryingbased

>>164628824>two battlestars wreck two basestars like it's nothingWould the Colonials have won in a stand-up fight?

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>>164628896PAJEET BROS

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>>164628923Yeah. Why do you think the cylons had to resort to advanced niggardry to get anything done?

>>164616277Character wise? Roselin actually. Performance wise? Starbuck. In terms of appearance? D'Anna. Honourable mention to D. She's so cool. I watched it recently with my brother and he was seething about how she treated Billy for the entire duration of the show. That was fun.

>>164628923Absolutely, remember Lee took out 3 basestars on the Pegasus running a skeletal crew.Cylons were only strong because they had numbers

>>164627616Why does the caption for the bottom look photoshopped? Didn't she actually say those lines?


>>164628101what is this from?!


>>164629144it's the third Riddick film from 2013. The other two are also very goof fillums.

>>164629192>goof fillums.did user have a stroke at the end there?

>>164629243just finishing my wine then it's off to bed. probably had a minor case of severe blood clotting in the old noggin

>>164628923Yes. They lost because the Cylons hacked their ships before the attack. That left capital ships sitting ducks and Vipers tumbling out of control.

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How's the Battlestar Galactica stuff aside from the reimagined series and the 2003 prequel miniseries? Is the original worth watching? What about Caprica?

>>164630372I enjoyed Caprica because it was really a prequel series for the reimagined series. I honestly don't know if you'd like the original (and Galactica 1985) because I grew up on that, so of course I like it.

>>164624626based cat loafing on dog

>>164616277Milf Admiral Not Ro

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>>164617323perfect femdom bitch, id love fighting for control in bed with her

>>164622797>>164622917best girl FUCK, all she wanted was revenge in taking down as many cylons with her as possible and the badass bitch did it !!!!!!!!

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>>164631425>>164632003>>164617323>i want to fuck breed Cain, Shaw, and Racetrack. Am I a human supremacist?

>>164617377It’s just not the 00s it’s now too, every non fat girl has a boxers jaw and a bucket head .


What was the name of the chick that took over Baltar's harem when he was gone? She was hot too.

>>164620918Discerning and correct.

>>164619320>>164631425based taste

>>164616277Isn’t weird that Asian women have the most feminine face but have the least feminine body , ie flat ass and flat chest , while white women here have masculine faces with strong jaws and big breasts and larger butts compared to Asians.

>>164622473First time?

>>164616277>ITT Pictures that are not allowed in current era.

>>164620918She's gorgeous!!!FACT!!!

>>164621781I'd guess at a few things:He had a bit of moneyHe preyed on actresses who are typically going to be damaged in some wayHe had social proofing with the women he had already snagged

Praise Baltar

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>>164630372Caprica in 100% different in tone from BSG but I liked it. It's more of a family/corporate drama with sci fi elements in it. OG BSG is a product of it's time. It has great production design for the era but the characters are simplistic and much more basic versions of the remakes much more nuanced characters. Because of that it doesn't age as well as something like Trek: TOS

>>164632760This series went to shit with the hidden cylon twist and went even further downhill with the trial of Baltar. >Col Tigh is a cylonNot even once.

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>>164616341Yep. Starbuck would probably be a great lay but exhausting to live with

>>164616654whats wrong with the chest on the left? is she super bony/skinny?

>>164628693300 hours babyPure Vino

>>164620918I still don't know why she committed suicide and made Apollo fatfor me it's pic related

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>>164616277lol the 2000s was such a fucking joke. "WE WANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUS!"can you imagine the cast of the expanse doing this kind of photoshoot? fucking laughable

>>164633266>can you imagine the cast of the expansOnly Drummer. Others are uggos

>>164628101Yeah she is not Teri Hatcher droopy at all.Thanks for suiciding user.

>>164633243>why she committed suicideBecause she is a divorcee with literally nothing going for her in her life except her stressful, dangerous job and it's been that way for a long time. She hoped that she'd get relief on Earth but since that turned out to be a pipe dream she couldn't take it anymore and offed herself. .

>>164633266BSG was before we went woke, and sexy fit females used to be celebrated. faggot leftists like you probably love "obesity acceptance" and whoopi goldberg giving health advice.

>>164633266>lol the 2000s was such a fucking jokeThey wanted to be seen as sexy. At a time when it was still allowed.


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Why do people act like modern TV is some sterile sexless wasteland? Modern TV is lewder than ever. Lots of nudity, sex scenes, and skimpy outfits. That said, I do agree that a certain kind of aesthetic is gone. Today everything has to be "empowering". We'd be less likely to get a shamless pandering photoshoot like in the OP, and the show wouldn't be so unpretentiously horny if it was made today.

>>164633090High tier chicks have higher maintenance costs and cause higher stress.

>>164633629Because modern Hollywood is either full of them pushing really ugly bitches or them being so pozzed and miserable there is no point

>>164632559Asians: most feminine features.Europeans: biggest boobaBlack women: ass.

So say we all

>>164633678There are more plain or unappealing actresses than before, but most of them are still hot women. What kind of shit do you guys watch that you always complain about this stuff? The only show I can think of that merits this kind of criticism is shit like Orange is the new Black, but even there the main character is a slim, pretty white blonde and the other dyke is also pretty hot. And having a bunch of uggos on the show makes sense because it takes place in prison.

>>164634007I like the little expressions. Adama's little sayings are charming too.


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a heaping cup of suicidal brown sugar for me, please

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all the women were unlikable in this show from what I watched desu

>>164616277>>164624082>>164627417>>164628101>>164628923I'm going to jerk my Sackhoff

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>>164633266>world during sexy times>"aww yeah sexy babes!">world during woke times>"I have been taught that sexy is wrong, i will repeat this everywhere I go since I am but a robot."why are children so easily brainwashed into believing anything?

>>164633422This she'd been living off the hope that earth would solve their problems since the attack. When earth was revealed to be a dead end she just lost all hope and said "fuck it"

>>164636149She waited until she felt some happiness and then went out on a high note so that she didn't have to deal with falling back into depression.

Lee's dead wife

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>>164620757>>164617860>>164620694>>164616531Tricia was so hot in her prime. Now she is a sad old cat lady.

>>164616277Keith hit that.

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For me, it's Naia

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>>164634947me too

>>164616277I have yellow fever.

>>164632989tigh is based as fuck

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>>164622917Why’d she have to die ;(

>>164638785I mean, she did die committing cylon genocide. I don't think she would've had it any other way.

>>164628768>she spools my enginesLol’d

the superior show and the superior casttitcow is sadly misisng in the photo

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This is the funniest thread in forever. Thanks bros. Makes me miss BSG but have rewatched it too many times. Maybe will wait 5 years and rewatch it then

>>164638936>R*ddit: The ShowJewel is cute at least

For me it's seelix.

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>>164639332Good taste

Who was in the wrong here?

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>>164639446Whoever made a woman an admiral.

>>164629082She did, but the subtitles must have come up on a different shot and they wanted to use that still instead.

>>164628693there was a game built on the freespace2 engine where you get to fly vipersyoutube.com/watch?v=DWt2m1xtJbwPretty cool, especially if you have a joystick.

>>164638753Yeah I wasn't the biggest fan of having Tigh a cylon, but having him just go "fuck it I get to decide who I am" was pretty sick

>>164639962Badass. Thanks for the tip.

>>164617377It's almost as if the same casting director was used for the main cast. Pretty crazy.

>>164638936>the superior show and the superior cast

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>>164628320>Seriously if BSG were being made today Six and company would look like Kim or Khloe Kardashian, or Nikki Minaj.I could only hope.

>>164628830Of course. Just don't expect everything to be wrapped up nicely. They rushed to the end.

>>164628923No, because new humans take decades to train. As long as the Resurrection Hub survives, the backlog will only be months to years, and you're back to fully trained killers.Cylons only need to give chip damage, and the humans will eventually lose.That's why it was such a big deal to destroy that one Resurrection Ship, and why the ending was about killing the Resurrection Hub.

>>164635168Try the original, it has a different class of women.

>>164620918Fuck you Apollo

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>>164640652Ah, the 70s. When women were still allowed to be feminine and not expected to act like men.

>>164640238>Jool>hot redhead>wasted>Sikozu>hot redhead>wastedBeing a fan of redheads is pure suffering.

>>164616784>ywn destroy human civilization but still become both the president and space Charles Manson with your own harem Also what was the thing he whispered to Felix that made him attack him? That was never brought up again

>>164621590She pops up in an early RLM video while NXIVM was still going on, very weird it see now

>>164624082Starbuck sucked, they should have followed through with killing her off

>>164627417This simple change would have improved the final season immensely tbqh

>>164628824>documentary camera even outsideNever really understood this gimmick

>>164641503i didn't even remember that part ,but after some brief googling it seems to be part of a cut storyline according to some dvd commentaries

>>164631425My fucking nigga

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>its the viper doing an emergency landing and bouncing a bit scene

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>>164638753Was personally a fan of this. I thought the final five thing was very poorly explained but having the Colonel as a cylon created a Star Trek-tier dilemma which I liked

I thought it could have ended betterI liked the idea of the crew slowly dwindling until they had to allow cylons to serve, and all the remaining humans had beef with each other from years of close contact but were forced to work together.It would have made the ending with everyone separating make more sense if there were like 5 people who never wanted to see each other again. Instead we have Adama ditching his son and going live on a mountain on his own for no reason despite the world being inhabited with potentially dangerous tribes and animals

>>164632148Thanks, Hollywood

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>>164616341Can't, but I would add rape Athena

>>164641781is that how sneed got the store?

>>164641503Based on context, I assumed he was bringing up Gaeta's complicity in all the shit that went down on New Caprica. But who knows.


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>>164641606Forgot about this. Didn’t they repeat the same CGI scene like 10 times during the show

>>164627417Someone shop this to make Lee fat with giant tits.



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>>164643156whoop there it is

>>164640521Doesn’t matter how many robot clones they can make if they have fewer basestars and they’re weaker in combat, brainlet

>>164628768Dark eyes can be great when they have the right shape, very warm and sexy

>>164639332I always used to get her and Racetrack confused but they're both hot. Didn't Seelix die during the mutiny?

sometimes I just dont have the energy to jack off


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>>164643844im sorry baltar ill try harder


>>164620918nice ass btwwhy don't they cast a black actress like this in dceu and mcu?

>>164641606>>164642461Im pretty sure there are other edits of the landing, but this seems to be the most complete/no cut sequence

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