User, why haven't you read capital vol 1?

user, why haven't you read capital vol 1?

arguably the most foundational text in all of left wing thought, yet most people haven't read it.

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Because I do not particularly care about knowing all the details of capitalist contradictions, and my time is better spent pursuing hobbies and reading other texts.

I'm still reading it smh. Give me time.

I wanna buy the books, but I have no money. I rather have it in physical form.

Because it's hard :'(

Going to read it during summer after school ends.

Are Wolff's Marxian economics video courses good enough?

Thats more like a general overview, but if its all you have time for, then just do that.

All richard wolff economics vids in one playlist:

What about volumes 2 and 3?

If people haven't even read vol 1, what makes you think they will slog through 2 more volumes? lol

Because I'm learning philosophy first

Because The Conquest of Bread points out fundamental rational flaws with capitalism just as well and does it without any references to mystical pseudo-science like "dialectics".

Not in as much detail though. Marx's critique of capital is the most extensive/complete of all the 19th century socialists.

Marx idea of hoarding may have worked in times before banks, but is pretty much non-existent except during times of currency manipulation.

Do I really have to? I've already read

Yes. You do. The last three are like introductory texts ffs, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you didn't understand the first one.

I don't read books written by double-digit Autism Level NEETs.

then why do you read Ayn Rand

I was at the bookstore yestrrday and bought wealth of nations instead

I'll maybe review it when I get home, but I'd say that hoarding is still a relevant concept and that the existence of banks actually helps facilitate it. However, his theory relating to money is obviously a bit outdated because money is no longer legally backed by a commodity.

because i got ADHD and is hard to finish it im doing my best efford to overcome it
surprises me how many anons didn't read it

I have, though. I'm reading Volume II right now.

Nice assumption, faggot.

Money in banks is not hoarding unless a certain percentage is held in reserve.

There are better texts.

Have read both, Conquest Of Bread is great and arguably more useful than what's written of Capital (the whole thing doesn't work without the Vol. 4 which was never written), as it states "well, what can we, within reason, expect to develop spontaneously out of capitalism's fall?" in simple terms. That being said, Capital Vol. 1 (only one which I've read) works great as a complement to the Bread Book if you can view its observations and statements from a purely pragmatic standpoint like Kropotkin.

Proudhon's up there, but yes, overall Marx is the most comprehensive.


I have a physical copy of it but I'm currently reading Mutual Aid. As soon as I'm done with that, I'm reading Capital. But I've read enough Marx to have a grasp on the important concepts.

fucking owned

Because I've only started reading Marx's earlier works and inspirations as a foundation.