Okay. Real talk here: Is Le Pen going to win?

okay. Real talk here: Is Le Pen going to win?

In America, the media made Hillary feel so inevitable. I had this gut feeling the whole time she had no chance, that after Sanders got fucked with by the Democrats that a huge chunk of Southern and Midwestern white kids would abandon the party and push hard right.

The media seems to be pushing for Macron's inevitability. Obama even made a rare public appearance to endorse him. However, he also endorsed for the UK to stay in the EU and for Clinton over Sanders, so… His track record is kind of dog shit.

So what's the deal? Are the Wikileaks a big deal? Is Macron fucked? Is a new wave of Nationalism speaking France? Has anti-immigrant sentiment become a serious issue? I don't have a goddamn clue what's going on but every gut instinct in me tells me to expect another "shocking upset" for the Right.

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why did they leak macron's stuff and not le pen's? and the last round voting is tomorrow right?

No, the EU is doomed to failure and Macron and his buddies will steal as much as they can before it comes crashing down and hand it over to the right in the next election.

Im very cynical about European politics we have lost the globalization game and the next thing that waits us global world war.

of course the hack is likely some bullshit designed to fuck with the EU. it's probably russia or china or saudi arabia or whomever of the countless nations that have been screwed over by neoliberal global capitalism.

but that doesnt mean i want le pen to win. i wanted melenchon.

Why did they leak Hillary's stuff and not Trumps?

Maybe it is because there aren't any seriously damaging skeletons in the latter's closets.

Doesn't matter, France will not be European in another two decades and it will be very bloody.

If everyone who voted for Melenchon and Fillion went for him she's fucked, but they'll either abstain or shift for her (expecially the 50+ old farts who backed Fillion), so she'll win.

I don't think she'll win, unless there is a very massive abstention even amongst people voting for Macron in the first turn.
The debate didn't leave a good impression on fencesitters.

You really don't think there wouldn't be any vile shit on Trump and Le Pen's computers? Gotta be some horse porn or trap hentai at least.

Why do they act like Trump didn't have any serious leaks? Why was the Access Hollywood tape kosher and the DNC leaks weren't?

yes and you are the first one who will spill his blood under the socialist revolution

hey horse porn is good

Remember when Holla Forums became obsessed with horses? Those were heady days.

trap hentai would probably favor their case in a country like france tbh

because it didnt work. "Grab her by the pussy" would have killed any other candidate. Trump had some weird teflon

Yeah, the teflon is that Americans are stupid and sexist.

At least we'll always have French Fries.


On a side note: Gotdamn that bitch look like Hillary.

I can't tell white people apart.

If HRM stands for Her Royal Majesty? Does HRC stand for Her Royal Cuntess?

It's also that celebrity is a very potent drug.

Apparently French Boomers dislike Le Pen/Front National (they perform relatively dismally in the 50+ age group IIRC).

But really, I think Macron will win it for the same reason that Bernie being fucked over didn't have much of an impact on Democrats, i.e. 'Yeah, Macron/Hillary may be a dishonest Establishment shill, but I'm not voting for a fucking racist Islamophobe like Le Pen/Trump"

This. Unfortunately all this will do is allow Le Pen/FN come to power at a later date when things have become much worse. The left will be too demoralized and weakened by the many compromises they will have made with liberals to mount an effective resistance. France is done for.

You forget just how much France's political establishment dislikes Front National. You'd probably get something like pic related where the Front National stand-in gets fucked over in favour for a compromise with an actual Islamic party than Front National entering power

idk anymore, who knows

for all I know, maybe thousands of hidden collaboration horizontale will show up and vote for her


Les Republicans were responsible for Burkini ban, also read
Don't trust the media.

The Burkina ban was very racist oppression of a great PoC leader.

it was stupid, either way

Polls can be wrong, but have basically never been wrong on the 30 point swing necessary for Le Pen to win.

A Le Pen win is literally unprecedented.

I was joking about Sankara, user.


She might. Probably won't, but who knows? We'll find out tomorrow.

France is the world's weeb capital, Le Pen endorsement of cute femboys guarantees her victory

It doesn't look like it at all.

Assuming the left in France has any unity, everyone to the left in France hates Macron with a passion

Fillon's sex "scandal" gave him a big bump in the polls, a leak of trap hentai on Le Pen's computer would probably be her best shot to win it.

The left hates Macron with a passion but by all indications 80% of the left also hates Le Pen with a passion.

They might end up abstaining from voting then, Le Pen has the right on lockdown, they'll all come out to vote for her, every single one

We win either way remember.
While Macron will push capitalism to its very limits, the decline of the EU under Le Pen would give some awe inspiring shitshows. We're already stuck under a neoliberal hell, so we should separate two possibilities: The practical and the hilarious. We're all sat around broke with nothing to do, obsessing over politics. We can either get closer to our ideal world or laugh at people fucking up their own.

By all indications to win Le Pen needs BOTH huge abstentation rates from people who aren't reporting any intent to abstain AND huge swings from reported Macron voters to Le Pen.
The greatest polling swing in french 2nd round presidential elections ever was 8.4. Le pen could get twice that, and she would still lose.

The pen is mightier than macroni.


It would be nice to see SJW's have a meltdown again.

Sort of want Le Pen to win just so we can have a "Melenchon would have won" vid.

France is too sexist.


Macron will win. There is no democracy in EU

Your infographíc is kinda refuting what you are saying there, comrade

France is done.

Ideological purity: 100%

The graphic is biased, there is no way half of fillion's and melenchon's voters will turn out for macron.

France is afraid of strong women. Le Pen would've already won if not for hatred of women.

this graph is really cool

If you don't fear your dominatrix the whole thing falls apart

God I fucking hate socdems.

Not sure if American libtard or Holla Forums psyop.
Who am i kidding, Holla Forums are mostly American libtards fanboying over mirror image of brands SJWs follow

Tell'em Maddy.


If that is the case why not abstain? Stop voting for neoliberals altogether and work to organize a real leftist movement.

Maybe I've got muslim friends

But they throw stones at you every day Satan…

You're not doing much to advance the dialectic fam

Joke on you Macron hates Muslims too so it will change nothing for them.

How do they feel about your satanism?

Spooks are useful

Yeah macron is ultimately not a change from the muslim hating status quo but things can certainly get WORSE and a le pen victory is empowerment for people who think that the muslim hating status quo doesn't hate muslims ENOUGH

Stop lying satan.

Who the fuck do you think you're talking to


Satanic guy who lies on the internet about having Muslim friends for unspecified purpose? I dunno.

Nah it was just a joke on "stop lying satan" because lying is satan's whole THING you know?

When was the last legit election?

Gotcha. Never change.

But really, whether I have muslim friends, whether I would vote for Macron in the second round, all irrelevant because I'm not french. I was just playing devil's advocate (eh? eh?) on the idea that there's no possible way for people who voted melanchon in the first round to be switching over to macron.

Prove election fraud is a problem in the EU

What does abstaining mean in the french elections? If enough people abstain, will it invalidate the election? What's the difference between abstaining and not voting at all?

Well it merely show's a definite distinction between "I don't care" and "I disapprove of both candidates."
It can sabotage a president's rhetorical "mandate" I assume.

If enough (>90%) people abstain, it invalidates the election in that it show's the government is about to be overthrown in a popular uprising, I guess.

I'd fucking love her to win. However unfortunately the other candidates who lost, didn't lose by a considerable amount and they were all left-wingers
which means their voters will be voting for Macron just to vote against Le Pen, it's the typical liberal way of thinking
just means 4 more years of France in flames

Of course she's going to win. Nobody's learned their fucking lesson yet that you don't fight right-wing nationalism with radical centrist bullshit.

Burgerclap detected.
Tell me about how Fillon and Dupont Aignant are leftwingers, i have yet to find something to make my day.

There are cultural muslims much like there are cultural jews and catholics.

France had been the bitch of a fascist state for some years and it didn't left fond memories save for a few nuts.
Ironically, the fascists in France are the ones associated with the betrayal of the country in favor of a Foreign Power, the capital sin within nationalism. Hence all of Le Pen's works to distanciate herself with the outspokeness of her father.

I'ts more like a specific French leftover grudge against the far right ideology rather than a genuine enthusiam for centrism.

Honestly, I'm just hoping she wins because I want, as they say around these parts, to see the circus catching on fire.

As someone who expected Trump to win (albeit on more than a technicality - disappointing), I think Le Pen is actually unlikely. France is generally more left-leaning than the US, and Trump makes politicians like Le Pen look even worse - especially when you consider that this could mean leaving the EU and having to develop a "closer" relation with the US, which right now looks like it would involve imperialist thuggery. If France didn't want to be Britain 2.0 before, they probably don't want to now.

It's not fun when you are caged animal.

Purposeful trick to demobilize leftist electorate and made them feel safe "because she's going to win anyway" especially when Hillary was unpopular among leftists, and to mobilize right wingers.

I hope France learned a lesson there.

Nonsense, EU in its modern form is the reaction to the weakening of European power due to globalisation. It is the economic and political vessel to maintain disproportionate European influence on the global stage.

this is the more than likely result, though the majority will be greatly reduced.
I'm surprised IS or other islamic terrorists didn't campaign harder for le pen, I suppose that is testament to its vaning power and influence.

not to mention that French nationalism has a left-wing tinge from the jacobin tradition of the revolutions

as a concept, the EU is also quite popular in France AFAIK
I doubt the majority of the French would be willing to risk the stability of politics on the continent

Reminder that the French government has told it's citizens not to read the leaks and they're actually going to listen and obey
For that alone they don't fucking deserve a revolution, how disgusting!

t. leftcom

Trump was down like 4 points in the polls at this point (and lost by 2, but electoral college). Le Pen's down by what, 20?

I wouldn't worry.

Real fucking socialist of you lad
Just admit your jealous of my big juicy burgers

Ain't nothing wrong with hating Abrahamic religions
The real problem with Trump and Le Pen is that they're so dumb even foreign porkies can manipulate them


1. Arab
2. QT
Pick one

Arabs can be cute, but it's secondary - they fuck like beasts, it's hot.

Met two. Were thicc as fuck.

Abrahamic religions are the best and only lose to gnostic and deist religions. Orientboos gtfo

That's not an orientaboo it's "I hate muslims but I also hate my parents making me go to church so let's just blame abraham so i seem like i have principles"

How so?

U Asian?

The difference is France is far more liberal than the USA, so she has a steeper hill to climb than Trump did. While the media facade in the USA was on thin ice the whole time, the one in France is backed by a huge number of Paris liberals.

You have this spook about the president being someone "above", showing dignity and reserve and being the one to unite the nation.
The autistic screechings of Le Pen and bantz attempts didn't match that ideal.

I think SJWs are dead as a thing. At least compared to the alt-right.

Are you saying that members of European council nor the parliament were not elected to their posts?

It's more insidious than the guy you responded to thinks. You can have a say in who will the figureheads be, but the policies will essentially stays the sames safe for a few gimmicks.

I'd say it's the complete opposite. My campus is run by SJWs, the alt-right I only see online and an occassional random MAGA hat (which may not even be alt-right).

America has a retarded electoral system.
France is more straightforward. One person, one vote. No middle men, no winner takes it all.
At the moment it's 60-40 for Macron, the margin of error is 5% and the lack of surprises in the first round pretty much speaks in favour of the polling institutes.

How long until we get the real exit polls?


Probably parasitic scabbing migrants. Amusing though, considering their rah rah nationalist politics domestically.

Wud da fug?