Hi im 11 and what is communism?

hi im 11 and what is it

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A classless, stateless, moneyless society that can never be obtained but on the bright side it's an idea which has some of the most fanatical followers in the world.

Exactly not this.

Communism is a critism of capitalism which explains that class struggle leads to the dictature of the proletariat, followed by the extinction of the State.

Yeah, except for the 100,000 years of primitive communism

I'm sorry to not provide much information, but a good understanding of communist thought can extracted from Das Kapital.
As for communism itself, not the ideology, is a classless and stateless society, which people follow "To each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities." -Karl Marx.
Think of a society in which most jobs are automated, people need to work a few hours a week, every worker has a say in what their products do and democracy determines most things.

www.Marxists.org is a great website for communist literature.

Genocide and oppression. Every single time.

That's capitalism, my man.


State capitalists*
It's not like market capitalism has a better record - it's many times worse!

Nothing has a worse track record than Communism and Socialism. Not even the combined histories of Islam and Christianity in their entirety.

Mate, you know you posted thumbnails, right?

Who's the retard attributing all of those famines to Capitalism? Whoever made that infograph is clearly ignorant.

And what ? You think your Red Scare propaganda was anymore accurate, that there was no agenda behind them ?

The difference between the Russian genocides and those famines attributed willy-nilly to the British empire are, those colonial ambitions were not based in capitalism. Just because it's not communism, it's not automatically capitalism. The person who made that is a fucking retard. Or are we now going to attribute every famine and genocide at the hands of a European empire the result of capitalism, even before the very existence of capitalism?

Don't listen to this fucking idiot. Das Kapital, wew. Read:

This is so typical of you faggots. 'A famine under capitalism is a famine, a famine under socialism is socialism'

I could see this coming from a mile away

It wasn't under capitalism, you retard.

This is the depth of your knowledge of politics and history.
Beyond retarded…
Likening the colonial ambitions of the British empire to capitalism is no different from likening those very same ambitions of the Roman empire to capitalism. Problem is, capitalism did not exist.

If the british empire isnt a capitalist empire (even though it existed at the time of capitalism) then the ussr and china arent socialism.

The economic interests of one nation seized the land, labor or resources of others for their own enrichment under the dominant system, aka capitalism (imperialism to be more specific) That is what caused most of those famines.

Then under what?
Actually Roman empire was slave society, quite distinct from capitalism and nobody is going to claim otherwise.

That is not capitalism, you moron. That has been happening for thousands of years. You can not just attribute things that are not communism to capitalism.


It's when the government does stuff. Like build roads.

Terrible, nearly slave-like conditions for people being subjected to the rule of things like British East India Company and later British Raj != actual slave model as present in Rome(or even in the southern US for that matter)
Though I understand you way of thinking, mistaking capitalism with slavery happens sometimes :^)

Grade-A historical analysis here.

No, that's socialism. Communism is when the government (Stalin) takes over the whole country and kills all the rich people, to give it to the poor people (blacks).

Well, just because you say I'm an idiot I must be. But if you deem those as better reading material, okay, good for you.

communism is when you sit on an armchair and call everyone opportunists

Read this, it's really and concise: prole.info/texts/hamburgervalue.html.

TL;DR: communism is the way in which the proletariat, the wage-working class of society, reacts to contradictions internal to its conditions of existence under capitalism.

really easy and concise