Tfw too stupid for leftism


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Poor thing, Im sure your subscription to Endorphin Now! is in the post.


no such thing man. Are you a worker? do you work for someone? Then its in your best interest to be a leftist

The thing is that the literature discussion and different types of Leftism is too hard to understand for a neet like me.

Its in my interests to think for myself. Fuck off

it's easy, just read this book.

Nobody is too stupid for that, at worst you're just too lazy and/or have short attention span partially speaking from experience

Read nigga, read. Those two books may be your primers.


Look at the manga version of das kapital, its pretty good.

not necessarily. most people are bad at thinking.

You definitely aren't too stupid
Like I feel like said we're too lazy or need to focus more on reading. Even here we learn leftist terms and ideas through this board (hopefully). I do need to start brushing up on theory.

Rather patronising don’t you think?

Not necessary disagreeing.

well you don't have a very strong case going when you say things like that

Balls, its patronising.

I'd rather argue people might have problems thinking up certain ideas, but once they are introduced to them by a third party they are able to use them without any bigger issue.

Too NEET for leftism.

NEETS can be leftist too though

Don't take the memes seriously user.

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Advice for my fellow ADHD comrades.

You're not stupid. It has to do with your attention span. I have a medium case of ADHD. It is frustrating to read. I want to read and try my hardest but it is almost impossible.

Learn to read slowly, and stop at every paragraph to think about what was said. We often read too fast trying to get to the point but we miss so many details that it means nothing.

Also, clock your attention span. Mine is about 20 minutes up to 30. I work in this frame work. I read about three times a day. In the morning. After Work, and after dinner. I get through a book easily this way.

The goal of reading leftist or any material is to reflect. It is not to read for the sake of reading. It's not homework.

Think of Marx of Goat of Lenin. The Ring, etc. has a lot of books as free audiobooks, might be easier for you to listen as you do other things
tbh I don't think everyone needs to learn theory and it's silly to think everyone involved in the revolution will be educated, if you hate the rich and are willing to work with other leftists then you're my comrade.

Kill yourself.


the purity circular firing squad isn't helpful, socialism was stronger and achieved more when we had poor uneducated workers fighting for an eight hour work day on our side. we need clear goals we can explain to the average person. if theory is a thing you're good at, great, but don't turn people away from the movement because they can't circlejerk about how smart you all are

He isn't discouraging comrades from learning, only pointing out that not everybody will be educated nor do they need to as long as enough people are, if the ones that aren't are willing to cooperate in class struggle that's all that's needed. Keep in mind many working class people literally don't have the time to read several books.

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They were under-educated, if they were uneducated they would buy into the propaganda of capital. We don't need a massive force people educated on every strand of leftist thought but we need people who are educated on our end goal. In all honesty this is a good reason for the Vanguard to exist, a core of revolutionaries who agitate and educate the worker to the point of class consciousness. Without this you simply have populism which as we've seen always becomes reformist or when the leader dies anarchy reigns.

Try starting with Bookchin's The Next Revolution. It's a pretty easy place to start.


Try reading something at your reading level. Harry potter or something

reading is just a muscle you have to exercise if you haven't used it in a while, but it comes back quickly.

Capital is way too high level for beginners, unless you're reading the manga version.

We really need to start promoting Bookchin, Wolff, Chomsky, Varoufakis etc. as a starting point instead of Marx considering that Marx is way beyond most peoples' reading level. The advantage of the aforementioned writers is not only are they (generally) more accessible but they are also much more modern.

how would reading non-marxists be of any use if we want to introduce marxist thought?

I might be better if you get an image representation of the different ideas Marx presents. Once you grasp the purpose of the theory, it might become easier to understand what Marx is writing, and why he is writing it. Kapitalism101 are good videos for this.
Alternatively, read any book which summarizes Capital in a modern context or at least in modern writing.

Who said marxism? OP just said "leftism".



no need to hide your leftcom flag there


this explains so much on how you dumbasses came into existence

Don't beat yourself up too much. Nineteenth century German writers are renowned for their opaque and exhausting prose, so it's mostly down to historical accident he's so hard to read.

The left needs more muscle not brains.

It's a saying ya' bugger.

For leftism, maybe, but no worker can be too stupid for communism, because communism is what they live and breathe almost every day of the week. Read this, friend:

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how about this
gulag for op being stupid


Anything but Wolff. If he is already to stupid for leftism the drop in intelligence caused by reading Wolff may very well kill him.


Nope. Ideas aren't something everyone comes up with. Someone thinks of something then it needs to be introduced. It's only "intuitive" after it's so ingrained into culture it's like breathing. For example - money.

I am at the point where I don't understand why people reject the LTV so hard. I guess people can't get into dialectic analysis and particularism vs universalism.

Every newfriend should read Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher. It's only like 80 or 90 pages.

I know he makes the mistake that Marx was a market socialist (seriously that is completely retarded) is there anything else he does that is full retard? I've liked his explanation of the tax code he did on an economic update and I usually don't see anything particularly wrong with his podcasts and I'd like to know if I'm being misled.