I saw someone get banned for "Transphobia" here on Holla Forums. What are the rules regarding this topic...

I saw someone get banned for "Transphobia" here on Holla Forums. What are the rules regarding this topic? If you voice your support for ending the oppression of trannies you get banned for pushing liberal idpol, but if you hate on them you are banned for transphobia? Can the mod team clarify this, it seems really strange.

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Traps are gay, but that's okay.

Too be honest it really pisses me off trans people act like the are the new women or POC.

You cut off your own dick, don't expect special treatment

I really don't get why put leftist politically "incorrect" in the board title if comments like these will warrant a ban.

Communism is politically incorrect.

Communism is leftist, the politically incorrect is redundant.

I was just explaining the reasoning behind it, I don't like the "Politically Incorrect" in the title either. Makes it look like we're just a shadow of Holla Forums.

transgenderism is nothing more than body dysmorphia

Gonna need a source on this dude.

idpol is cancer
transphobia is retarded and cancerous as well.
the liberation of all oppressed people is important, including trans.


The faggot mod that did that already admitted they were wrong and the user was unbanned. You're just trying to stir shit up. Fuck off.

Scroll down this thread, basically a tranny mod overstepped the line.

They admitted that they fucked up and unbanned them.

BO hired some tranny mod which got butthurt over that and got shat on.


muh pronouns

It's almost like both liberals and reactionaries aren't welcome here, huh…

Holla Forums is TERF board


These and get the fuck out


The mods are feckless tyrants.

Says the Nazis

You think the mod team aren't paid to make Holla Forums as ineffectual, divided and stupid as possible? Cute.
The trick is to make the board as shit as possible while not making it so shit that everyone leaves. They're doing great and they should honestly get a raise given all the shit they have to put up with.

Freedom means freedom to oppress but not feel oppressed right Holla Forums?

Read the stickies, lurk more, kill yourself

because gender is a spooky social construct created by men to keep women down. we shouldn't reinforce it or grant it any metaphysical legitimacy, we should abolish it. The oppression of women by men is the oldest and most brutal of all oppressions, predating even class struggle. To imply 'gender' is biologically innate, like reactionaries and transgender advocates do, is to spit on the graves of the women who gave it all in the struggle against patriarchal oppression.

Why do people like you even exist?

Is this satire?

No, it's just another shitpost that the mods will ignore. Go on, report it. They don't care. Any reasonable moderator should delete such obvious shitposting, but they won't.

but Transgenderism is a consequence of neurological anatomy. Read a fucking book maybe?
Would you leave behind transgender during the revolution? They don't deserve that.

But what if I like trannies who like being oppressed?

rude sage

because Holla Forums don't want to be associated with SJW's idpol but at the same time we are still equalitarian. This dissonance creates cancer.

If only we were more aware that the "SJW" problem is mostly in the "anti-SJW" mind than in IRL, we would talk about social movement with more rationality

I agree. Holla Forums would be better if it was an explicitly feminist board like /r/socialism.

ironic shitposting is still shitposting, especially since somebody might take that rambling seriously

yeah i think we should trust those πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€MENπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ in white coats

political correctness is in the eye of the beholder dummy

look, a strawman!

based mods

This is what I've been saying. We should rename from Leftist Politically Incorrect to simply Leftist Politics. Why would Holla Forums be anything to model after anyway? Does anyone here even advocate for that? Have they ever? It's just strange. Especially for outsiders who've only heard of Holla Forums and is rightly disgusted by it.

I think we should keep calling ourselves 'politically incorrect' because it pisses all the right people off. You gotta admit the left has been terrible at marketing itself. Too much neurotic handwringing not enough action. That's what you get for believing everything is actually discourse, maybe Foucault is to blame for that, idk. The right, has built a formidable media warmachine, expertly exploiting the neuroses and dissociative tendencies of the average frustrated web user, while the left still thinks it's a question of enforcing proper respectful discourse, when actually there's an all out psy war going on out there.

Indeed. Banned immediately after suggesting that the mods are COINTELPRO. How convenient.

I notice none of the other shitposts (eg and ) were touched. Only the person who dared question the moderation.

Actually I might be responsible because I reported it