En Marche! set to completely replace the "Socialist Party"


So PS is on its way out and its remains will morph into open neoliberal centrism instead of covert neoliberal centrism. The PS might live on but basically as the memey right-wing (relative to the rest of the left) branch of France Insoumise (Melenchon) and Hamon will probably go down in history as the cause of all this since his winning the primary finalized all this and his refusal to drop out ensured we didn't get Melenchon instead.
On the less positive side FG (left) might lose seats and FN (Le Pen) is set to gain.
So basically we've had a massive self-purge of neo-liberals from France's left wing. Wtf I love Macron now, etc.
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Fake leftists have been the bane of genuine left wing politics in Europe. Liberals pretending to be Socdems have been fucking the rest of us over for decades.

No, I think it's the fucking best thing.

Also think it's wild that PS is set to have more or less as much power as EELV. They're totally kill. EELV tends to follow PS when it really comes down to it so PS joining FI would mean EELV would also. LR will be history 20 years from now, possibly less because their base is so fucking old. That's the trade-off with having a base of seniors, they'll actually vote but lol they gon die.

This is pretty neat. I wasn't expecting EM to become a real party.
Now FI needs stop being a coalition of everything and make a real SocDem Party to replace the old PS. UBI in France by 2023

Lol not until En Marche's "new" appeal wears off, they're set to retain PS' majority, only without the leftist block this time. Maybe the elections that will happen around 2020 will be better for FI and FG or whatever becomes of them but that's still not going to be nearly enough power to institute UBI. Melenchon 2022 is a given at this rate because Macron is a fuckstick and will make the same compromising triangulating mistakes Hollande did.

Are we all forgetting that Macron was the Minister of the Economy under the Socialist government of Hollande?

Dude is the one who made PS back away from their no-austerity pledge. So now that he has destroyed PS, he gets a ton of former PS voters?

From what I've seen Holla Forums hasn't but the French electorate dumb enough to vote for him sure hasn't. To be fair that was only 25% of them which is better than the 45% or whatever amount voted for Trumby.


FI does not want an UBI, the UBI is only wanted by Hamon (left-wing PS), EELV and the Pirate Party.


How is this a good thing?

You do realize that if Macron turns out to be Hollande 2.0, that will only favor the FN, right?

Depends on whether people characterize Macron as a leftist, and he rules with his own base or with LR

If he rules with LR, then Melenchon has a chance to show Macron as a rightwinger who doesn't give a shit about the people, and steal the PS from under him.

If he rules with his own party, then the FN will suck up the whole right wing under themselves, because they will claim that the 'left' has ruled France for a whole decade and its the 'right's turn and Melenchon won't have a chance

idk, just my 2 cents

You're right that the instabilities of capitalism also help fascists but they also also help us, and from there we just need to know how to defeat them politically from our past experience. The new left wing (PS/EELV/FDG/FI) will have more power than the new right wing (FN/DLF) and the right wing hasn't militarized yet. We're very lucky that LR is a very cosmopolitan center-right party or they'd be easy for FN to radicalize.

He's going to betray his base and work for the corps like the PS deserters have been doing for years. EM will be villainized by both wings.

Also even if for whatever reason Melenchon loses in 2022 he's got 2027 and 2032, he's young.

You do realize that this is the party that wanted Fillon instead of Juppé, right?

Other than that I believe you have a point. Melenchon is the only thing keeping France from falling into the far right's hands.

How old is he anyways?

He's 65

And who'd Fillon endorse? Macron.

That's burger logic being extrapolated into yurope.

On a lighter note, mommy issues or closet case?

Holy shit. My mom came into my room to bring me a plate of coq au vin and I literally screamed at her and hit the plate of coq au vin out of her hand. She started yelling and swearing at me and I slammed the door on her. I'm so distressed right now I don't know what to do. I didn't mean to do that to my mom but I'm literally in shock from the results tonight. I feel like I'm going to explode. Why the fucking fuck is he losing? This can't be happening. I'm having a fucking breakdown. I don't want to believe the world is so corrupt. I want a future to believe, a future that doesn't require me to work more than 32 hours in a week so I have time to share more memes. I want Melenchon to be president and jumpstart the economy by imposing a 100% marginal tax rate on incomes above €400k. I cannot fucking deal with this right now. It wasn't supposed to be like this, I thought he was polling well in Provence???? This is so fucked.

Slight kek, needs to be traslated to French.

Bordel de merde. Ma maman est venue dans ma chambre m'apporter l'assiette de coq au vin et je lui ai littéralement crié dessus et fait tomber l'assiette de coq au vin de sa main. Elle a commencé à crier et m'insulter et je lui ai claqué la porte au nez. Je suis tellement en détresse que je ne sais pas quoi faire. Je ne voulais pas faire ça à ma maman mais je suis littéralement choqué par les résultats de ce soir. J'ai l'impression que je vais exploser. Pourquoi est il en train de perdre bordel à queue! ça n'est pas possible. Je suis en pleine dépression. Je ne peux pas croire que le monde est si corrompu. Je veux un avenir auquel je puisse croire, un avenir qui n'exige pas que je travaille plus de 32 heures par semaine afin que j'ai le temps de partager plus de mêmes. Je veux que Mélenchon soit président et stimule l'économie en imposant une taxation à 100% sur les revenus dépassant 400 000 euros. Je ne peux pas faire face à ça maintenant. ça n'était pas censé se passer comme ça, i croyais qe ses sondages était bon en Provence??? ç'est tellement foutu.
He performed best in Ariège, not so much in Provence

The death of PS is literally the best thing that happened in the french election

This. The destruction of fake "socialist" parties can only do good things for Europe.

If only it went under 5% i would have jizzed all over my appartment and the neighbor's door.

If it had I would let you jizz on me tbh