Alt-Right, Nazi, Fascist, Confederate Intelligence Thread

Let's list all of the message boards (other than Holla Forums) where these faggots communicate their feels. It'll make it easier for us to keep tabs on them, but more importantly, make fun of them.

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Real talk, I don't care bout what's going on in Berkeley between FOAK and ANTIFA. They ain't gonna achieve mothing besides making spectacles of themselves for the media to sensationalize and the interned to meme bout for a few days to a week after. I'd be lying if I wouldn't take off my shirt, wrap it into a turban-mask and bike lock whip the shit out of one of them status quo fedoralords if I happened to be in the neighborhood cuz they're so god damn rare to come across outside their basements. You know, for all the times they called me a nigger online.

stop being curious

You have Holla Forums crossposting all over Holla Forums.
That already makes quite a lot of boards to lurk.

the FOAK are the paramilitary arm of Gavin McInness' Proud Boys. The Proud Boys describe themselves asa "pro-Western fraternal organization" for men who "refuse to apologize for creating the modern world."[1] They also subscribe to "no wanks" a rule which bans masturbation.[2] McInnes has also explicitly stated that no Nazis are allowed to join the group.[3]

The group takes its name from the showtune "Proud of Your Boy," a song introduced in the 2011 stage-show version of Disney's Aladdin.[4][5]

It was recently revealed that Gavin McInnes and Kyle Chapman (AKA 'Based Stickmant")were teaming up to help the Proud Boys form their own paramilitary wing of the alt-right called the “Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights,” or FOAK. [6][7]

FOAK and proudboys are obviously inspired by the alt right, but they aren't LARPing nazis either. New Righters like the proud boys represent the capitalist recuperation of the alt right's resentment driven culture jamming juggernaut. proud boys seem to be aiming at a broader demographic, they take on a stereotypical upper middle class frat boy image and present themselves as the guardians of Western Culture. This song is a Proud Boy manifesto of sorts.

You are an asshole going by your picture and post. I sentence you to gulage for 6 gorillion years.

For some reason this frat sounds really homosexual.

sounds like a sex cult

Wonder how well those shields stand up to molotovs.

jesus fuck
this is some next level super duper larping

Could have done more if he didn’t drink his equipment.

On the bright side they'll have killed themselves in 10 years.



(far-left is Gavin)



Is this actually real

so much for the anti-degenerate right

I mean /cuteboys/ is a thing. I just got out of a really draining argument there, all stemming from a fucking infographic.

I didn't do as well as I wish I did. :( I'm sorry leftpol

Yes. This is from his show on which is Anthony Cumia's streaming platform. Cumia is a soft racist who rose to fame as part of the shock jock duo Opie and Anthony. I would say they were #2 to Howard Stern's #1 in the domain of blue comedy talk show.

Because it is, Gavin McInnes is a sodomite who works as controlled opposition led by capitalist jew ( ( ( EZRA LEVANT ) ) )


Also ALL of these are Gavin, just different episodes.




OK now what?

You forgot the chans.

We need to go kamikaze then.

/baphomet/ is always filled with alt-righters

I heard there were many alt-righters on Holla Forums

Always hated that joint.

well I guess Holla Forums is crawling with them, but baphomet is more a place of interest because of the nature of the content that's posted there
The DS is starting up its own gang of blue shirts to fight people at rallies as if they were living in the goddamn 1920s.

shitposting flag.