>OH N-

>OH N-

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>>164614997He claimed he was 27 right? KEK.

>he kills himself>Chris jokes about it on his podcast


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>>164615033yeah, he was actually 48

>>164615033Not only did he claim he was 27 he described himself as 'dreamy'. How delusional must you be to think the kid wouldn't run a mile when you show up as a bald 50 year old

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>>164614997Was the doc Vincent's huckleberry?

>>164614997Who's your favorite predator? For me, it's "i might want to cut you a little...suck on your blood lol" canirapeyouanally

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>>164615284Ray Ramano predator. He’s screaming the whole time and every line is gold

>>164614997Do you think that made the moment feel awkward?


>>164615394put it in da refrigerator

>"Ya feel me?">"Yes, we are filming"

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this show was god tier

>filming innocent men who are being entrapped for entertainment BAKA

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>>164615839>entrappedYou should learn what that means.

>>164615839>entrappedNo one forced them to write those messages or to show up.

>>164615805Peak American entertainment. Making money off of pedos brilliant

>>164615871>>164615908>contact lonely man on chatboard>present yourself as a legal adult and shift the conversation into sexual territory>invite him to a house>lol actually she was 13 lmao guess we better get 20 cops to tackle you and ruin your lifeDisgusting

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>>164616055>>present yourself as a legal adult

>>164614997didnt this guy kill himself

>>164615284For me it's the literal retard that talks like he just huffed helium.

>>164615839>who are being entrappedis there such a thing as reverse law school?

>>164616436>coerce otherwise law-abiding citizen into commiting crime>lol bruh its not entrapmentJust admit you are wrong and you get off watching innocent men having their lives destroyed

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he is right tho all of these men would never actually carry out their fantasies until they found a willing party that was actually fake and only entrapping them


who was the best decoy?

>You say, "Imma gonna lick you"Was that really necessary

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>>164615839>I can't resist stealing cars like yours so you're actually entrapping me by owning one

>>164615839based entrapmentposter

>>164615186You're just lying to yourself when you say he's not dreamy

>>164616419>you ask her if she's horny>"What's wrong with that?">you ask, 'do you like anal?'>"It's a question!"

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>>164617119>Died 1/6/21>Last scene alive 1/6/20I assume that's a typo.

Stop responding to shitty entrapment b8 posters These fags always:>contacted the decoys first>spoke to them sexually (illegal)>set up a time to meet them (illegal)>actually went out to meet what they believed was an underage girl (illegal)

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>>164616990More like:>man is walking down street>cop points at car and yells at him to get in it and drive>bust him for "auto-theft"

>>164615284The guy who wanted her cat to fuck her somehow and he got immediately naked when he walked in.


>>164617052james rolphe?

>>164615284>"I don't have a last name" kills me every time

>>164615284>mfw the kid I came to diddle has a higher hairline than me

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>>164617460same energy

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My sources claim Wolin faked his death and is actually in SE Asia

>>164615284The guy who just sits naked in the fucking kitchen before Chris even walks out.

>>164615284spot the difference

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>>164616055so you've never watched the show then?

Reminder that Chris Hansen is just as big of a piece of shit as they all were, just for different reasons.

>>164619118>nooooo he le scammed people and committed adultery nooooouhhh ok. I'm sure that's "just" as bad as molesting children, pedo

>>164618763even if that's true, who cares about a bunch of pedos? I know you do because you're a redditor, but nobody in the real world cares about those dudes.

>>164615033He killed himself later

OK entrapment fags, please provide the definition of entrapment as applied to every case opened by the police during the filming of this show

>>164615284the sweaty guy with a camerayoutu.be/0jX2uoyCtZY?t=109

>>164615839Found the faggot pedo. You know they tell the person what age they are prior to the meet up, that’s why when Chris Hansen comes out, none of them ever say “she told me she of age” it’s only ever “no no no,I was just coming to this 11 year old’s home, while her parents were away, bringing condoms and booze, to explain to her how dangerous the internet is”



>>164615908It’s debatable whether it’s entrapment or not. Entrapment is basically defined as authorities doing something that leads to you committing a crime where is reasonable to assume you wouldn’t have committed such crime otherwise. Just because they don’t approach the men first doesn’t definitively make it not entrapment because they are still throwing out bait with the intention of helping someone commit a crime. For example, if a cop walks up to you and asks if you want to buy crack then that’s obvious entrapment, but if a cop sets up a sign on the side of the road that says “crack - $5” then that could also be considered a form entrapment even though they aren’t approaching you directly, because they are still intentionally communicating a clear message to anyone who walks by and sees it. The same way creating a profile on a chat room that’s known for explicit conversation and labeling yourself in such a way that entices men to message first could also still be entrapment. The biggest thing preventing it from being entrapment is that the police themselves aren’t the ones running the online operation, but since the police are working hand in hand with the group that are doing it makes it a pretty thin line.

for me? its when they told pajeet to get naked before entering the home, and he did.


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>>164619670>You're naked and you're chasing a cat around with coolwhip, Marvin. What am I supposed to think?

>>164617119COVID claims another innocent life...sad people still won't get the vax

>>164619933You retards are still obsessed with covid when the rest of the world has moved on

>>164619759christ she was cute, poor bastards never stood a chance

>ring ring WAHOO>mamma mia, itsa sting!>so long, gay Hansen!

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>>164617460I really love the regret on his face before Hansen even appeared, that he just risked ruining his life to meet with some guy that looks 30, and he just wants to leave.

hey i brought you some mcdonalds. i already ate the fries and half your burger on the drive though lol wanna have sex

>>164620146>and he just wants to leave.I always assumed he thought he was about to get beat up by a bunch of grown men

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>>164617119the people who think they are on the right side of history relish in the continuous torture this man endured for like 20 years and ultimately led to killing himself. it's a cruel and unusual punishment and I bet in like 30 years people will look back and wonder why this show was even allowed to air. it will be akin to blackface.

>>164616055>>>present yourself as a legal adultepical pedo cope :DDD dey said dey was underaged and the guys be all like "omg really? sex time"die pedo die

>>164620262sure it will, pedobro.

>>164619962go back to twitter with that news media narrative shit

>>164617460just conversating

>>164620290sorry but who asked?

>>164620366you really think a person doing one crime deserves to have their life destroyed and forever tarred and feathered on the internet?

>>164614997I had no idea what a piece of shit this guy was. His daughter visited him on his death bed just so she could take a picture of him dying.to-catch-a-predator.fandom.com/wiki/James_"Hambubger"_Wiles

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>>164617192If God didn't want us going after cunny, why'd did He make them so sexy?

>>164620797alright maybe some of these guys deserve to be tarred and feathered, and worse


>>164615394You can check my breath

How are these geezer this fucking horny? Imagine getting you rcar and driving for hours for child belly that is likely to throw you in jail and ruin your life forever. Just jack off

>>164614997these are always some of the best threads on tvif my harddrive wasn't ruined I would contribute with some classic webms of stunned pedos

>>164615123This is shopped. I can tell by the pixels.

>>164617460This guy was 26 btw

>>164619759>*bites lip* "So wanna you want to do?">"A hug">"Errr I don't know" *leaves*Literally my interactions with women

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>>164617119>my husband is talking about suicide>better leave him lolFucking women

>>164619759>>164620198hot little bitch

>>164617119He should've moved to tijuana to be a plastic surgeon, what a coward.

>>164621259It's usually self-destructive behaviour and self-loathing. "I'm such a fuck up I meant as well fuck up some more" like how people fall into drug abuse

>>164616055I learned back in 2001 not to ever reveal my personal information to strangers online without having a method of verifying who they were.I was only 10 then, and I sure as hell won't feel sorry for someone who was more than twice my age making that mistake.Go sympathize with a Twitch mod, you faggot.

>>164617052>he joined a ministry >people eventually found out and ratted him out SUCH IS LIFE.


>>164620909A dick is objectively sexy.But that doesn’t mean you have to be sexually attracted to dick.If you are, then that makes you gay.The same logic applies to sexually developed children you chomo.

>>164620632for a crime like that? yes. 0 sympathy for pedo scum

>>164621310rip and same


>>164620632Depends on the crime. Pedophilia? Yes.

>>164621324Women are retarded but pedos are worse


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>>164615284Too many to pick one:>The rabbi hunting for a young boy.>The Dastardly Desperado with a score to settle with Deputy Hansen.>"What? No way!">The Cleanest, Best Pleasure.>The one that got buck naked when the decoy went to another room.

>>164614997was this foreshadowing ?

>>164616522Have you ever once seen the chat logs? Would you agree that sending a picture of your penis to a 12 year old should be illegal?What's wrong with you.

>>164620632YesYou are by sympathetic to people who would have no qualms sexually assaulting your children, real or otherwise.

>>164620632this shows how dangerously warped Paedos minds are.

>>164615284John Donnelly is up there, if only because watching Hansen casually take the decoy's seat wearing a suit on the beach and the pedo's reaction is priceless.

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>>164616035>British tabloid journalism

>>164622787Now I'm a loser for the rest of my life!

>>164615284The guy who wouldn't get out of his car and wanted the male decoy to go for a ride with him, and if I remember right had shit like zip ties in his trunk implying he was going to keep him.

>>164619162>celebrity piece of shit>not a pedoIt’s hilarious how this board will call everyone in Hollywood racist names and post endlessly about all the pedo shit that they either take part in, or just ignore to collect paychecks but then swoop in to defend them when they do shit like this. Weird how there was never a special edition of To Catch A Predator where Chris nails people in Hollywood.

>>164622970There was a few of those, weren't there?

>>164622970>>164623037Go get your library card. Where's the Wallgreens at?


>>164616055you can read the chat logs. every time it's the predator initiating conversation and then starting sex talk after the decoy goes "i'm 13 btw" several times. there is a difference between sting operations and entrapment; entrapment requires coercion and pressure. saying "hey i'm 13 and i don't know about sex lol" and then getting a bunch of "HI BB I WILL KISS YOUR BREAST YOU ARE SO MATURE FOR YOUR AGE WHERE DO YOU LIVE?" is not entrapment.

>>164622052Eat shit and die fag

>>164620262It’s not really a political show

>>164615839>innocentThey all should have been executed on television.

>>164616522>coercethat would be>the cunny pointed a gun at me and said if i don't go to her house she'll shootand not>the cunny invited me to her housesadly, only the first one is illegal, while you can still go to jail for the second one

Reminder this guy got off with no prison time

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>>164623664Just like racists amirite?en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day-care_sex-abuse_hysteria

>>164623881What’s your point

>>164623922Have you been asleep since 2016?

>>164623746He just wanted to go to the beach

>>164623881>en.m.opinion discarded

>>164622433And his name? It was Chris Roberts.

>>164623746What?! No way!

>>164619647Entrapment tests vary from country to country. Some of your examples "oi, want to buy some crack" or the sign on the road sound like you might be describing "random virtue testing" which in Canada is illegal. Unless you can show that there is a reason you are targeting particular people or a particular area. Honeypot stings wouldn't count as entrapment, for example, if you just lured a thief in with an unlocked car in a high theft area only to track them. This isn't "random virtue testing", as they have a reason to believe that there may be pedos on those forums.In the United States, two competing tests exist for determining whether entrapment has taken place, known as the "subjective" and "objective" tests.The "subjective" test looks at the defendant's state of mind; entrapment can be claimed if the defendant had no "predisposition" to commit the crime.The "objective" test looks instead at the government's conduct; entrapment occurs when the actions of government officers would usually have caused a normally law-abiding person to commit a crime.Subjectively, these people are pedos that have a predisposition to commit the crime. Objectively, you would look at the chat logs that enticed them over. Normie Law-Abiders wouldn't try to sex up a kid.

>tfw been fucking only 18 year olds for the last five yearsThese pedos are fucking stupid mang

>>164620909who says god didn't?it is the law of man that says otherwise

>>164616055the funny part about all this is the decoys actually initiated sexual conversation many many times in the chat logs

>>164615284you just posted him, the dude's screenname was "canirapeyouanaly"second favorite would be hambubger of course

>>164617460that guy is a twitch streamer goes by the name "m60_"

>>164623746Uh yeah. It was painfully clear that the guy was just trying to go to the beach.


>>164620585more like who cares right? a dead pedo is nobody's concern anymore


>>164623031>reduced to making sad podcasts about youtube drama from his house >hollywood bigshot insiderI don't think you know much about this. Chris had 15 minutes of fame in the 00s, nobody heard of him before or after TCAP.

>>164625099Not the guy you're responding to, but yes. There is literally nothing wrong with being a Nazi or being racist. Racism is the natural state of human beings (pic related).

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>>164625228Pretty edgy bro. >JokerThe edgiest of edge.

>>164615284The one that Chris actually knew IRL

>>164625101 Wasn’t aware you had to be a “Hollywood insider” in order to lure them into pedo shit. The fact that you think that’s why nobody has ever done a show about ensnaring the Hollywood pedo cult is hilarious and sad.

>>164622052>A dick is objectively sexy.You're just a faggot dude


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>that guy who went to the house with his little son

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>>164625541what the fuck


>>164625541It was just a kids play date


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>>164625541Yeah, some of these guys were legit monsters. Its funny to hear the behind the scenes stories though. I always wondered why that one guy walked in naked, and it turned out it was because the decoy had told him it would be hot if he did it lmao.


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>>164615058I've listened to all of his new podcast episodes and I don't remember that bit


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>>164625595is this real or staged? what the fuck. why would he bring his kid?


>>164622052>A dick is objectively sexy.you lost me coach

>>164618724Same energy.Amazing.

>>164625773>>164625820was this the cowboy one?


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>>164625539A generic white male. Cute, Built good. Was just on his way to the beach. Nothing more, nothing less.

>>164625650That also helps the prosecutor prove intent. If they did the things they said they'd do in the chat, like show up naked or bring specific items (iced tea, condoms, whatever) then they have an easier time arguing that they would do the other things in the chat as well.Shoutout Fast Eddie

>>164626009>>164626019story? never saw that one.that face structure, though. guys born with that kind of face seem doomed.


>>164626090For real though, what was his deal? How did he get away scot-free?

>>164626234His alibi checked out. He was indeed on his way to the beach.


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>>164615839I feel that it was great propaganda to get people who watched it to not do that degenerate shit out of fear of Chris being just around the corner

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>>164626800I feel that it was great propaganda to further demonize people who struggle with pedophilia ensuring the number who want help instead of acting on it, wont.

>>164623031>celebrity>Weird how there was never a special edition of To Catch A Predator where Chris nails people in Hollywood.Now you're just being retarded.

>>164625541This one is by far the worst.


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>>164626009Ah the Judge Holden special


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>>164615805It would’ve been better if they entrapped women too. They didn’t even try to go after women predators.

>>164615394just the name Gay Romano brings me to tears every fucking time

>>164622626It would be better if it was legal to beat the shit out of pedos/kill them as long as you have evidence.>Kill pedo>submit evidence>Get acquitted of murder, repeat on next pedo.

>>164627821>How to Catch a Predator: Celebrity EditionFund it


>>164629041at least he doesn't touch kids

>>164625344Your grandparents were racist and every single human being 35 years ago was racist.

>>164629138I bet his producer friends do, maybe not at crudely forced as the ones on his show but probably a lot worse.

my only gripe with the show is that it's grown adults who are luring men in, often going into adult chatrooms.

>>164616522>otherwise law-abiding citizen>literally show up with booze and condoms for what they think is a romp with a preteenI hope all you pedos get exposed and lynched.

>>164620262>be pedo>act on your pedo thoughts>get exposed>kill selfCan't say I have much sympathy for him or anyone like him.

>>164621539>I learned back in 2001 not to ever reveal my personal information to strangers online without having a method of verifying who they were.That advice disappeared with sѹcial media

>>164625595>subconsciously yanks his child in front of him like a shieldimagine the level of incel you have to be on to defend people like this

>>164625814>The reason Clifford brought his son to the sting house was because his wife was at work and he had to watch him that day.


>>164615839If you can be entrapped into soliciting sex from individuals you believe are children, you NEED to be entrapped.


>>164625541>>164625595That kids probably old enough to be in college now. Sad to think about how much it probably fucked him up. What was going through the dad's mind? I'm curious of the psychology of it.

>>164620797Imagine laying there helpless watching your own daughter gleefully taking a picture of you on your deathbed knowing full well that not only your own family, but complete strangers will relish the moment you die for years to come.

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>>164616990this is literally the most low iq analogy i've ever seen

>>164631854He touched his own kids.

>>164632039not saying he didn't deserve it, just that must have sucked

>>164631808I'm degenerate so my line of thinking>takes kid (whom he hopefully he hadn't abused) to meet his "friends" son who doesn't have a babysitter>probably told his wife he has to watch this kid because his buddy has to go do something real quick>takes his son so son he has an alibi >when the little kid goes to bed he sneeds the decoy My pick>the steelers and ravens>wasn't gonna do nothing>*sweating bullets*>*shitting bricks*>*swallowing intensifies*>wearing South Pole jeans from 2007>some shirt chingy wore in 2006 >trying to do something with that JUST hair>brings a kid iced tea and cheetos >starts crying

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is it pernounced OH EN-DASH or OH EN-HIGH-FEN?

>>164625099If I was in a room with Hitler and a pedophile and I had two bullets I would shoot the pedophile twice

>>164632557Oh Cawd


>>164633005>>164632557Shoot me why dont cha

>>164625541hate to play devil's advocate but ive been on many fuck dates and the girl brings her kid because there's no one to watch her so she plays in another room while im doing her mom

>>164633250Stop using Grindr

>>164624563Post 1 (one) time they did. Link the chat logs.

>>164621324People don't take warnings seriously when someone in their life is threatening self harm.

Does anyone know where I can watch full episodes of all of TCAP?


>>164631854>>164632039Yeah, article says his daughters had a party when he died and will have another when his brother dies. jej. What a fucking pile of shit.

>>164622052>A dick is objectively sexy.Uh.. no it's not, faggot.

>>164622463>>"What? No way!"

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>>164631854I wonder why people like this never get tired of being a piece of shit. Like to their grave they commit to being an actual retard.

>>164633485They do it every time they mention their age.

>>164624563ofc, it's a tv show for profit, they arent there to keep the kids safe, but to sacrifice a gullible horny retard for profits.

>>164627746Help them how, exactly? By telling them raping kids is bad? I'm literally an incel and I haven't raped any women yet. Its the easiest thing in the world.


>>164615394Put it in the afrisherator

Kaye tried to return to his synagogue after release from prison to worship, but was shunned and told to find another synagogue.[3] Kaye was arrested again in 2013 for not registering as a sex offender, using the internet without prior approval, and viewing pornographic images. He was arrested a 3rd time in 2018 for repeatedly violating the terms of his probation over the course of the five years since his last period of incarceration, by buying unauthorized devices to access the Internet, soliciting sex on Craigslist, buying pornography, and opening lines of credit without disclosing the activity to his probation officer. He would be sentenced to six months at the same prison he served his original sentence, with even tighter restrictions placed on him after release. One of these arrests occurred during a counseling session when his unauthorized cellphone started ringing.[2] Sometime between his release and February 2021, he was incarcerated again and is currently in the Alexandria City Jail. He has also been classified as a Tier III offender, which is the highest-risk offender.[4] He is now a lightbulb salesman. (From Rabbi to lightbulb salesman, always trying to enlighten people...) Even though he had a girlfriend, Kaye was married at the time of his arrest. Both his wife and mistress left him.

Attached: rabbi.jpg (425x319, 35.91K)

>>164636514I always disliked this guy, he reminds me of those politicians who get pulled over for driving drunk and then think they can just get out of it because of who they are. I wonder what he just got arrested for in 2021.

>>164635634That's just how good it feels to them. Scary.

>>164620797>page has phone call audio>she calls him and confirms she's 13>he says she's too young for him>she talks him back into it by pretending to be sad and hurt


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>>164615394my other brother

>>164616055>present yourself as a legal adulteverything else is true, thoughit is all very dodgy, but what is the alternative? wait until they actually ruin some kid's life in the future before grabbing them?


>>164615284For me its this guy. The way he strokes the table just creeps me out

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>>164619283maybe its just really hot in that room


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>>164638334Post more, please.


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>>164625541According to the podcast, his wife stayed with him and they lost custody of their son.


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>>164638334>>164638478This is just the same level of posts and Discord chats that I see....


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>name yourself after DDLG or other age fetishes in the chatroom>keep mentioning the fetish in chat>agree to meet>hansen appears"We were roleplaying, bro.">?????>profit


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I'm looking for an episode where the decoy was wearing a black pullover hoodie that had a half-elephant, half-fish and the word "piercing" at the bottom, probably filmed in Michigan.

When I was a boy I was attracted to older women, how does science explain this? Was I simply confused and not actually horny for big boobies, I mean I even googled "BIG BOOBIES" and I liked what I saw, But modern science would say I was being delusional.

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>>164639151I wanted a woman to molest me starting in the 3rd grade but sadly it never happened

>>164623746>going to jail for eating cookies and going to the beachland of the free

>>164632131I love how smug and happy this guy looks when he brings over the gas station snacks to the decoy.My other favourite is Josh Colon, he brings food for himself to the sting and doesn't bring the decoy any. No wonder he couldn't get a gf if that's how he treats people.

>>164638890What's this guy's name?

>>164640222Ernest Timmons

>>164621324>Fucking womenwhy stay and just get covered in brain chunks when he decides to kys himself?cope and have sex, sweedy

I can't control my horny levels bros...


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>>164615284Gay Romano

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>>164616055seethe cunnylet

>>164619759>you're walking down the street>you look over and see Nellie the semen demon biting her lip at you through the window>you also can see Chris Hansen and 20 cops in the other roomDo you roll the dice and go for it anons?

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>>164641443I walk right in as I didn’t have a chat with an underage girl and I know she is legal ageI do get sent down for rape though


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>>164635445>you know what, I don't want this cookie

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>>164614997>>164615058>Reportedly, his exposure on TCaP and subsequent legal troubles weren’t the motivations behind his apparent suicide, but a drunken fight.What the fuck? Who the fuck offs themselves over a bitta bants kek

>>164641389He's not gay, you can smell his breath.

>>164642864First put it in da frigurator then smell his breath.

>>164635445Absolutely cute and built good

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>>164615021this guy was clearly some kind of real retard, they took advantage of him

>>164614997Imagine showing up trying not to look like a fag, looking like a fag, then getting caught doing something illegal


>>164619759>>164641443Would cum in an on over and over till inevitable based heart attack.


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>>164626009fucking kino



>>164625595the worst one I've seen.

>>164644297>that knee on the neck

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>>164623124Meds and BBC now

>>164615058based if trueall pedophiles and weebs should face the rope

>>164638199>come look at this my dad made this

for me it's this decoy

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Guys, the manager of my local kiniplex is named Jeff Sokol

>>164644785unless his fat ass made a daring prison escape i'm pretty sure the guy himself is still in the pokey