Some retards are actually eating this up

Some retards are actually eating this up.

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Stop reminding me 4chan will never ever be a niche hobby website again.

I don't have a french VPN. Is this real or not?

Of course not.

You got a French VPN dude?
even right-wingers in the replies are saying it's fake

Even if it was true, it's 4chan blocking the French, not the government blocking 4chan.

Went to /d/ to fap not even two hours ago. Complete bullshit.


Some retards actually find this noteworthy.

So wait, who even is this Jack guy? The first I heard of him was that tweet where he got a 100% real not fake death threat from antifa. Is this guy's job literally just to fabricate persecution porn for the right?

Holy fuck those were the days, I almost forget tbh.


What ISP/VPN got blocked and why?
I know most of venezuela is blocked because of a guy who shitposted on Holla Forums years ago


Macron isn't even in charge yet.

The future of France looks very bleak, no matter who wins. At least the tears of the losing side will be entertaining.

I puked in my mouth, please stop.

Commietards celebrating a huge business corrupt with cringy 9gag memes, hilarious.


We really need some kind of master list that compares all the equivalencies between SJWs and Holla Forumsyps.


Really goes to show how far the site has fallen. I remember the days I thought /soc/ was the worst thing on 4chan.


Why you should trust hacked candidates MORE:

1. They're an open book

2. They always seem to be fighting fascists

No, that's a message telling you that your IP range or ISP was banned from 4chan.

moot banned Venezuela's biggest ISP and some IP ranges from the second biggest ISP from posting on 4chan around 10 years ago, and Hiroshima Nagasaki hasn't unbanned them.

HAHHAHAHAHAHH oh wow! That is the most middle school redditor thing I've seen.

Fucking idiots in the replies.
What the guy posted was what happens when you post. Barred countries are still allowed to view 4ch.

Police bothered to contact drybones over so I wouldn't be surprised if the coppers made a deal with Hiroshima Nagasaki.

Euthanize yourself.


how shocking