I don't get it

i don't get it.

why would she try to be president again

i feel like i'm in hell

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Liberals have become addicted to failure and they want to take us all down with them.

This is a vehicle for Chelsea. You need to decapitate the Clinton family and fill their mouths with garlic to prevent them from coming back.

They're committing suicide after they've committed suicide. It's Groundhog Day.

Won't Chelsea run for Senator first or some bullshit? Her fucking disgusting spinach pancakes.

why would he ever try to get that ring again?

Yeah, the PAC could contribute to her political career. I don't know if the Clintons would be that transparent, but they are for sure paying for her to be on the cover of very magazine and are paying writers on Twitter to gush about her.

What is there to know about Chelsea? I mean..besides having lived all of her life in a bubble of course.

The Clintons paid Jay Penske to give Chelsea an award and cover story in Variety, a celebrity studded ceremony. Duckduckgo that rich fuck. NASCAR scion who got arrested for pissing on a woman in a parking lot. He bought every entertainment trade and now publishes right wing propaganda.

Paid 600,000 a year by NBC to do nothing.

Poster child for nepotism and neoliberalism. Is somehow even more disingenuous and devoid of personality than her mother.

I could totally see Hillary stroking a picture of the White House and mumbling "My own… my love… my preciousssss… the republicanses… they takes it from usssss… the preciousssss…"

This isn't surprising. In fact, a 2020 Hillary presidency isn't unlikely if there is sufficient backlash against Trump's term.



She counterprotested an antiwar demonstration when she was at Oxford.

people like that exist?

they're called neoliberals


Honestly I'm finding it somewhat insane at how anti-capitalist I'm becoming the more economics classes I attend. Did you know that potential rent prices of houses and how they inflate is part of GDP? lol that's insane


==Flying the American flag and heckling, Chelsea Clinton, the former US president's daughter, has been waging her own campaign against peace protesters at Oxford University.

Ms Clinton, who last month started a two-year course in International Relations at University College, Oxford, wrote in an article for a US magazine that she had been offended by anti-American sentiments from other students and "peace" demonstrators. She claims she now prefers to stay with "Americans - people who I know are thinking about our country as much as I am."

But students at Oxford said today that far from people approaching her, Ms Clinton has been looking for an argument. Eight days ago she attended an anti-war rally at Oxford town hall with a group of friends. Not only did they hang an American flag across the wall, the group heckled from the floor, calling out: "How do you catch Osama, then?"

The student organiser for the Stop the War coalition, Helen Salmon, said the whole incident at Oxford was "hilarious".

The student convenor of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Liz Hutchins, said Ms Clinton was mistaking concern about the American government's policy for dislike of Americans. Every student protest group has expressed its sympathy for the events of September 11.

"But, there is quite a strong feeling that the systems the US uses to rule the world are very unfair to most people. It's a completely normal tactic to throw allegations around, rather than addressing the real issues of American foreign policy," she said.

Anti-war protests and teach-ins have been taking place on dozens of UK campuses since the air strikes on Afghanistan began. Although they have been attracting no more than a few hundred protesters, organisers claim a large number of UK students are increasingly dubious about American war aims.

A spokesman for the British Council said he hoped Ms Clinton did not get the wrong idea about England from how a few students behave. "It could be the student syndrome. You do get more extreme views on campuses. Every opinion poll seems to show the British public is firmly in favour of the USA."

Ms Clinton was not available for comment.

Universities around the country have been increasing their counselling services and have been working hard to avoid anti-Islamic and anti-American sentiments, according to the Council for International Education.==

A big thing to watch for in the UK right now.

Go anti-capitalist, friend!

Fuck, Jeremy Corbyn was there too:


I'm an econ grad and although this seems obvious now that you've said it I've never thought of that. The fact that porky has gas lit so many people into thinking the economy is doing well is one of the greatest propaganda achievements of all time.

Don't worry everyone speculation, finance, and frivolous apps are increasing this arbitrary GDP value. Ignore the fact that infrastructure is crumbling, our country is de-industralizing and no one can find good jobs.

The fact that their are retards saying shit like
makes me sick. If you want evidence based policy go look around our fucking country, wait until these smug brats finish undergrad and try to get a job. They uncritically listen to fucking out of touch academics who regurgitate ideological nonsense and have not changed any of their positions in response to 2008.

She is literally everything that a lot of Brits hate about America incarnate.

She's everything everyone hates about everything.

Fair enough. I can't see how anyone can back that.

Breaking the glass ceiling, of course.
And giving women a fair chance at stealing your surplus value, you woman hater fuck!


These fucking snakes just keep coming back. Why does is it feel like my entire life is just going to be praising the heightening contradictions​.

For the owners rent is a kind of return on investment, so a growth in GDP represents a growth in yields for capitalists even if it includes rent. The problem is that we've internalized GDP as a measure of production, which it isn't anymore because of rent-seeking.

She's literally the only center left politician in America that currently has a national profile. Why shouldn't she run again?

when will these dumb bitches take a hint

I don't why you're all so butthurt. Clintons are a pretty central character in the American TV reality. My first thought was "oh, those Clintons, what are they gonna do next?!" Can't wait for the next season tbh.