Frenchman here. I don't understand why people are patriots/nationalists. Is it purely the result of propaganda...

Frenchman here. I don't understand why people are patriots/nationalists. Is it purely the result of propaganda? Are there material arguments involved? Is it pure ideology? Can we say it is fetishism?

Sorry for all the questions. It's fine if you answer to one of them only.


It is pure ideology.

As a burger, I can say that propaganda is a large part of it for us. So much bullshit shoved down our throats since birth about how being a good classcuck makes you the free-est and better than everyone else. Along with the hero worship of the military.

This. That being said, there is a certain usefulness to channeling this tribalism towards productive means.

ill work with you fucks but once its done i want my people back

But user, all of Humanity is "your people".

you can say that but i think you do not understand. maybe you will in time

OP here. I don't understand either. Maybe you can explain your point to us.

i could but i dont think you would understand

well. anyways. i have nothing to return to. no past to fall back upon. i am ready to fight to build a home for my people, people like me. if you are not immigrant or diaspora maybe you do not understand this. maybe it has something to do with child hood poverty. i do not know

Capitalism already creates mass immigration. It's time to despook yourself

yes, i know. i am an immigrant.

Affects are understandable, but culture has nothing to do with borders. If anything, I would call your reason more than your affects.

i don't care about borders. i just need my people.

Most people on here, and on the Left for that matter, don't understand that notion and would be more likely than not to label you a racist reactionary for feeling that way.
I feel that way too mind you.

What the fuck is your people? The proletariat?

thank you my friend.

i am romani. i know you say, "this is a spook," and such. but it is mine. it was always mine.

laughed hard.

(Not the same as above) I'll give it a go. It has to do with ingrained, hard-wired racial behaviours. The kind of genetic coding that makes a bear behave like a bear, a tiger as a tiger etc… Humanity in our early days was defenceless. We had no natural weapons or defences of any note. What we did have were thumbs so we could use tools,as well as the willingness to band together for mutual protection against all the 'other' animals that were stronger and faster. This early development of the concept of 'us' V.S. 'them', allowed our ancestors to band together against common foes (them) so that humanity (us) could prosper. This is instinctual level behaviour we are talking here. As ingrained in us as how to mate, to explore and many other of our most basic behaviours. Once the various tribes filled the anchient world and we progressed into civilizations, our foes, our 'others' stopped being large scale threats to 'Us'. So the other animals of the world were replaced by other groups of humans as the main racial antagonists. Different looking or acting humans took the place of the 'other'. The Us V.S. Them behaviour drives us in everything we do. It goads us to create. To create ways to take from the 'others'. To create ways to defend or help 'us'. It is observable in groups of babies, as well as the natural world. It is the direct reason for every civilization, every culture, every nation to have an underclass or 'other'. Some theorize that humanity as a race NEEDS an 'other' to vent harmful actions or behaviours against, so that we don't direct them against the group (Us) to our own detriment.

If that makes any sense to you take from it what you will. I myself find that knowing this makes understanding the actions of people and groups easier to understand, if not outright agree with.

Of course they are, they belong to me.


It's an evolutionary strategy and one that unfortunately ultimately works. The group that sticks together etc etc.

Because: authoritarian purpose > nihilistic freedom.

Next time just write that you are afraid of being responsible for your own actions.

You're not a Frenchmen Abdul, you never will be.

What you call "your people" is culture. Even the most nationalist rednecks or neo-nazis still hate liberals, even though they're "their people". Because they do not share the same culture. Nationality is not culture. If you can't understand that you're fucking retarded.

No, it's psychology you fucking retard. In-group Out-group dynamics.

We prefer things that are similar to ourselves. Who is similar to ourselves? The people we grew up with.

t. Abdul

American exceptionalism became a powerful propaganda tool during the Cold War. It never went away even as reality continued to prove that we have a penchant for swan diving off of cliffs.

wew lad, fucking gypsy nationalists. How the hell can you be proud of "your people" I don't quite understand.

It's an advanced form of tribalism that has emerged with the arising of the nation-state.