What Western nation do you think is most prime for revolution in the foreseeable future?

What Western nation do you think is most prime for revolution in the foreseeable future?

Greece or Spain.

Of course, neither one of them would be successful without a European-wide socialist uprising, so it's kind of a moot point.

Actually, I'll throw France in there.

Their economy isn't as bad as the other two, but they historically have one of the most militant and class-conscious labor forces in the industrialized world.

it'd be dead before it even started

Is there much nostalgia and reverence for Revolutionary Catalonia in modern Catalonia? I keep hearing about Catalonian independence movements, but nothing of any leftist slant to them.

I am impressed by their willingness to get violent with police.

Italy, they're very slowly getting choked to death in the Eurozone by Germany, eventually something will give.
France have got a fine track record of civil disobedience too.

I hope the current crisis in Puerto Rico flames the fires of revolution in the US of A.

the US will literally be the last major country on Earth to have a revolution

that's how class-cucked we are

the usa could take on the rest of the world


I hope too but I have my doubts.
I want to see Washington burn man

Catalonia is far more left-leaning compared to the rightist Castillan central government in Madrid. There are similarities to the situation in Scotland.

civil war s02ep01 when

dunno, perhaps as soon as the fucking liberals fucking radicalize and stop being so classcucked. So no time soon.

America does seem to be up to its neck in ideology
On the other hand that makes it acceleration central, what with liberals radicalising and the alienated losing abandoning the Trump ship as it sinks
Pls have a civil war, I want to see grease flow on the streets of American cities
A war between social liberals and conservative liberals would be ideal, as that would remove a lot from both populations - the left just has to seize the opportune moment

The USA won't have a revolution. It'd be the perfect place to have one to give leftism the best shot it could possibly have, there would be no enemies powerful enough to stop a revolutionary United States, but it will never happen.

lel what, I'm Welsh and find that very hard to believe

Franch and german workers receive too many benefits from the EU to actually revolt against it and the rest of the capitalist order. Greece is the most likely candidate.

the US is the only revolutionary nation at the moment, in the sense of revolutionizing the productive forces of society. China is getting close. Europe and Japan are dead. So I will go with "the US".

It was a poll of young people.

France had huge demonstrations in the streets over recent labor laws.

Can someone have a fucking revolution already so i can join an Internationale brigade.

Most of us are just waiting really, so we shitpost waiting for revolution.

What is Rojava?


America, just not your faggy commie revolutions where everyone ends up dying of hunger or crushed by actual countries, but a fascist nazi dictatorship where we purge all the shitskins from North America once and for all.

After this, we proceed to liberate Europe and conquer the middle east and the African continent; Once we exterminate the subhuman negroids and sandniggers living there, we can finally tap into all of the resources there unobstructed, revitalizing the world economy and onwards, to space.


You actually believe that, don't you?

The "negroids" and other "subhumans" are the only revolutionary class in America.


What this poll fails to account for is the amount of people that would join a Fascist revolution. I know many people that are Nationalist Socialists and we're all waiting for the revolution under the black sun.


We need to change everything in our country, also elder people are prone to fascist propaganda, but at the same time there is this common sentiment of equalitarian revolution.
We must act in Italy before Mussolini 2.0.

I fucking hate this country

there will be no revolution

I miss Slovakia there. But I bet they are like "revolution against capitalist regime? of course not, sir." while sharpening axe and waiting what will czechs do to follow them.

Before it happens, it seems impossible. Afterwards it seems inevitable.


europe isn't south america

White Americans have the revolutionary potential of a pint of milk.