Take a look at these images and give me your honest, unaltered, spontaneous thoughts on them...

Take a look at these images and give me your honest, unaltered, spontaneous thoughts on them. Don't say anything anything ideological and complicated, I want spontaneous thoughts

People in class hopefully having a good time learning.
Pic very related though.

Looks like people reading books, unlike you.

1) Those desks look awfully short for kids that age, and the Simpsons don't belong in the classroom
2) I thought it was two people, then I realized it was five. Also, the guy in the middle looks like he's masturbating under the table.

My honest, spontaneous thought was "what a bunch of ugly people".

Why are there only like two white dudes there?

a bunch of white ass bitches trying to do something with black people, probably to virtue signal something


1. looks like a classroom in a wealthy area, extremely normal scene

2. my immediete thought was that this was framed for the contrast between how black those guys are and how white those girls are, and wanting a (if we hold off on recognizing everything as ideological) nonideological response for a picture with racial contrast as the defining feature is p ridiculous and seeing it i immedietely start trying to figure out whether this picture supports shallow, counterintuitive liberal multiculturalism or if its from a fascists BBC folder

Are these your actual spontaneous thoughts? Stop lying. Is that really the first thing that pops into your head?

Well if that's true, consider me impressed. Wish I had the luxury of being as insanely bluepilled as you guys

change your diaper you scared little bitch

I literally barfed what was in my head at the time at 1 in the morning


rrrreeeeeeeeee darkies

Hey Holla Forums not everyone who sees a black man and doesn't immediately imagine him fucking white women is "bluepilled."

go jerk off to cuck porn already

anime Rojava qt? :3


Holy shit OP, do these pictures honestly trigger you? They're so fucking innocuous, it's just kids in a class room, how fucking delusional do you have to be to see pictures as completely innocent as this and to flip out, you need to go back to your containment board >>>Holla Forums

Good god just get that shooting spree over with.

"How to trigger Holla Forums with one image."

Maybe work on your eros a little bit there my man. Still odd that Holla Forumstards freak out about this when there is so much else going on in the world.


Fascism: the ethereal cockblock of the jewish degenerate.

My firsts thoughts were "a Holla Forumsyp is trying to trigger me with a shitpost but these photo don't trigger me in the first place"

Nah, communism is. Turning a profit off somebody else's labour is a cardinal sin in Marxism.


I'm not trying to be rude, but I honestly couldn't even imagine being as pathological as the typical Holla Forumsyp, the idea that anyone could look at these pictures and the first thing they think about is how much they hate Black people is so weird to me, and it's moments like these that I actually almost worry for Holla Forumss mental health, it's just a bunch of delusional nihilist betas who spend all of their time online around other psychotics and do nothing but endlessly reinforce eachother's psychosis, like an endless cycle. I mean look at these pictures, imagine how insanely far gone an individual would have to be to look at them and feel any kind of negative emotions, or emotions at all tbh. Then I remember that these people are scum and that they actively choose this lifestyle, then my worry is completely gone, but replaced by many hardy keks.

wew lad

God I want to fuck that dudes ass

I got triggered by the USA map in one photo. I fuckin hate americans, so all those people on the pictures must be cultureless american scum.

Seems like students in a relatively well off school district, mostly northern euro white with a few black here and there, they all look content.

Hitler please come back
I need you so badly

No, I actually think it might be a good thing that when I see a Black guy standing next to a White lady I don't immediately think of rape or imagine how big his ==BLACK COCK== is. But you do you fam.

jew is the false evil diaspora. embrace roma, the true syncretic peoples

Communism is personal wish-fulfillment, Reich had his wishes.

The man's career consisted of creating a theory on how him being cockblocked is the cause of fascism.

This. American imperialism and the attitude of American exceptionalism is the greatest threat facing the world today.


Buncha' Elliot Rogers on that board. He hated black men with a passion too, especially if they were anywhere near white women. Ironically he wasn't even white himself.

the formation, the eruption within the ego, of conflictual clusters
arising in part out of the environment and in part out of the purely
personal way in which that individual reacts to these influences.

extremely painful and obsessive feeling of exclusion, of having no place
anywhere, of being superfluous everywhere in an affective sense. … "I
am The Other" is an expression that I have heard time and again in the
language of the abandonment-neurotic. To be "The Other" is to feel that
one is always in a shaky position, to be always on guard, ready to be rejected
and . . . unconsciously doing everything needed to bring about exactly this

who hurt u Holla Forums?

I'd take that autistic little queer's lunch money and shove him into lockers everyday if I went to his school. I fucking hate kids like that.

I mean it really hammers in just how insular Holla Forums is, only in an echo chamber as airtight as Holla Forums could getting triggered by these pictures make any sense, anywhere else this is just obvious delusion, bordering on insanity.

Read this board. Under communism (it's always under, never in, never on) I won't feel sad anymore, under communism I could make a living out of my hobby, under communism I will feel less alienated, under communism I will have more sex, under communism my family would be alright…

"Workers owning the means of production" is not only empty and contradictory in practice. The seeming emptiness is filled with the subjective experience that forms the map where the literal ideology is attached onto.

But you know your place. Your place is in the dungeon, strapped into a cage, taunted by an anthropomorphic pig who wears a top hat. Holla Forums is neurotic and insecure, they don't know their places, they chase the shadows of conspiracies, they think that things are complicated, that there exists a multitude of power mongers who play chess in 12 dimensions. Holla Forums laughs at this patronizingly, they aren't neurotic, but safely put in one knowable location.

Imperialism and national confidence are only assets
Corporatism, multiculturalism, and globalization are the real danger to global stability

Looks like an English class and then 5 kids at lunch table or something. I guess this is like a cultural integration thing for refugees?

ofc Holla Forums is fucked pathologically and also made up of repressed retards, but enough people here have read books to understand human interiority goes beyond crude evolutionary psychology

Imperialism = building military bases all over the world with enough manpower and firepower to immediately take over countries that dare to oppose the will of The IMF.

Globalism, imperialism etcetera all just sounds like Muricanism to me.

to many white people

Yeah, let's keep being IMF debt slaves cuz Teh Soviet Onion had it's problems.

Actually, it does kinda tingle the neurons. Why does Holla Forums want to protect white women when they don't like women? Especially since none of the women in the photos would ever sleep with them.

I think it's a classroom filled with migrants from both Europe and the rest of the world. At my old college there were lots of Slavic immigrants along with Africans learning English.

They want to protect the picture, the fantasy, the prettyness, not the real thing and the actual person the body is.

This. They don't like women, but they do like whatever weird dissociative pornographic fantasy they have of women's bodies detached from their personhood. It's like what Angela Nagle once pointed out, they basically want a world where the sexual revolution happened, but only for men.

This. They are obsessed with perefection that they consider from porn films. They discard everyone else, they act like the women MGTOWs and themselves complain about.
My girlfriend never had a boyfriend before me, was never kissed, never hugged nobody from outside her family, very shy, introvert, doesn't drink, was bullied throught out school…not because she was fat, but because how thin she is, she barely has boobs or ass.
I don't care about any of that…she's sweet, kind, emotionally ballanced considering everything. Holla Forumstards would never got interested in her.

OP is a faggot

"to many white people"

This board is still in it's "hah, but I read books, those idiots don't" phase that every bullied nerd goes through. Books become phalluses and size matters, just look at the tripfags, they're degenerated jocks whose personal rivalries are about who has read the most books.

It's really weird isn't it, it's like their on dissociatives; wanting cute, feminine, caring girls that offer them pure love, when we all know real women aren't like that at all, they're nasty, mean and brutish sluts.

They cannot be allowed their fantasy, they need to see the reality of women, this is done by showing plumpy jewish feminist women with nasal accents, those are as real as you can get.

I dunno about old Holla Forums but these days they're actually pretty mad about the pr0nz industry
Mostly they just want a chaste traditional Aryan grill to marry and pop out a fam with
Course they wont, since they've been ruined with feminism and multicult
muh 2/3 divorce rate
muh divorce and family court bias

Exactly, Holla Forums wants a Mom, but a Mom that will fuck them. The last thing they want is another human with her own opinions, beliefs, or aspirations.

The second picture makes me intensely uncomfortable. This short of thing shouldn't be allowed to happen.
it reminds me of being forced to do groupwork.

Mom is another human, Holla Forums (the Holla Forums before the manosphere leaked in) doesn't have a BDSM fantasy of a woman as an extension of their will and container of feelings that their own body cannot hold. Mom is even more human than the friend with whom you discuss opinions, you don't discuss politics with your mom, she transcends conditions of commonality that form friendships.

It's this rejection of intimacy, seen as a loss of humanity, that I find interesting. The most vile and dehumanizing sex is seen as great expression of the human self, while the human self is seen as lost in familial intimacy.