RIP Pepe

Frogposters on suicide watch.

Feels bad man.

Pepe died of cancer.

Does leftypol have a mascot of it's own?

I'm almost glad. I wish he had remained feels bad man (and occasionally feels good man) frog. Unfortunately normalfag cancer took its course.



He was long gone as a normie may may anyway

Robots don't get to talk. Pepe had already died when it got taken by the /r9k/ cancer.

yeah, that makes Holla Forums having pepe as their symbol all the sadder

Pepe is a spic name

It also makes sense, cancer attracts cancer

I feel bad for him

B-but I'm not /r9k/ (although I'm a 25y/o kv).


should be leftcom cat tbh fam

Would totes bang though tbh.

I demand leftcom cat lewds

Say no more




their god is dead