How to get bluepilled?

I visited Holla Forums and now i am redpilled. I am seeing the truth.
But i don't want that, i want to have an easy naive bluepilled life.

How can i go back? I want to be a normie again.

The pill you have taken holds the same content as the other. You would have become a retard either way.

I know that we bite the most obvious bait here, but come the fuck on.



You are a pretty amusing guy.

I can't even begin to imagine how retarded you'd have to be to think we're some kind of bizarro mirror Holla Forums and we unironically refer to ourselves and take pride in being 'bluepilled'

communism is the real redpill

Take the cyanide pill

if you don't realise capitalism is the source of all you complain about you're not redpilled

Sounds like you need to take the ropepill.

Jokes on you I put cyanide in that pill

You came to the wrong place, OP. Replace "Jews, niggers and degenerates" with "greedy capitalists" and it's basically the same.

do you want a real redpill?


Start by not using references to a fucking normie hollywood garbage movie.

So basically go down to the store, by a few blister packs of paracetamol, you might need to go to several different stores to get enough, then you basically eat as much as you can, wash it down with alcohol if you want things to start happening quicker

Try this instead

The Matrix was a shit movie. There's your red pill.

The sequels were shit, but The Matrix was pretty good. It did borrow a lot from other cyberpunk works, but still. Too bad we'll never have a Neuromancer movie.

tough luck spooked cuck


Hello, reddit. Holla Forums has nice feature, if you enter "sage" into email field, or check "do not bump" box under flags, you don't feed trolls and help to maintain catalog clear.

well fuck me, I bumped thread by double sage


being a communist will not make you a "normie"

le redpill meme is extraordinarily autistic

Redpills are RED for a reason.

FFS, learn to sage