If class is all that matters why do prison populations composed of the poor segregate themselves by race?

If class is all that matters why do prison populations composed of the poor segregate themselves by race?

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Petty tribalism.

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Yes, because once you enter prison, you have your memory wiped and all cultural affiliations and experiences from your previous life outside cease to exist.

there has never been a more appropriate response than "huh rlly makes me think"

Regardless of whether you believe racism is """taught""" or natural, I think the point is that fighting over superficial differences has no purpose - that doesn't mean people don't do it - whereas classes are more than just a superficial difference and fight between them actually has a purpose (on both sides even).

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The corrections officers encourage the formation of gangs, because doing so makes the inmate population easier to control. There is a tit for tat relationship between the guards and the gang leaders. Guards look the other way when certain gang activities occur, and in turn the gangs remain divided against one another. It is just like how race works in the outside world.

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It is. Ask anyone who has ever been in prison. The guards are just a gang that stays in control by getting the other gangs to fight each other.

This assumes that gang conflicts outside of prisons only continue inside of prisons due to a conspiracy by prison guards.

Where is your evidence for this conspiracy theory and the assumption that gang conflicts would cease inside of prison if only it weren't for a conspiracy by prison guards?

Guards on the inside, CIA/FBI on the outside. This is an established phenomena. They used revenues from gang/drug activities to fund fascists because that's how fascists do.


Everyone who has ever been to prison.

The guards encourage them to operate in prison. It doesn't matter that their identities were created outside of prison. What, do you actually think that guards are simply unable to eliminate gang activity in maximum security?

this is why ideologically driven leftoids will never be able to model societies properly lol

not all leftists are marxists

Marxists tend to look down on conspiracy theorist, I can see, compared to marxists they are complete amateurs.

Everyone knows it yet you can't find a shred of evidence to support your conspiracy.

If they have so much control that they can stop all gang activity, then why do they need gang wars to keep the inmates under control?


I have been in prison, but not in the US.
The guards were quite happy to let us sort our differences out between ourselves, it saved them work.
USA is different, everything seems to boil down to race, and the prison system is incentivised by profit to make you come back to prison.

So what your saying is that people who grew up in an area that had a majority of one ethnic group (usually due to segregation and unequal economic standards but also language and culture), and were probably already in a gang that consisted of mostly that one ethnic group (because their neighborhood was of that one ethnic group), joined a gang of the same ethnic group in jail. Not to mention gangs are already based on ethnicity in jail so it's self perpetuating, to have protection you have to join up with the gang that corresponds to your ethnicity. You know user you're a fucking genius. Race realism confirmed!!11! Sage cunt.

try go a bit further back bro, the "left vs. right" didn't start with marx

Proof and why?

The idea of "race" has been refuted repeatedly by biologists and anthropologists. Leave.

that wasn't my point but ok


Watch Jacques Audiard's Un Prophète.


you mean all the ones with marxist leaning, can't imagine why they'd want to say we're all the same.

Where's your proof that they are Marxists?

So what you're saying is race realists have the same mentality as prison inmates?

Really makes you think

No it hasn't, I bet you can't find anything better than

They're in academia.

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It feels the same as a dog or any other living beast tbh, it feels good to have a healthy intuition and instinct for self-preservation.

What do you need beyond numerous first-hand accounts? It's not like it's some big secret. Everyone, guard or prisoner, knows how it works.

It is as easy as segregating gang leaders, which they do not do. Why don't they? It is not that difficult.

Control over a divided population is easy. When inmates keep themselves under control it prevents things like this:


Remember that prisons are now for-profit exercises. Prisoners getting organized are difficult to control and thus cut into profit margins.

There is noyhing "healthy" about cowardice and paranoia.

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Surely your evolved white brain is familiar with epigenetics, the study of changes in gene expression which are often caused by an organism's environment? Surely?


yes epigenetics is important, but it doesn't not extend very far. It has a cuttoff effect after a few generations.

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Oh absolutely.

They do. California just stopped the practice of unlimited solitary for gang leaders a few years ago after the inmates went on hunger strikes. One AB leader spent 10,000+ days in solitary.

Strawman, but yeah, objectively yes it is, but people are spooked by petty tribalism.

Can someone explain this to me? "spooks" don't actually exist except in people's minds, but if they exist in people's minds that's still objective reality that has to be dealt with, and liberals do this through… identity politics, which is bad?

Like, is the assumption that tribalism is just going to go away once capitalism is dead? That doesn't seem very plausible to me, and even without human nature or malicious actors actively propping it up it'll still have inertia that will have to be reversed.