Love under the moonlight is one of life's most precious gifts

Love under the moonlight is one of life's most precious gifts.

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God I really needed to look at some Beach Photos today

yey ^_^
luna phantasma made a new one for us to use!

We need a mod who just permabans Luka.

Who the hell is Luna Phantasma?

I'm tempted to make a meme-image of me putting a needle just a little under the skin right where the vein is with HRT written on the side of the needle but I'm afraid I'd pop my veins on accident.

Probably Luka just to talk to himself.

*hugs* u_u
Rest in peace nice lady tests grandma.

If this is Soto then Soto is not wrong.

I have zero clue how beer making goes.
Do you sell it or just drink it yourself?

As are most all posters that post with temporary names

No one anyone will ever really care about

how you feelin?

yeah it really is

when my grandpa got really bad

he died way before he actually died


I am very alcohol at the moment

I made it to drink/share.


Do it

It looks like she's taking a weird shit.

God that's hot.

Don't make fun of her hemorrhoids

just throwing this out there

is it too late to trade fish or like any other member of that ui trap house

Pretty alright as of currently, just going through some old music.


link some jams

Whoa, whoa man

I was trying to prove a point

I ain't trying to be a real grill irl

I am or at least I try to be

I'm just saying Fish will never look girl
At least not with that nose, face, body, arms, hair, and everything else

He should be driving a lifted truck rather than trying to be a girl lmao

The fuck?
We were probs talking shit or something
We didn't wrestle
We were playing RE7 then got too turnt then just listened to music and drank even more
We made burritos too and I burnt the shit out of my hand



I wasn't.

you guys were pretty turnt at that point and i just kinda backed away slowly

Something somewhat random.
I'll give that a listen.

Well then, that's still a bit of an over-estimation for their case compared to you.

accidentally pricked my finger fuck you ian

nice choice

i always underappreciated the shins

fish stop harpooning body parts


Let's burn down the entire board and let me be mod!

They've got a lot of good songs, really like that one though.

Put me in coach!

That's about how I put it.

who even is luna phantasma

So share with your "friends" here from the thread.

i really like this one

among lots of others


Cupcake only drinks cheap vodka.

my dad told me to shoot him if he ever turns out like that

i will

That's great, and the music video is really good too.
Have you heard this one?

Cheap vodka? Wew.

well fuck, I can't even find anything to write on the needle with

hope you're fucking happy

list of retarded alcohol based injuries:

second one was a pain in the ass because I went to the psych hospital the day after and it annoyed the shit out of me the entire first week I was there.

You really should not smoke

i know this


u wot m8


Me and Manny's dad smoked a cigar and a joint after that
Dudes scary but a cool guy

He threatened to beat me up if I ever got Manny into drugs cause I came clean and told him I do some shit every now and then when I was plastered lmao

So stop

>he says, as he consumes copious amounts of alcohol

So, no point.

nice man

Are you saying that all males are ugly and none can be handsome?

I got my syringe all filled up with water and everything too

I've moved to primarily vaping which is at least kinda better and a gateway towards quitting

I wear a patch ever other day

this sounds like a mix of mgmt and depeche mode and some douche band


You've gone full memer

Chastise him for such disgusting taste.

You're drunk!


He enjoys it.

Dear black people.

Why do you have to point it out every god damn time

and this sounds like a mix of like the dandy warhols and like of montreal

and some douchebag

That is why you ignore him for it.

It's kind of like Franz Ferdinand in sense.
How about that new song from Gorillaz?



Does that mean you were drunk last time too?


He wants to take advantage of you.

eh like gorillaz sucks if it is not dan the automater and that buy from blur

this track is trash

THe No word

THe fuck word


Who the fuck?

You are handsome as shit, I'd go gay for you (no homo)
Casper is also handsome af too

I was just saying Fish is ugly

If he does, he does a bad job of it

needed to at least use this needle for something before I threw it out


SD is probably the most attractive poster

but he never flaunts

kinda makes it more attractive

Do you live in a U-Haul or something? God damn

I am too average to be handsome.

Gorillaz has some pretty chill songs though.
I don't know how to feel about that new song that I linked, it's a bit odd for their style.

Just felt like you were implying all that.
No homo bro.
Well then.

I took out the popcorn ceiling in my room and have yet to paint over the drywall paper

you have an all-access anus

that makes up for any other short-comings

It's like Shrekt with a fake wig.

*I present myself to you and wag my tail*
Mount me, TP.

u know I got needle skills fam

The cunt word

gorillaz had one good album

once they were popular they were already dead

sorry you did not get on board in time


They've had some alright songs from different albums, my favorite is still Melancholy Hill.

I wasn't dude, you really have some good looks tbh
You're really humble too and dont post face all the time like TP said

No homo tho

I honestly think he's the most handsome poster
Top 3 would be probs

or at least imo

-approaches slowly, flailing tail-


the world is spinning too fast

Let's be honest.

It's homo.


have you actually seen ban?

Drink less.



thought it'd add value to my home but apparently it doesn't really

chuu chuu

no don't listen to chris he is dumb

No shit it doesn't

Judging you rn

teemo is so kyoot

You live with your mother on welfare.
In what way is it "your house"?

hey guys it's my birthday in 13 minutes

i know most of you hate me

but some of you dont

i have had a nice 6 years posting

darwin is still my favourite

Test, Kyle, Tsuchi, and Ian are also pretty handsome and have potential they just need to clean themselves up a bit and put on some nice, clothes straight out of /fa/ and they could be pussy slayers

Also thank you Test I already know I'm gay
I'm not Subtle so dont expect a IM NOT GAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

Gnar cuter
And others..

Holy shit this analysis is so good

I could go clean up and send a pic if you want.

confirmed for garEE

happy birthday tp

atleast half of those are gay though

When he puts you in the top 3 just to try and get on your good side.

soto x Ian kiss when

A'ight, it was just pretty generalized, you drinking anything today Soters?

accurate but SD could slay the most poose on the whole board, man. dude is SLICK

that you weird uwu guy


i am oobl yes


oh thanks oobles

did we ever figure out who you were before?

i am just ooble
guero brought me over from boo's old friendgroup after boo became a megamean

I found that out after doing a little bit but after that there was no turning back

threre's a difference between house and home

home is what you call home

house is the physical building

english is very comlex

my HOME could be literally anything, my mom's HOUSE, my friend's HOUSE, my HOUSE, a dumpster, a homeless shelter, a halfway house

a house is a building, a home is a general relative location of residence



That's why he's numbah one


No you're actually decent looking
I'm just saying
Still autistic tho



No wait, is that Erio?

Dont trouble yourself fam

I was talking more about manscaping your beard and maybe getting a touch up on your hair.

TP cut his hair the other day
Now he looking fresh af


i miss boo

you still in touch?

for example I could say pheonix is my home, or arizona is my home, or america is my home

home =! house

no he told me to kill myself unironically so we don't rlly talk

You buy home owners insurance.
Because that's where you live.

Get that hippy free spirit home is where the heart is shit out of my thread.

I'm only autistic online because i'm normal during the working hours.

oh lol

that's my boo

*in your pants

Stop being passive aggressive.

I meant to sleep a little
instead I slept a lot

home is where you live

house is what you own

for example "I live with my uncle"

and "my house is in pheonix"

I was considering shaving.
I trim my beard regularly.

i still feel like even blur is better than this


didn't get as many replies as I thought I would for sticking a knife all the way up my nose

You belong in a home.

bully no bully.

he's such a princess

They're talking colloquialisms, not strict definitions

You're having an autism spasm

oh wait nvm SD that chorus is insane

stick it up your butt

Yeah I know.

he's a bully



It's a pretty good song though, no?

Told you man.

How are you with Tristan holy shit

boypucc slayers

i think he was scared about college and kinda took it out on people

I wish I could say colloquial more often

It's such a fun word to say

I am a proud user of the english language and nothing more

I can't be bothered with lesser beings who can't understand the nuances of the English language as if they were raised in some 3rd world country


yeah those wait for it chorus's tho


THe colloquial word

Is this place still a cesspool?

oh wait not that one

this one

I really like this one though that you linked a long time ago.

buy me a dildo off my amazon wishlist and I'll make you a fucking 20 minute long video of me using it

that's too good of a word for this place


yeh kinda

like our leader fucks kid

and our main mod owns a cult

he is soft
pls do not bul

his mom died so he treated everyone like garbage but thats not rlly an excuse

You're mistaking the nuances of English tho

No shit

We bought another burd btw

Like your whole beard?
Depends if you wanna look sharp clean shaved or wanna stick to a lumberjack aesthetic with the beard

Forget Ban

You look mighty fine rn

I act like a normie all day then come here afterwards and unwind and release all my pent up autism

THe "Fool" word

Nigga, you don't even know. You don't even know, nigga.

The fuck you on about now?

How's Fool?

I'll give that a go then.

I'm not sure.

id need a preview

i wanna see what im buying

she literally bullies me all day what are u on about

I'm taking words at face value so

I don't know, why don't you ask him yourself?

i think i knew his mom was sick

but if his mom died

i don't blame him at all




I'll find something to shove up my ass and sned you a vid okay

am alcohol right now though so it might be a while

i am confuse, ian

Don't worry about Ian not making sense, he's just a little drunk right now.

I'm edgy though

I thought I did, how are you?

Drink with me.


i do i guess
we've all had people super close to us die and when you turn around and dish out all their secrets and insecurities and tell them to kill themselves it's kind of like fuck you

you're a big guy

man that never occurred to me that boo's mom died

that really puts things into perspective

can you imagine losing your mom at 18

must suck fam

i await with baited breath

From the pictures you have posted, it would appear you are.

Guero if she bullies you just go over there and give her the dick

She'll be cyst free by the time you're done with her

I don't have anything to drink.

delete this

Shame she didn't raise him better when she had the chance.

Are you Scientist?

I am you and you are me and we are them and they all come together.

I'm doing quite well. A painting of mine won a spot in a biannual catalog of paintings that are sent to over 2000 galleries around the country. So my work is going to appear in a nationally distributed magazine.


let me ask you this

is your fucking mom alive?


I'm not going to even try at this point


I've been here regularly for like 3 years in the anime group. I have a general idea.
Sup, James?

And a lot of gay.

lol cold

That actually sounds really great, have you gone any further with your comics and how's Eric?

Sorry I didn't mean to make you angry when you are inebriated Ian.

she'll get her comeuppance

It's ok, I still love you buddy

I think I damaged the hearing in my right ear

I broke a string on my guitar

I wore all black today by mistake

Did I go too far?


I wanna grab Sorakas horn and rub it.

This might have more bite if you would start linking people.

Well that just sucks.


Are you begging for it?

God, shut up Mordin

We all know

Next thing you know you're probably going to point out that Fish is fat.

You really are a masochist

You look nice without a beard
But then again that's just my opinion

Yeah, I remember being 20 years old too

nah i like it




You shouldn't bully him for his sexual orientation, he'll get angry and you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

gomenasorry very much.

What did you end up doing though?



I already sold it at the pawnshop, DICKHEAD

I am angery

I tossed everything in the trash when I moved and I never went and got more.


tbh if i did ever filter anyone it would be mordin

i mean look at his typing profile

Were these three things all related?


*grabs pretty horn*

I'm a true party animal

Oooooh I don't like this.

No other man will be able to love you like I do.
You'll die miserable and only with 40 cats to even notice.

it's a literally gag real

Probably song lyrics.

Why'd you trash it?


A general idea is better than a corporal idea. Not much, looking up different things about daguerreotype shoppe.

Eric is doing great, he has been hella active lately, the comics are all stalled right now, though I just found the misplaced Tom comic. I'm pretty excited about the whole thing.

Holy moly, what a night.

Does he go all Silence of the Lambs like Grim after seeing the thick D?

See above.

o no

*angery intensifies*

you mispelled moley dude

LOL you really must not know me

No my ears been feeling kinda fucked for the last few days.

I'm not really that big into alcohol.

*rubs *

this faggot is so infuriating

blame desu for slutting him here

Goodbye horses.

What are you drinking?

*teleports behind u*

Hehe, nothing personel kid...

Clearly nothing.

Just wait till I pop that orange open
Imma be on one

I might drink rn though
Are you drinking?

That video triggered me
It was like Spanish music and furries
A horrible mix lmao


I thought you were like 23 or 24
Holy shit


I might bust out the Wine since everyone drinking


Was it all a lie?

I thought about buying stuff on my way home from class but I went to eat with my father instead. Didn't want to bring that stuff with me.

fora moment I forgot I was bronze

I can't help my age.

Why the fuck would I want to be older though ?

You're challenger, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

What a fag

Oh, rip.
Join the slightly fucked hearing club.

To be fair I know you as far as a couple dozen nights of talking through text on some image board can get one.
Also it was mostly a joke. Not sure how you could have missed that one.



Where did you and Darwin go eat?

It's only fun when I have people to bother with my drunkenness. In real life or a voice chat. There's nothing good about drinking alone.

Edgy af

Clearly I am a master illusionist

Every interaction I have on here is superficial, unless I know you much better outside of here

I should of stopped exposing myself to extremely loud music at the first signs of trouble.

I couldn't help myself though

music is addictive

I cry
buffs when

Yeah probably
turn it down

My dad is 15 years older than darwin.

You had me duped.

Glad to hear that, are you getting any friends for him, or don't they mix?
Crazy eyes Tom, or..?

Then why do you take a joke seriously?

As I said

I am the master

I'm a nicotine kind of girl though.

I went most of today without it though but I'm currently breaking the rules and fucking myself.

They buff a lot of things just not the one you play :x

I wasn't really making fun of you tbh I just thought you were older for some weird reason.
How does it feel being able to legally be able to go to bars and stuff now?
Though you dont seem like the social type to do that stuff


I'm quitting though.

Ah, you're forgetting one of the fundamental rules of the internet

Let me educate you

Someone's reaction does not always reflect their feeling, you have to put yourself in their shoes. In my case, I was playing up the reaction you expected for laughs, but there are obviously many more courses I could have taken

This is why I love internet interactions, it's so much more playful

It feels the same as when I went into bars before I was 21.

I can't start smoking because I know I wont stop.

yeah listen to colbert he has the internet figured out

They don't get along at all. Eric would kill any spider smaller than him.

No, Tom, the comic I've been working on.

like when colbert started he would get all mad at trolls

and now he is dating ghostie

ce la vie

I started when I was 18. It took me 5 years to say "I'm being retarded".


Do something else instead
honorable dooru with me or something

This holy shit
how do people drink alone


get back up again

*knocks you down*

Oh man all this inaccuracy

Buy a cowboy hat and shove dip into your lips.

Okay lets do it


Sounds like back pedaling to be honest but sure. lol

riding on a rainbow

Its not so bad.


how many full anime series have you watched

add that to how many born males you have cybered

times that by how many times you have complained about luka not healing enough

Ah well.
I haven't heard of that comic at all, somewhat new thing or?

I want to get drunk with Test and hear him screech into the mic then go outside with him, smoke a cigarette, throw up, then pass out with him.

That's the dream

Yeah but you couldn't really order drinks
Just lounge around

Though I'll admit I did get drunk at Round 1/Dave and Busters and a few sushi joints cause my older friends would give me their drinks

Sounds pretty bad.

Nigga I have been here for years longer than most

Uh... 3 at most?

Same for the next question

I can't remember ever complaining about Luka not healing enough because I mostly play healers

apparently test only meets with gay dudes

not us bi curious


I've been here longer than you have Ian :^)

I'm a lot better about not screaming when I'm drunk now.


I have a Soraka charm on my keyring, what's up


No, I've been working on it for three years.

lmao TP you're fucking gay
You've jacked it to traps

Dont pull a Subtle on me now


o-o-o-o-oh boy

Does everyone have a fake ID though ?

Smoking is worse

maybe 40

yeah um...

jacking to traps is not gay though

i like watching whores being subjugated

I don't want to invest in a new motherboard. Why is it impossible to have a supercomputer in laptop form.



What does that have to do with whether you can back pedal or not? I think everyone is more than capable of these actions.
Even our savior Trump.

hey man sometimes a wild trap shows up in the porn you watch

Soon tm

Whatever helps you sleep at night

Also happy birthday you fucking faggot
I love ya man
Here's to another year

Who knows


Good shit

Your sis is so adorable
She came to the comp and put on the headset and was like "No more alcohol for Chris"
She cares about her onii-chan

Well yeah, everyone is capable but I've remained relatively consistent over the years

No, no it doesn't

*shits on your sandals*

lmao there's your problem right there fam

thanks bro

i wish my twinny would show up

cause i sure as hell will not show tomorrow




yes it happens randomly sometimes

Oh, something secretive or any posts about it?

Whatcha doing tomorrow?

Just try and stop me

No, no it doesn't

You had to go looking for it

I do not know, you were like originally really aggressive over anything I said.
I do not think it was until like two or three months after I joined that you seemed more consistent, to me at least. Obviously this is a fair bit subjective.

We're in the fucking future, already. Where is it?

i bet ian hasn't fully thought about how if he fucks in a dude in his ass

like shit will get on his dick


Plenty of posts.

Rare leaked photo of Goggles

nono like watching movies and blazing a ton of weed and saying thank you to bday texts

I am kinda moody sometimes tbh, but I'm mostly neutral overall

I'll fuck all over in a dude in his ass

I must have not noticed that then, sorry.

dude that's gross

i know you wont though

you are a bottom

textbook bottom


i bet colbert hasn't even kissed a guy

I never really posted them here. The flood detection shit put me off trying.

I have done more than that

unless fucking ghostie counts as a blob

Is Half Life 3 out yet?

I will give you that, since I have been here a year and only like three of those twelve months were off for you. I would say overall neutrality is fair assessment.
Still even the best can fall sometimes.


I am very, very hard to trigger

I work in customer service man, I can't afford to be reactionary




What if valve is in cahoots with the computer scientists.

They're going to wait until everything is perfect and bring out a game that's 100 years ahead of it's time. But Moore's law just keeps meaning that they have to delay it to push it further and further.


new thread

new thread

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new thread

ALA sure was fun, huh?