What does Holla Forums think of Bernie Sanders in general?

What does Holla Forums think of Bernie Sanders in general?

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Eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He is a faggot opportunist who, in order to preserve his career as a useless senator, aligns with the democratic party instead of creating his own party/movement that can challenge them.

Most are pissed out him because he recently spoke out in favor of Israel.

Before that he ranged from a semi-decent liberal to a minor revolutionary folk hero, depending on who you asked.

He's probably the best thing to happen to the word "socialism" in the United States.

Zionist false-flag.

A means to an end, not a savior by any means and anyone who builds a politician up needs to be reality checked. But I do give him credit in shifting the Overton Window in the USA, or more accurately, at least stemming its complete shift to the right.

God Emperor

He is a right moderate in my country but probably ok for america.

thank god for clinton else we'd have a jew for president


He actually covered it, the absolute madman

Yeah, better to have a Jew by proxy.

A sucdem with some shitty opinions, but generally a step in the right direction for America. Anyone who counters America's move to the far right is okay in my book.

Nothing, I wanted him to win but I'd rather not see his face 90% of the time because he lost and I don't give a shit about him. He is a nice socdem but totally irrelevant now to anybody trying to figure out how to advance past the election. He won't magically become president and he isn't going to do anything in the senate except make symbolic stands against the republicans.

Seeing his face just aggravates me now. I don't actually hate Bernie or anything, but it's just one of those media narrative things that bugs the shit out of me. Some of the more "progressive liberals" just like posting his face and his opinions in response to all kinds of shit because he is now the representative of all things good. He isn't going to save anybody, he needs to be left where he was, as a hopeful candidate that lost.

cuckdem of the worst sort
all about wealth redistribution

implying a third party can ever win.
IMO if were going to play the game of bourgeois parlimentarianism, better to do entryism, you can't be kicked out of political parties in the US like in europe. Thats why fucking lyndon larouche is a democrat still.
Why is Jimmy Dore so loved but this guy so hated? Sure he isn't a real socialist (anymore) but its still better than fucking trump (inb4 muh accelerationism)

I'd have to disagree, I think he'd stand a very good chance next election AND is the best the Dem Party can possibly offer. I literally know no alternatives to him within the Democratic party that wouldn't just be Obongo-tier. Even Warren exposed herself as completely useless.

I feel like people underestimate how crazy it was that he became such a big player. He was literally a 5000 year old jewish atheist with bad posture and uncombed hair who nobody knew who the fuck he was.

I'm probably being way too optimistic but I cannot see him losing in 2020 unless Warren becomes the new Hillary or something.

People enjoy watching ideological transformations because they can relate to them personally.

In America political parties are weak as fuck. Entryism has basically no advantages and tons of disadvantages for a insurgent socialist bloc (as we saw during the 2016 primary.)

Fuck that chickenhawk motherfucker.

He's only appealing by comparison.

Literally a few months ago he was considered anti-Israel because of things he actually said and not something as flimsy as signing a Senate letter written by Jewbio he was probably pressured into signing

I've heard a lot of things about Bernie but Chickenhawk is new.

His run was good for the memes, but no much else

Though it's hilarious that that Shattered book about the Hillary campaign fucking up claims that he "attacked" her

McCarthyism killed the left so hard here in burgerstan that Bernie was a necessary evil. Yes, he's a reformist and a socdem, but the fact he was treated as a radical commie should show you how little class consciousness we have. A significant amount of the working class actively hate unions, and the majority of the country unironically thinks Obamacare is socialized medicine. Bernie was a reminder to America that the left is a thing, and he thankfully raised enough class consciousness that we can go back to throwing all reformist Rosa-killers out the window from here on out.

I initially feared that him referring to his social democracy (and honestly, it's closer to New Deal policies than any European social democracy) as democratic socialism would really hurt our chances of getting socialism, because I thought people might demand "socialism", get social democracy, and think they got socialism. Turns out I was right, but not for the reasons I thought. A lot of Bernie's proglib fanboys are perfectly aware that social democracy and democratic socialism are completely different, and they go around parroting "it's okay, even though he calls it socialism, it's really just social democracy. Nobody actually want socialism lol", and that's more dangerous than my initial fear.

Educate yourself:







What's that Ike? How many schools, hospitals, and power plants could 1 Trillion dollars buy?


holy shit that pic. lol

What atrocities?

Salty classcuck detected. Stay mad.

I liked him during the primary, but he blew it when he started shilling for Hillary instead of running on his own.


what disadvantages? the only disadvantages are the ones inherent to all capitalist parliamentarianism, namely getting outspent by your porky opponent Entryism would be a better strat than starting yet another third party that will have a few thousand members and do nothing, if every green, socialist, communist, and anarchist joined the democrats tomorrow, it would shift the party massively left wing, polls show about 10-11% of the US population support communism, see:


10 % of 321.4 million (current us population) =
32,140,000 people.

If half or even a fourth of those people did entryism, the tide would be turned way towards leftism, not to mention thats not even counting the demsocs/socdems/greens, which i support working with if we can REDpill them

Tankie can't admit his people killed communism. Poor fellow…

meme tier succdem


He sure is great at getting nothing done and sucking Democrat dick.

In his defense, so are most leftists.

Come on son


Maybe if Bernie wasn't so old and attached to his comfy Burlington career, he'd try pushing for a movement outside of the Democratic Party instead of caving to Hillary's death threats.

That's why any movement in America needs to work to destroy the old constitutional order from the ground up.

where's rosa in the pic

Donnie is literally the biggest Jew shill

Chickenshit succdem who wouldn't fight for the people who voted and donated for him when they were the victims of targeted voter suppression and election fraud. Just like Al Gore.

Zizek already says he doesn't support Bernie because of Zionism.


Supporting Israel is like supporting apartheid South Africa. No leftist should be doing it.

A socdem at best, but still the best chance America ever had of a sane president.

I'm less of a Sanders supporter and more of someone who wants to see the Overton window in the US shift.

Yeah, about that…

Real leftists should have came and kicked their zionist asses.

They have like 20 members and yet still have tons of cash. Very likely that they are a CIA front.

He has succdem tier polilicies but might be more radical at heart. Regardless he will be useful for the next 5 years or so and then be superseded by a more radical movement he helps mid-wife. Despite that I find him hard to dislike and seeing liberals rag on him makes me understand the tankie mindset.

What the actual fuck? How many of those people have no idea what they are talking about? I find it extremely hard to believe that 10% of Americans actually know what Communism is.

I'm told that these pro-Israel antifas are funded by the German government itself.

I bet Soros did it.

Probably just to virtue signal bout how much Germany's changed since The Holocaust.

That's my bet too.

I was genuinely surprised when I found out Soros doesn't sponsor the Memorial for Victims of Communism.

Wew, you're fucking stupid if you think our jets don't need an upgrade. The F-35s are what you're upset about? How does this make him a chickenhawk? Neck yourself you edgy fucking moron

Ok then. Keep fighting for truth justice and the American way or something then.


I bet its mostly edgy teenagers.


Lenin 2.0

On the other hand since it's just "better than what we've got" all you need is 10% of americans to think LITERALLY ANYTHING is better than what we've got

based HLR
however keep in mind that is Rasmussen reports. Their polls always skew right wing. From what I've seen from them, I think their polling samples are skewed entirely.

Thus I'd be willing to conjecture that number is higher. On the contrary, it's my belief that the Democrats are really good at devouring true progress. Any leftist that joined them would have all the life snuffed out of them in the name of "comprimise" and "getting things done" in congress.

The word socialism is no longer as stigmatized as it was before and he showed how political parties, even on the so-called "Left" will undermine anyone who threatens big business even if it means losing the election. Other than that, I think he's coopted energies that have existed since the last crash and Occupy Wall St.

Good for raising class-consciousness and normalizing the word socialism, and genuinely wants to help the working class. Obviously won't bring about actual revolution, but serves as a nice precursor

Before hearing of Bernie I was vaguely "very liberal" but disillusioned. Now I'm a commie and I doubt I'm the only one.

Gamergate turned me into a Marxist. Bernie was too slow unfortunately.

Suck dem> neoliberals

deal with it tankies

I thought Gamergate turned a lot of people into neonazi fascists.

Sanders is working with neoliberals in order to further what's left of his career.

Imperialist scumbag

Not to mention he spent his campaign money on a third house

Who said tankies like neoliberals?

Holla Forums pls, we've been over this, they can't spend campaign money (altho there's a possible legal gap for super PACs, which Bernie didn't have) on anything other than the campaign. It's one of these things Uncle Sam watches like a hawk for.

He isn't allowed by law to spend his campaign money on buying a house you idiot.

I give him a 2π/10 too much capitalism