Haters BTFO

haters BTFO

At least we don't promote fascism by advocating dangerous voting strategies like abstentions or third parties.

I think this is a falseflag, lads

Yeah, instead you advocate fascism by killing innocent marxist women and helping fascists get into power


ahahaha look at these losers trying to do things instead of just repeating "capitalism is on its last leg" from a sofa for eight decades straight

Nice meme, how's your first week here?

Say whatever you like, but it will never get old. Not until every single succdem devotes the rest of every waking breath of their life apologizing for their sins


Look at how unrepentant he is! Succdems truly are violent bloodthirsty psychopaths.

You do know that killing Rosa is a relatively light crime compared to what came out of the other currents of Socialism, right?

Daily reminder socdems are shit


no and calm down

it was a joke

YOU calm down

That is exactly what I'm saying, explain why is this wrong. I'm beating a kitten right now bitch

That's been a part of every revolutionary strategy since marx. Try reading him user


Because that's MY property you're beating, you son of a bitch!

it's a valid reductio ad absurdum tho

Literally liberalism incarnate. How are these guys not socdems again?


Why read Marx when you can just use his name as an example of why political activism is pointless and just sit on your ass instead?

Don't be a newfag it was pretty obviously a joke

do you have autism or something?

… by criticizing social democracy and defending the creation of working class institutions?

Although I'm sure this doesn't matter, and the fact they have nuanced positions, don't wear berets, didn't call Sanders and Corbyn "reformist class-collaborationist opportunists" and their website layout is not adorned by Soviet posters makes them just darn liberal-socdems (which are two different things btw)

haha you said liberalism and socdem
you know what that means!

The treachery of the SPD literally killed the German Revolution which would have surely succeeded with their support. Revolution in Germany would have been far more secure than Russia, and the cooperation between the two states would have made them formidable. We would probably have worldwide socialism by now if it weren't for socdems.

So apologize.

IF ONLY-t.why marx prophecies didn't came true

I'm sorry for creating your "if only ____ we'd have socialism now" scenario #502

nice meme nerd

what could go wrong

Wake me up when actual leftists show up. In the meantime, you can hang around these homo pansies pretending to be revolutionaries.

It may take a while, since we're not exactly working tirelessly to live up to the standards of people who have a cartoonish idea of what being a Socialist is and no social base to validate their ideas, user.

Holla Forums completely and utterly BTFO

how we will ever recover?

There are plenty of revolutionaries already out there, thanks. But I dont see any here. Just first world larpers and spoiled liberals who believe in egalitarianism.

Where? Which group of really badass revolutionaries are you from?

Or let me guess, you're not part of it because it's actually Rojava or some third-world movement currently engaged in a civil war?

Don't steal "LARPers" from us, we use this term to describe people like you.

Except it's actually true. United Germant and Russia would have been able to far more effectively stand up to outside pressure without resorting to the same kind of authoritarian measures that the Soviets had to. In addition Germany's industrial base was far more developed, meaning that socialism would have been in a much stronger position in relation to the capitalist powers. They also would have been able to more easily foment revolution in the west, since there would be no WW2 to end the depression.

wtf I love DSA now!

Holla Forums is that way, take your alternative history horseshit there.

This would be better than the Nordic model.