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we must construct additional threads

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ctrl q yourself.

Sci's ban and my interest or part in it.

More Flandre.

quit w



Flan SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


zerg rush

Wh-wh-when she sends the ass shots.


when she shoots your ass

Needs more lensflare

You are the only one still a part of that. There was an entire four posts between that and now, five now.




hello my sweet summer child


*gentle pat*

no more

care for some boxed wine?

stop the bully master


whyis firefox using so muc cpoo

H-hello, Dad.


No thanks.

But, Grim.
I'm basically just a 24/7 salt factory.

jew spaghetti code

what happened

sweet wine then?

Mine does the same.

You have 1 million tabs

hows it goin' kiddo

We needed a fourth person avataring as this character to keep things as confusing as possible.

What even is it?

I'm not actually salty right now, just making fun.

No wine.

Going alright, yourself?

A magic purple rat thing from League of Legends.


Stop the schilling

Shut your goddamn face, I just saved the two pictures because they're cute.
Check this trip out tho :^)

I am pretty ok actually
I started back on depression meds today so hopefully better every day and stuff u know

Gotta have your vitamins though.
how about some juice?



N-Not so many links at once, Darwin-sama..

Rin! If you are not going to watch all of Volume 4, at least watch the last two episodes.
The end of this little mini arc was adorable and a bit sad.

Oh that explains it, I do not know shit about that game. Only moba I have played is Heroes of the Storm.
Cause Overwatch.

Wish we could ban darwin


Jesus who made this

cute bra


alice and manaka were in the same thread....
me: shivers with delight

What's the most efficient way to stop


Throw yourself onto the nearest sharp edge.

Complete coincidence, ooble just had "guero" smacked in there and that one popped up

I also have this one but I doubt Jack will ever be around anyways


Different Lulufriend.

Make Threads Great Again

I want to go swimming in Tanya.

Here's hoping for the best, Dad!

I'll be fine, dwai.

How was your day?

How much coverage does Neo get in Vol4 so far?

/lolg/ is a magical place

These are pretty good.

thats alice's job

I want to go swimming in gummin'.

Nini :3


the scroll bar like the height of it
it indicates the portion of the webpage thatis visible like it matches the hieght of your website window



I have a feeling we're going to see less Alice now that they aren't a mod again.

gud night


They had been here basically all morning when I left.



Test. This place hasnt been great since the time of Smiles.

she was here in the morning two days in a row!!!

Yeah! And I'll have a car sooner than later
thinks are looking up for your old man
here's hoping for similar success in rin's life :3

I have a dozen trips I never use because lazy


boring really, I was gonna host a game again but it kept crashing cause servers are trash.
then I just studied and clicked on whatever.

buuut friday is holidays!! I'm so excited you don't even know

I think I need to get put back on ADHD meds so I can actually focus, and remember, to try to make my life turn up.

Otherwise it'll probably just stay largely as it is, since I can't remember to do something if it isn't in the moment I think of it.

Aww, buu.

Hurrai for holidays though.


But RWBY is on its way to being full again. Everyone is on their way to the relatively same destination.



I feel this p deeply actually
I'm on welbutrin for depression and clonodine for sleep/attention issues and also trazadone for sleep
I'm really hoping with this treatment my memory starts to work again, I can't live like this lol

The only drug I'm on is life

It's like.

I only remember "You should call your doctor. (:" when I'm talking with someone like this well beyond when my doctor's office has closed.

I was medicated for ADHD most of my childhood, but the only dosage that had any noticeable effect on me killed my appetite to a dangerous degree.

Haven't taken it since middle school, had to learn to cope without it.


Gonna do my extra best thing week to get that sweet friday award!

What are your planplans?


I imagine we will see Neo soon enough. By means of all things, if you do not see a body the character is not dead.
Not to mention all that happened was she flew off with her umbrella which likely is the safest out she could have had.
I want more of her, she is adorable in the normal stuff and more in the chibi show.

ADHD is a scam


now youre talkin'!

My doctor's worried about putting me on Dexedrine for that very reason.

But he said Ritalin would probably be okay.
Next time I have an appointment, I'm going to push for Dexedrine, because a large part of why I don't eat is because I don't remember to. :upside_down:

No idea at the moment.

Neo's basically best character.

It took me 3 weeks to get the appointments for all this stuff and then an extra two days to remember to even pick it up from the pharmacy
I've set alarms on my phone to remind me to take all this garbage

and alcohol every night you fuckin' shit
also caffeine and nicotine until recently

You don't sound like a women at all.

I was lied to.

Yo those don't count.

Yeah, you kind of don't eat much regardless of medication.

See, taking meds is something I've done so often during my life that I have no issue with that.

I just leave them places I can't not notice them to remember.


Test, get in call.


"only the drugs i do don't count :(" - turds

I've been on and off antidepressants since late middle school but I forgot to take the lexapro so often it made me sick lol
got brain zaps and shit
I just don't really have a "schedule" in my day to day so it's hard to remember to do shit except wash my face and brush my teeth

buy a fucking vibrator you nigger they cost less than a haircut

Wow, i bought you some bleach

where is subtle? bring him to me immediately!

lad...we can only hope...and maybe someday
also i watched that movie it was aight that like ultimate form robut was p cool but like itwasp lame how it didnt take out that dude with an epic laser or something

I'll do YOUR MOM LOL !!! xp

She is amazing, I am not sure I would want her to talk though. I think her being essentially mute adds to her.

Not gonna get for honor?

overdiagnosed more like

Just leave them beside your monitor, or on your phone.

'swhat I do with my vitamins.


It was super enjoyable.

I have no money

*super enjoyable to me.

phthalates are probably not too healthy though


I didnt like the whole car chase aspect but otherwise it was quite poetic

are u fetching him?


close your legs

So how are you doing?

yeah and like half of the movie was like antonio banderas screaming about how he wanted to go home lmao



you have betrayed me for the last time

I have no room on my desk for them lol
maybe i'll put the pill organizer on the window sill above my bed or somethin'

use your fingers or a hair brush


heh that seemed the case.
ah well that's on vday anyway.

even though we agreed you don't need a day to show love I still wanna do something cute forthehellofit

disengage spreading of your lower extremeties

Alright, I suppose.
Our cleric almost killed the entire party today.

Used bestow greater curse on a colossal siege crab that we were under to drop its con to 1.
While we were under it.

And it died.
While we were under it.

1300d6, and over 4000 damage.

Would you remember it on the windowsill above your bed?


Ouch. That seems like the worst mistake someone can make in a fight like that.
It would make a hilarious story though!


subtle i found this while browsing internet.com and you must have it!


Just don't know what so relaax

zorro crossover moment in the desert there would have made it a 10 desu but oh well

i know! isnt that a great one?

It was beautiful.

He dropped the Con to 1, our warlock tried to stop him 'cos future sight.
My character is psionic, and also the smartest, so she probably just got the fuck out before the spell discharged.

My thrall died though, so now I just have a tiefling barbarian who is built like a brick shithouse as my thrall.

Why aren't you in bed?

It's a little hard to miss
I slam my forehead on it three times a week :p


That might work then, hue.

As you said, am a baka.
I'll go get ready

That is not me, though.

S on Zed

God bless

Will the lies ever stop ?

Colby, I made it to the defiled chalice.

U r THE defiled chalice


Chalices got kinda boring for me

The compulsion will be tamed one day.

I'm just after the achevo.

The what?

The achievement for doing them.

another lie

Darwin is a bed of lies


People care about those?

Ido not spread my legs for just about anything


What DO you spread them for?


I told myself I would only buy a few games and a new one only if I get 100% achievements not counting events that can't be done now and shit.


You need start getting harder/

I mean TRYING hard


Your thrall?


bed pillows

I have a pet NPC.

An honest mistake.

Oh wait did you not ask me about class stuff and mentioned the one hat has those pets?

Defiled is the hardest Chalice Dungeon by far.

A Freudian slip, eh?

I was expecting something plant-related.

Yeah whatever that means



Wait, this stat was nerfed?

I would lie in bed with you.



It was linked at me soo spam linking me doesn't do a lot.

Like Grim when drunk.


But who would be doing the licking?

*like Grim

The only mode that matters


It got nerfed at the beginning of the season, but it was buffed again last patch and they broke it again.


I'd probably doing the majority of it tbh


sacrifice your cheesecake to me mortals.

Thanks for the (you) though

Well if you are offering, there is no complaints.

Real men play ranked

And I'm not even drunk! Yet, I need to go to the store

I really want to play Bloodborne again just to use the Lady Maria set with the Doll chest.
Best combo.
Time to do that.

Yeah, no thanks

My character uses the Lady Maria set w/ the Cainhurst Knight skirt

It's cute af

Please do, I need a drinking partner.

And it fits with my character because it's a bloodtinge/skill build

Try hards play ranked.


Real men play Starcraft. :^)

Realistically, apparel doesn't matter that much in Bloodborne as opposed to Souls games.
You can get by by just choosing whatever is the best looking simply because damage reduction for even elementals isn't that high. Frenzy is the only one that makes that much of a difference.

I did that half an hour ago.


Asians are all girls. So only real girls play starcraft.


Try hards play against humans.

Hi subtle-san.

Man, now I have to get dressed and leave the house... life is suffering

Yeah, I like that about the game. You can do Fashionborne without losing the ability to play the game well

Also, Chikage/Evelynn are so fun at +9/10. Using a Bone Marrow Ash on my Evelynn makes it do like 600 damage lol

First reply was meant for

Is it not though? Is it not?


Chikage converted is fun to just do kamikaze strats with.
Just straight up suicidally high damage and it kind of puts you on a ticking clock. It's pure dodging and rallying.

Really truly. And work tomorrow is gonna be a bitch

Not that it isn't always a bitch, but you know

Yep! It's a sharp contrast to my initial playthrough build where I just swung my Ludwig's Holy Blade and killed everything

Hi Clockwork-kun


Call it. Heads or tails


I am lucky, bookstores are rather quiet and I do not have to put up with much stupidity.
I feel for you though.

*shoots you with a cowgun thingy*

Men enter and never return from that dark place.

Strength builds in Souls games are just kind of boring since it's almost always stacked with higher poise to just flail endlessly at everything.
In Bloodborne, there's no poise so you just have to keep everything at range. It makes bosses really slow fights.


please never post again

I want to die.

I will cut you boy

Links are hard.


I want your job ;~;

Really? I just kinda swing wildly in BB and do so much damage that I don't need to worry about range except to heal

Like, Ameilia was a pushover because I just endlessly staggered her

Grim's gonna send him some DMs.

Not an easy concept to grasp.




I dunno. I use Dex/Skill and just rely way too much on speed and dodging rather than just weapon range. Strength just feels like you have to always keep at the maximum range of your weapon to dodge reliably.


My boi.

If you were up here, I could easily hook you up.
I am essentially related to the owners.


Yes sir


subtle too

But you can't see the penis.




Wish squash was that tight





post higher quality cunts



his finger kinda blurry




Get me Sims 4.

Today is the day charles darwin was born

happy #DarwinDay

End this meme !!!





How else does someone differentiate when they have two dads?


I am just messing with you. I don't want you to buy me anything.

Actually no.

Beginning of Walking Dead Season 7 (colorized)

Who watches that shitty show?


I guess that means you.....

It has fallen considerably from its glory days, but I'm to deep to drop it

in too deep*

What was it?


I got Colbert's ice cream at the liquor store

Oh boy ice cream and vodka

Of the closet?

it gets worse




she's pretty

your memes are stale like you , end piece of white bread

Is it even a meme if it's objectively true?

I have come to terms with my sexuality, thus the closet has been dashed to bits

End pieces of bread are not bad



you were supposed to step out of it before breaking the door

g-good one tsuchi

You dont have to step out of something if you completely obliterate it :^)




Aw, my old Pokemon Yellow cart doesn't work anymore :(


But Test gets off on it.


Pour one out.

you can fix them


I'll never beat Gunnermaniac now

I know I can

because i'm secretly alice



How do you have so much resolve to play through those games anymore


I don't, I just turned it on for shits and giggles


Shits and giggles doesn't do anything but wasting time.




That's the point.

I had my bwakafeast

Be productive!!

whatlu did you have