Socdem vs distributists

you have to choose one

I choose uncle Joe.

i choose nazbols.

They get shit done, the women fuckable and they have guns.

I choose Marx

Wasn't Huey a hack?

No Sanders is the hack. Long was anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist (though he was not a revolutionary in the Leninist sense.)



Bernie is a "distributist" now? What's a distributist?

All I know is Huey Long should be the most iconic, genuine progressive in US history, but he was assassinated before he could challenge FDR.

Don't slander Huey by painting him as a distributist. Distributism is shit.

It's fucking embarrassing that leftists think Huey Long was some hero. He was obviously corrupt and had fascist sympathies. Every socialist at the time was aware he was nothing more than a Demagogue.

Source? He sure got a lot of shit done at the rich's expense.

t. Wall Street

FTFY. Also being anti-war doesn't make you a fascist sympathizer.

Is a demagogue that does the shit he says he's gonna do actually a demagogue?

Yeah they guy who allied himself with Father Coughlin and Gerald L. K. Smith had absolutely no fascist sympathies.

"We hate capitalism and socialism but HOLY SHIT do we love Jesus!"

uey was like the only politician from the deep south at that time that didn't racebait, the KKK hated him

It wasn't really meant as slander tbh

This. He believed in left wing solidarity politics and was insanely good at it, which is why liberals like Sinclair Lewis and FDR were absolutely terrified of him. He was considered a race traitor and a crazed left winger and yet still won election after election. He was basically Bernie if Bernie weren't a careerist shithead who sucks up to the democratic party when he should be building his own movement.

Distrubutism any day of the week.

My nigga

We've converted more Holla Forumsacks to class consciousness than a lot of basic bitch marxists have because we're in a unique position between fascism and communism. We know how to argue against capitalism from an anti-materialist (and sometimes Evolian) standpoint. Holla Forums doesn't give a shit about materialism. Package it in spiritual idealism and they'll eat it up. Here's an example of an argument I use for Holla Forumsacks.

Like it or not, you need us around.

Goddamn it that's annoying

Keep larping, you get laughed off of Holla Forums constantly. Most of the "reformed Holla Forumsack" posting I see comes from former libertarian leaning Holla Forumsacks who go straight into anarchism and want nothing to do with you.

Kek. No, at least Nazis have an anti-capitalist base to start with, even if it's just rhetoric. Libertarians' God is the free market. You clearly don't go to Holla Forums much. Nazis bitch about capitalism all the time, they just don't understand how it's actually defined.