Shit going down in venezuela

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expect hardcore bipartisan shilling for a right-wing coup

I mean it's started already


Hello, reddit.

No, Maduro is SocDem (Centrist0.


A retard tankie you had to be. Fuck off back to r/socialism.

Telesur is one of the most unbiased networks out there.

wtf I love Venezuela now

Maduro is like a tankie socdem.

You're fucking retarded, man. TeleSUR was created by the pink tide countries with the Venezuelan government having most of the power on it.

So is the opposition, this is a squabble between the bourgeois and of no concern to communists.

Imagine believing bs like this.

can someone for fuck's sake give me a fucking briefing on what is going on in Venezuelan economy?

about privatization of oil company
about plant seizures
about agricultural reforms
about price controls
about how much state controls shit
because for me it all looks like retards just running around for the sake of it


b-but that was not real communism

A capitalist country with a few companies seized by the state is communism, got it.

All you can find is either US propaganda or Venezuelan propaganda, it's maddening.

b-but that was just crony capitalism

Pretty cool press is talking all day about Venezuela but not a peep about Mexico or Brazil

Nobody (from either side) is serious about anything like that. Just "the opposition bourgies are going to sell our oil!!" and nothing at all about agricultural reforms, just "grow that shit on your window lol".

As of 2016 There were 500 companies seized by the government, most of them went broke after the seizure. Doesn't mean it's comunism though.

Well, as far as I know, there hasn't been any oil companie seized by the government, I emphasize in "As far as I know". The only oil company that is property of the state is PDVSA.

The government has seized a ton of plants, bakery plants, rice plants, coffe plants, Civetchi plants, Polar plants, too much to mention. Sadly, most of these seizures, have gone bankrupt.

There's not such thing, the closest thing to that would be a mission in which the state would give money to some agricultural projects. The problem with this was that the government didn't keep vigilant of these projects, thus, lots of people just came up with projects, got the money, and stayed with the money without doing anything.

The state controls the exchange rate, through a government regulated dollar called SIMADI, this exchange rate is a lot lower than the black market dollar, yet still fairly expensive. 1 SIMADI dollar is 730 Bsf. However, SIMADI functions as an auction, where people offer an amount of BsF for a determined amount of dollars (2500USD), this, generally means that only the wealthiest can buy SIMADI Dollars.

There is another exchange control that goes for health related items, food related items, mission related items, this dollar is named "Protected dollar" which is 10BsF = 1 USD. Since this is a subsidized dollar this means that not every company, or business related to the aforementioned items has access to this exchange rate. Most of it gets lost in missions, and consequently, clinics, bakeries, markets, amongst others, have to resort either to black market dollars or SIMADI dollars.

Other controls, are for gasoline, this include mostly frontier states where gasoline smuggling is a big problem. You have to go to a certain facility, where they install a chip into your car, and this allows you to use a service station, otherwise you won't get attended at the service station. There is, also, a limit of how much gasoline you can put into your car in a week if you exceed this limit you won't be able to fill your tank until the next week. This, generally, only works for people outside of shady business, since, most of the smugglers just bride the pumpers and just fill whatever they want, as much as they want.

When it comes to food, there is regulated food, and "normal food". Normal food is expensive, since it's bought with SIMADI or black market dollars, regulated food is bought with the protected dollar. When regulated food arrives at a supermarket, you have then a limit as to how many of a certain item you can buy, be it: 2 Bags of Powder Milk, 1 Vegetal Oil, and such. This generates gigantic lines of people waiting to buy the regulated food, usually, these is too used by resellers, they hire a bunch of people, each buy let's say 1 Bag of Milk, 2 packets of wheat flour, and then, outside they sell these products at a much higher cost.

Also, sometimes if you want to buy certain regulated item, then, you must buy a certain amount of non regulated items, or acumulate a certain value, say: To get 1 dehodorant you must have in your car about 2000BsF in non regulated items.

Scholarships are subject to some controls too, if you're given a scholarship from the government, you must sign a letter of engagement, in which you must give your personal data, including any social network you use and comply to never say anything bad about the government on the social networks or participate in any event of the opposition.

There are other controls, but, those are the ones that come to mind right now. That's it from my point of view, and of what I know, I'm Venezuelan.

In the first Webm, they are chanting "I'd like to have a knife to behead the fucking protesters". Second one, a statue of Chavez was broken

All the protestors are blinded by the spell of capitalism. The only cure is death.

Actually Maduro is just that shitty

Can you use the tankie flag, at least?


So what are the options for a lefty Venezuelan who doesn't like Maduro?

I know that shit's fucked now, but can you tell what was the situation under Chavez and before him?

forgot about shitposting flag

Fucking capitalize sheep.

Also, I have a feeling this is going to be another episode of 'every side is shit and there is no hope for the left'.

Actually, I can. It was lots better, especially during the oil bonanza, though during this time the government didn't care to invest in the production area, and went full on the missions.

There were still a lot of protestors, towards the end of Chavez his reputation was declining rapidly and it was almost 50/50. Gladly, for him, he died before everything came crashing on him, instead, all the acummulated debt, and misdoing of not inverting in the productive areas of the country came crashing on Maduro's face, that you can add that the guy's fucking stupid and has no charisma. At least, Chavez had charisma and could make people think things were alright.

About the controls of the dollar, there was only one dollar, and that was it. So, it was some control but far less. Insecurity and corruption were already a big deal. It wasn't uncommon to listen to Chavez supporters say "It's not Chavez fault, it's the fault of the people that surround him"

The corrupted people on power today, already had power those days, for example: Delcy Rodriguez, Diosdado Cabello, Elias Jaua, Nicolas Maduro, Tarek El Aissami, and such. The problem with chavismo is that it never truly "fired" anyone, just changed their positions to another role, and well, the incredible greed and inmorality that led to corruption.

He did some good things, the Oil Bonanza, allowed the government to steal money, while at the same time, doing something of worth to the country. However, If Chavez hadn't died of cancer, the situation would be likely the same, maybe some more people keeping hope becase of Chavez's Charisma

There was never any progress. Only mindless populism that led to this situation

Au contraire. Here, every side is left, the opposition is also left. I think that, if Venezuela gets rid of Maduro, it would still take decades to be an stable country because of the lack of productive means this country has.

What does a leftist do in this situation?

Maduro is obviously a power-grabber with no real interest in establishing socialism in Venezuela, but the people spearheading the resistance movement are *also* power-grabbers with no real interest in establishing socialism in Venezuela.

you are the types that would ride Khrushchev's dick while he was assraping Hungary in 56

you don't have any obligation to pick either side, especially since nobody cares about your opinion anyways

Maduro and the PSUV are bad.

The opposition is worse.

Until a genuine socialist resistance forms, I have no problem supporting Maduro over the American puppet "opposition".

The Venezuelan opposition is left-wing. Not this left-wing, social democracy.

I don't know what is seen as "left" in Europe, but that's center-left in the American continent.

Why the fuck are you so hostile?

I'm genuinely interested in which side has the better case to be made, ya prickly fuck.

Watch them turn Venezuela into ancapistan.

Can you give me more info on that?

Venezuelan here. I don't think there is anything to support. When you know that the socialist party is so only in name and only harms reputation through massive corruption, I'd rather have them killed. The opposition will invariably turn this into a US colony, but that is better for the left in the long term.