Hijack Cultural Marxism

How can we make use of the Cultural Marxism movement?
"Liberals" could be our useful idiots. How can we convince them to vote far left instead of being puppets for our enemies Hillary, Macron, etc.?

Instead of them working for us, we are working for them.
Something is not right here.

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You can't hijack something that doesn't exist.


Oh, come on!

At least acknowledge that modern "liberals" are not comparable to any "lefty" movement we had before.

They are useful idiots for capitalist wall street puppets like Hillary and now in France Macron.
Why aren't they OUR useful idiots?


Exactly because they are useful idiots to capital.


Yep, but there is no jew conspiracy theory behind that. How can you control a losely organized movement, with different opinions and cultures?
We will have better chance at controlling the alt-right. They share a single neuron.

But they could be our useful idiots! Because obviously their views have more in common with the far left than with the politicians they vote for.

Not really, no. They're cancer to everything they touch, thoroughly spooked, and want black female CEOs. We want to put the CEOs up against walls and execute them.

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Look at this picture.
Those people protest against racism.

Tomorrow they will go to the voting booth and vote for the tax evading banker Macron.

If you ask them why they do this, they will say:
They don't even like Macron, just like the liberals in the USA didn't like Hillary. So why can't we make them vote for far left politicians?

Capital will always ensure their 'social justice' advocates, the ones who get all the big platforms, are completely drowning in liberal ideology. Just look at deeray shilling for Doritos and School Privatisation

You figured out that retarded bleeding hearts are cancer, which is a plus, but trying to "convert" them is where you made a mistake and you likely know it. Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past.



Liberals haven't been leftists since the french revolution, idiot. Cultural marxism is not a thing, and SJWs will be purged.

The alt right doesn't exist either

That's more how nazis call banks than actual jews, it's the same enemy only they are too stupid to end their denial

That's true.
"Alt-right" is just a term made up by the Clinton Campaign, so that they have some evil name for their opponents.They couldn't just say "Every Trump supporter is a Nazi!", they needed a new term.
The people who call themselves "Alt-right" are just controlled opposition.

By eliminating jews, you eliminate banks.

there are kids who call themselves alt-right because is edgy.
The more you meme a thing, the more it gets real for the idiots.

I wonder who is behind this post

This isn't true, the term alt-right existed a year or two before 2015.


Ah yes, rather than completely eliminating banks and those who control them regardless of their nationality we should gas only the jewish bankers + random schlomos, naturally while retaining the aryan bankers because they can do nothing wrong, makes sense.

I think the best, although not perfect, way to avoid this problem (electing someone who everyone hates because the majority hates someone else even more) is with ranked voting. You vote for every candidate but in order of preference. To see who wins you count everyone's first option, eliminate the guy with fewest votes and go to the next option of the votes who had him as first, repeat until there's a winner.

But it was just used by one or two blogs nobody knew and nobody cared about.
It existed, but nearly nobody did use it. It started to spread when the Clinton Campaign started tu use it.


No. It was first used in 2008 by Paul Gottfried. I always found it funny how the Right has this quintessentially Christian persecution complex when it's they who aren't massacred by the state, when COINTELPRO was directed at leftists, when Occupy was derailed by the federal government in tandem with the bankers while the Koch Brothers founded the Tea Party movement which claimed itself as "libertarian" and "skeptical of authority" and constantly fantasized about Obama's "FEMA death camps" and how they were the last holdouts against evil gay Muslim communists ready to seize power. Did any of that happen? No, but you keep thinking it anyways.

Meanwhile, it's the rule and not the exception that left wing groups are infiltrated and dismantled by the police and FBI.

You think you're radical and counterculture, that you're opposed to the establishment? Then why does the state consistently defend you? Ever thought of that? You're a sucker for propaganda.

No you don't, you only leave some bankers jobs free for some other asshole to take their place.

Literally the entire sixties was filled to the brim with young students railing against white supremacy and the patriarchy.

Except there were way more of them than there are today.

nazis BTFO

See here:

That some idiot did use it somewhere in the past isn't important.
Important is who spread it.