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adachi is a puffer

A what ?

A faggot, homo, queer. One who smokes on cocks or takes it in the arse.
Are you a puffer(puffa)Harry? (english accent)

You fuckingpuff

I always saw myself more like a Ravenclaw. Fairly smart, but somehow totally irrelevant.

how odd

When you hurt your arm, it can get swollen, or puffed up.
When you play with dicks, they can get swollen or puffed up

My sarcasm detection is off the chart. I'm not sure it's supposed to work like this.

not sure

ITT Adachi forgets me again

can't really blame him


You just got into this thread ! Hom am I supposed to give you attention when you're not even here yet to receive it ?!

lol who even is that? remembering that would be a chore

my stomache is killing me gross

Past present future
You won't remember anyways

bong now go

Sure. I tend to forget annoying things.

bongo bongo welcome to the congo




I wanna feel horny but my dick won't let me

Wow and i thought you were cool


remember when Belgium had a colony and decided to kill 10-20 million Africans and also cut off their hands cause they didn't collect enough rubber

dude got told lol. well played dach

Nice webm

i am i am! just urgh gut ache

remember when britain was great?

yeah i have gross stomach itis too

the weed is making me not think about that

it's still alright i guess

pre-1956 yeah

Who dis

Prostate orgasm time.

dach is a nick i just made up for adachi

it would be pronounced like "dotch"


But nails are long again

Im asking about u not adachi

I usually am, but now you're just rubbing my inability to remember stuff in my face since yesterday, and it kind of got on my nerves.

Nope, wasn't born.

Jesus fuck why ?

I don't approve this nickname.

mm same, got some nice big bud x white widow atm, pretty good.

Use a dildo.


Reasons, I guess.

oh shit lol

already did 6 hours ago

me neither

send webm

i think my dealer rips me off but what are you gonna do ya know?

You're being autistic if you took that as an insult

This is not an insult either. I'm just bringing it to your attention to help you cope with autism. I can recognize these things because I've accepted my autism long before.

Don't go one



Who is this?


Kinda feels good to not be in a generation of mass oppression. Or so we're told.

I'd say what you said was kind of a middle ground. So I answered what I considered to be a witty poke. It was not meant to be harmful, just a sign of annoyance.

Hows you doing


it's my birthday so like doing what i normally do on a saturday

D: that sucks, i know that feel. I gradually found some friends and sources so we're generally getting good prices, and a solid supply, but it can be quite expensive. I like growing, it's risky but satisfying/10

How dare you tease my virginity like that

How was exams?


uh no it was great if we were there.
feeling good getting rich of poor people.
like now we have to deal with the consequences.

but tokai prostate orgasm

yeah like i quit for several years and lost all my connects

my brother knows this dude in michigan who gives it to him at cost but like it's a drive

Sorry for not being a professional sex overlord like you are in your videogames

I also spend my birthdays like my Saturdays
And every otherday

Tanjobi omedeto

Tanjobi omedeto to you as well

Exams were successful. Lowest grade was a 13 out of 20. I did not expect that honestly.
And, virginity ?

What consequences ?

Switch back to original white DOUBLE-SHOT INJECTION MOLD PBT TRANSLUCENT BACKLIT keycaps or keep using the black abs plastic ones

Hey I don't play lewd VNs.

buy a model m


Its not really my birthday but i catch your drift

Is 65% considered passing

Yah but how many bitches has your white facial hair fetched

Then what's the point.

what of it

being guilty and having to sent money.
also having them over here.

reported for spam

but no nkro or bluetooth or back light not even rgb and not 60%! ;;

like, 2

but i heard it gets bad when you also try to get into yen's pantsu after triss so i'll just go 4 triss

;_; alice ban

i just copied your phrase i have no idea what it means nor desire to learn what it means

im rather fond of cum
and also toki a cute

oh shit you will probably get off on that, huh?

What if we just report every post for spam, and report all of Alice's for CP?


i'll probably just leave for as long as the ban lasts :)

God I just want to FC this

just click on the circles you silly

Idk what this means
Play vns. i understand those

I was wishing you a happy birthday

how civil ^^

tokai is also very much taken

that was very kind of you

buy a SSK

send cute couple prostate massage webms

I like to put effort into being kind to people so they don't hate me

Yeah, as long as we don't get lower than 50% the exam is considered as successful. And we can have one or two exams a bit lower than 50%, like 45%, and still pass.

Guilty of what ? That's not our generation's fault. And the money sent could be way higher.

If only our motivation could go to more productive things.

Will I become a sex master if I learn those moves ?



68 bucks

maybe subtle

250 GBP

if i could give you a protip, from like someone probably a lot older than you

like don't give a shit about what people think about you

people are fucking awful

What moves do I have to learn to become a sex God ? Wait, no, I'm okay at sex. It's just that I don't know how to build a relationship and my sex skills are therefore useless. Curse this world.

those things are private

if only everyone thought that

That's more than this one which can do more!

Become a 2d anime girl.

Can you speak moon with certifications now?

Give good vn recommends

Ill just take the Luka approach and ignore everything that's good for me while i try to build on what i got

do i want this

i want this

but should i get it

i dont know

yeah can't go wrong with the luka approach. free soup is best soup

I don't do VNs!

so are mine and swords, but they may have been shared on occasion

its not buckling spring tho

looks nice at least

idk maybe get a job first? just a thought

It looks like common sense to me.

But I like my penis and my muscular body. And my beard.

I'm far from being able to speak it yet, so I'll probably have to find ways to learn it effectively once this year will be over.
Also, Monmosu Quest as a good VN.
That's all you need

I dont like begging people for things tho
I have some pride

yeah i love its looks, but it's not backlit, though the underglow from the backplate should be fine too.

30-ish dollars is also a good price, but not sure if this is a smaht thing to get when I'm about to plunge into getting a denbt

lmao school

ew gay

save your cash, it wont disappear over night

I like those things because I can't fuck pretty girls without them.

*pat* maybe you get one


no :3

Learn it through VNs

fam, i dumped Β£500 on mechs and now i regret it, if you dont need it and youre tight money wise then dont buy it

Just become a girl.

You need a grammar basis to understand full texts, otherwise you just get discouraged. I don't have it yet, and I don't want to get my motivation destroyed.


yet we Europeans keep fighting

I dont need one
My dick is horny again through the rejuvenating powers of mai goddess

Use anime pussy as motivation

slut implies money traded hands

I don't "need need" it but I do "need" it!

Eh I guess I'll get it, need keycaps for my 20 gateron clear keys thing anyway.

I'll just hold Emma responsible for all this.

Who's your waifu

no that's whore dumbo.
a slut can fuck the entire school but not get payed.

Now for a PCB or at least a backplate @[email protected]

Hand-wire + teensy time.

Well, at least we haven't elected a right extremist with no coherent politic program and the mental capacity of a two-years-old. Yet.

That's how I learned English. But it's going to take me some time before I can understand basic japanese.


fug, youre right
i should stop trying to follow several streams of discussion at once

being a slut isnt all that bad tbh as long as you do slut things as a couple

Snek goddess

You watched loads of porn?

Eh time for some more witchering.

10/10 taste desu

I read a lot of hentai actually. Hentai manga is rarely translated into French. And now, here I am, with an incredibly fluent English for a non-native speaker, all thanks to 2D porn.

change is about to come though

its reversed for me

send webms from when you were single then


that's not how it works

That's why I said "yet". We live in worrying times.

send webms from when you were single at a point in time where you were single

it helps to accept the worst case scenario and then just moving on with your life.
We might have to die somewhere in poland as conscripts. but we can also just live nicely and enjoy anime.

it's n o t h o w i t w o r k s


Yup im no longer horny again

A noble cause
Now learn moon to consume raw hentai

Rip bebop

Anime sounds hella nice. The world would be a better place if everyone could peacefully enjoy anime, and watch japanese teenagers getting slaughtered instead of doing the slaughtering themselves.

I will try sensei.


im not a time traveler


but all gays are time travellers




well I'm bisexual so whatever

milk is racist

I feel likebed

no wait

yes I have to toothbrush myself first

Will it be like the Third Reich taking the swastika ?

Source please.

having a prostate orgasm makes you gay tho

what is your favourite gelato flavour?

idkkk 🐍


You have failed me four-interrogation-points-in-a-row. You truly are disappointing.

what is a geltaot🐍

am sorry


You can redeem yourself with Lulu porn. Do it.

sci wai u no post grill 5 anymore

I hope not.
they'll kill me


idk 🐍

moved on to fresher waifus!

im not a good sensei
i learned all my moonspeak from anime and porn and a little research

are you saying she aint fresh

Why that ? Just. Wow.

That still sounds pretty impressive.

let's face it
nobody here would get a pass from the nazis

dgmw shes still a great girl but only the undeniable classics like my kaz and usagi can last more than two weeks usually. i will still bring her out from time to time.

D-don't worry, I dismissed it

I think I'm lost.

That sounds like a healthy relationship.

lol nice!

T-then I'll probably ban you for abusing the reporting system

Alice needs to fuck off.


they are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!! i dont have relationships w them u goof



who is this?

Alice has made a fool of bebobp and their willingness to do anything for a "girl"

this is real?

Alice at y-your service!

I l-like how you put it in quotes

Alice flashed some boypuss now they are admin

Y-yeah, that isn't what happened, b-but keep imagining things dear

That's- no. Just. No.

But you WISH you had relationships with them.

That doesn't sound out of ordinary.

Oh great board overlord that I barely know, why the hate ?

Wuuut ?

this is worse than the phantom menace

W-who knows? Who cares?
I've b-been Alice for six damn years, and n-never had it adequately explained to me.

I sortof like the artstyle in it tbhh 🐍
but it is pretty weird

Alice is trying to, and will, take control.
Ive a plan though adachi

alice pls e date me i will be a good boy also sorry i said you were like a robot that one time hehe

this development makes me smile

alice bring ur friends

sure if they were real why wouldnt i? u think im sick in the head homosexual??? or something? haha

Y-yes, that's exactly w-what I need in my life.
Control over a bunch of people who hate me.

sci is a waifu hopping slut

I wish you'd die. Shame the car fire didn't kill you. I suppose i can live with knowing your PTSD at a burgerking whopper advert you fucking fishmong

uhhhhh the term is "player" ty

...d-do you mean apartment fire?

Also, I w-work at a large s-scale financial firm, n-not the B.K. Lounge dear

Nobody explains anything to me either ! Let's be friends !

Stop cutting the pic on purpose !

No, I think you're just sick in the head.

Tell me Scoot, tell me !

Isn't it like the ultimate fantasy of a majority of the population ?

Oh gsh, you're sci ?! How should I know with those stupid ID names !?

the snek looks better in the commentfield than the 🐍 does in posts that appear in thrad

It doesn't surprise me that the reference flew over your empty head, dear.
Poor babby.

i should have hidden my le power level now dear sweet alice will never talk to me ;_ ;

Good things to those who wait.

the ids only carry through single thread not across them but yes it is i. i assure you i am very mentputtogetherally


jeeze ifyou want it

yesok toothbrush finished

It sucks to see the carbon monoxide damage first hand. Your poor damaged brain.


Not too long I hope.

Very what ?

I have befriended the evil overlord The world is finally at peace ! Praise me !

That's better.

Oh d-don't worry

Well it must hurt your neck, looking so far above you. Bless.

Oh d-don't worry dear. This p-place is small fries f-for me

But it's still so early :c

not insane

love me platonically please





yo alice when is next stream i need to fap to leggs

you cant play 2d grills. they play you

animus gate

Oh p-please, that's only for Bebop r-remember?


5PM EST, I w-will be streaming Fallout 3

Disgusting right?

When you succ the cucked cock

I mean its easy to get volunteer status when you flash your tits to a lonely male

Who the fuck gave Alice board ownership.

And now you're just creepy. Goodbye new old friend.

So if you're not insane, what are you doing in this place ?

I thought this was a meme. A MEME.

BUT I woke up earlier today and feel sleepy now like early enough to have to wait for store to open so at least 10 hours maybe 20

nana bed

Y-yeah, I haven't done that. Bebop offered m-me the position dear.


W-was just a joke dear.



It's only volunteer aka mod, baka

Sleep well :3

I know
Sad man

You slut cunt

I didn't mention you though :3

Didn't even know you were a mod.


I know. That was a counter-joke.

Why so mad ?


dont ruin the delusion for me pls

; w; i feel so much better

trolling a bunch of losers ghegheghe im so much better than others!

the greatest admin of all time

C-can never be too sure here...

Best part is when bebop gets tossed to the side after his usefulness has vanished

I'm not

Might as fucking well give you mod.

its okay
just let them play you while you play your dick to that thought

Wait what

Stop confus.

Im doing this for you, the people.
Freedom is a blessed thing

I d-don't even know what you are t-talking about, I'm in n-no relationship with Bebop.

[it was super effective]

bebop give me mod
more than half the board hates me

Cold bitch
Dumped him already


lol are you actually upset about this? hahawow x)

i dont masturbate it's gross

Y-you have very strange thought processes. I w-wonder if I could make a random number generator t-that utilizes you.

Are you the one with the exaggerated stories and the banning people from the aneki chat thing when they happened to know people who did not bend to your every word?


Murder, so has Ikaros contacted you?



She is

I know your game.
And this is war.

Nah, t-that ain't me

scoots is my hero is alien to you?

If t-this is war, it s-seems I have the high ground

Jesus. The retard fail tranny is still here?

Bebop what the fuck

you keep telling yourself that as you get played by anime waifus

but confusion is a damaging move so its possible to be super effective. you were right nerd

me not murder
I saw BC last on a waifu claiming board on 4ch

Rally to me!

People are still giving it attention, so..

holy shit alice is going to save animus...

lebest timeline ; w;

N-nah, I'm n-not a tranny dear

That sounds like my cousin who critics fucktards while being a fucktard.

I agree, better to ask just in case.

Except when cp is posted and there is no one to remove it.

Wouh, I need info on that.

Do ho ho ho
You think the memes are your ally
You merely adopted the memes.
I was born in them.
You disgusting tranny bbq porky

Board move when?

Y-your name and post really match, I l-like it

Kill yourself.

Jeez, I know enough.

Time to pester Haikus back to this bunch.



Sic semper tyrannis

I nevada-tan, will start a new board

I l-like you

/pomf/ is vacant

i have nowhere elsento go w this

but he does it unironically? ouch!

S-sorry, not yet

We need a haven from alice shittery

Been a while

yessss yesssssssss

I still have a board up.
I would just have George and Test run it and hold admin just in name.

I feel those two could do a good job.

Don't talk to me.

Scoots, post the dog fucker thing so I can avatar as it.

No, I'm g-good

lowest tier poster exodus
am i dreaming??

Quite, I couldn't help it when I found out that Alice was a mod here.

She is a legit Zoophilliac

That's also good.

Im at work ive not got it to hand.
Is it time?

I'm not fighting someone for that position in thread.
Dogs are my thing.

A noose should be his.

The again, I tend to get manipulated easily, so in all honesty when I see the others' reactions I don't know the amount of trust I should put into you.

Exactly. That's why it's so painful to have him as my only consequential social link. Kill me.

Who ?

And y-you dear, are an Alicephilliac

If people are willing then sure.

Adachi, don't trust Alice. They have more than like 8 years of lying and bullshit behind them.

S-sorry, I'm a girl. See:

W-whatever you feel comfortable with, dear.

Im going to make alice wish they were never born

can you not chill him out when he flares up?


Good. Time to kill this cancer stricken patient.

Your g-grammar already does

Y-you ever wonder if m-maybe the cancer w-was inside you the whole time?

I guess start passing out the link to people when you can over steam.

alice i think i started having acid reflux recently what should i do

This is an impressive amount of autism.

Antacid f-for a temporary fix, b-but if it happens a lot, s-see a doctor. There are medications y-you can take daily that fix that r-right up.

Good. Eat my ass, you scumbag.


it's everything i had hoped for!

Roger roger

If only the "burns" killed Alice.


S-sadly not

i will seek out an antacid thank you dear one!

The fact that you use an asexual pronoun for a person you've seen for 8 years is pretty revealing I must say.

Until now I've avoided his rage by just not getting involved, bu who knows how long it will last.


it wouldn't have had to come to this bepop

M-my pleasure


They is just colloquial for referring to an individual in general.

I l-like it. I'm calling h-him that


Just woke up.
Considering calling in.

You don't looked burned, I see no scar tissue

has sci found a new muse

All you has to do was get over Alexis.
But no
You could not do that
You coward

True, but rarely used compared to "he" and "she", which seemed to imply that you didn't even know Alice's gender.


when things get crazy around the eye of the storm! that is the way

Oh, I've g-got one for you too

And yet im permabanned

It's not implied.
You simply inferred it. So it's on you. Not me.

And Bard.

Where're the stutters

W-who is Alexis b-by the way?

laughable! bc is my true one and only

Bard earned it

N-nah, commented out

Shut the fuck up, jerky face


You're not exempt from that comment.
I'd really rather you didn't rile people up until they moved to a board with fucking squash holding admin.

I never thought people could be this triggered by the mere existence of another.

N-no thanks

traitors of the people need to be deposed

Absent. 'tis only for image boards, apparently.

Interesting. I'll remember that.

Maybe. But still, that's an odd choice of words.

Then you'd ban me. A rose by any other name dear

I wouldn't even do shit as admin.
Probably would just pass it off to George or Test anyhow.


P-please tell me what I'm d-doing wrong here?
I'm h-happy to change

Get rekt kebabmush

Stop lurking, Kermit.


I w-wouldn't

Kermitis off getting drunk off his ass

*deadpan* Y-you got me. My only w-weakness.

If we aren't moving can we at least remove our current retard of an admin?

He is the only person more desperate than bebop for epuss

You're free to badmouth this board on this board.


Tiny asian hands

Is it even possible ?

Not sure. I feel like I might be a worthy opponent.

I like my Anne Pro thank you

T-that is where all the power is

Not anymore.

I have no problem if I'm proven wrong.

adorable! clever girl!

yes see alice and i only love each other platoniically

I doubt he's going to give up his only relevancy.

Alice should hang

Good, because they're the only people who seem even close to stable enough to hold adminship.

Even if test just doesn't seem the type to be run stuff like that and moogs would probably enforce a tyranny against all who don't go complimenting his asshole.

Don't play dumb. I'd have no reason to hold you against just showing up, but you're deliberately trying to lead them on.

behead those who insult my asshole

It's very loose. w-what way? I was given mod, and asked t-to do moderator things. S-so I am.

What part of that is "leading on"?

Stinky ass betrayal


I'm just filtering the bitch for now.

Like, I get the stigma against me holding power and I honestly agree that it's not smart. But I'm not deluded enough to not understand that it's better to let people who are able to hold it do it. Like I said above I would just be admin to hold it until we decide on a better one. I relinquished the spot once willingly. I would do it again no problem.


Okay, gotta go, I'm going to work for a while, or at least try.

See you all !

IKT, say I have a cute booty.

S-see you later!

ikt has cute smol hands

I was going to go link some examples but then I realized I was basically just going to be linking any of your posts that reply to scoots or squash.

Fair enough

I haven't even seen it.

I am no friend of squash but he would make for a good transition ruler.

it's at least worth a try


Squash is a good boy.

S-so you are blaming m-me for....replying...t-to people insulting me?

Squash would be okay board owner probably.

This is my fetish.

anyway im playin a videogame bye

We shall make bebop rue this day


Y-you want to?

I could post the link if people are willing to go there.

rate pls

I'm not entirely blaming you, but you're definitely not without fault here.

Feku also has a massive cock and is tall and handsome.

Be getting all the azn pucci.

Post it, can't be deader than >>>/pomf/ anyway.

all living together me content as third wheel to she and b!

but you have seen me


N-not sure you understand why he m-made me mod, frankly.


cut your fucking nails/10

It's just a dead board, but it's ready to use.

whats with the nails dawg

Because you flashed your flat manchest at him

Seriously, guys.
Pass the board link around.

next alice cooking thing will be ft. sci

he has to lose

do that.
though people will keep coming to it needs to be multiple.


"it is natural, it is a privilege, I will go farther, it is a right, which all free men claim, that they are entitled to complain when they are hurt."

Y-you may want to look at this webm

B-before calling me a trap


I plan to put it in all the posts I can.
You want to help me? I would appreciate it because with the stigma of me having the board might be hard to get people there. People like you well enough so it would help to have many people behind me on this.

Just what are you IMPLYING here ikt?

They're triggered at the things you do, not your existence.

but i never did anything!

i did cut them

I don't disagree.

You weren't complaining.

I already shared with my discords.
will also poke people on steam.

me: kicks you out of the house............

S-sure I was

Graci. Hopefully this goes well.


youre not my son.........

soft on crime!

youre not my dad.........

I'm n-not sure if I should. L-let me check the rules.

not anymore im not

i've been banned for it several times


You were doing it in a way which could only possibly have incited more.

Which isn't really complaining.

Make him a martyr

C-can do

alice: best mod ever?

i think yes

kimochi warui dont be my dad

i prefer waiting two months between the cuts


This is wrong

no but actually dont ban anyone thats kindaaaaaa liiiiiiiiiike screw ed up???

im not your dad now and i never will be



H-he violated the rules. Also, y-you told me to do it Scootaloo.

May his 1 day ban rest on your head.

cease nail cutting? deal!

you implanted the idea into my head
now compensate me for my troubles


cease waiting

b-but my le freedom of speech

ur posts they like... rmyt

You are literally hitler

but I thought hitler did nothing wrong

I g-guess that explains why I l-look so good in leather huh...

brb gonna scavenge for drinks instead of cutting nails

human scum like you shouldnt have rights

I meant in that they are dog fuckers

conspiracy to spam... maybe i should be modded to help stop these criminals!

im sorry i still love you son... you can stay

you're like 6 years old you can't drink

Hitler didn't fuck dogs he just fucked germans

Oh wait...

dont talk to me

i meant green tea but okay

Christ on wheels...


green tea is shit though

T-the tyranny of r-rules against advertising?

But it's good for your stomach...

kys aussiecunt shitlord kangaroo fucker Hi Squid

So's regular tea

What the FUCK, feku

fek u

dont talk back mister or you will get a spanking! ***not lewd))))

And what's regular tea?

apologize to my tea

dont talk to me not dad

Black tea.

who is sp00ky

i know youre mad at me but im on your side! my pride and joy!

I will never.
Only hot, black, milkless, sugarless tea is allowed to exist.

Anything else is literally heresy.

this thread is more amusing than the other thread

what if all the teas were like, just a different part of the plant

De-facto oldfag

Yes but you see

One of them I like
The rest of them I don't

Ergo, there is only one correct way and my opinion is law.

At l-least you are having fun, Anonymous


kill yourself

wb! we probably spoke lke once a year ago or something im sci

B-but then who w-will run my D&D game?!

ignore that one

i like my tea sugarless and milkless
also what kinda monster adds hershey's to their tea

I only know a sci in aurora

I'm glad you understand.

Why the fuck would anybody do that

u sed it first aussie weirdo
probably from experimenting with dem timtams huh

this new(old) crop is going to be 10x better i can feel it!

now you know two

I said milk and sugar not cocao and bile

alice r u still here

u sed heresy

Y-yep. Just k-keeping an eye out for spam and adverts.

That's dumb
Your're dumb

is spam to shitpost?

does australia even have hershey's?

What's this?


An imageboard.

T-that's the whole board dear.
I'm n-not going to ban you for it, I'll j-just delete it if it is egregious.

I'm t-trying to have a light touch

but didnt you ban like half the board already


It's not sold anywhere outside the US because nobody likes their chocolate tasting like literal vomit.



real chocolate should be sugarless and bitter!

I w-was going to just delete the posts but t-the rules clearly state "Advertising which may be harmful to animus as a community will result in a ban"

eh, nah, milk chocolate 4 lyfe

but board=/community

what an idiotic line!

idiots dont have the right to say that!

So *deleted* is the new animus now?

I'm p-pretty sure board splitting is disruptive to a community.

Regardless, it's t-the lowest ban I c-could make; Bebop c-can settle it when he wakes up.

T-that's not quite advertising, s-so here is a warning.

uh sorry i have lost track of exactly whom u are defending

but im a smarty pants boy!

yes goodbye :)

Show me that meat.

beepboop wont have much to settle at this rate!??

quit talking to me already retard

The first offense 24 hour ban without a warning or anything?


but youre talking to me

...y-your community is, what, 4 people?

I'm q-quite sure Bebop w-will reverse it, but n-no one else was on so...

It's as if control was transferred to someone who's too liberal with their power.


P-please. If you h-have a problem with how I h-handled the situation, f-feel free to tell me; I'm n-new here, but given half of t-them then ban evaded r-rather than appeal the ban, I'm fairly certain I m-made the correct call.

what community? 4 people?

you cant appeal that short a ban time

Posting links to other boards in moderation is advertising? I wouldn't have banned for that. Only did when it became spam.

Also if I don't remember wrong I gave green light for that list, though Erin probably remembers better. It's free for intepretation as I see it, and as I see it, unless it devolves into spam, a ban is not warranted.

I've b-banned a total of 4 people.
I was f-fairly certain the community w-was larger than that?

you did the right thing darling dont listen to that silly boy

Are you the real alice?!
Is this the end of days?!

alice, invite me to alicechat.

P-posting them while calling f-for them to split to a n-new board s-seems like advertising to me.

I checked the bans list, and people had been banned for it before, and I was asked to ban by two people. So I made a judgement call.

Oh s-shoot. L-let me see if another moderator is on t-to give me guidance then.

S-surprise, I'm m-moderator.

so ur saying the bans should be longer..?

You can't appeal a short ban.
Roleplaying should be contained to private communications.
Warnings are more apropos if someone is doing something wrong.
A five minute ban after said warnings are more apropos.
It's a community of like 40-60 people, you're going to offend someone no matter what you do
Your job is essentially deleting and banning spam and child porn off the front page

He literally said "I'm going to spam it"

I see it as new malicious management causing people from Holla Forums to move over to >>>/haven/, just like when /aneki/ went to Holla Forums.

people will go CcCcRazzy tho?

Hm. I t-think the clear intentions of t-the people advertising would b-be more than sufficient to provoke a ban, especially g-given they then evaded.

But okay. I will reduce their ban to an hour.

...p-please inform me of what malice I h-had in "not doing anything until people advertised".

But y-you f-feel free to see it any way y-you like.

*sslurps lifeblood*

Did I mostly post inane gibberish whilst drunk at you?

Unban them and make me some tea while you are at it.

That didn't warrant a 24 ban for sure

I h-honestly can't recall dear.

T-the button doesn't go down to "1 hour". I didn't r-realize it was standard practice to unban p-people to trigger a shorter ban.

I t-think an hours fair.


We'll see how it goes then.

10 lines or so in 3 posts or so to >>>/haven/ is not what I considered spam when I modded here.

Then again I gave TP a ban for pissing me off Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

fixed it

Hey again Alice.

I know you though.
I'm sorta newish/oldish in shitposting.
I knew Gypsy.

Chai tea means tea tea in china


Guess it will just stay in the subject field.

B-been looking for you on steam!

*waves* h-how are you

There is a /haven/ from this corruption

Scoots were you a fucking chink all along?

S-seems fair

feku quiet insurgent... wow

Don't speak to me.




Forgot your >> for >>/haven/

I am alright, gonna get my drink on again. How about you?

This is the death knell

That doesn't hold context here.

bebop is my frendo and i wanna see wut alice is like

it's islamic gun god

when i dealt with this last year i got called a tyrant, etc for banning for this. overall it's more than likely not going to succeed so whether or not you want to ban for it is up to you really. i personally dont intend to stop them

Alice, lethally spicy pulled pork sandwiches or fish and egg burgers for lunch? I've an hour until launch

God damn this non persistent subject field.

so you just brought in ur e-bf to see all this or what?

G-going to stream soon

I fucking knew it no wonder you're such a shitposter.

Still waiting on that tea.

huh? reword that

So put it in your namefield and leave your trip after to identify you.

Maybe it works in text?

>:3 government shitposting agent

ur e =- bf is here????

Oops my error, >>>/haven/. 3 meme arrows.

Oh? What are you planning on playing this time?

you people are so fucking shit lmao

Its where freedom calls home

Might work.

You goof.

i dont have one?

le what



the only one for me is mai waifu

New thread.

she is indisputably murder's

Da viscous bicycle