YOU DON'T BELONG HERE if you haven't seen at least 250 of the movies listed in the chart

YOU DON'T BELONG HERE if you haven't seen at least 250 of the movies listed in the chart

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>>164603312>Watching moviesSounds like you don't belong here

>>164603312i honestly don't think i've seen more than like 40 movies in my 20 years of life on this earth



>>164603312I've seen over 7000 movies in my life so I'd wager $50 that I've watched every single movie on that list

>>164603312I'm saving space odyssey till I can watch it in the cinema.

>>164603312/a/, I'm only here to laugh at you, imagine watching capeshit

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>>164603432sounds like a great idea unless you have anything over 70 inches at home. A good tv is almost as great as going to the cinema nowadays

>>164603312>Only 175Sorry user.

>>164603312You don't know about this board's culture and you don't belong here. Go back to r/eddit, faggot loser.

>>164603563Scratch that, 176.

>>164603312I've watched at least 400+ of the movies listed. AMA

>>164603566don't tell me you're one of those fags who think Holla Forums = Holla Forums

>>164603589not browsing Holla Forums for 100 days will do you good. what is the first movie you plan to watch?

>>164603589And of those, these aren't necessary:Batman (1989)Hulk (2003)Man of Steel (2013)Pacific Rim (2013)PrometheusAnd it absolutely NEEDSAustin Powers (1997)Napoleon DynamiteStep Brothers

Didn't bother counting.

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>>164603742Yes, I've actually posted here for years and didn't just show up in 2016 because of some faggot election, you dirty fucking tourist subhuman. Go back to /film/ and jerk off with the other losers. Nobody thinks you're special or unique by the way.

>>164603945you clocked in at just below 300 movies, how does it feel to belong and what's your thought on the movies on the list?is your favourite movie on there or not?

>>164603781Closer to 180 apparently.Probably going to finish:Atame!Rear WindowBoogie NightsMullholand Driveand then move on toBuffalo 66KidsGummoAnd even though it's not on here:The remaining Safdie brothers movies I haven't seen, andBlue RuinForgot to say that the list needs to change"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" to"Pirates fo the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl".

>>164604012please enlighten us what kind of threads/post you make if you have posted here for years and haven't seen any noteable movies

>>164604055>atame!oh, if I ever were to be reborn as a toy I hope I'd be a scuuba diver-toy>"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" to>"Pirates fo the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl".keira knightley vs 2007 sfxa hard choicelets go with both, ok?

>>164604049It's actually a pretty good list, good mix of mainstream classics, foreign art film, and trash cinema. It would be hard to get to 250 on that list without being a pretty well-rounded cineaphile.And yes, Star Wars: A New Hope is on the list.

>>164603312264, guess i can keep on visiting this gutter. also your list has 3 duplicates and is kinda shit with some major omission and some really retarded shit.

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>>164604175thanks, the idea is to create a top1000 essential list for Holla Forums so we can get roll threads going while also watching "better" movies - aka movies which has potential to discussed in different ways>>164604240>duplicatesthat will get fixed>major omission and some really retarded shitelaborate

>>164603312I honestly don't care and don't need your permission.

>>164604365you talk like a fag and your shits all retarded

i havent watched any and i will continue to talk about star wars here>>164604175>And yes, Star Wars: A New Hope is on the list.should be, better than all your boring pseud nonsense>>164604365go to /lit/ or reddit faggot

>>164604437>you talk like a fag and your shits all retardedwell, I do think of myself as pic related sometimes which would mean that you and I aren't so different after all

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Only a 189. 'In the Name of the Rose' should be on there. Decent list.

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>>164604365>elaboratemaybe i was a bit too harsh: if it's meant to be a general collection of mainstream, basic arthouse and cult movies - then it's pretty decent. although i'd still add ordet, the secret in their eyes, something by koreeda (after life probably,) ashes and diamonds, and either yi-yi/a brighter summer day/city of sadness or something else taiwanese. maybe some of those are on there and i just missed them. also you don't need 20 2010s blockbusters - maybe add some older ones instead like jaws or easy rider or something.

>>164604585>basic arthousekill yourself pseud

>>164603312>you don't belong on a forum called Holla Forums if you haven't watched a bunch of old shitty /movies

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>>164603312Where Tombstone

>>164604615he probably came to 4chan thinking it was an epic secrit club of intellectuals like him talking about prestigious media like "art films"

>Pirates of the Carribbean>Star Wars: A New Hopeyes, there are some glaring omissions of certain parts of trilogies such as The Two Towers, Episode I and VI, BTTF 2 and 3, Indiana Jones and other fan favourites, and while one could make the argument that they belong to a roll list, the counterargument is that they "glut" the list and makes it "less random" while at the same time they don't make much sense since it'd kind of dumb to watch the third part of a series unless it's very distinct from the others or doesn't follow it's prequels directly

>watching anything before 2000 and Not exclusivly MarvelGet yo old ass bitch ass outta here, gramps

>>164604055Marked, and it gets worse when I actually break these down into categories.

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>>164603312>mad max>malad...OP you cheeky fuck

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>>164603312>the most entry Tarkovsky moviesNo, you're the one who doesn't belong here. This is criterion core shit. You know exactly you belong, discord tranny

>>164603312Should have "the Dark Knight" instead of "the Dark Knight Rises".

>>164604615>>164604649Imagine getting butthurt over this.

>>164604585>ordet>the secret in their eyesthose are solid suggestions>taiwanese>yi yi>ABSD>basic arthousethe movies you mentioned clock at over 150 minutes and are made for a narrow audience whom are likely already familiar with those movies. But sure taiwan cinema could get some representation so i'll add The River and Flowers of Shanghai>jawseasy rider is on the list, jaws aren't because Spielberg has already too many flicks on the list

>>164604729>Re-Animator>not leaving an impressionyou, sir, must be gay

>>164604602yeah, stuff like la jetee is "basic" compared to "advanced" or "true" arthouse because you can enjoy it without being high out of your mind or feeling like someone hit you on the head with a hammer for 3 hours afterwards. there's nothing pejorative about that term, if anything i meant it positively.

>>164604999I literally could not remember a face, name, or anything that had happened in it a week after seeing it.I could watch it right now and it would be an entirely new movie, just like my Christmas tradition of playing a Love Actually drinking game but it's always new to me because the farthest I've gotten is 70-75 minutes in before blacking out, and I've watched that movie every year for 5 years.

>>164603312What kind of worthless faggot forgets Strange Days from a list like this

>>164605096Same with the Artist (2011). I watched it sober and couldn't remember any of it the next day.

>>164603542Maybe he wants to watch it on film.

>>164603312Huh, give us a list that's on letterboxd so we don't have to count.

>>164605096If you rewatch Re-Animator right now and do not question your own manlyhood then there is no hope for you. At all.

>>164605125The artist is a relatively forgettable movie. The very definition of worthless oscar bait. Everyone agrees on that.

>>164605196the list is not finished, I'll repost it in a month. Look for my post on the first light of the first day of april, at dawn look at the catalog

>>164605417I feel like if you're including artsy shit like Cashback, also give "You and Me and Everyone We Know" a try. One of my favorite movies.Also Good Time.And cut out some of the capeshit.But do add 300.

>>164605571>>164605417And District 9Listen to this suggestion:Look up some of the biggest directors and writers, and try to get a fair sampling of all of them.


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>>164605695congrats! how does it feel to belong to Holla Forums?

>>164603312Unironically just under 100

>>16460331245 from the forst column didnt bother to count the rest id say im over 250 easilynone of those are obscure after all

>>164603312>143If I watched half the bullshit arthoe or literal nazi propaganda movies on your list I'd be a khv

>>164603312>only watched 9 of thembruh

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>>164606943how is that even possible?


not terrible

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Nice gatekeeping

>>164603312I don't watch movies, only television. Filmfags can kys themselves.

>>164603312didn't count, I don't think I made it

>>164603712Where do you work?

>>164607565at walmart

122, I like what I like, I'm not watching stuff I don't have an interest in

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I'll count now. My favorite movies there are The Mother and the Whore, In the Mood for Love, Au Hasard Balthazar

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>>164603312I've seen 18 of the movies on that list and half of them are shite

>>164607771only 241 sadge

>>164607638shit I forgot avatar, 123easy to forget avatar however

the following belongs>>164603409>>164603712>>164603945>>164603945>>164604240>>164605695>>164606406>>164607409the following does not belong>>164603563>>164604519>>164606313>>164606575>>164606943>>164607122>>164607515>>164607437>>164607638>>164607784it's fascinating that half of the posters of Holla Forums aren't interested in movies

>>164607911like I said I watch what I'm interested in, arty shit and boring dramas do nothing for me

why the fuck is tranime in the list? cringe.

>>164603312>bad boy bubby

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>>164603409Doubt. If you were forty years old, that would work out to 175 movies a year, or about one new movie every two days. Are you a professional film reviewer or something?

>>164603312>666 moviesYou need to add Gay Niggers from Outer Space and LA Zombie!

>>164603312>220A lot of movies on this list are shit btw. Also the memed shit isn't funny.


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>>164603312246Well, see you later.

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>>164603312>only seen 184 damn

>>164603312i probably have but i don't have time to read it

>>164603312most of those movies are shit

>>164603335>20holy shit youre so old

>>164608087this site is a gathering point for autists and other freaks, i entirley believe him. just like i believe it when someone on here writes that he exclusively watches commercials and fast forwards everything else.

>>164603312seen 0new here

>>164610333if that's true then you're new to this planet, not just this site.

>>164603312134>>164603474There's more anime than capeshit on that list.

>>164610388keki already heard those wordswhat's a good start-up option?i'm guessing some Star Trek?

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>>164603312I couldn't be bothered to count all the ones I've seen, but I've seen 58 from the first column. So it stands to reason that I've probably seen around 300-350 of them

>>164610605>unironicallyKirikou and the

>>164603312Shit thread. I won't bother reading a single title that you put in your pic.

>>164603312Give or take about 150

>>164610661maybe i'll watch itthanks for the recommendation

>>164603312>freaks is twice on the listlmao you fucking retard OP

>>164610610I went ahead and did a quick count, so I might have missed a few, but I ended up with 353>>164610823Multiple films are on their twice. Beyond the Black Rainbow, Rules of the Game, and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer are three more that I noticed

>>164610975Shit list from a shit OP. Sage this trah

>>164610975>rules of the game>...>the rules of the game


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82. Not proud but what can a man do. List was kinda shitty, all the foreign movies were those that everyone knows, if there were 10 spanish flicks then 9 were from almodovar


144.Half of them, i regret watching

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>>164610975>multiple moviesthanks, those are now fixedit was just a quickly made list to gather some of the general interests, consensus and feels of a list such as this oneoverall, the reaction is positive and it seems the list divides the anons into three distinct camps1.>butthurt fags who don't watch movies2.>newfags that simply haven't had the time to watch many movies but look forwards to watching them3.>oldfags that have seen a lot and have found their tasteAs is, the list is directed toward the second camp, as a way to get a taste of what genres there is and which one suits you

i liked deuce bigalow european gigolo

>>164611181shit I didnt see last 2 columns, final number is 103

>>164603312>The Hot Spothello fellow Jennifer Connelly & Virginia Madsen appreciator

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about 170-175 + another 20 or 30 I've seen part of but I don't remember seeing the whole film

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>>164611489watch reanimator and repo man

>>164603432If you have a real 70mm imax near you they should show it once and a while. Nolan helped make a 70mm cut of it a few years ago and my IMAX plays it at least once a year. It would be the best way to experience it

>>164603312I didn't count yet but you need to add a few meme movies, p.e. The Princes Bride, Shrek, Django Unchained, the for the origin of memes ehm I hope to catch you again later because I can't right now. Otherwise very very solid except for a few like Pacific Rim.. Like I said hope to see your thread later.

>>164611181>AlmodovarCarneTalk to HerAll About My MotherTie Me Up, Tie Me Down!>Not AlmodovarViridianaThe Spirit of the BeehivePeppermint FrappeJamon JamonSex and LuciaThesisAnguish>not even countingThe Young and the DamnedThe Holy MountainAnd Your Mother TooSanta SangreYou simply talk a bunch of smack! What other spanish flicks is the list missing except for El Sur? Hard to find movies such as Welcome Mr Marshall!, Strange Voyage, Torrente or Common Wealth?

>>164612068>The Princes Bride>Shrek>Django Unchainedwhat specific tv-memes have these movies caused?

>>164603312>list goes from the letter z>to "t"can we have a list from someone who isnt esl

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>>164612209Welcome to 4chan, newfriend!

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>>164603335>40 moviesThe fuck? Do you have no life or what? >20 year old still on 4chan That explains it, grandpa.

>>164603312Give me the text version so I can sort by year

>>164612209Shrek and princess bride are ancient memes and Shrek spawned it's own universe.

>>164612209anon shrek alone has its own image boorus

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>>164613553Hey bro wanna do some coke?

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>>164603312>283What a weird list by the way. But it's actually not that bad, those lists are usually too pop or too artsy, and this falls somewhere in the middle.Even stuff like man of steel or orgazmo, good or bad, represent a part of cinema history that's hard to ignore.

>>164603312Movies are gay and I dont even watch themI'm not going anywhere though

>>164603312>149Not too bad. I'm watching number 150 (In the mood for love) this week.

>>164603542i am barely over 6 inches and really insecure about it. stop bragging.

>>164603409I don't get how people get these numbers. Is it a rough estimate or did you start autistically keeping track of everything you watch since you were a child?

>>164603312>2001>a clockwork orange>>>r/moviesgo back cuck faggot and neck yourself

>>164603312i've seen them all, eat shit OP

>>164603712Which is the one you disliked most?

>>164614919Use something like IMDb, letterboxd, rym, excel spreadsheet, notepad, etc. to keep track of what you've seen. Not that hard

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>>164603312>200 motelsincredibly based

I only watch shorts on mobile screens sorry

>>164614755exactly the idea but geered toward the typical user - male, westerner, 20-30 years old, meme-awarent

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Why no Rocky?

>>164603312>no 300weak list

>>164615014Autism it is then.

>>164614919Don't worry mate, I wrote that post as a joke because I was sure someone would be dishonest and write something like >>164614966judging by the answers it seems that somewhere between 150-300 is the average, so perhaps 250 is at the upper limit


>>164603312move away fellows 290 +/- more or less

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>>164603312fuck off gatekeeper

>>164615470it's supposed to be a list of 1000 movies so 300 has been added because numerous anons has suggested it>>164615538once the 1000movies roll chart is made it will be accompanied by a checklist in both alphabetical and chronilogical order (pic related is an example), so those without spreadsheets or accounts on letterboxd can keep a track of their progression if they want

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>>164607911>it's fascinating that half of the posters of Holla Forums aren't interested in moviesNot too surprising, if true. The name "Holla Forums", suggests television rather than movies.What would be the equivalent list for television?

>>164603312I've seen 142/666

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zoom zoom

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>>164615951Not many anons have actually watched goat-shows like The Singing Detective, Yes, Minister, Civilisation, The Dekalogue, Berlin Alexanderplatz, The Kingdom, Oz, Aeon Flux, The Twilight Zone, The Returned, I Claudius, House of Cards (the british version), Jeeves and Wooster, The Bridge, Blackadder, Carnivale, In Treatment, and many others. It would be much harder to make such a list since most shows require at least 5-10 hours to get a feel for them which puts a burden on those who are making the list to have watched a lot of television (for instance, the shows I listed above are mostly british show while a list for anons would have to include russian, japanese, chinese, european shows, mexican shows, brazil television and who really knows what else).

A question for anons whom have watched fewer than 250 movies: does the list feel intimitading or do you think it can encourage you to watch a movie that you hadn't thought of?

>>164603474>capeshit, japan


>>164603822>Hulk (2003)filtered. One of the few decent capekino.

>>164616579Honestly I don't think it could encourage anyone other than checklist autists who are looking for a false sense of belonging, given the list says nothing about the movies and it's a complete mixed bag in terms of quality that can't really be considered recommandations. I'm certainly not going to watch the horror/slasher movies on the list I haven't already seen as those don't entertain me and you can't convince me that I should watch Scream for the cultural value. I counted because I was curious, I have no intent on meeting your subjective standards. But I'll watch more movies anyway because it was a resolution of mine (watched 34 I haven't seen this year).

>>164603312What the fuck? A Better Tomorrow II and not A Better Tomorrow the original? Nigger kike, fuck your gay list.

>>164617053it is the better movie though

>>164603312you should make this a letterboxd list so we can easily check our count

It was close

>>164617802This, you can even import spreadsheets if you know how to format them properly for the site to read

>>164617802see >>164605417>>164614970probably a toss between Angel's Egg, Let the Right One In and The Holy Mountain

102. I'm not fucking leaving.

>>164617172...there's more action in it and it's a very kino sequel. But how does Chow Yung Fat's coming back from the dead on top of a bunch of extra violence usurp literally the greatest Asian gangster film that started the entire genre? I am not against II being on the list but saying it's superior to I is bizarre and invalidates this list.

>no Lion King>no Lady and the Tramp>no Layer Cake>no Child's Play>movies beginning with "The" are listed under T

>>164603312200 but there are some awful movies in there

>>164616579It ahd a lot of movies I've been meaning to watch but sometimes forget are in my too watch list like the cell, or rewatching Animatrix so it's handy.

>>164618963Furfag detected. And not even one with taste.

>>164614893are you an action figure?

>>164608087? I usually watch about a movie a day, sometimes twoSure I'm also shitposting on Holla Forums at the same time, but I'm not autistic enough to sit in my room in silence

Don't think I don't see what you're doing OP, this is a list of movies you've downloaded and you want people to look over it and rate your taste, but you issue it as a challenge to appeal to the board's antagonistic nature. Whenever I post my favorites list some autist immediately complains it's too many movies and I'm just listing every movie I've seen.I might post that after posting this just so someone can compare, realize "Oh, he has seen all those movies. He just didn't like them that much." and then become filled with autistic fury and call me a pleb DEMANDING I like every fucking movie they do or else!Your list is fucking weird though. Why Problem Child 2 but not the first one?

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>>164619526So you talk to Holla Forums out loud? I don't think you have a good grasp on what autism is, user.

Working on mine now. Just over 100 after 2 columns.

>>164620493No L'avventura? For shame.

I've watched 57, currently I'm working through this list slowly. Should really speed up

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>>164620721Same for Tokyo Story.

>>164620810>animation>literally only movies produced or distributed by Disney>but nothing from the Golden Age of DisneyMight as well just leave animation off the list, what a joke.

To keep it somewhat on topic, how many films have you seen from the TSPDT list, Holla Forums? For me, it's

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>>164603312>Pirates of the Caribbean 3>not 1 or 2 I liked 3 as well and think its a complete trilogy, but why

Attached: thinking apu.jpg (699x485, 59.88K)

>>164603312I've seen 36 of them

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>>164603312Shit list doesn't even have The Man Who Would Be King.

>>164622013>Shoah>an almost 10 hour documentary that's basically just interview footageFucking hell jews, get a hold of yourselves.

>>164603312Nigga, I'm not taking the time to count out 250 movies off that list

>>164603312Haven't seen a single movie, I watch tv shows, better for longevity

>>164619429Those movies are more culturally relevant than Memento or Collateral. My taste doesn't matter.

>>164608087>>164614919I've kept track for the last 4 years, 996.

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>>164623540Bambi is more significant than either of them.


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>>164620721i guess it's not meant to be that kind of list, here's a more conventional list for comparisons sake.

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>>164623767For me, since 2013. 670 total. And that doesn't include all the films I watched from age 0-37.

>>164624399>Shoah againAm I missing something? Why is this somehow the ONLY documentary making these list?

>>164603312>TheCan't they be more creative?>>164603380Reddith already innovated by bringing us "Le" although it's a bit passe with the French adopting it into their official "language."Holla Forums invented "Muh" but they only made one good movie anthology: Muh Holocaust, Muh 6 Million, Muh 6 Million 2*YAWN*

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72 x 2

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>No Black Christmas >No Annie Hall >No It's such a beautiful Day >No Rosemary's Baby >No Dogville >No Dog Day Afternoon >No Cabinet of Dr Caligari >No Nightmare Before Christmas >No Alice in Wonderland

>>164624970It's a comedy user

>>164625466I don't think you know comedy.

>>164603312I don't watch movies or television.

>>164606943I had a roommate like you once.I have a new one now like you too; he doesn't know what the Netherlands is.

>>164625421No Days of Heaven or Raging bull either. But they can fit Mean girls on there lmao.

>>164603312No "Bone Tomahawk" or "The Great Beauty"?The chart is therefore invalidated

>>164603312You listed a ton of things twice you fucking retarded nigger

>not one zatoichi movieshit list

>>164603312>only 100Not a lot but at least I have dubs


>Wow user, you watched so many movies and know so much about them!>I bet you've made lots of good ones yourself right?>With all that you've watched, you could easily make a good movie regardless of the budget!I've been told this shit for the past 5 years, every time at thanksgiving. Fuck watching movies, I hate it. Pic related is me.

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>>164626727I laughed at squidward when I was a child, slowly turned into him as an adult, fucking hilarious

145,and yeah, I'm embarrassed to admit it

>>164603312>no Meet the Feebles>no Dead Alive>no The Hidden>no Warlock>no Rock & Rule>no Freddy Got Fingered>not even Time Bandits nor The Adventures of Baron MunchausenAt least you have Re-Animator and Africa Addio

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>>164627550>The Adventures of Baron MunchausenBASED if you're talking about the Zeman version

>>164626984hey, 106 movies until you're allowed back. you can do that in a months easy.

>>164603312I’ve watched just roughly over 1500 movies so I wager I’ve seen most if not all of that list. Also considering from a very brief glance they are all western productions then yeah, nothing to phone home about really.

>>164628884>they are all western productionssure if you consider south america, japan, korea, china, north africa western.

>>164603312only 170 i feel ashamed but ive seen a lot of movies not on this list.

133... yeah there are some more movies to watch

>>164615538Take your meds, chud.

>>164614919good memory?

>>164626727>>164626966go back

>>164603312>A Better Tomorrow II>not the first oneAre you even trying?

>>164603312I've seen 138 of them all the way through. There's probably another 35-40 I've seen parts of or started but never finished.

Are Under the Volcano, Slaughterhouse-5, and Ask the Dust actually any good, or are they just there because of the books?

>>164603312>No Laurence of Arabia>No Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence>No GodardIt's a shitty list-

>>164623943One day I'll finish it

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>>164603742all you fucking faggots never evolved past>BANE BANE BANE>BANE MY ASS>BANE DEEZ NUTZ>FOR WHO>FOR U>U MAD>HURR FOR Udata scientists are gonna look back at this collected shit and wonder wtf happened to you collective assholes

I have seen 28 of these movies (I'm 24 and went to an ivy league school).You may seethe now.

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>>164603312I'm kind of new here from reddit and I've only seen 4. Can I still fit in here?

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>>164630513Lawrence of Arabia is one there.I was surprised that "The Piano" made it but "The Pianist" didn't.

>>164603312Make this a letterboxd list or an imdb list so i can compare my history to this list. please. thank you.

>>164630922>letterboxd>imdbleave and never come back. Holla Forums does janky jpegs or torn pieces of paper with crayon, if you're fancy you can use white-boards.

>>164631056you dont have to be mean

>>164631246i'm partially joking. but seriously: while there is nothing essentially wrong with letterbox - the discourse and culture that sprung up there is just peak retardation. every time you have users displaying their taste non-anonymously it becomes pure reddit.

>>164632101I was half joking too. I use letterboxd because i like to keep track of when i watch stuff. I also write short reviews so i can remember what i thought about the movie years later. I'm not autistic enough to use a spreadsheet. The trick is to never engage with the community because it's garbage.I use imdb as a ratings backup for when i inevitably delete my letterboxd account out of disgust.

>>164603312Star Wars e3 is on the list but no e6.>into the trash

>>164603312what is that, HBO’s current lineup?

>>164622013Only 113, i find myself picking movies im personally interested in at the moment, and not soley because it has a high rating.I'll definitely get around to more though

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>>164603312>12 Angry MenList is already gargabe, dropped

>>164603312I've watched at least 250, definitely more, but I don't have time to count them all. Got to make time for watching movies.

>>164610234this site has been a barely-off-the-beaten-path normalfag sphere for well over 5 years.

Most of these are popcorn flicks anyway

>>164634081>over 5 yearsfor much more

>>164633323>pretending to be an OTfag but calling them by episode numbersThe only Star Wars movie that belongs on a list is Star Wars (1977).

>>164603312Taxi Driver came out in 76, not 75.

>>164634288nah, at least 60% of these movies would have normies screaming for you to change the channel within 10 minutes.

>>164603474>watching tranime

>>164603312I believe I haven't even seen 250 movies in my lifetime.

>>164608087I watch a movie every night at dinner with my gf, we just watched three different Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies over the last three days. The first is still my favorite.

>>164634497>>pretending to be an OTfag but calling them by episode numbersYes? They've been called 4, 5, and 6 from long before Lucas started writing 1.>The only Star Wars movie that belongs on a list is Star Wars (1977).It is the best one, but I'd sooner want to put BttF2/3 and Aliens on the list, while fight to remove BR2049.

>only around 150God damn it. It's just not FUCKING fair.

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>>164603312I don't belong anywhere and still show up anyway

>>164603312>only 67/tv/bros...I'm so sorry...

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>>164636520>They've been called 4, 5, and 6 from long before Lucas started writing 1.That's only true because he started writing 1 in like 1999, lel>sequelsRocky belongs on the list.

>>164636577Watch Network.

>>164603945>>164604240>>164604519>>164604729>>164605695>>164607409>>164607638>>164607771>>164608207>>164611232>>164611489>>164616306>>164616458>>164619561>>164624783>>164630684>>164636577watch After Hours

>>164636628Network would probably be lost on people these days. We have twitter and youtube to upload infinite amounts of blogs and vlogs.

I tried to post my own but 4chan says my image contains an embedded file. I've never seen that occur before.What's going on?

Nope, only like 75. Should include A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Three Colors: Red and Blue, and The Blair Witch Project. Also why the fuck is The Dark Knight Rises on there and not The Dark Knight?

>>164637818I got 121 movies, with 53 more that were on my to-watch list.I mainly watch horror and thrillers so it makes sense.

>>164637880Me too. I definitely had about as many been-meaning-to-watch as actually watched. Whenever I watch and enjoy something, I really pore over it in an effort to savor it, so it takes me a while to get to a new thing after.

final tally is 243I'll see myself out...

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I just watched A beautiful Mind. What did I think of it?Apart from Jennifer connoly being gorgeous

>>164603312Link me the letterboxd list I don't count after 10:00pm.


>>164603312>tranime on the listReddit might be more your speed

>>164603312I've seen 131 and I've been posting here for 5 years.

>>164637474It's still relevant in how corporations profit from sincere attempts at rebellion.

>>164624996gib dubs please

>>164638443You saw speed racer so you're cool in my book

>180meh, your list is kinda shitty OP

>>164626384OP couldnt refute this and commited sudoku

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>>164640112Did you know that oversized versions of those pipes would often be carried as self defense weapons by people who might find themselves in situations where carrying a sword is frowned upon on?

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>>164640112>not even the kitano version

>>164614919Not that user, but last year I made sure to watch at least one movie I haven't seen before every single day. This was good because I had to resort to stuff I would not have seen otherwise, and it widened my appeciation and knowledge of different eras and ways of making movies. Also, I finally got to see several movies I had always wanted to, but that for some reason I had not.So there you go, 365+ movies in a single year. I don't watch that many movies every year, of course, but I do have watched movies often since I can remember, and I am not even a hardcore movie fan by any means, but anyway, by your 40's you start getting that kinds of numbers.And yes, I do keep an autistic list, though I'm pretty sure I have forgotten many movies I watched as a kid. I started the list not that long ago. I still sometimes remember one or two and I add them to the list.

>>164603474dont you trannies hate crossboarding?

>>164620810How is this thing supposed to be read? The dates are all over the place, the lines seem to be drawn arbitrarily and the legend only explains which colors correspond to which genre. If there is some internal logic to this chart I'm not seeing it.

based only leaving the fellowship in as it is absolutely the best

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Could you give me the list in text form so I can search and count easier?

>BegottenI guarantee fucking nobody here has seen it. Its such pseud crap that drags on forever and its only known for the opening scene.

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>>164643273I wish I hadnt seen it and quit after 5 mininstead I stayed until the end hoping it would get better but it didntdoesnt help that I cant tell what the fuck is going on on screen because the lightning sucks and everything blends together so the only thing I remember is the retard twitching all movie and some faggots doing monkey things by kidnapping him

>tfw 82Im truly a pleb

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>>164614919if i've paid attention i can remember watching a movie even if it was 20 years ago, those i've watched but don't remember i don't count.

>>164640734thats very interesting trivia there, user-san>>164641932not even a single one, thats just sad. i could understand leaving out most of the old ones since they're very similar, even the remake, but not a SINGLE ONE. shamefur dispray, OP

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