Foreign language thread (no Esperanto mode)

foreign language thread (no Esperanto mode)

What languages are you learning to communicate with foreign comrades, Holla Forums? What tools do you use to learn?

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English, some german (can only read and understand simple convo and order food) and i am learning mandarin.

Internet and books.

Same, but I think I'm going to need to move up from self-study and get into classes or get a tutor or something

Russian right now, then either Esperanto or French after

I use memrise and duolingo, but the later becomes a pain in the ass to practice as you advance, so I mostly end up on the first.

Français et allemand


They don't have Korean

trying to learn frogspeak
it's a fucking pain in the ass
why use letters at all if you not gonna pronounce them?
every fucking word is written nothing like it is pronounced

also, is german harder to learn than french?
german long ass words make me uncomfortable

Russian has some big ass words too, but they're usually the combination of two words, which once you learn how to pronounce well enough should give you no problem.

My english is OK, all my practice now only shitposting here, consuming books and entertainment and talking with my gf.
I'm learning russian, but it's slow, I want to be able to read a book in russian, but boy it goes slow because I lack any proper learning materials.
After that I think I'll jump after french or Dutch, I'm not decided yet.

tell me about it, is it good? how much does it costs?

man, I'm a native russian speaker :)

suka blyat

Memrise is free. It works through pure memorization, but doesn't really explain the rules. I honestly don't see much of a point in learning the rules of a language by memory, you eventually know where to put words and where not to. This is how I learned English. Still, using both duo and this can give you an edge.

Any tips for learning по-русский?

this is why I never want to have to learn French.

Russian and Ukrainian.

You get used to it after learning for awhile


Honestly, Memrise is the best if you need to build vocabulary. As far as grammar or understanding how to use the vocabulary you've learned, it's not so good.

how different is Ukrainian from Russian?

find yourself a russian girlfriend :^)
or if you already know some basic sentence structure and some basic words, go to 2ch and try to communicate
and don't be afraid to embarrass yourself, it's full of retards who don't know how to speak their own language anyway

what's wrong with english?
I find it quite comfy


I find German easier for me but French is more linguistically similar to English

Ankaŭ saulton al vi

Not massively. It's maybe like Danish and Swedish, or Spanish and Catalan. The grammar is largely identical, with Ukrainian having a extra case. Some of the sounds are a bit different too. The largest difference is just vocabulary, and even then there's a huge amount of crossover. Stuff like the word for "honesty":

Espanol es un idioma muy importante del mundo pero nadie en este hilo ha hablado.

Hola, el español es mi lenguaje nativo.

Buenas, he estado aprendiendo espanol por dos anos. Mi teclado es norteamericano asi que no tiene los acentos. De donde eres?

Soy de Venezuela ¿y tú?. Imagino que aprender este lenguaje debe ser difícil.

The thing with Russian which I can't still wrap my head around is how there are so many conjugations and declensions for almost every word. It's really much harder than English, but fun to learn at the same time.

Soy de los Estados Unidos. Para mi, no es dificil. The conjugations and masculine/feminine nouns can be difficult for some though.

If you don't mind me asking, what made you learn this language?

I'm learning it in school. It was something that I always wanted to do but never really got around to it. Now, two years later, I'm bilingual. Although I'm paranoid that my Spanish is actually bad and the people who I talk to are just too polite to point it out.

En realidad escribes bien. El unico error que puedo notar en tu escritura es en

Antes de "hablado" podría ir "lo", para indicar que nadie ha usado ese lenguaje especifico. Pero es algo muy mínimo, puedo asumir que si hablas bastante bien. Keep up the good work, camarada.

Muchas gracias.


I know Spanish but not an academic level even though it's my first language
I took two years of French and a year of Italian in school but French was easier for me
I have no fucking idea how to use vos

How does this happen?

I'm learning Portuguese and Japanese.

I stopped speaking and stopped watching programs in Spanish.
I'm brushing up on my skills with music and duolingo, though.

This actually happens. As a child I learned the language through memorization. I could tell you some of the rules, but knowing them all is a different thing.

Voseo is part of my local dialect, what do you find hard?

Yo diría "El español es un idioma muy importante en el mundo pero nadie en este hilo lo ha usado".

I think that he's talking about using "vos" in French.

I learned English by using internet forums instead of formal learning, so I don't know any of the rules in Spanish (native) or English. I can't even remember what nouns and verbs are supposed to be.

That is actually how I learned English myself too. Well, nouns are just objects which may belong to something or have properties. Like man, cat, woman.

Verbs I would say are just actions. To know, to learn, to read. A man knows, a cat learns, a woman reads and so on.

For those that want to check other language learning communities:

There's a subreddit for it: with links to language-specific subreddits on the sidebar, and around 5 trillion discord servers:

Might I ask, for what purpose?

You know, I actually started learning Russian to play a video game. I am not joking here. But speaking many languages is useful for any communist.

Who /Esperanto/ here?

Mia negro

I'm Swedish trying to learn Spanish mostly because it's the biggest language i don't have to learn a whole new alphabet for.

I'm learning Dutch
I understand that it's a mostly pointless exercise considering that most (actually almost all) Dutch people already speak great English, but I find it engaging.

im a native spanish speaker
i want to learn german, italian, russian, japanese, arab, hebrew, latin and guarani

I'm used to using tu not voseo.
I can understand it a lot more than when I try to use it myself.

how are the discords? I don't know if I could stand being in a reddit discord

what do you consider a "useful" language?